Geet Friday 7 August 2020 Star life update,Its nite time and  MSK comes out of the house…n calls out for Nando! He doesnt get any response..! Suddenly he hears the door of the entrance being shut and turns around..!!’ He starts to walk when he hears Geets voice saying…’Stop..! Atleast see how i m looking in the clothes u gave me!’ Lights are switched on and MSK looks around …its the courtyard which is beautifully decorated..! MSK turns towards Geet n checks her out from bottom to top! She is in yellow/red suite… Maneet eyelock and Mahiii!! MSK turns sideways.. and then starts to walk back towards the house..! Geet stops him by holding his hand..! She turns and says..’Don’t go!’ MSK glances at Geet and then again starts to look sideways..! Geet starts to come closer to MSK and says…’Such a big punishment for one small mistake?? U will just turn and leave..just like that??’ Geet then playfully and suddenly pulls MSK with her and runs towards the other half of the courtyard near the swing! 

The Song ‘Woh hai zara.. khafa khafa.. starts.!’ MSK tries to walk ahead and Geet keeps blocking him with her hand..! She keeps pulling him towards her by pulling his hand! She runs her fingers on MSK’s arms.. shoulder neck and near his face! She rests her head on his shoulder from the backside…! MSK looks irritated! As he turns away.. Geet pulls him back and puts her arms around his neck! MSK tries to jerk off from Geets embrace.. Maneet pull each others cheeks! MSK pushes Geet and then turns to leave and Geet springs and hugs MSK from behind! MSK jerks off Geets hug..! Geet has changed into a blue suite.. and Geet starts to tickle MSK! Geet pulls MSK by the collar and then starts to walk seductively before him..! She opens her hair and twirls it around n it falls on MSK’s face! Geet turns and sees MSK is gone.. and starts to search! Geet lifts her dupatta and sings.. MSK comes and hugs her..! MSK realises what he is doing and quickly escapes from there!! Suddenly MSK comes from behind Geet and pulls her near twirling her! He places his hand on her cheek..and Geet pulls him towards the swing and both sit on the swing..! Geet rests her head on his shoulder! Maneet side hug..! 
Geet gets milk for MSK n MSK is standing eating apple!! As soon as he sees Geet.. he closes his eyes…! Geet pokes him n then hides.. MSK looks around.. n then Geet shows the glass of milk..n as MSK refuses to have it ..she force feeds him and cleans his lips and licks her thumb! Maneet hug…after sharing a sweet smile! MSK feeds apple to Geet!  Now Geet is in a purple/blue saree and MSK is kissing her hand with his shirt wide open..! MSK turns Geet around and hugs her from the back! Geet knocks MSK with her arm and he falls on the cot..! MSK jumps around on the cot and Geet comes and rests her back on his bare chest! MSK makes Geet lift her face from his shoulder n Geet rests her face near MSKs face! MSK gets up with a start n sits on the cot..n again starts acting pricey and Geet hugs him from behind..! MSK starts to come closer to Geet and Geet lies down on the cot.. both are coming closer and then a white shadow falls and it covers their faces..!! MSK again gets up  to leave n Geet says.. ‘U know.. that i can never hurt u.. ! Whatever i did.. i did for Lucky..! To get him agitated! I know ..i spoke a little too much.. but i dinno.. that u will feel so bad!’ Geet tugs at MSK’s shirt and says…’If ur angry on me..then punish me.. but dun look away from me..! Dun stop talking to me! My breath will stop! My life is as such lost.. being away from u.. …!! Geet can die.. but cant hurt her Maan! If this is the punishment for my mistake..then its better i give my life..!!’ MSK puts his finger on Geet’s lips to silence her.. He puts his hand on her face and wipes her tears..! MSK says…’Geet.. i m not angry on u..!’ Geet cries relieved! Maneet share a smile n hug! 
