Geet March 2022 Teasers Starlife

Geet March 2022 Teasers Starlife: Maan wants Geet to move on and takes out the toys from the baby’s room. Dev stops him from doing so, but he does not listen. Maan asks Geet to come to office with his lunchbox and gives her some work to keep her busy. READ FULL Geet March Teasers 2022 Below:

Geet Full Story

Geet Full Story

Geet March 2022 Teasers Starlife

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Episode 203

In at the shopping mall Maan finds himself shocked discover Arjun innocent. The concern he has for Geet leads him to believe in temples and tabeez. In the meantime, Brij impairs the microwave oven to cause electrocution Geet however the idea is a failure.

Episode 204

Geet begins to suffocate in the warm bathroom. It is fortunate that Maan is there and gets his attention after dropping an empty vase. She is rescued , and then rushed to the hospital.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Episode 205

Maan is devastated to have to choose between two options however she chooses Geet. Thankfully, the situation is settled and Geet is let go. Then, Maan tightens security at home and Adi assigns guards.

Episode 206

Maan as well as Geet’s story of love is the main theme in the sangeet ceremony. In the rehearsals, Arjun is unable to remember his lines and admits his deepest feelings. Meanwhile, Geet finds Maan disturbed. What is he going to tell Maan?

Thursday 3 March 2022

Episode 207

The sangeet is a great time for everyone. takes part in the show, with the exception of Maan who has to leave midway. Geet demands Maan to discuss his concerns and finally he says. Geet is overwhelmed by his gesture however, she advises him to select her child in case of situation.

Episode 208

Dadima is thrilled at the moment Geet as well as Maan dance during the sangeet. The next morning, Adi along with others suggests the idea of a bachelor’s celebration for Maan. He initially declines, but then accepts after arranging an event for girls to ensure Geet’s security.

Friday 4 March 2022

Episode 209

Brij does not get the chance to fight Geet. The girls soon crash and Geet gets caught by Maan along with the dancers. Then, Anwesha takes Arjun home and presents him with a diamond.

Episode 210

Maan rushes home but Brij escapes. Maan suspects Arjun’s involvement. Arjun keeps Geet from knowing about the brother of her Brij. Maan soon realizes it is Arjun has no guilt.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Episode 211

Arjun is astonished to see Nayantara returning. She congratulates Arjun for his use of Anwesha. While, Maan and Geet manage to be the first two to apply haldi to one another.

Episode 212

Nayantara is the one who takes Geet onto the patio, where she makes her ask Maan to live her life. Maan is quick to the terrace as Arjun goes through the house. Maan is able to save Geet but Nayantara is thrown onto the patio. In the hospital, she’s classified as in in a coma.

Sunday 6 March 2022

Episode 213

After Dadima encourages her to marry, Geet overrules Maan’s concern for safety and decides visit the wedding salon. Arjun however, in a state of emotional turmoil, demands Anwesha to stay with him in the hospital following her conversations with Maan.

Episode 214

Like a knight wearing shining armor, Maan rescues Geet from the salon and takes her home. He provides her with Bluetooth headphones so that she can stay in contact with him all the time. After that, the baraat appears and Brij disappears into the home and goes about her business unnoticed.

Monday 7 March 2022

Episode 215

Brij attacks Geet. Her screams cease during the welcome ceremony of Maan. However, Maan hears a scream. He then slaps Brij just as he’s trying to setting Geet in flames. When he is handed over to the police Brij attempts to discredit Geet but is more shocked discover that the Khuranas are aware of her prior history.

Episode 216

Brij’s violent act causes Geet and her infant in danger and forces Maan to make a choice without her knowledge. Then, Maan and Geet spend moments of love before they tie the knot.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Episode 217

Everyone is thrilled to be with Maan and Geet as they prepare to wed. But, a question about her family’s history causes a rift in Geet. In turn, both Maan and Dadima attempt to make her feel better.

Episode 218

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Dadima is the one who takes Maan away to let Geet prepare for the ceremony. In the mandap the bride mesmerizes Maan. In the meantime, Arjun takes mock pheras together with Anwesha before sealing their fake wedding.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Episode 219

Darjee delights Geet by asking her forgiveness. He demands that she allow him to carry out her Kanyadaan. She soon realizes Maan’s intention was to include Darjee. Later, Arjun goes missing.

Episode 220

Dadima greets Geet at the Khurana home and hand over the keys. Geet as well as Maan keep reminding Anwesha of her relationship with Arjun and she hopes Arjun will surely marry her. Everyone teases the newlyweds over the honeymoon they are planning.

Thursday 10 March 2022

Episode 221

Maan enters the bedroom, and is amazed when she sees Geet. Geet and Maan share intimate moments. However, Maan suddenly gets up and walks out of the room. Geet is puzzled by his sudden behavior change.

Episode 222

Maan Thanks Anvesha for coordinating his wedding plans. He is pleased to know that Geet has cooked breakfast for all guests. Anvesha arrives to meet Arjun at his office. Maan is shocked to see the woman and warns to stay away from him. In the meantime, Dadimaa calls Maan and requests him to be to his home earlier.

