Geet 23 March 2020: On Geet Monday 23 March 2020 update, Geet on phone to Anne…n asks where she is..n Anne says at home..!!

Geet 23 March 2020: Geet says wanna ask.. has anyone.. ever tried to say something to u?? Anne asks what?? Arjun looks..n Geet party at ofice so come n Anne looks at Arjun n makes an excuse n says..see u later..!! Geet says ok..!! Anne asks Arjun…what u gonna do to make tonite special…n Arjun says..go get ready first.. Geet roams in office cribbing what to do…n calls all……n is today we will work for half a now half day done..lets start the party…!! Geet says..ok lets play a game..n Romeo says…musical chair n pinky…. dumb charades n Geet… a game where one says one word n another says another….. n Ramu will be judge…n all agree..

MSK wonders…whats up?? KC staff n Geet start a game..each say a after another n MSK comes n all start to leave n MSK stops n says.. lets start a party..n Geet says..u have to play a game wit us..!! MSK agrees..!! Only two players re main in the end.. Maneet..n Geet says.. U.. I.. hate.. love .. snow (MSK says) and MSK loses…..deliberately n Geet shocked…!! all leave for lunch n MSK comes to Geet n says..i will say what u want me to.. when its snowing in Delhi….


Anne gets ready for the date.. but someone comes n both are worried.n Arjun goes n hides n later surprises Anne.. by showering decorations on her..n bg.. ‘Sajna ve’ and Arjun says..had to surprise u coz we are going on a date..n Anne asks where?? Arjun questions..come… Maneet in Adis cabin n Geet says…why u doing this?? MSK says..what am i doing..n MSK asks why u fighting wit me..n Geet says..what did u say….. that it should snow in Delhi… does it ever snow??? Geet says..if u dun wanna say…those words dun say…then why u making a mockery of me..!! MSK says…keep will snow..!! Geet wonders ..maybe MSK knows its gonna snow..!! MSK asks Geet to come home n Geet…..n MSK leaves..!! Geet wonders..that if MSK says..its gonna mite….u never know with weather these days…!! Geet calls up the weather department to inquire whether it wuld snow….!! The person answering says..din u get anyone to fool?? Geet says..someone said so asking n. Geet trying to placate n asks about..when it culd snow n the person wuld in 2050..continue reading..

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Anne is impressed with Arjuns date arrangements..n says…u must b having a lot of experience n Arjun says…coz im an event manager…… n Anne says… ur flings must be temporary right?? MSK comes n sees Arjun n Anne (MSK in white) and asks what they doing n Anne says..discussing wedding plans….!! Arjun self thot..she is doing what i want her to..n Arjun leaves…..!! Geet can anyone be so what to do?? (Geet in white too) Geet decides to clarify things with MSK n calls him but is scared to talk to him..coz he might pull her leg more..!! MSK calls back n Geet says..nothing..just called like that..!! MSK cuts..!! MSK messages Geet……n Geet is happy to says ILU n geet thinks its I LU is for I love u.. MSK messages later saying it stands for Indian Lottery Union n take their appointment for tomorrow to make new office..!! Geet decides to meet MSK n Dadi discussing designs with MSK n MSK asks Anne but she is lost in thots…..n Dadi n MSK notice.. !! Arjun calls Anne…..n Dadi cribs both ur phones ring..then what to talk…!! Arjun asks Anne..why u lied to ur bro..n Anne talks in monosyllables…n asks Anne to come out of house..he is waiting …..Anne…m busy n cuts..!! Anne gets up n goes to her room to talk to Arjun..n MSK takes this oppurtunity n goes out to get a file….!! Dadi left alone..

MSK enters a room n Geet pulls him aside n stumbles n MSK holds her….n eyelock n Geet cribs…tat why u making me so desperate……. when will it snow.. how will i make it snow…n MSK says..dun come so close…. ‘Kuch kuch hone lagta hai’ (Something happens) and Maneet eyelock..n MAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!

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Maneet still near the door n Geet says..u teasing me again…n starts to leave n MSK pulls her closer.. Geet says..leave me..u mite have time to play games..i have work..leave me!! Dadi comes n Maneet separate…n MSK is doing pushup on the door n Dadi says..go ahead..u will need it….after marriage..u will b bashed so much…u need it..n Geet is cleaning the table n Dadi says..why u doing it.. call naKEWL…!! Geet outside the mansion sitting on a swing n Babaji ..please let it snow.. even 2-3 kg is fine…but please..n it starts snowing n Geet is running around happy n goes to call MSK!!

Anne in her room n its decorated for christmas wit a christmas tree n wonders if Arjun has come n Arjun is there..n Anne says..what u doing?? go…n Arjun says..i asked u to come out..u din n starts closing in on Anne..n MSK is passing by…….n knocks…n Anne asks Arjun to hide…..n Arjun says..first tell why u lied to MSK for me?? Anne says…later..n Arjun says..ok but u have to come wit me at nite…n Anne says how….n Arjun says lie..!! Anne makes Arjun hide n Anne opens door n MSK asks what took so much time n Anne says..was listening to music……n Anne says..i hv to go out at nite…to friends…n u should go to Geet n sends him off..!! MSK comes out….n sees Geet in the alley…n is happy n MSK asks why u happy?? Geet says…coz i won….. MSK says….if my loss will make u happy..then i m ready to lose always…n Geet says….u have to do as i say now..come…! MSK says..wat u done to MSK,..if before marriage this is my value wat will happen after wedding?? Geet says..stop pulling my leg……n come out…n Geet takes MSK outside n i won so tell me those three words..n MSK says…u think i din wanna say so to u?? Geet says..u made me troubled to hear those words…… i thot u din wanna say….

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Geet is blabbering n MSK says.. I love u Geet..n Shukran allah starts… MSK closes in on Geet n holds her from back n says.. I love u Geet….n says..see i told u…now come inside….or we catch cold.. Geet says….that tho its snowing so much i dun feel at all cold….n MSK says..coz i m near u…. so how dare cold touch u..!! Geet…but i used to feel very cold in Punjab..but why not here…?? Confused Geet checks the snow accumulated on trees n says..why is ice like this?? MSK worried.. Geet feels something is wrong…

Anne is out of the house on the terrace …n is waiting for Arjun n says..why giving surprise on the terrace of the house??? Anne says….culdn find anything better?? Arjun says…well coz i m different n Anne says..what will happen if MSK comes?? Arjun says…so..go to him…n Anne says..whats the surprise..n Arjun wasnt to kill u but my mission is something bigger… Anne is searching for Arjun n Arjun tags her…secretly.. n then comes near her n blindfolds her..n says….stay quiet its a surprise n so come… n takes her on flight of stairs to the edge of the terrace n Anne says…what u doing?? Arjun says..scared n Anne says..not from u…n Arjun says..u should be coz i culd kill u…

Anne tells Arjun that if u do..then u hv no idea what MSK will do to u ..n Arjun u have a lot of overconfidence on ur bro…n Anne confidence..n if u dun tell me ur surprise in next 5 seconds i will go…. n Arjun holds Anne on the shoulders n looks like he is gonna push her.


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