Geet Monday 31st August 2020 Written update

Geet 31 August 2020: On Geet Monday 31st August 2020 Written update, Maan is coming down the stairs and was about to go through the foyer and Jmama  rushes toward him calling Balwant..

hey Balwant I have some work for you.  Maan turns to him angrily saying Balwant who is Balwant?  Jmama looks at him and says who else.. it is you..  Maan starts to get irritated..  Mamu takes a step back and looks at him up and down and says cause you are wearing a suit does not mean that you will forgot your name.  Maan just stands there fuming.  Jmama then handing over the cleaning cloths to him says..  oh let it go.. just go outside and clean the cars..  Maan looks at the cloth and then at him and gives him a hard stare..   Jmama says hey why you are staring at me like that…  I am a soft person hence telling you mildly but if sister or Teji paji will see you then your face will be changed…  Maan tells him sternly that I am telling you for the first and for the last time that do not do this mistake again otherwise no one will be worse then me.  He adds cause you are nuts I am letting you go.  And he straightens his tie and walks away but J mama runs after him saying who are you calling nuts?  Then he touches his arm and once again tries to hand over the cloth to him telling him to go and clean the car.  He adds I am very dangerous man if I get angry I start firing bullets…  Maan gets furious and with clinched teeth he takes a step toward Mama and snatching the cloth from his hand he throws that on the floor with thunderous expressions and then he advances toward him and says menacingly do you know who you are talking to?? with Maan Singh Khurana..  Jmama laughs at him and clapping his hands he says MSK?  Oh MSK..  he says do you think I do not know MSK then puffing his chest up he says you know My niece Geet is married to him…  Maan gets mad saying Geet??  Hmmm so Geet is your niece Mamu says then what??  is she your niece??  Now go and clean the car…   Meanwhile Lucky and Dev comes running to foyer to see this chaos …  Mamu says go quickly… and Maan gets so outraged he rushes and grabs his collar to put some sense in him but from behind Lucky and Dev rush to them and pull them apart.  Lucky tries to stop Mamu and takes him aside then quickly turns to Maan and says.  Sorry he is silly and does not know what he talks about I will take care of him please do not mind him.  Saying he rushes Mamu out of the sight of Maan.   Maan is still fuming standing there and Dev says bro do not take him seriously he just blabbers all the time..   He is silly anyway…  Maan gets furious saying he is nutty and top of that he is Geet’s relative.  All this kind of people could only belong to her family.  Now I feel like this is not the house but has become a zoo

Maan stands there with his hands on his hips still fuming…  the servant walks in saying Maansir Dadima is calling you.  He calms down a little and says ok.  Dev keeps on looking at his angry face.

Dadima’s bedroom… Dadima is seated on the bed resting her back and Maan and Geet are seated on her each side.  She says softly if I have wanted I could have called you separately and talk with you but I want to talk to you together.  Maan and Geet both look serious, Geet with down cast eyes and Maan staring straight in the space.  Dadima looks at Maan and calls him saying Maan my son?  Maan looks at dadima and says yes dadima… Dadima says I know that you have lost your 1.5 years of memory…  Your wedding with Geet and whatever happened during those time you do not remember anything…  Geet lifts her tearful eyes to look at her husband.  Dadima is holding Geet’s hand and her one hand is on Maan’s knee.  She looks at Maan’s expressionless face.  She says breaking down in a sob that but it does not change the fact that you are married to Geet.  Dadima as if pleads saying it is my wish that you will give one more chance to this relation.  Maan looks at dadima’s teary face..  Geet also looks up to see Maan’s reaction with teary eyes..  and then Maan looks at Geet and they look at each other..  Dadima continues saying accept Geet as your wife..  Maan keeps on looking at Geet.  Dadima looks at them then she looks at Maan who was really shocked.  She pleads once again saying promise me son.  Just do it for my happiness as I will never let this relation break…  Geet keeps on looking at Maan as she knows that he does not want to do it..  Maan is in total dilemma as what to do..  He just sits there without any emotion..  dadima pleads with broken voice please try..  Maan looks at his dearest dadima who is crying her heart out sobbing softly and then he lifts his gaze to Geet and sees her tear filled eyes.  He holds her gaze for a fraction as if the hope in her eyes disturbs him.  He diverts his eyes and looks really pensive then he looks at his dadima who was still sobbing softly… tears overflowing her eyes and he just could not let her health worsen.  He brings his other hand on dadima’s hand which was holding his hand and says ok.  The tears were rolling down from Geet’s eyes…  Maan looks at Geet and looking at her he tells his dadima yes I promise you.   Geet keeps on looking at him anxiously.  Dadima smiles through her tears saying thank you my son.  Then she looks at Maan’s stern face and says softly but please keep your promise.  Maan looks at dadima and nods softly.   Geet smile through tears at dadima and softly wipes dadima’s tears.  Dadima smiles at her beloved Geet and softly kisses the back of her hand.  Geet lifts her eyes to look at Maan who still does not look pleased.  He stares at her as if trying to read something in her eyes and then looks away and that takes away the smile from her face cause she knows that he does not being manipulated…

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But Dadima is all happy as she knows that her grandson will keep his promise no matter what..  but some how Geet does not feel comfortable with that.  Maan says Dadima I am going to work and He gives Geet a hard stare and diverts his eyes..  Geet keeps on looking at his displeased face anxiously..

