Geet Monday 16th March 2020

Geet 16 March 2020: On Geet monday 16 March 2020, Maneet are in cabin and sitting on the sofa…Geet tells MSK that ‘I m feeling better than before..

Geet 16 March 2020: Actually after seeing NT ..i got scared… i recollected her words that she wont spare my child..’ MSK tells Geet that..’I know that u remember that day repeatedly ….but dun worry nothing will happen to our child… If u need to recollect that day..then just recollect that i had filled ur forehead (mang) that day…and that we had decided to marry each other that day..right?’ Geet smiles n nods and then looks down n MSK asks.. ‘Whats the matter Geet?’ Geet says..’I m fine..’ Anne arrives at KC with shopping bags..n wonders where MSK is..!! MSK tells Geet that ‘No Geet.. ur face is showing that something is the matter’ and Geet says..’Dun perfectly fine’ and MSK says..’Ok if u feel that way then i wont worry for u’ and Geet says..’Dun feel bad ..i din wanna tell u coz i know u wuld get worked up…. Well i hv a lil headache..’ MSK gets startled and says…’I m taking u to the Doc…’ and Geet says..’See this is why i din wanna tell u….Its a minor headache.. nothing to worry about..’ and MSK says..’But headache in this condition…’ and Geet says..’Oh god Sir… we got a checkup done just a few days back..and everything is fine….i m fine and my baby is fine too..’ MSK looks angrily..n Geet says..’I meant that i dont need a Doc’ . MSK gets up and goes sit on the chair..and Geet wonders.. ‘What happened to him…What did i say that he felt angry’ Anne calls MSK n MSK tells her ‘I m busy right now in an important meeting…and says shall talk to u later…n asks.. is there anything urgent’ .. Anne says..’No’ and MSK says..’Ok i will talk to u later’ and cuts the phone.! MSK tells Geet that good u told me that u n ur kid is fine so go n work..n Geet…turns to leave n realises what hurt MSK .

She comes near MSK and says MSK n that ..our child is perfectly fine.. . She says…” I have been living alone for so long that i had forgotten that..’ n MSK completes ‘That someone is with u now.. ‘ and lifts Geets hand n holds it….n continues….’Geet..ur loneliness is a thing of past.. Now MSK n Geets breathes have united.. both are part of each other..Geet..u forgot today… but never forget after toay..’ Maneet share a smile n Anne sees MSK holding Geets hand thru cabin .n is looking annoyed…. Tasha comes n says..’Peeping is bad manners.. n well when ur bro is wit Geet.. no one is allowed to go in.. n this rule is applicable to all’ …n Anne turns n leaves!!

MSK asks Geet..’What she had written in the morning.’.n Geet teases him saying that..’Well i had thot that the one who runs such a big business and keeps touring abroad…mite be knowing a little English… n says..i had written ‘Thank U’ and MSK glares n says…’Even i can read English …What i want to know is that why have u written ‘Thank u’?? Geet says..’Dun act… u know what it is for!’ and MSK says..’Well if i knew ..i wuldn be asking u..!’ Geet says ..’It was for last nite’ and MSK says..’Oh so this is for that bad Chocolate Moose i had last nite?’ and Geet says ‘Dont lie.. u were njoying chocolate moose a lot last nite.!!’ and MSK says..’Then why are u Thanking me? Oh wait it for me having hugged u last nite?And if thats the case ..i can hug u..again..’ and Geet says ‘Dun make excuses..u know very well what i m talking about…!! This is for sending Anwesha to that we culd talk!!’ MSK acts innocent and says..’When did i send Anne to u?’ and Geet says..’I know u very well.. u sent Anne to me..I know u did all this for me! Thank You!’ Maneet exchange smiles..!!