Friday 11 March 2022

Episode 223

Maan remains averse to Geet which makes her confused. She attempts to lure her by lighting candles inside his room, however he decides to leave her on the couch. Geet inquires about his behavior.

Episode 224

Geet believes that Maan doesn’t love her any more. On the contrary, Maan is worried for Geet. He thinks about ways to prevent her advances. He gets angry and tells her to be happy with his behavior. He lies on the sofa and does it again.

Saturday 12 March 2022

Episode 225

Anvesha confronts Arjun regarding his shift in behavior. He says he wants to retaliate against Maan. A damaged Anvesha encounters an accident.

Episode 226

Arjun visits the hospital to see Anvesha. Arjun threatens her to reveal his side of their affair in order to hurt Maan. Dadimaa encounters Arjun and Arjun, but Anvesha is hesitant to speak about it. In the meantime, Geet waits for Maan to return.

Sunday 13 March 2022

Episode 227

Maan notices a change in Geet’s attitude. She is ashamed of not believing in him and apologizes. Arjun convinces Dadimaa about hosting a reception for Maan and Geet. Dadimaa notices that Anvesha is unhappy and demands her.

Episode 228

Dadimaa is concerned about Anvesha. Arjun warns Anvesha to lie to Maan. Arjun threatens to reveal everything in front of attendees at the party. At the same time, Maan and Anvesha are opposed to Arjun organizing their wedding reception.

Monday 14 March 2022

Episode 229

Arjun is threatening Anwesha of disclosing their relationship with Maan. Anwesha decides to inform Arjun about the alleged misdeeds committed by Nayantara in order to clear up the miscommunication. After that, he departs the house without saying anything to Maan.

Episode 230

Anvesha informs Arjun about the incident at the terrace and the events that transpired the day. Arjun refuses to believe her and says that she is accusing Maan as manipulating events. Maan and Geet are having a difficult time trying to avoid each other.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Episode 231

Dadimaa is told by Maan that she should take Geet out to see a film. He assigns his driver to collect Geet and transports her to a cryptic place in which Maan is planning a surprise. Geet complains to Dadimaa when she returns.

Episode 232

Dadimaa Sends Geet Maan and Maan to Shimla to honeymoon. While at an airport Geet gets a flashback to her experiences in the past. The two decide to gift their tickets to an elderly couple that have an emergency. How do Geet and Maan get to Shimla?

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Episode 233

Geet and Maan are on a bus ride to Shimla. Maan isn’t happy with the trip. The two passengers get off the bus, eat food, but are unable to catch the bus. In the meantime, Arjun reaches the auction in the wrong time and is forced to sell his shares to a different person.

Episode 234

Geet and Maan arrive at the hotel, where they are welcomed by cakes to welcome them. Dadimaa is delighted to hear that they’re enjoying their time. Maan is able to conceal the fact of not making their flight, however Geet accidentally informs her of the bus ride.

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Thursday 17 March 2022

Episode 235

Arjun is in a state of jealousy after watching a client fling Anvesha. She even is willing to have an evening with Arjun. A surprise is in store for Geet Maan and Maan who discover their bedroom filled with flowers. They believe it was Dadimaa’s idea however, she denies the claim.

Episode 236

Geet is able to see Dev in the hotel, however she attributes the hotel to imagination. Management continues to offer particular treatment to Dev and her husband. Maan is suspicious and tries to get in touch with the manager. In the meantime, Arjun is increasingly uncomfortable with Manav and Anvesha’s relationship.

Friday 18 March 2022

Episode 237

Arjun and Anvesha stay up until late at night however, it wears Anvesha out, and she falls ill. While Arjun is working, Maan gets into a dispute with a group of drunken men in the next room. Dev forces them to leave the hotel. However, the men return to continue the fight.

Episode 238

Maan doesn’t reveal to Geet about her meeting with Dev. He would like to return to Delhi as soon as possible, but Geeta is insistent on staying behind. Maan is concerned about his wife’s meeting Dev and the harm the latter could cause.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Episode 239

Manav is curious to ask Arjun about the private life of Anvesha and he informs her that she has a brother who is possessive. Manav tries to keep Manav away from her. Anvesha receives a telephone call. Babu Gujjar, the don who took all contractors out of her office and then the goons pounce in to the offices.

Episode 240

Anvesha and Arjun argue about his conduct with an employee. Then, Manav sends her an apology note stating that he’s leaving town. Is she willing to take the letter as an apology?

Sunday 20 March 2022

Episode 241

Anvesha thinks about Manav’s disappearance suddenly. She believes Arjun may have something to have something to do with the disappearance. In the meantime, Geet and Maan leave to Delhi. He attempts to cheer her up however, he is hit by a car on the highway.

Episode 242

Maan is hospitalised. Dadimaa is informed and rushes to the hospital with Anvesha. Maan’s health is at risk and doctors are unable to locate a blood group. What can they do?