Lucky softly opens the door of Maan’s bedroom mumbling that he has searched every inch of the house and only Maan jijaji’s room is left.  I hope he is not here..  saying he enters the room on soft feet looking around and then takes a sigh of relief saying thank God he is not here…  He says it is easy to take care of 2 year old kid but not this mama.  If he argues with jijaji again then every one will be out of here.. (ban jana hei sabka rocket..)  Then he was about to go out of the room saying oh let me see there..  but he stops in his tract and comes near a person who was seated on the sofa hiding behind the news paper…  giving his silly laugh he snatches the news paper and exposes Jugnu who was seated their with his sunglasses on.  He says I have told you thousand times not to come in front of Maan Jijaji and you are sitting in his room.  Then he tries to pull mamu from the chair but mamu just jerks his hands away.  He tries again but Mamu does the same.  Meanwhile someone enters the room and stands behind Lucky..  Lucky says jijaji..  I was just in your room…  then turning he looks at the person but it was the servant with a tray of alcohol bottle and a glass and dry cashew..  Lucky looks at that and asks the servant what is all this?  The servant says oh I brought whatever he asked for.  Jmama sees that and tells him to come to him and keep the tray on the table near him.   Frustrated Lucky sits on the floor hitting his head saying this mamu will drive all of us out of the house…

Dev is walking in Dadima’s room…  He walks near and sits on the bed softly…  He looks very worried and pensive…   He remembers NT’s word saying I have just sent the CD to Maan veerji for now..  but you never know what may happen tomorrow???  Then he remembers the incident in the conference room…  Maan telling him that only because of you and dadima this girl has reached this stage and then he turns to Geet in total wrath asking her on whose consultation you did all these…  is it your parents or your husband??  Dev gets totally upset with those flashbacks and he softly puts his palm over dadima’s..  Dadima slowly opens her eyes and turning her head she says Dev and tries to sit…  Dev says dadima please do not get up just sleep…  But dadima pulls herself in sitting position..  Dev says oh let me help you…  He encloses her palm in his hands and says oh I am so sorry I was just checking how you feel but I am sorry I woke you up..  Dadima lovingly holds his hand saying what are you saying my son..  A child could never disturb mother’s sleep…  Dadima is really very perceptive..  She looks at him saying My sleep only disturbs when I see your sad face..  Dev looks down and does not say a word..  Dadima looks at his face saying my heart sinks when I see your sad eyes.  She says what is the matter Dev?  Why are you so troubled..  Please tell me..  Dev takes a deep sigh and says dadima I am not sure what to tell you or I even do not know what to think..  Sometimes it is the past which stands in front of me and terrifies me and sometimes I am worried about the future.. I just do not understand as what to do?? and how to do??  And he looks too pensive..  Dadima says son I think that in the whirlwind of worrying about your past and the future you are forgetting your present…   Then dadima’s gaze shifts to the door where Nando is walking toward them with the tray carrying water and medication and smiling at dadima…  A soft smile comes on Dadima’s face she softly says but from where I am seated I can see that your present is very beautiful…  then she looks at Dev and smiles happily Confused Dev looks at dadima and follows her gaze to see Nandini..  Nando comes and says Dadima you can talk with your grand son later but 1st please take your medication.  Saying she sits near dadima and gives her medication which dadima takes without any objection.  Nando asks dadima how you are feeling now.  Dadima smiles and looks at Dev saying when my children smile I feel really great..  which brings a tender smile on Dev’s face just for a fraction of second but then he becomes pensive again.


A lady is seated in the living room asking a servant to get her the juice..  Geet and Nando walks in the room wondering who that is.  Nando says didi who is that?  Geet signals she does not know..  Then she says excuse me to the lady..  The lady turns her face toward Geet and Geet gets the shock of her life seeing NT in the house.  NT stands up and looks at Geet with a crooked smile…  Totally baffled Geet looks at her for few seconds and says NayanTara.  NT just smiles at her.  Nando looks at Geet’s stricken expressions and then looks at NT’s sarcastic smile… she feels something is not right.

