Geet 3 August 2020 Star life update: Nandini is in kitchen chopping veggies..! She is lost in thots..n keeps chopping..!! Pammi sees and comes near her and snaps her fingers before Nandini n waves her hand… but no response…!!  She quietly says..’Nandini’ and Nandini wakes from her trance with a start..! Nandini says…’Yes’ … Pammi says…’What is the matter…where are u lost?’ Nandini says…’Nothing..! I was thinking about the house..!’ Pammi hits Nandini playfully and says..’Which house?’ Nandini says…’I was thinking about this house only..!!’ Pammi says…’Leave it.. as if i havent passed thru this age.. ! As if i dunno ..that in this age…such a thot wuld be for which house! Tell me for real..u were thinking of my soon to be bro in law?’ Nandini blushes and says..’No no.. …me was…’ and suddenly Pammi and Nandini hear sneezing and look up..!  Geet enters the kitchen sneezing…and grumbling..’Dunno what this Maan thinks of himself..! Entire chilly went into my nose..!!’ Geet is rubbing her nose.. and coufing..! Pammi says..’Look here comes another.. lovestruck..!!’ Pammi and Nandini smile.. Geet looks up and says…’I m not at all in the mood for jokes..! Dunno what Maan is doing.. Has he come to reduce the troubles or increase them?’ Pammi says…’Look Geet.. dun say anything about MSK… He loves u… thats why he is doing all this…! Else think… despite of having.. crores worth of property.. he got only this house in the entire world to purchase?’ Nandini says…’Yes ..this is true.. Bro in Law loves u a lot!’ Suddenly the trio spot chefs walking into the kitchen…! Pammi is shocked and says…’So many cooks?’ Nandini says…’They are called chefs..!’ Pammi says..’Whatever they are called..but so many? Are they cooking for the entire wedding party?’ Lucky walks in laufing..n says…’These are special guys of our Bro in Law.. who make English type food!’ Geet glares and says…’Stop praising him and tell me… for whom is this English style food being prepared?’ Lucky says…’Some special type person is coming… for Matting!’ Geet is startled and says..’Meeting?’ Pammi and Nandini are shocked too..! Lucky says…’Yes…that beejeness type Matting..!’ Geet is confused and Nandini says…’Meeting… Business Meeting..!!’ Geet says…’He has kept the meeting at home.. there has to be something amiss..!! Babaji..what will happen to him? What should i do with him?’ Lucky says..’Dun u worry… nothing will go wrong.. ! And in case anything does go wrong..i will handle ! Our bro in law is an awesome…!’ Geet turns and glares at Lucky and says…’Will u go from here?’ Lucky says…’Yes.. i was on my way out only! I was just joking..for time pass!’ Lucky leaves..! Geet says…’This Maan..!!’

Lachchi is cleaning the floor with a broom and comes towards the entrance..! Suddenly she sees a pair of legs…and is shocked and looks up …a modern looking girl..wearing high heels…Formal Shirt and mini skirt is standing..and Lachchi is horrified to see her..! She drops her broom and stands up..! Lachchi says…’Oh my God.. what kind of a shameless is she… walking around everyone without clothes?’ The girl says…’What?’ Lachchi repeats..! Lachchi hysterically says…’What.. ..i will take out all ur questions..! Tell me…what work do u have?’ The girl says..’I have come to meet Mr. Maan Singh Khurana!’ Lachchi says…’Want to meet MSK? Why?’ The girl replies…’What do u mean Why? He has called me here!’ Lachchi says..’MSK has called her here?’ Lachchi clears her voice and says firmly.. ‘On the other side of the rope..!!’ The girl says..’What?’ Lachchi says…’On the other side’ (shows with her hand) The girl says..’Ok.. alright! Relax!’ The girl bends down and walks under the rope to the other side! Lachchi goes screaming to Geet…!! Geet is in the kitchen and still grumbling.. ‘This MSK.. He has called someone for Meeting… called Chef.. but din tell me..! Why would he tell me.. i m Geet.. his wife..!’ Nandini and Pammi smile.. and Nandini says…’Maybe it escaped his mind…to tell u!’ Pammi says..’Yes!’ Geet says…’Yes?’  Pammi says..’How will the poor fella tell u.. he cant come on this side na..!’

