Geet Monday 10 August 2020 Star life update

Radhika tells Daman. if i had my way..wuld marry u today n take u with me..nyways..congrats.! Daman hangs his head sadly n starts to go… Radhika stops him n says..wanna give u a token..of my appreciation… my ring…its my memento for u to remember me..!! Jugnu comes n tells Daman to go in as family is waiting! Jugnu introes himself to Radhika n Adi butts in.. n diverts him! MSK hugs Geet.. .n as he tries to close in Geet pushes him away.. n says.. that girl is a very money lusting girl…keep a watch on her… she wuld ask for money for the ring now..! MSK says..its Nandos life.. lets not worry  about small things..! Geet leaves…MSK grins..!  Daman is looking at the ring n says..what a girl. .does  all from heart… .n Geet says…well she does.. she was so happy with MSK ..she gifted him  a Benz.. Daman says.what?? Geet says.. Mercedes Benz..! Daman shocked..! Geet says..she gave u  a ring.. i asked same from MSK.. just show me the ring.. n Geet starts to check.. n says..its real diamond n so heavy.. it must b of 4 lacs.. Daman lost in thots of 4 lacs…!! 
Nando picks up the diary n recollects the moments spent with Dev…n is smiling to herself! She spots Dev passing by n calls out to him.. .n says..what u doing?? Dev says..passing by… sorry! Nando need.. u r always lonely these days.. n Dev spots Nando holding the book  n says..its that book n Nando says..yes sifting thru old stuff! Dev asks Nando that why she is looking nervous?? Nando stammers..! Nando says..dunno what is this.. heart n head not working all is going so fast..! Dev happens to some..!! Btw have u seen Jugnu?? Well he is chasing Radhika.. n wanna marry her! He has asked MSK n Geet to get him married to her  n he kept kissing him on the cheek ! Nando n Dev smile n lauf.. n Nando says.. Thanks.. to Dev.. n Dev says why?? Nando says..for being so sweet.. i was so nervous.. but after hearing ur words.. forgot all..! Dev says..when i feel nervous. .i recollect a funny incident in life or Jugnu ! Nando says..well that means when i m nervous i have to think of u.. Dev says why?? Nando says..coz every funny incident in my life is attached to u..!! Dev grins..! Pammi comes to call Nando n Dev leaves wishing her all the best..! Nando tells Pammi gimme a minute coming..!
Jugnu is talking to someone…on phone n says..not to print visiting card but wedding card.. name of boy is Jugnu Jasoos from America..! The person asks Girls name.. n jugnu has forgotten n says… write.. Vilayati mem (foreign girl) weds Jugnu jasoos… Cards to reach in 2 hours..! Jugnu wonders..if he isnt gonna get new clothes… n recollects his measurements is with Halwai who has gone to village..! Jugnu is cribbing n sees Lucky  n glad to see u.. now do my work.. Lucky now m stuck… shucks.. Lucky says..whats the matter?? Jugnu says..m getting me… Lucky u said ILU to that Gopal’s bua?? Jugnu says…ur bua ur masi.. well i m talking of someone else… Lucky says..talking of whom?? Jugnu says.. MSKs Vilayati Mem.. she wants a guy like me. n i want a girl like her..! Lucky says..he is gonna get thrashed like hell.. btw Mama..tell me what u wanna do?? Jugnu says..card to be printed.. clothes need to be stitched..should i get suit?? Lucky says..first go n talk to the girl u gonna marry.. Jugnu says..shucks.. forgot. .need to talk to her… n as Jugnu starts to go.. Lucky stops him recollecting that if he goes.. then plan ruined..need to stop! Lucky says..we need to plan a lot.. we will do so in the evening … about drinks person n food person..! Jugnu agrees..! Lucky says…ok.. then catch u laters..!  Jugnu calls American Embassy n says.. tell Jugnu Jasoos wanna talk n thanks all.. n cuts n says..they say.. ‘All lines are busy call later’ so will.! 
Daman is walking towards Radhikas room n MSK sees n says..where u off to?? Daman the hall n MSK says..its in opposite direction…who u thinking of?? Daman says.. well not thinking of Radhika.. n MSK says..Radhika..well she is like that only…u cant forget her once u see her.. she wanted to talk to u.. she is upset.. but i stopped her…! Daman says..why upset? MSK says… what to hide from u..Radhika had a b.f who ditched her before wedding.. n her heart broke .. n from the moment she saw u.. her heart was mended … n she wanted u.. but i told her.. that its wrong… as u are bonded to Nando..for life..!! She got sad hearing this… dunno what to do! MSK sees Dev n calls out n says.. i have decided to get Dev married to Radhika.. n Dev resists.. (Geet is overhearing) n MSK tells Dev u have to (signalling him) n Dev unwillingly goes n says.going to get cards printed..going..! Daman is lost in thots.. .n MSK says..dun be upset… things destined only happen..! Btw ..did u keep her memento?? Daman says yes… MSK says.go n say thanks to her.. she will be cheered up…n Daman agrees..! Geet comes n MSK puts his arms across her shoulder n holds her hand n Geet says.. dun u have any shame..u start anywhere… u want.. MSK says..forget that…go n get Beeji before Radhikas room so we blow Daman’s lid off..!! Geet leaves..