Anne arrives at Mansion n Dadi asks ‘Whats the matter?’ and cribs..that ‘Why do people change so much when they fall in love..that they start lying to their own close people??’ Dadi says..’What happened’ and Anne says..’I m so angry on this word love that i cant tell u… if i ever fall in love even by mistake ..i will never change..!’ Dadi says..’But what if the one u fall in love with asks u to change.?’ Anne says..’No way ..i will never love the man who wants me to change..!!’ Dadi says..’Tell me how will u decide when and how to fall in love.. no one knows how and when one falls in love!!’ Anne says..’i dunno about others but i know very well what kind of guy i want to fall for..’ and starts describing…

Arjun shown entering in the backdrop …. boxing ring shown… wit cheering crowd ..n Anne says… he should b luvng n caring n he should speak less..but have a Super attitude!! Arjun shown wrapping band around his hand..n in the boxing ring the speaker asks if anyone is ready to challenge Rashid Ali the champion..!! Anne says..’He should keep away from mindless danger’ n Arjun shown agreeing to fight Rashid Ali the champ. He gets in the ring and says..’I agree to take this challenge!!’ Speaker asks his name and Arjun says..’Arjun Singh Rathod’ …he takes off his jacket and blindfolds himself.. !! Crowd starts cheering him n while blindfolding himself…Ali keeps attacking but Arjun remains unscathed each time!! After a few exchange of blows…Arjun kicks Ali out of the boxing ring! Crowd cheers Arjun and he is given the Champions belt and he shows it off and throws it off towards the crowd!

NT walking in her house n says.. ‘MSK..the humiliation u have given..i shall avenge it for sure..!! After what i do to u.. ur senses will blow off..and if i dun do it then i m not Naintara Rathod!!’ NT calls Arjun and says..’U din come yet! Where are u?’ Arjun says..’U open ur door’ and NT opens the door and hugs him!! Dadi tells Anne about how Geet named him Dusht Danav!! Both start laufing..and Dadi shows Anne that look he (DD) is going off even now!! Anne says..’I swear.. bro has forgotten me completely.. either he is busy at work or with Geet…I cant believe this is my own brother who has become a Romeo’ and Dadi says..’Now also he is going out to meet his Juliet!!’ Anne and Dadi decide to tease MSK and Anne calls MSK to play Rummy and MSK agrees unwillingly…!! Dadi asks MSK ‘what he is thinking about and to sit down’ and MSK sits … He looks at the phone and says..’Look i got an urgent call that i have to attend’ and takes the phone and goes out..of the mansion n Anne says..that..’Dadi why do i feel that bro is fooling us…!!’

Geet is standing near the pool and looks at the star filled night sky with the MOON n is smiling..!! MSK comes there with his phone saying ‘Alright Mr Raju…’ n Geet overhears and says..’We dun hv any such client..u came after making an excuse na..’LOL MSK is startled and Geet is smiling..!! NT hugs Arjun n says..’I m so happy to see u… U have no idea how much i have been waiting for u..!!’ and Arjun says..’It doesnt appear so…’ and NT says..’What are u saying…U are my brother.. M so happy after meeting u after so many days..!! Its only u who doesnt have any time for ur sister.. Always roaming around the world…! This time also i called u here… And this time u were in Malaysia..!! Arjun interrupts and says..’That moment when u were trying to end hurt urself..u din think..about ur brother..din wonder what would go on ur brother if anything wuld have happened to u??’

NT says..’Arjun u dunno what i was going thru back then… What condition i was in… Right before my eyes..i was losing everything….everything…and i wasnt able to do anything!! In such a condition i was helpless and i din have any other choice/ option..!!’ Arjun says..’U din find any other option na??’ and pulls out a gun and puts on his head and says…’Now see ..realise how it feels when someone our own..dies before our own eyes..’ and NT tries to come forward to stop him and Arjun says..’Stop ..dun come forward’ and NT says..’Arjun wat are u doing. .keep the gun down.. i m ur elder sis..listen to me.. ‘ and Arjun says..’While taking poison u din listen to now why should i listen to u? Dun come forward’ NT keep the gun down..and Arjun is about to pull the trigger and NT says..’please Arjun..keep the gun down..dun do this..’