Lachchi comes screaming…’Geet didi!’ Lachchi sees the Chefs and goes in a trance and says.. ‘Beeji was right…Jijaji is a …’ and Geet asks Lachchi to complete her sentence..! Lachchi says…’Beeji says perfectly.. that.. MSK.. he is a very…very…!’ Pammi and Nandini try to suggest..and Pammi says…’is a dude!!’ and Geet says…’Stop it sis in law! Lachchi ..tell me!!’ Lachchi says…’A girl has come from the city to meet !’ Geet is shocked..! Pammi says..’Girl?’ Lachchi says…’Yes… and that girl is walking around without clothes in the house!’ Geet is shocked and so are Pammi and Nandini! Nandini says…’Walking around without clothes?’ The chefs look up and Pammi hushes Nandini up..! Lachchi says…’Not exactly. .but she has worn so short clothes that they are as good as nothing!’ Geets face is twisted in agony..n exasperation! Geet says..’He is gone..!!’ and turns and starts to leave the kitchen! Pammi and Nandini call out! Pammi says…’Calm down..! U know.. na Lachchi is nuts..! Lachchi u tell me whats up..!’ Geet in the meantime stops ..turns and leaves..! Nandini calls out behind Geet..but Geet is gone! Tejjy comes to Beejis room and asks…’U said..u had called some big lawyer from the city?’ Beeji says..’Yes.. i had phoned.. he is big lawyer of Amritsar!’ Tejjy says..’He hasnt turned up yet..!’ Beeji gets irritated and says…’Tejjy.. ur not hearing what i m saying..rather keep interrupting..! The lawyer had called.. he had some work…he cant come..! We only have to go.. U get the car ready..for Amritsar..!’ Tejjy nods his agreement and leaves..!

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The girl and MSK are sitting on a sofa and MSK is drinking coffee..! The girl says..’Sir, u have no idea… i m such a huge fan of ur work! I had never dreamt.. that i wuld be sitting with u n that too here.. talking with u.. n finalising a business deal with u..!’ The girl puts her hand on MSK’s hand..right then Geet comes and sees and is furious..! Adi spots Geet…and is nervous..! MSK says…’Thank u very much.. (n withdraws his hand to settle his tie)! U too are doing ur work very well!’ The girl smiles! Geet says…’Look at that witch… how she is ogling at my hubby! And my hubby… he is happily enjoying..!’ Adi says…’Sir.. shall i sing..!’ MSK is startled…and Adi quickly corrects himself and says…’Shall i get the food ready..?’ MSK says…’U do one thing..’ n the girl interrupts and says…’Excuse me.. i m not hungry! And as such.. its not everyday that u get a chance to sit with MSK..!! Please give us some time..!’ MSK spots Geet going all fidgety..and looking upset!’ The girl continues.. ‘Who knows.. when Sir will give us another appointment!’ MSK says..’Thank u Reena! Well ur embarassing me..!’ Geet looks on annoyed!  MSK moves closer to the girl and says…’Tell me one thing do u like to drink wine before food?’ The girl says..’Thats so sweet of u..!’ n squeezes MSKs hand..! Geet is aghast..! She says…’Hey Babaji.. look at him.. sitting with a stranger.. and offering her drinks..! He has no shame!’ MSK is engaged in eyelock with the girl..! Geet picks up a dish and breaks it..! The girl n MSK both are startled.. and the girl says…’Oh my god.. what happened?’ MSK says…’Nothing.. actually such noise keep coming from our neighbors..!’ Geet is furious..! MSK says…’Another noise will come right now..!’ Geet throws another dish..! Adi laufs nervously! Geet says..’Neighbor?? I m neighbor? Wait..i will show u right now..!’

