Geet Monday 12 October 2020 Star life Written update: MSK tells Geet.. us being together is more imp… tho our choices are different! Maneet do cheers by touching their mugs!! Geet tells MSK.. his tea n his words are nice!

Geet tells MSK that she has to rush.. to make breakfast! Geet surprised to see Adi shift office at home! Adi tells her that MSK suggested! MSK comes n says.. fix breakfast fast!! Geet is confused n asks why shifting n MSK says.. so that he can spend time with Geet! Geet says.. but work .. n MSK shuts her mouth n says.. he will work . .but spend max time with her! Geet agrees!Maneet hug n Geet prays that. .lord may no evil eye fall on our love! Lucky asks servant why office shifted?? Servant says..MSK wants to stay close to Geet! MSK asks where is penstand to Adi.. he goes to get! Lucky comes to him with the penstand n gives!! Lucky starts to butter up MSK n asks him how much.. he loves Geet.. n how he makes her realise! MSK is love.. not weighing machine so u can assess..! Its an emotion which deepens with time n can cross any limits for true love! Preeto overhears n thinks Lucky will do something for her!

Lucky is confused about what MSK told him n is pacing in kitchen! Geet sees n wonders what is the matter..! Lucky tells her that he wants to cheer up Preeto! Geet tells Lucky that.. ‘do nothing’ ..thats the difference between .wives n g.f.. wives wanna see smile on hubby face.. we like only small things.. small gifts n feeling of love! Lucky is confused now! Preeto hopes that.. Lucky will get something big for her.. not flowers n all ! Lucky gets boquet for Preeto! He goes on one knee to give her flower boquet! He tells her that he got the flowers from the garden for her! He gives her card too! Preeto starts crying again! Lucky thinks she is crying out of happiness but Preeto cribs n hits Lucky with the boquet! Adi is taking dictation from MSK!MSK looks around for Geet! Geet sends him a letter n tells him that.. since he is in MSK.. he should follow discipline.. n so as his disciplined wife.. she is sending him tiffin!
Lucky is frustu.. about how the idea Geet gave flopped! He decides to invite Preeto to dinner n ensure Jugnu doesnt find out!Jugnu jumps into the way.. n gives him some advice! He suggests him to feed her golgappa! Preeto comes in the room n Jugnu gives her some other advice to test Luckys true love for her by giving him a test! He grins that he will create trouble between LucTo!
MSK comes in the kitchen n gives Geet a backhug! Geet chides MSK for leaving office n coming n he says..its lunch break so came! Geet says.. but i sent tiffin! MSK says.. its with me.. so as responsible hubby came to eat lunch with wifey!! Geet says..u hv become smart n MSK says.. i m always smart! Maneet have lunch together n are feeding each other n smiling!
MSk and adi is working adi giving him briefs about London project. MSK is thinking about geet, about why is she not out where is she etc. He makes call from his blackberry to land line. No one comes to pick up, adi tries to go, MSk stops him saying do the work you are not here to pick up the calls. Phone keeps ringing; this time vinod comes he stops vinod also. He calls again, this time adi understands MK’s intensions. Geet comes out saying where is every one why no one picking up the calls. MSK signals, she understands and cuts it with out taking. MSK rings again, she takes phone with her blabbing it will interfera
MSK’s work Adi smirk MSK is irritated.
Lucky is making reservation for dinner. Preeto comes in, he patches up saying he has planned dinner for her. She replies she is with him in every plan but he has to pass a test. Lucky is worried what test she wants to go through. Preeto says what special will you do for gal?? think what a hero or heroine will do for each other. She says good luck and leaves.
Geet is coming, nano stops her says can not believe MSk who is so serious can be like this to you. She says she is happy for them. Geet says she is worried that MSK is not focusing fully on the work and she does not want work to suffer. She needs to talk to MSK about it.
Luckt thinking what to do. Jugnu comes laughing making fun that he had made fool. He suggests that idea will come out side not here. Lucky takes him forcefully.
MSK comes inside, geet tells him to focus on the work else he is better doing work in the office not from home. He says he has reason behind working from the home that is he wants to spend time with her. Geet replies that one after other bad things happening, now you should not ignore work. He agrees and says fine next week onwards will do so but one condition we will have to go for honeymoon holidays. Geet tries to say something, he keeps his finger on her lips and forces her to say. She first nodes no then finally in Yes. ( boy it is so nostalgic ). He says we will go, all happiness will be with us, spend some quality time together, once I am back will focus at work. She agrees shakes hand, he wants to hug, she pushes him back saying finish your work else no dinner for you.
Lucky comes preeto is pacing, she asks what did you think. Lucky says he has to go out for few days for work. His cell rings he was shown talking to gal, whom he says no ned to worry. Preeto is confused. Lucky tells her has to go as lots of packing needs to be done and leaves.
Geet is packing, she asks where are we going, he replies you will know when get there. She wants to take all with her as family has been through a lot. He says how about taking adi also. Geet apologizes for forgetting adi. MSk now says why not we take all the servants with us. Geet this time gets it, says he is making fun of her. He replies no he is not making fun but who goes on the honeymoon as family holidays?? Now she understands. He tells we will go without telling anyone and they will know once we are gone that we are on the honeymoon. Geet agrees and keep on packing. She takes out saree that unfolds, she starts folding MK helps her and mahii. ( awww reminded me old scenes). Maneet almost hug, MSk tells her in husky voice that the time we will spend will be best time of our life, so far we had lots of sorrow and bad time since we had gotten married. Maneet are almost about to kiss when preeeto interrupts the kiss again and says sorry I have come in wrong time again ( no preeto it is Cv who loves to torture fans with possible kiss coming scenario) .
Maneet are annoyes. Geet says anyways you are here so tell what for. Preeto is going to say something but notices and asks if they are going out, geet blurts yes we but MSk signs her and interrupts saying geet is doing packing for his business trip. Right then adi walks in, he hears it and asks what business trip?? Maneet are irritated and gives angry looks to him.
Tomorrow: business trip or honeymoon
Adi wants to know from MSk which business trip is he going and how come adi does not know about it.
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