Monday 21 March 2022

Episode 243

Arjun does his best to aid Anvesha, but he is unable to acknowledge the fact. Dadimaa says to Geet that Dev shares exactly the same group of blood as Maan. Geet looks for Dev. She finds him and asks that he save her brother. He accepts, but with an agreement.

Episode 244

Dev gives blood and the procedure begins. Dadimaa gets emotional seeing Maan in hospital. She is stunned that Dev has saved Maan’s life. Geet asks God to help Maan.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Episode 245

Geet is attentive to Maan and does not respond to Maan’s query about who gave the blood. Geet is able to meet him and inquires about his health. Dadimaa wants Geet to invite her to meet Dev only once. They decide to hide the truth from Maan.

Episode 246

Maan is back at home, along Geet. He is furious when he sees a napkin left in the hotel of Dev with Geet. She’s worried that he’ll be aware of the blood donations made by Dev. What can they do to keep the secret from being revealed?

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Episode 247

Anvesha is unhappy with Arjun’s secretary Nithya. She is planning on driving her away. Security guards spot Dev unconscious in Maan’s home. They take Dev to the bathroom but keep it hidden from Maan.

Episode 248

Dev awakes, but doctors advise him to take a break as he’s weak. Maan looks for a missing file. He enters the bathroom and meets Dev. Dadimaa asks Maan to allow him to remain since he has been injured.

Thursday 24 March 2022

Episode 249

Maan is willing to allow Dev remain on his own, provided he stay in the outside toilet. Dadimaa is injured and asks Geet to fetch warm water to Dev instead. Maan is irritated to be able to see Geet taking care of Dev and asks her questions.

Episode 250

Maan is furious with Geet for taking charge of Dev. Geet is ashamed of keeping the truth from him. Dadimaa recognizes her condition and urges her to get clean. He asks her to compose him a letter.

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Friday 25 March 2022

Episode 251

Dadimaa is adamant Geet to prevent Dev to stay in the home. Maan is able to see Geet hindering Dev from leaving the house and is furious. In the meantime, the stranger has sent an image showing Geet as well as Dev together. In the end, Maan agrees to meet the stranger.

Episode 252

Geet says to Maan she is Dev who gave him the blood and saved his life. He is furious with her in seeking Dev’s approval, which makes Geet feeling depressed. Dadimaa demands Maan to apologize to Geet because she did the favor to make him feel better.

Saturday 26 March 2022

Episode 253

Dev wants to go home, saying the reason is that he does not wish to cause any more issues However, Maan hinders him. He apologizes to Geet however, Geet is still furious. He will try to find new methods to persuade her.

Episode 254

Geet is portrayed as mad at Maan however, in reality she has apologized to him. While she is at it, Mann pulls a prank on Geet and also involves Dadimaa in the game as well.

Sunday 27 March 2022

Episode 255

Dadimaa says to Geet that Maan has a fever. She is anxious and rushes over to him. She realizes that he’s playing an prank on her, and agrees to repair the situation. In the meantime, Dev goes out in for a job since the man does not like working within Maan’s offices.

Episode 256

Anvesha receives new clients and become shocked to discover that the client is an underworld do. Then, Geet and Maan continue their fight before Dadimaa. Dev is upset because the two are unable to find work.

Monday 28 March 2022

Episode 257

Geet is poised to fall off the stool and is being held by Dev. Geet is amazed by Dev’s interest in her, as is Maan. Dadimaa is inquiring Maan to hire Dev in his firm but he refuses to express any interest.

Episode 258

Dev suggests Geet to be extra cautious during her pregnancy. Maan gets angry when she sees Dev helping her cook in the kitchen. While she is there, Anvesha and Arjun are required to work together in Babu Gujjar’s daughter’s wedding.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Episode 259

Maan hires Dev in his company. While Dev is working, Geet enrolls herself and Maan in an yoga class for the baby’s health. They learn to take care of a newborn baby. However, someone is watching closely over their children.

Episode 260

Geet is craving street food during the night. Maan is quick to make arrangements for her. He rushes off to Panchkula to attend an emergency meeting for the workers union. Geet calls him, and she hears the workers yelling at him. She is worried and runs across the staircase to inform Dadimaa but falls and slips.

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Episode 261

Dev attempts to reach Maan in order to inform him about the condition of Geet however, he fails. As of now, Geet is in a critical state and requires to be operated on. In the next moment, Maan gets to know about Geet’s health through Dev. Maan immediately returns to Delhi.

Episode 262

Geet is devastated by the loss of her child. Geet wants Maan for forgiveness since she wasn’t able to take care of their infant. Maan is trying to soothe Geet. He takes her home when she’s discharged from hospital.

Thursday 31 March 2022

Episode 263

Dadimaa attempts to divert Geet’s thoughts however, she is unsuccessful. Dev and Maan are also able to console her, however Geet is not happy. In the meantime, Dadimaa tells Maan to go to his office. The staff at his office is busy and keeps him entertained to distract his thoughts.

Episode 264

Maan demands Geet to leave and removes the toys in the baby’s room. Dev is able to stop his from doing that however he refuses to pay attention. Maan demands Geet to go to work with his lunchbox and give Geet a few tasks to keep her engaged.

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