Geet charges towards where MSK and the girl are standing…and slips and is about to fall…when MSK comes and catches her from across the rope ..just in time..!! The girl looks annoyed at the scene…before her and turns her back on it..!! MSK says…’U were saying.. that u wont listen to anything i say..!’ Beeji comes ..and sees Maneet in the embrace and is disgusted..and screams.. ‘Geet!’ Maneet are woken from their trance and both stand up with a start…! Adi turns around scared..!! Geet tries to explain to Beeji… saying.. ‘Well i slipped and was about to fall and so he held me..!’ Beeji raises her hand…n says…’Enouf!’ She glares at MSK and leaves from there! Geet watches on…! MSK says…’Geet.. walk carefully.. what if, u had fallen?’ Geet raises her hand (ala Beeji style) and says…’Enouf!’ MSK says…’Well so aping Maasi ji?’ Geet says…’U shut up..! I dun wanna talk to u! Dunno why u have come here.. Ever since u have come..something or the other is going wrong! Leave it!’ Geet puffs her nose in front of the girl n MSK and turns and leaves..!! MSK keeps calling back..! The girl asks Adi.. ‘Who is this?’ Adi says…’That is Mrs. MSK!’ The girl is shocked and walks off! Adi follows… but to no avail..! Adi says…’Sir.. instead of things getting mended…its getting even more ruined!’ MSK says..’I know Adi.. but whats my fault..! My wife was about to fall.. so it was my duty to hold her! Mistake was only that to get Geet riled up ..i played a prank..! But how wuld i have known that Maasi wuld come in between!’ Adi says..’Right Sir! When time is bad.. some or the other trouble keeps coming!’ MSK glares at Adi.. Adi says…’Dun worry! When Beeji will find out that ur setting up a water treatment plant in her name ..her anger will be wiped off!’ MSK says…’Her anger will cool down when it has to.. but right now.. my wife is miffed.. what should i do?’ Adi says..’I m sorry sir.. but i havent studied how a hubby should appease his wife!’ MSK glares… Adi says..’I m flowing.. err i mean ..going!’

Geet is grumbling n says…’Maan was just joking.. but who will explain to Maasi? If this continues like this.. then Maasi will be even more upset..and the entire family will not be able to understand MSK.. ever! Babaji.. dunno for how long i have to stay away from Maan?’ MSK is walking around n says…’Unnecessarily misunderstanding is created..! Everytime when something is going right.. something goes wrong!’ MSKs moby rings and he picks..its Geet! Geet says…’Its me!’ MSK says…’Thank God.. u called me..! I was thinking of u only!’ Geet says…’MSK ..i need to talk to u.. u come to the terrace pronto!’ MSK says…’Why? Is everything ok?’ Geet says…’How can it be ok? Today evening whatever happened… whatever is happening in the house.. nothing is right! Listen …our talk is very important..! U come quickly on the terrace.!’ MSK says…’Ok Geet.. i m coming!’

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Its night…Lachchi grumbles… ‘All are asleep in the house but my work aint over yet..!’ Lachchi walks right back inside the house..! Jugnu who was sitting in the far corner..sees a shadow and says..’That is Phoolmati.. where is she coming from in the middle of the nite? Seems like she took the shortcut..!’ Jugnu comes out in the courtyard.. and sees Adi asleep on a cot! Jugnu says…’So.. this is the secret agent of the enemy army! Jugnu.. ..’What is the matter with this guy.. ..with that…(n turns around to where Lachchi had walked in)! Affair.. yes.. Affair..!!’ Jugnu crosses the rope to the other side ! He sees Adi sleeping and says…’Acting? Even faking the snoring!’ Jugnu says…’U dunno … Jugnu can fake snores louder than u!!’  Jugnu goes and lies on the cot next to Adi and starts snoring..!  He raises his leg and puts on Adi…! Adi is startled and falls from the bed and screams…and starts reciting Hanuman Chalisa!! He puts his glasses on and sees who it is and seeing Jugnu says…’Mama ji?What are u doing here?’ Jugnu says…’U r caught right?’ Adi says…’I din catch!’ Jungu says..’I caught it..!’ … ‘Caught u..!’ Adi startled..! Jungu says..’What affair are u brewing?’ Adi says..’I m not brewing anything!’ Jungu starts to follow Adi who moves around the cot…n both are walking around in circles..! Jugnu says..’U are brewing an affair..!’ Adi says..’Ok..!’ Jungu says…’Now tell what is ur relation with Bhanumati?’ Adi stammers.. Jugnu says…’Why are u saying. ‘Mah Mah’ like camel kids..!! Tell u have an affair with Sharbati or not?’ Adi says…’Mamaji.. u have some misunderstanding..!’ Jugnu puts his arms around Adi and says… ‘When u r in love.. then say it from the heart aloud! Love is the blessing from God..! And that girl. .Sharbati.. …she is a very nice girl..! She makes nice rotis.. so u get wife free with roti! Tomorrow morning.. i will get u married off..!’