Adi is walking in the alley n Dev comes n asks…is there a new plan? Adi says why? Dev says..coz bro wants to get me married to Radhika… Adi asks.did Daman get jealous hearing n Dev says yes… n Adi says plan is working..! Jugnu overhears n thinks Dev is a villain in his story n he has to sort it out..! Jugnu grabs Dev n holds his face n says..we need to sort it all…n Dev says..what?? Jugnu says..dunno what but i have to go to America.. !! Dev asks Adi to help n walks to side n Adi tells Jugnu 50% discount on drinks n Jugnu says…dun have cash…gimme money.. n Adi does…! Jugnu leaves n Adi says..what will happen to this country.. not just ministers Mama also needs bribe..! 
Tejjy comes to Beeji n assures all is going well n Beeji is relieved n tells him to check on the in laws as cant trust… Lucky n Jugnu..! Tejjy agrees..! Geet comes n asks Beeji to come n see clothes..!! Beeji says again? Geet says..yes some u havent seen.. come!! Dev asks MSK.. if getting him married is only a plan n MSK says..yes.. since he saw…Dev he got the idea…coz he knows Daman is a very money lusting guy..!! MSK calls Lucky n asks if he is in position… n Lucky says..yes.. Geet is getting Beeji here any minute..!! Jugnu hits Lucky n says.. putru.. n Lucky says… why u hit me from behind.. m a grown up n Jugnu says..but a kid for me .. Jugnu says.need help… n Lucky says busy… n Jugnu cries… n says..who will listen to me.. well ur Mama got relation from America … n Adi comes to divert Jugnu n says..u here .. n there an idle drinks bottle is lying..go..! Jugnu does..!  Lucky tells MSK about Damans sweet talk to Radhika.. n his band will be bajaoed..when Beeji sees..! 
Beeji asks Geet where she is heading as clothes in other room  n Geet diverts saying..before clothes we gonna see sweets n Geet fakes a shoe bite n stops Beeji outside Radhikas room ..! Daman shows the ring to Radhika n Beeji sees n asks..what is he talking to her for?? Geet says..talking business..! Daman tells Radhika m thankful …for this gift but i cant take..! Ur a guest of the house n mine too.. if u need anything.. tell me.. ! Daman shows Radhika the ring he got for Nando n asks how it is as she has more knowledge of jewllery..! Beeji overhears n grins.. Geet rues.. n Lucky n MSK are shocked..! Radhika compliments Daman.. saying..Nando lucky to have u n Daman says..i m lucky one..n leaves..! Lucky asks..what to do now?? MSK silent..!
Engagement starts n  Daman  puts ring on Nando n vice versa.. all clap.. Dev watches shattered..! Nando n Daman take Beejis n his parents blessings… n all feed each other sweets..! Dev leaves from there…! In the room.. MSK is standing n Geet pacing around n asks MSK to do something to stop the engagement  n Dev need to think.. engagement is done! MSK puts his hand on Devs shoulder n turns to look in Geets direction who looks away.. n all are worried!
Geet is sitting by the makeup desk n MSK showers rose petals on her..! MSK holds Geet in his arms n Mahii n eyelock n Geet says… what are u doing here?? if Maasi saw… n MSK says.. going..! Geet says.why u get upset?? U only think of love in odd hours… right now Nandos wedding is going on…n u…n MSK says..well thinking of that only! Geet says..well Daman seems to love Nando n MSK says… well he is smart…he tried to impress Radhika by doing it all.. n Geet says..did u do this before?? MSK says..yes.. on someone who keeps doubting me…n Geet hits MSK n they hug …with Geets hand on MSKs chest n eyelock..! MSK touches Geets face n eyelock…!! Geet says..we got only one day… for Nandos wedding..what to do?? MSK assure.. my last plan is in motion.. .Daman wont escape…n Geet  hugs him from back n rests her head on his shoulder n says…’Wow my Sher’ n MSK grins n Maneet hug smilingly..!
Beeji is getting all preps ready… n Tejjy comes n says..well fired a guy..he wasnt working well..! Lachchi comes to tell …they are here n Tejjy asks who? Lachchi says..Daman n his family n Beeji wonders why they came n Tejjy says maybe to complete some rasam..! MSK need to worry i called them for lunch.. n Beeji says why?? MSK he is my sis in laws wuld b hubby..! Adi comes to say..they are here.! MSK says..great.. lets go n welcome them..! MSK says..welcome… as Daman n his family come..! Adi goes to welcome them..! Beeji asks Tejjy..what drama is MSK doing? Calling Son in law like this before wedding. isnt right.! Tejjy says…Well feel like killing that assistant of his n Beeji says..control ur temper..they are here…lets welcome them…Beeji Tejjy welcome Damans family.! MSK lemme see how this wedding happens..! 