Its next day morning..! Nando,Pammi  & Geet are sitting in the living room..! Geet looks lost and is smiling for no reason..! Nando notices and points to Pammi..! Pammi says..’Seems Heer-Ranjha fight got over last nite..!’ Geet blushes..! Pammi/Nando smile..!! Beeji comes n tells Nando to keep accounts of farms and fertilizers…! Nando says…’Ok.. i will do it’! Right then Lucky comes n says.. ‘Accounting is done! Beeji .. i got all the fertilizer packets stored at the godown..and settled the accounts for last three months! And i also got the sowing of rice seeds started at the farms!!’ Everyone is delighted to hear..!! Beeji is pleased as well..! Pammi calls out to Lachchi saying…’Get some food for Lucky!’ Geet says..’I will get!’ Nando tells Lucky to relax! Right then the phone rings and Beeji asks Pammi to receive it..! She says…’Receive it.. maybe its Jeet Ram!’ Pammi receives the call and its Daman..! Beeji asks..’Who is it?’ Pammi says…’Its for Nando.. its Daman!’ Nando blushes and receives the call..! Nando is yapping on the phone and exclaims…’Today evening??’ Nando glances at Beeji and then starts to make an excuse of not being able to come.. when Beeji stops her and encourages her…saying..’Go ahead…If u meet a few times before will be easier to understand each other!’ Nando agrees and informs Daman! Right then a servant comes and hands over a parcel to Nando! Nando realises that it must be from Daman.. she says..’Its from Delhi… that means Daman has sent Dupatta for me!’ Beeji/Pammi/Lucky smile! Nando takes the courier and leaves smiling! 
Pammi asks Beeji ..’Why did u say..that it culd be Jeet Ram calling? Jeet Ram is Kale’s son ..right? He is a broker for land deals??’ Beeji says..’Yes.. its him.. actually i told him to sell off the land outside the village!’ Pammi/Lucky shocked! Pammi says..’We are selling off land?’ Beeji says..’To free our house from MSK.. we have to sell off lands!’ Lucky says..’But the whole area knows that the guy is not right.. He shows a thing of 100 Rs. at half the price! Why should we sell off our land at half the price to him?’ Beeji gets up with a start and says…’If i had to sell at a price lower than half the price of the land.. i wuld still sell! Its the matter of my repute! When MSK walks around my house with his stoic pose.. my blood boils! Coz of him.. my son is wandering around for money! I cant tolerate it anymore!’ Beeji leaves from there! Geet overhears..! 
Dev is sitting near a cot full of mirchis n rues..’Why are u troubling urself by staying here? Till the time she remains before ur eyes.. u will keep feeling like this! Go away from here! But i cant.. i cant forget my responsibility for Bro! And that Daman.. ..he is lying to Nando!’ Right then Nando comes calling his name..! Dev says..’Hi!’ Nando says.. ‘Hi. ..n thank u..!’ Dev is confused and says…’Why?’ Nando says…showing the dupatta… ‘For this..!’ Dev says..’What is this?’ Nando takes the dupatta out and shows.. n says..’Dupatta.!’ Dev says..’Oh.. ok..!’ Nando says..’Jaipuri Dupatta.. .. u forgot??’ Dev says..’No ..ofcourse not!’ Nando says.’U only gave me idea.. that i should call Daman and ask him to get this Dupatta from Delhi..! Thank u..that u gave me that idea.. See Daman sent the dupatta!’ Dev says..’Yeah..!’ Nando shows the Dupatta to Dev and asks. ‘How is it?’ Dev says..’Very nice..!’ Nando says..’U know.. m going to meet Daman.. at that restaurant.. Amritsar Crystal! Today Daman is gonna intro me to his best friend!’ Dev says..’Oh really? When?’ Nando says…’Well in a short while..! I was just about to get ready! Ever since i got this parcel. i was looking for u..!’ Dev says..’Why?’
Nando says..’ Coz u gave me such a nice idea Dev…thank u!’ Dev says..’Welcome!’ ..Nando says.. ‘Do u remember that blue suit?? Shall i wear the dupatta with it?? It will look nice right?’ Dev says..’Ofcourse!’ Nando says…’Thank u Dev..!!’ and turns and leaves! Dev self thot..’How is this possible? When Daman din go to Delhi.. how did he get the parcel couriered from Delhi? Something is wrong here! I should go and talk to Nando!’
 Beeji is standing in front of the pic of her father and says…’Babuji ..forgive me..! Despite of being the daughter of a Zameendar. i m committing the sin of selling off land! But Babuji..what can i do? Its the matter of the repute of the family! There’s no other option then selling off the land!’ Geet comes and overhears Beeji and says…’Maasi.. dun do this!’ Beeji turns and glares at Geet! Beeji says…’What should i not do?’ Geet says..’That which u are planning to do! Dun sell off the ancestral land.. n that too at such low prices! Dun make the wrong decision in anger! It shouldn happen that one wrong decision puts the whole family in the pit of darkness!’  Beeji says…’What can be more dark than this that some stranger’s orders are running this house! Some stranger has confiscated ..! The present of this family is already blotted..  but i m worried about the future! I want to preserve the future of this house!’ Geet says..’N for that u will sell off the land? Ancestral land?? The land..that is the right of Tejjy & Lucky? The land which is ur repute?’ Beeji says…’Well in that case if u have so much respect for ancestral repute… if u r so worried about ur brothers.. then why dun u tell ur hubby to leave??’ Geet stumped hearing this..! Beeji says…’Can u say??’ Geet looks down! Beeji says..’Cant say? Well then these discussions are fruitless!’ Beeji leaves from there! 