Adi screams and runs and stands on the cot and says…’Marriage? One minute.. i m far far away from love..! I m a follower of Bajrang Bali…I m Bal Brahmchari..!’ Jugnu gets up on the cot as well and says…’Oye fool.. dont followers get married? And this way.. promising marriage to a girl and going around with her.. is not the right thing! I have no objection.. when boy and girl are ready.. what will Mamaji do..!!’ Jugnu takes out his bottle of drinks..and asks Adi to have a sip.. as a celebration of his wedding..! Adi resists … but Jugnu insists saying..’This is not drinks…this is a kid of grapes.. Husn Bano..! Have it.. Jugal kishore!’ Adi resists but Mamaji forces…and says..’If u dun drink.. i will tell the whole city that u have an affair with Sharbati.!’ Adi says..’One minute… Bhanumati.. Sharbati.. Phoolmati. Ilavati.. many girls do i have affairs with?’ Jugnu feeds the drink to Adi and says…’Well a guys heart is very big in such matters.. he can have affair at one time with many girls..only thing he needs is confidence..! That u have now..!’ Adi coufs.. n Jugnu says…’Let it settle.. be a Man!’

Lucky is nervously walking in his room and grumbling saying.. ‘Preeto always gets weird ideas..! If i call her to meet in the evening.. she raises a storm..screaming..! And now.. she is coming herself to meet me.. in the middle of the nite and that too by jumping walls! I hope no one sees or its disaster..!’ Geet is shown sneaking out of her room and walking towards the terrace..! Lucky sees a silhouette and thinks its Preeto..! Seeing the silhouette going towards the terrace .. Lucky says…’Preeto.. why is she going towards the terrace? I m feeling sleepy and she is up for playing games right now! If anyone saw.. it did be disaster..! Told her to meet in the store room ..where is she going on the terrace?’ MSK walks in the alley and says…’Thank God.. Detective Mama is not in sight..or he did have asked me 100’s of questions..!’ Suddenly MSK spots a figure walking before him towards the store room..! MSK says..’Why is Geet going towards the store room? She called me on the terrace! Maybe there is some problem on the terrace!’ MSK enters the store room and closes the door..! As he walks forward he realises its not Geet ..but Preeto! MSK self thot..’What is Preeto doing here? I thot Geet wuld be here! Where is Geet?’ MSK taps on Preeto’s shoulder and Preeto says…’Lucky ji.. u r here!’ As Preeto turns she sees MSK and is shocked! On the other side.. Lucky taps on Geets shoulder n says.. ‘Ur here my jaan Preeto!’..Geet is shocked n as she turns to face Lucky…he sees Geet and he freezes..!!