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Meanwhile Dev walks in the foyer from other end and sees NT standing in the foyer…  He freezes for a moment and then thunders saying why are you here?  NT shifts her gaze to Dev and looks at him sarcastically..  Dev takes couple of steps toward her and says angrily how dare you come in this house?  What do you want.  NT gives him a smirk and looks at Lucky who just walked in..  She smiles and walks toward Dev and as if chiding him says Dev what kind of a question are you asking??  She smiles at Dev and says but obviously Dev I have come here for you.  Dev looks at her with narrowed angry eyes…  She says to find you where would I go if not this house Dev..   then she turns to geet and says right Geet am I correct?  Stupefied Geet just looks at her incredulously.  Then smiling wickedly she says slowly now the place of the wife is in the house of her husband right?   Stunned Nando looks at NT and Dev and so does Lucky..  Geet just takes deep breath..

Dev says go and do all this drama outside the house.  You were my wife but not anymore..  we are already divorced…  Nando takes all these information with totally baffled expressions.

NT says what happen to you?  You do know that on the divorced paper the signatures of husband and wife both are required then she says with a smile and says but I never signed the divorced paper then how the divorce would be finalized…  Dev gives her a penetrating look with a frown.  Geet looks horrified by the news and Nando looks stricken…  NT continues so on that account I am still your wife and I have a full right to be in this house.  and then she turns and smiles at geet who is holding Nando’s arm tightly.  NT’s melodrama is full on…  She holds Dev’s hand and says Dev please do not send me away from you I love you so very much..  Dev just looks at her furiously..  NT continues saying I cannot live even one moment without you…  Dev jerks his hand out of her hands and says with gritted teeth.  What ever you want to think you may think but I refuse to believe as my wife and the bond is not made with the paper but with the heart..  NT’s crocodile tears are flowing and she looks as if stricken with Dev’s behavior…  Dev says but you will not understand this.  NT starts crying hysterically and with joined palms she pleads saying Dev please give me one more chance I will not give you any chance to complain but please do not drive me away from your life..  Please Dev..  but Dev is unmovable and he does not even look at her and snatches his hand back from her clutches…  Geet looks at this and then walks over to Dev saying.. Dev dadima is not well at all and if she sees all these she will get worse.  Just take her away from here by any means…   NT takes this news in her mind..   She comes rushing to Dev and holds his hand and says Dev..  but Dev looks angrily at her and says Get out of here if you want your self respect.  NT looks at him with stricken face.   Dev thunders saying get out of here…   NT starts melodrama saying dev please do not do that I love you very much… and Geet as if looks at her as if please stop this drama and just get out…   but NT’s full drama is on once again she is crying hysterically saying Dev don’t do this.  Please give me one more chance I love you very much please do not push me away from your life.  Do not drive me from this house… I want to stay with you I want to stay near you..  Dev shouts watchman!!!!  she says oh please give me one more chance…  once again Dev shouts Watchman!!!…  NT says please Dev listen to me I love you please but Dev jerks his hand from her hand…  Watchmen come running in..  Nando looks at all this really stunned..  Dev tells them to show her the way out.. the watchman says let’s go madame..  NT looks at them and bags for a min.  she turns to Dev and says.. just one more chance please..  Dev turns to her and thunders saying I told you to get out of here..  and then he shouts at watchman saying watchman take her out they tell her Madame let’s go..  once more she looks at Dev as if to plead but he stays stone-faced and does not even look at her…  As if dejected NT turns and walks out of there with heavy heart…  Geet, Nando and Lucky looks at the scene with different expressions…  NT is being escorted out by watchman but she stops at the threshold and looks back to say something but the watchman tells her to move ahead she then turns and gets out…

Geet is pacing in her room worried thinking about the situation of past hour..  Nervously she is wrapping her dupptta on her finger..  she keeps on pacing and then comes and sits at the desk still looking pensive and worried…   she mumbles as if there were less problem at home and now NT has come..  She says dadima is sick…  Maan does not remember anything and Dev??  I do not even know where he went in his anger…  and in this situation the arrival of NT will have diverse effect on so many people…  nervously her hand touches her Mangalsutra and she says when dadima will know that NT is back then I do not know how she will react.  She says hey babaji…  and sees Nando walking in the room..  She stands up to go to Nando and looks at her confused face..  She holds nano’s arms and leads to the bed saying come sit.  Both the sister sit on the bed and Geet looks at Nando’s worried and anxious face..  Geet says do you want to say something?  Nando says yes didi what was happening downstairs and is NT really Dev’s wife?  Geet looks at Nando…  Nando says dev never told this…  Geet says Nandini NT is actually…  then stops herself and thinks..  saying stop Geet… Dev did not tell anything to Nandini so it is better Nandini hears all this from the mouth of Dev or otherwise it is possible that Nando may have many questions…  Nando says didi what happened…  Geet comes back from her thoughts and looks at Nando…  Nando says didi you were about to say something…  Geet says Nando please do not think about all this right now and whatever the questions you have in your heart..  Dev has answers to all those questions..  I would just say this to you that whatever you may hear or see believe only what Dev tells you..  Nando nods her head..

