GEET 4 SEPTEMBER 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE: Geet comes and everyone looks at her..! Dadi asks..where did u go?? MSK tells Geet.. i told u not to interfere… why did u take Adis message when u did not want to inform me??

This must be a joke for u. .for me its a deal.. proferssional deal…! Till now i have never seen anyone as ZALLIL as u..
! Dev says..someone has come to meet u bro.. ..n its the Faridabad clients..! MSK greets them n asks.. how did u get here?? Dev says.. Geet called them saying..that due to Dadis health n function u culdn meet.. so they came here..!! The clients say.. we understand family comes first…n we have to praise ur wife for timely informing us..!! (Geet in tears)! Dev smirks at NT..!!

MSK is explaining the project to the clients n is lost in flashbacks of what he said to Geet..from the conference room.. n Teej day…! MSK face cringed in pain n guilt… Dev notices..n inquires if he is ok.. n MSK says.. fine! Clients also comment that he needs rest…n say they have understood the project..n will finalise deal..! Dev comes to MSK and asks what the matter is.. n says. .he knows how he feels…! Dev says… one gets correct life partner by luck… ..ppl lose lifetime to get the right person.. n u r one of the lucky few…!! U dun remember… u r life existed in Geet.. pls. handle ur love… before its too late!  MSK leaves!

Geet standing by the windown in moonlight n gets flashbacks of MSKs insults!MSK comes..n sees Geet in tears! MSK offers hanky.. Geet self thot..say just two words… but i know u wont..! Geet takes hanky n turns n MSK holds her hand n breaks bangles… n says.. what i said i ought not have! Geets hand bleeding.. MSK cleans..! MSK bandages her hand n Geet looks smilingly amidst tears that he is changing… earlier he asked me to get bandage on my own n now! MSK asks her to rest n leaves!

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NT rues that is failure  in my destiny.?? Dev comes and taunts.. n NT shouts on him…!
Dev tells that if she thot Geet wuld be trapped by her steps.. God always lets good to win!! NT says..what did i do… Dev says.. even NACOOL wont trust u…all know u well! Geet in her room smiling thinking of MSK bandaging her hand..n Dadi comes..n inquires if she is fine for she thot she will be upset… but she is smiling! Geet tells Dadi that… feelings r growing in MSK about her..n that he is changing..!! MSK fumes hearing that!

MSK sitting n lost in thots of what all everyone has told him about Geet..!! MSK questions why Geet related thots..dun leave his mind n Geets words of feelings growing about her in him! MSK questions himself about Geets importance in his life…n why he feels that she is connected to him for years but why he doesnt feel the same when she comes in front of him??? MSK decides that whatever is happening in his mind is his… n if his actions r misguiding Geet… its not right n its result wont be right..!

Dadi yapping with the ladies about opening of fast..!! Lucky is chatting on phone with Preeto… n asks her to open fast seeing his new styled pic! Devini exchange smiles.. n NT comes inbetween! NT tells Dev that she has kept a fast for him n that he doesnt care… n asks him to open her fast! NT asks Nando to get her puja thali so she can open her fast.. Dev glares..n tells her as to why she wont stop her acts..!! NT gain his attention! Nando comes and gives the thal! NT does Devs aarti n asks him to open her fast!Dev spills the glass
n water splashes on NTs face..!! Dev apologises n NT says.. he did on purpose!NT warns him that when her hand will slip.. he will be dazed!Dadi asks for MSK n Dev goes to search n MSK comes…from front and asks for Geet! Geet comes with Puja thal n all stare.. (drool
)! Geet comes teary eyed.. n Mahii in bg…n MSK stares..!Dadi asks MSK to open Geets fast..!! Geet starts doing the Aarti! MSK recollects Geets words and stops her.n asks her to Stop..!! Dadi is shocked…n MSK says.. No…i cant do this..! MSK says.. i cant do this fake drama..!! The relation i dun believe.. i cant do all this for that! U said.. i agreed that i m married to Geet… but truth is i dun remember anything! MSK says.. i cant believe that Geet is my wife for all ur sake… i tried to remember.. but i cant! MSK tells Geet he tried to make her his.. but cant..! MSK says.. he cant do all that… n asks Geet to think about him in cool head…so as to know who he is! MSK leaves..!!

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Dadi assures Geet…n asks her to open the fast! Geet tells dadi she wont open fast coz Msk mite hv forgotten her but she hasnt…!

Dev comes to Msk to tell tht he is doing de wrong thing…n tht geet too has sworn not to break her fast till msk breaks it…! Dadi tries to make Geet understand but she remains adamant n Msk overhears …,! Devini lucky wonder wat to do n lucky suggests tht geet can fake to b ill n Msk will break her fast…Nando suggests to ask Dadi to convince Geet…! NT overhears!!

Msk driving n lost in thots of geets words tht he may think its fake but i hv his mangalsutra in my neck…!



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