Geet Friday 9 October 2020 Star life Written update: Geet is packing her stuff to leave for the farmhouse when Nando comes..!! She guiltily .. confesses about what she told Dev..when times were touf..! She recounts how scared she got coz of Vikrams attack on Dev.. n how she told Dev to leave the house with her! She says..

she was scared. .n it din mean that she din love Geet..!! She says.. she is happy Dev din listen to her.. n explained to her what she was thinking was wrong! Geet tells her..that its nothing serious to ask sorry for! She says..she girls.. are concerned for their hubbies most!! She asks Nando to smile! Maneet get set to leave n ask all the housemates to be careful! Lucky-Nando-Preeto tell them to chillax.. n have fun! Maneet leave!While leaving.. Geet’s bangle.. breaks.. ! Preeto reacts.. n says.. its bad omen! Lucky silences her! MSK tells Geet..that..when they are together..all is well n good ! As Maneet get ready to board the car, Adi informs MSK that some clients have come n will leave so he has to come to office rightaway..! MSK refuses…!Adi says its for 10 minutes only! MSK still refuses but Geet asks.. him to go.. n says.. she will go to farmhouse n he can join her there..! MSK says.. ok.. n tells Geet that he has a surprise for her at farmhouse! Geet smiles!She gets in the chauffer driven car! While MSK gets in his car..!

Lucky n Preeto crib how Jugnu ruined their plans to go out with Maneet..! Geet reaches the farmhouse! Vikrams informer calls him n tells him that Geet has reached… ! Vikram laufs out.. n says.. m coming too! Geet enters the farmhouse n its totally dark.. ! She calls out.. .. n suddenly lights come n she sees the alley totally decorated with lights..! As she walks ahead,..rose petals rain on her! Geet njoys the rose shower! Geet this was MSKs surprise…! Some thing is there for sure in MSK!
Jugnu wakes up with a start.. n wonders whats wrong..! He overhears… footsteps n anklet sound n wonders who it is.. n thinks its ghost.. he runs to Lucky! Lucky in drag.. scares Jugnu some more..! Jugnu is running around screaming..! Preeto n Lucky smile…! Geet walks on the rose petal showered.. on the floor ..towards the wall which has Geets pics! She wonders from where MSK got such a huge collection of her pics! She goes towards the hall which is decked with candles/diyas..! She goes to the centre-table which has a boquet of roses! She lifts the card on the boquet n reads n says its very very good! Right then someone taps on her shoulder n she thinks its MSK! She turns n sees a guy wearing a mask standing before her!
Part 2
Geet is delighted to see him n says.. he came so fast! Geet asks what the mask is for? The guy extends his hand ..! Geet gives her hand in his!He squeezes Geets hand! He pulls Geet to the centre of the hall! He snaps his finger n it goes dark except one focus light! He gets on his knees n asks for dance! Geet signals ‘No music’ ! He snaps his fingers..! Music starts..!! Geet n he start dancing! He kisses her hand!He touches her face! He tries to close in for a kiss n Geet pushes him away! As she starts to walk away n climbs the stairs, he holds her hand n pulls her close! She hugs the guy. .n they close dance! The guy.. twirls. Geet.. around the hall n then disappears..! Geet calls out… MAAN???
Part 3
MSK asks Adi to check rest of the papers… as Geet is waiting for him n leaves!! Jugnu comes all scared to Lucky… n says theres a ghost! Lucky acts all innocent! Jugnu overhears the anklet noise.. but Lucky fakes that he cant hear any! Preeto also says the same n Jugnu is freaked out! MSK reaches the farmhouse n is walking towards it.when someone throw ropes on him n restrict him! Geet is calling out MSK! The guy comes.. n Geet asks him to remove mask..! He does n it turns out to be Vikram n Geet is shocked!
Vikram takes off the mask.. Geet is shocked! She screams.. Maan n walks back!She runs to the hall n finds MSK tied!! She tries to release him when Vikram walks n tells her not to try n release MSK as his in her hands.. n if she wants to see him alive…to come to him! Vikram.. points the gun at MSK! Geet resists but.. finally gives in n walks towards Vikram! MSK asks her not to go.. but she walks on! MSK screams.. Geet! Vikram grabs Geet..!! MSK is fidgeting..! Vikram tries to close in on Geet when MSK breaks the rope n gets up! Vikram fires! Geet screams.. Maan! He gets shot in hand.. n then leg..! MSK screams.. Geet..n Geet..screams Maan!Vikram forces Geet with him.. outside.. whereas.. MSK lies in pool of blood!
Jugnu n Preeto praying for ghost removal! Preeto-Lucky continue to prank Jugnu! Lucky ends up telling all th truth to Jungu .. how they were pranking him! Nando comes n adds to the convo..! The circus.. keeps yapping about the ghosts.. n Nando reveals that.. it was her footmarks.. to scare Lucky-Preeto! Lucky-Preeto apologise to Jugnu!
Vikram.. forcefully pulls Geet with him n says.. she is forcing.. him to hurt her.. which he doesnt want..! He tells her that there is one man in her life.. Vikram! He makes Geet unconscious ..n Vikram lifts Geet n takes her to his house! Adi comes to KM n asks why Lucky looked scared n all tease Lucky about ghost! Right then phone rings n Adi receives n is shocked! Vikram.. puts Geet on a bed in a room !He tells looking at her.. that.. His Geet has come to him…n his ages old dream came true! He says.. I LOVE U GEET!
The clowns n Adi take MSK to the hosp! They operate on MSK! Adi gets a call from someone .. n says that.. no news on Geet! Adi n Circus ask about MSK to Doc.. ! Doc says.. he has been hit in the arm (arota .). ..n if he doesnt become conscious in next 24 hrs.. it can be difficult!
Geet wakes up with a shriek… recollecting the shooting n says MSK!! Seeing Vikram .. near …Geet screams.. Maan.! Vikram says.. dare u take his name.. who is MSK?? What is MSK? No one can love u as much as me! He warns Geet from taking MSKs name! She asks.. crying..where is MSK? Geet screams.. u killed him? Vikram tells her that he is alive.. n he has kept MSK he has to suffer.. like Vikram did.. as he kept Vikram n Geet separate! MSK recollects the scenes of Geet being forced out by Vikram n screams.. GEET n wakes up!!


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