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Suddenly they hear a sound of breaking something and they run outside…

Geet and Nando rush down the stairs and see a vase broken on the floor and Dev standing there in total rage…  Geet says Dev what happened here..   Dev says I am sorry Geet I should not do any thing by which dadima would be troubled but what can I do?  I am so angry that I just could not control my anger…  He says did you see the daring of NT..  that after doing all these she dare to come in the house…  Geet walks a step behind him and says do not loose your heart…   we all know that what kind of lady is NT but before she finishes the sentence she sees Maan on the gate calling Dev’s name…  Maan looks at all of the with a frown and then he folds his hands across his chest and stand at the gate glaring at them while NT walks behind him and gives them a murderous look with gritted teeth…  All of them look at the door with stunned expressions while Maan declares that from now on NT will stay in this house…  all are stunned but Dev looks furious and he looks at NT’s this trick with thunderous expressions…

MSK says.. come NT… n MSK-NT enter KM! Dev says.. how dare u come in?? Get out. .n MSK says..stop. .i brought NT! Dev says.. u know what ur doing?? MSK says yes.. everyone deserves second chance especially one who has repentance on their fault.. so Dev u have to give her second chance..! Geet says.. how can u trust NT?? She can never change.. MSK says… have made my decision !! MSK asks Dev u have any problems? Dev says..u have forgotten the past 1.5yrs.. how to explain .. MSK says..i know all! MSK says.. NT told all… n she regrets it.. Dev says.. u trusting her?? She cant stay here.. MSK says.. stop it…she ur legal wife.. so she has right to stay here! Dev says.. fine.. then i want Divorce right now! NT begs for forgiveness.. n says.. she loves him lot n will die without him! NT falls on her knees n begs.. MSK says.. she is begging.. so accept it. .if not her.. listen to me!!! Dev walks away! Geet shocked n leaves..! MSK asks servant to come take NTs luggage n MSK assures he will talk to Dev n Geet …!! NT glares at Nando who leaves..!! NT self thot. .now watch how i will misuse MSKs memory loss!!

Dev self thot.. why i din think she can do such thing… n Geet says..why blaming urself… n Dev says.. its my fault..she is connected to me… she used MSK…n if she is back. .she has a motive… n Geet says i know.. she tried to ruin my life… n if she is back she will take revenge..! Dev says..wont let her stay here… n Geet says..what to do?? Dev to Dadi n Geet says..she is we cant give her stress..! Dev tells Geet.. lets go n talk to MSK together.. n Geet says..dunno if it will work or not..lets try..! MSK comes and says.. wanna talk to u Dev… n Dev says..we both wanna talk to u too! MSK says..i know.. u hate NT.. but she is ur wife.. n u should give her second chance…! He looks at Geet n says..sometimes u have to accept relations based on others words.. even if u believe or not..!Geet says.. NTs tear r fake.. she will ruin it all… MSK says.. how to protect my house.. n family i dun need to learn from a PARAYI! NT says.. she isnt parayi..! NT says.. i know Geet wont let me stay here.. for what i have done.. but … Geet.. i know what punishment u will give is less… but u should give me a second chance after all u got a second chance.. after MSK lost his memory..! Geet says.. i m not a cheat like u.. how dare u compare urself to my situation?? Dare u compare urself to me n my love! Dadi comes .. n calls out for MSK…!! Dadi sees NT n passes out..!

NT / Dev / Maneet with Dadi n NT rues that my luck is so bad.. i came to correct my mistakes.. n here Dadi fell sick n MSK says..not ur fault.. n Dev says..obviously her fault.. seeing her she got shock ..! Bro send her off! Dadi wakes up n sees NT.. n MSK says.. listen to me.. NT has repentance on her mistakes.. she wants to do penance by staying here.. n correct her mistakes..! Dadi says.. she did so much n MSK says..she told she is feeling guilty! MSK calls out for NT.. .n NT starts crying n apologising for her mistakes.. n says..need a chance to correct my mistakes..n falls at Dadis feet! Dadi says.. u made too many mistakes.. MSK says…give one chance to NT please … n all r upset.. n NT smirks..Dadi nods!

Dev shouts on the person knocking on his room n then its Nando. .n Nando says.. u r a bit worried?? Dev tells Nando.. u have heard all outside.. but its my duty to tell u all about my past n right then NT comes..! NT tells Nando.. i wanna talk to my hubby alone n Dev shouts.. go .. n Nando says..fine m going..! NT tries to talk to Dev… n Dev says.. dun wanna talk leave n tries to throw her out n she calls Police..!


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