Arjun tells NT not to come forward and NT begs that. .’Please dont do this..and please listen to me’ and Arjun is about to pull the trigger and NT screams ‘Arjun..’ and closes her eyes.. and Arjun takes off the gun and comes near her and says..’Did u realise…and i hope u wont ever forget this feeling ever again !! Whatever trouble or pains u have..tell me.. i will sort them out..!! But after today…stop trying to play with ur life… or else this brother of urs will be dead alive..!!’ and NT hugs Arjun.

Maneet are standing near the pool n look at the stars n MSK comes n holds her hand..n asks Geet if she is thinking something..n Geet says..wondering that every nite Stars comeout.. wit their friends…n they are doing so all along..!! MSK says..when they come out every nite.they see us together n so they hold each others hand n stand still n Geet notices a shooting star n says..but some stars do break n fall n aint they affected by us?? MSK says..yes they are..they break to give salutations to our relation..n Geet wonders how he knows all answers n MSK says..ur eyes speak volumes… ! Anne comes n catches them n this is ur imp. call ..wait lemme tell Dadi n leaves .. !! Geet asks MSK to go to Anne ..coz she came after long

NT cribbing abt MSK to Arjun n tells about how MSK insulted her… n sent her to jail..n Arjun getting more angry….n NT shows off the divorce papers Dev sent…n NT says..i din tell u before coz i know ur anger…n i knew that if u found out u wont spare MSK….but i din wanna hurt anyone of that family..!! But now things are too much.. he ruined me.. n i want revenge.. n wanna teach MSK a lesson…..!! Arjun hugs NT..n MSK brings Anne to a place n gifts her…a shiny new sports car..!! Anne is super happy n about to hug MSK but she says..dun think i forgave u.. .if u want forgiveness then u take me for a drive…!! MSK takes Anne for a drive n Anne drive fast….n both bro-sis fighting.. Anne asks abt Dev…but MSK says..he is busy wit personal work…!!

Geet wonders whether to wear.. yellow on haldi day or pink on mehndi day n cribs if mom wuld b here she culd help…!! MSK comes and asks whats wrong..n Geet cribs that she is not able to decide what to wear and when..n that theres no one to ask for help n MSK one is there..n Geet says..u tell me..!! MSK says..for me u look beautiful in all dresses..n Geet says… my brain is not working..i need ur opinion…. n MSK agrees…n says u hv to get dressed for me only na Wink

Anne tells Dadi..that house is looking boring.. nothing looks like a wedding house..n Dadi offers her to bring her friends n Anne says..cant ..coz how long wil they stay?? Anne says..i dunno about bhabhi also…so wat to do n plus bhai keeps her in office… Anne suggest to fight with both for a while to spice up the wedding..!! Dadi says wat u wanna do…. Anne says..catch them together n then fight !! Geet gets ready in green heavy saree in gujarati style n MSK stares n Geet asks..why dun u say something..!! MSK says.dun say anything.. or such a beautiful moment of life will b ruined in words n MSK lifts Geet saree pallo n put on her head..

MSK says had just this desire that my bride should b just like this n says…i now believe that after moon if theres anyone beautiful on earth its my mishtee n asks Geet not to b shy n let him stare in her eyes..!! Dadi n Anne comes…n Dadi fakingly scolds Maneet for breaking traditions n says..that u hv made mistake so now ur punishment is that in a day u both can meet for only half n hour..n MSK asks if Geet can come to office but Dadi says she cant Ouch n both Maneet stare… n Anne asks MSK to leave…..

Dadi tells MSK that before Geet gets busy wit married life she should b able to relax n finish off shopping…n MSK says..if Geet doesnt come how will i work?? Anne offers to help n MSK asks if she knows any work n Anne says..even Geet dinno …so i too will learn n Dadi asks MSK to leave n MSK glares n Dadi says.. did u meet secretly after asking me?? LOL MSK leaves n asks Anne to get ready n come..


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