MSK asks if Adi got Electronics Engineers from Delhi n Adi says..yes… n says..backup ready at Amritsar ..n MSK him! Geet comes in between n asks MSK where he was n MSK says.. well if u wanna know lemme first hold ur hand n pin u to the wall n Geet says..always doing Lafangagiri…hush..! Geet asks where were u?? MSK says.. i can talk when u take ur hands off…  n Geet says..tell me where were u n MSK answers receiving Daman’s family n Geet says.. then do something n MSK starts to close in n Geet says..stop it..!!

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Jungu sneaks in Radhikas room n Radhika asks..what u doing?? Snooping around?? Jugnu came to give u gifts… 10 kgs milk … Palak…Apple… for ur health..n starts putting the stuff in Radhikas room…! Jugnu offers Desi Ghee to Radhika so she becomes his size n level n Radhika says..dun need any..take ur stuff n leave.. n Jugnu sadly leaves n cribs.. she rejected ur offer.. now how will u go to Amrica?? Lucky is showing off the house to Daman n Daman says..seen already and Lucky says..this time i m showing landmarks.. like stairs leading to Nandos room …! As Daman starts to proceed Lucky stops him n says..not that way.. someone keeps crying over there tho its happiness all over..n Daman asks..who is there over there?? Lucky says.. Radhika.. she keeps crying. .she is a billionaire… her dad gave her relation to MSK to fix n its fixed… n Daman says what?? Lucky says..boy coming today to fix it all n Daman’s face falls… n Lucky grins..!

Pammi asks Tejjy showing off her jewllery n asks..should i wear this n Tejjy screams on her.. n u have less work.. that ur busy dressing up?? Pammi says… why u dun talk to me properly?? This is my house too. .all work done.. Nando’s my sis in law.. n i wont leave any stone unturned… but what mistake have i done..that ur so rude to me?? I will send food with Lachchi.. have it.. ur hungry since morning… n Pammi leaves.. Tejjy falls silent!

Jugnu is coming out of Radhika’s room n Lucky asks him.. what he is doing there n Jugnu says need help… n Lucky way n Jugnu uses emosonal blackmail n says..tell me how to impress this Amrican Mem… n Lucky self thot.. he wont listen to me.. now see n declares to Jugnu …that he has to change his look…! Jugnu says.. cant wear anything else.. or i will get rejected and Lucky says..well Amrican mem love.. Barmuda wearing boys… .n Jugnu says.ok..

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Dev n Adi arrive.. (dev is mustache n goatee & Adi in pagdi n indian wear n moustache n til) Geet sees n welcomes them!  Beeji wonders who they are… n Adi is nervous n Geet says..if u both act so fake..they will know n bash u both up… u  look more scared than Girls…! Dev n Adi shiver n Geet says..till MSK is there nothing wont happen…! Geet asks Lachchi to get refreshments..! Pammi comes n Beeji too.. ask who they are and Adi says.. m Kanhaiyalal Sharma n looking at Dev says..he is from Uganda.. came for Radhika..! Beeji cribs.. this MSK. .uff..n leaves..! Pammi welcomes them…!  As they are entering in.. Jugnu arrives wearing.. black tshirt … red barmuda  n cap… n singing.. going to amrica.. getting visa n all are startled…n Geet asks..what u doing?? Jungu says..this is to impress Amrican mem…!! As he enters he sees Dev n asks him to show his face closer to him n starts to inspect…his face!  Geet/Adi worried

Jugnu tells Dev .. i have see u.. n Dev says…have u gone to Uganda.. n Jugnu says.. i have never gone to Bhatinda n Dev says..i stay in Bhatinda.. then Adi also repeats..
and Jugnu persists..! Geet is flustered..! Jugnu says..lemme have memory tonic & drinks n says..i remember who u are n then Geet diverts and Jugnu says… this tall guy does side roles in Punju films n Geet diverts Jugnu saying.. Beeji calling n all run off..! While running Dev n Nando bump into each other.. Dev drools on Nando… n Nando tries to recollect where she has seen him..n Geet comes n diverts Dev face n pushes him away..!

As Geet is cribbing… about MSK not doing as she wants n calling beauty parlor.. MSK pulls her inside the room n puts hand on her mouth …
n Geet chides..saying i got so scared that it was someone else n MSK one dare touch my Mishti… or i will break his hand n Geet says.. garam dharam paaji. .leave it… i have work n MSK says.. dare u go..  n pulls Geet onto the bed n Maneet lying in a hug n Geet says.. Maan  n MSK says..’Haan ji’ n Geet says..say again sounds heavenly …!!
Adis voice comes.. Geet gets up n MSK stops her n starts to pull her closer.. n Maneet eyelock n Maneet start closing in more… as Geet smiles shyly

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