Preeto is shocked to see Maan..n Lucky shocked to see Geet..! Geet asks Lucky what he is doing here…and he says…was walking in sleep…and Geet says..n calling out Preeto?? Lucky in a fix… Maan asks Preeto if she loves Lucky?? Maan says…u do love Lucky…n Geet says..they both luv each other..n brings Lucky with her…n MSK asks Lucky..n he stammers…n Preeto says..he always..stammers…on this topic… he hasnt even told me yet…n Preeto says…boys are coming in a few days…to marry me… n u cant even tell me..n Preeto goes away…! MSK tells Lucky why he hasnt said I LU to Preeto..n Lucky says dun have courage…and MSK says..when she gets married off then u will get courage..go n propose.. Lucky says..u will be with me…right?? MSK says..yes.. i will support n Lucky goes..! Geet says..why teaching wrong things..if Beeji finds out then?? MSK says…dun worry..they love each other..n nothing is wrong in saying I LU… Geet as u please n leaves..! Lucky rehearses saying.. ILU n wonders how Dharmendra says… ILU to Hema ji n recollects that he climbed a tank…where will i climb..! Jungu comes n overhears ILU…n asks Lucky who he was saying to…or he will tell Beeji.
Lucky says..Beeji told me to say ILU ..n Jugnu says..she lost her brains.. ILU in this age?? Lucky no in evening Beeji n Tejjy were chatting that after Nando’s wedding..its time to make u sit on a horse! Jugnu on a horse?? Lucky says…well time for ur wedding…as u r grown up…now.. n sitting a bachelor aint good…!! Lucky says…they were planning a wedding..but i said it wuld be luv marriage..n i was rehearsing how to make u say.. ILU! Jungu asks…but whom to say ILU to?? Lucky says… the girl of that guy who lives around the corner (Gopale di bua)..she has height n weight n wil suit u well… Jungu is excited n Lucky says… practise before mirror..! He starts..!
Geet is drying clothes .. MSK comes and says her name n Geet says..u dun listen to me…so need …n MSK holds Geets face…n tries to cross line to close in.. but Geet pushes him back n says..u suit better far away..!! MSK says..u had called me to talk. .but it got interrupted..whats the matter?? Geet says..why did u come here.. have u thot why? MSK says..when u talk.. u look cute..! Geet says..dun divert.. talk..! MSK says…first reason to be here is to change their thot for me. n for that hv to change their thot process…n for that have to change their life… ! Geet MSK says..they have problem…we have to help to solve.. like Lucky… who wants Preeto… Tejj-Pammi have lack of love… so they need an adviser… Beeji .. needs someone to tell that anger 24×7 aint good… Mamaji needs to be told that drinking aint good…if all these problems solved all will be clear..! Geet says..but its touf… n MSK says… but i m here to take u need ur help..! Geet says..m ready. .but stay away..! Both end up crossing the ropes to opposite sides..! Maneet start to close in for a kiss  n Lachchi calls out..n Maneet freeze n Geet leaves.. MSK grins..!
Beeji on the phone with Nando’s in laws family and says..i have sent Nando to meet Daman.. if kids dun meet each other…then how will they grow close..!! Beeji tells Tejjy to go to Patiala…and Tejjy says.. m going to Gurdaspur to Pallu uncle for payment…! Beeji says… i got money arranged from my bro… at Patiala…u go there first… Tejjy says…but Pallu uncle leaving.. then what to do?? Jungu says… this house has two guys… Lucky can go one side..n Tejjy on another.. !! Tejjy says…r u crazy?? Lucky? Beeji says…yes good idea.. send Lucky.. to Patiala.. ! Where is Lucky?  Jugnu sees Lucky leaving and grabs him n brings to Beeji…and Beeji tells Lucky to go to Patiala..rightaway..!! Tejjy leaves.. Jugnu asks money and chases Beeji for it..!! Lucky is sad and MSK asks whats the issue?? Lucky says..have to go to Patiala.. but if i dun say ILU to Preeto.. her dad will fix her relation… n i will lose her..! MSK says.. u go n say ILU to Preeto n go to Patiala..! Lucky says…thank God…u r a genius.. i will say ILU n then go to Patiala.. n Lucky leaves..!
Nandini comes to meet Daman..n Daman opens the car door for her.. n she thinks..he has etiquettes..! Daman tells Nandini that there are two restaurants. .veg n non-veg…n Nandini says.. i m pure veg..n Daman says..ok then off to Veg restaurant..! Nandini self thot…so he cares for others ..! Daman Nandini.. err i mean Nandini ji. .u din feel bad right that i called u here.. right then he sees a brawl on the street n intervenes..n Nandini is impressed! Geet is walking in the house searching for Lucky n MSK tells Geet.. Lucky has gone to complete last nites unfinished job… gone to say.. ILU to Preeto…n Geet is startled..!!


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