Dev comes to Nando’s room and calls out for her..!! He opens the door of her room and enters..! He calls out again.. but no response! Dev says…’Seems like she has already left to meet Daman! I have made a big mistake, i should have told Nando ..right when i saw Daman in Patiala! What should i do now?’ Dev turns to leave and notices the cover of the courier on Nando’s dressing table! He picks up the envelope, sees the address on it and says…’So my doubt was correct! Daman hasnt gone to Delhi…He said someone else to send the courier! This Daman seems like a bad person! He is lying to Nando repeatedly! I should go and tell this to Nando! Dunno what will happen if i take more time!’ Dev self thot.. ‘I need to find out Daman’s reality..!’ 
Daman tells nando she is looking pretty..! Nando says…u r so sweet..but where is ur friend?? Daman says.. i said we can get comfy with each other..! Nando says…i m very comfy with u..! Dev comes n Nando-Daman notices him clearing his throat n ask him to join..! Dev agrees..! Dev asks Daman… when he returned… Daman… n Dev says..then who couriered? Daman says my friend…!! Dev says…so u really went to Delhi?? Daman says yes..! Dev says ur lying. Nando is annoyed.!Dev says..i saw u in patiala… Daman says..ur mistaken..! Right then a girl comes n says… yes where Damans name is there it is bound to be a mistake!
Geet is in courtyard n rueing to Babaji ..that one side its my mom.. my Maasi..n another side.. my Maan.. my life.. ! He is doing it all to give happiness to the family…! I know if i ask him to leave..he will.. but i know.. that MSK isnt wrong..! I know..his happiness is in mine..!! Then how to separate him from myself..! MSK comes … n says..’If u know..then why u r in a fix?’  MSK tells… MSK came here to see his Geet smile.. n win…! When i came..u had a confusion. that its a war between.. a daughter n a wife.. but for MSK its Geet both sides… for MSK …Geets win is foremost.. all i want is my wife to win.. Mrs. Khurana to win..! (MSK is holding Geets face and then hand..)! I cant see Geet losing… … crying… ! No… MSK cant let this happen..!  I m going today itself.. Geet shocked..! MSK removes his hands from Geets grip!  Geet in tears..!
Dev asks the Girl. .who she is…n Girl asks Daman to tell…that he doesnt know.. coz lying is so easy for him..! The girl looks at  Nando n says.. so she is ur new catch?? Nando starts to shout on  the girl..! The girl says..the guy before u.. is a cheat…he has cheated me..before u! And he ran off with the dowry money one nite before the wedding..! I dunno how many lives he has destroyed..before this.. but if u wanna save urself..then dun let his shadow enter ur life..! Dev tells Nando to go home..! Daman starts to defend… n Dev asks Daman to come home n talk before Beeji..!
Jugnu is adding something from the floor in his drinks bottle… n notices Lucky lost in Preeto’s thots looking at her pic…!! Lucky compliments him for not forgetting the name n Jugnu says..scared of ur temper..! Jugnu asks.. if he misses her a lot .. Lucky says yes… ! Lucky says.. one year.. this wait is a test of my love.. n i will win this test!! Jugnu is delighted..! Jugnu asks Lucky to give a make his life worthwhile..! Lucky says.. wanna quit drinking?? Jugnu says.. no.. but want my memory back..!! M like ghajini..!Lucky says..quit drinking.. throw bottle.. n he is about to …then says.. if memory comes back. i will remember simran.. all can cheat.. but this daughter of grapes will never cheat me.! Jungu offers Lucky to drink to forget Preeto n Lucky says.. no.. i never wanna forget her..!
Geet in her room lost in flashbacks of MSKs dialogues  n comes out in the alley n sees MSKs stuff all packed… MSK comes n asks Adi to pack up all stuff n as he starts to walk.. he notices Geet n Geet in tears..! Geet turns around crying n runs into her room..! MSK is pained to see Geet in tears..!
Nando comes crying calling for Beeji n hugs her..! Pammi/Geet/Lucky/Jugnu are all worried n ask what happened..! Dev comes n says. .i will tell..! Dev starts to narrate! All shocked to hear..! Nando in tears..!
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