Geet Friday 14 February 2020 update: Scene begins wit MSK dialog that u hv lost right to decide amongst us.. Geet holds on to MSK..,but he jerks her off…..

Geet Friday 14 February 2020 update: Geet says..u said that things decided by taqdeer..then why u not trust..n MSK says…stop it n Geet falls at MSK feet. holding his knees…n says..u cant do this to me……n crying

MSK lifts her..n Says..geet…n Geet says…what is my fault…family ppl said..that boy is good..n will tk u to canada..n i agreed….what is my fault that what i thot was marriage is a sham….. clasping to MSK shirt…that is it my fault..that he stay wit me for a nite n left next day…..n is it my fault that my family …instead of to kill my child.

MSK stares with pain in his eyes….n Geet says…whats my fault..that i came to delhi in search of new life…n what is my fault…that tho everytime i tried to keep u away from my life…i keep coming close to u…..whats my fault..if i told u th truth…

MSK says..i thot u were just MINE Shocked Geet shocked..n leaves MSK shirt n tries to go away from conf room…. MSK abt to say smthng…but Geet raises hand n stops him to speak…. n turns n leaves..n MSK baffled..n feels shocked wit what he did…Angry

n feels guilty of wat he said to Geet..n MSK angry wit himself… n has tears in his eyes n says..its my mistake..not urs…i din let u speak..i din try to understand u…. i shld seek forgivenes.. n says…who did this to u Geet… WHO Angry

MSK comes to his cabin..n finds… Geets engagement ring on it…. MSK ask Adi..where is Geet but Adi refuses to tell….saying…u can throw me out..but i wont tell..n i wont leave my friend Geets side…n for that i can even die…

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Adi says..Geet is leaving….us n going….. Pinky wit Geet..n asks her not to go n think of MSK..n Geet says..i will leave..n Pinky says.. MSK changed coz of u..n Geet says..yes…after learning to smile…he learnt to kick ppl out…….. n Geet says..i m going..

MSK comes…..n shouts.. GEET ,,,with shirt open…n Geet runs out of the window..of outhouse..n MSK asks Pinky ..wheres geet..n Pinky refuse to tell n MSK says..i made mistake.i hv to apologise to Geet….. plz Pinky tell me..n Pinky says.. SORRY …but MSK says..u cant say from mouth then write…n Pinky writes..

Meera arrives at Mansion n meets Dadi…. n asks abt MSK problem solve..n Dadis says yes..he getting married….n Meera says..cant believe…n asks of NT..n Dev comes out..n chit chat….on Dead

Geet at railway station…..n comes to counter..n is lost ….checker asks..where u wanna go..n Geet says..wanna go someplace far off…. n checker says.. Abad superfast is leaving…u want?? Geet says yes

Meera n Dev….chatting Angry n discussing luv n Meera hold Devs hand..n Dev n Meera eyelock

MSK running on the streets towards railway stn…… 

Maan running to station calling “Geet”..Geet walking towards to train..She sees a woman selling flowers and instantly she is is reminded of Maan. She then next sees the coffee shop and again thinks of Maan telling that he takes only one cube. She then sees few kerchiefs’s hanging and is reminded of Maan giving her to wipe her tears. Geet moves forward and is caught, she thinks Maan has come and turns back but sees that its caught in a pillar..She sees Maan and thinks he came to stop her, on a second thought she thinks the other way that he might have stopped her in the conference room. She thinks she will not go in front of him.

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Maan is searching for her all over the station..And the game of hide and seek starts. They are just behind each other but don’t see each other. Geet then realizes her bag is missing and she sees few kids taking the bag and they run away when Geet sees them and calls out.

Geet then talks to Babaji telling that if it’s an indication to stop, she wouldn’t. She then asks few men who are too searching for their thing..She asks them and realize that they weren’t talking about her bag.

The kids open the bag and find out the Taweez…and one kid throws the taweez away which lands in front of Maan’s feet. Maan rushes near those kids and asks them where they got the bag from. The kids ask him money, but Maan reuses. The kids get cleverer and tell him that they won’t take him to her. Maan pays the money.. The kid takes him soon as the train is about to go.

Geet thinks whether to board the train or not.

Maan runs near the train and finds that the train is already gone! And he is shattered…he remembers all the time spent with her and sees those flowers and remembers the first time she got the flower in his office. That time he hears a girl scolding the kids for stealing her bag..He turns back…VOILA!! It’s Geet. He is happy and walks towards her. As soon as Geet sees him, she runs away from him..Maan runs behind her yelling her name. On the way he bumps into a kid and usual our hero holds and then a decorative item also falls on them. Geet struggles to take them away while our hero is just staring at her.

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Dev is standing near the window and silently looking. Meera asks him to calm down. Dev says it’s not a small thing he did and even she will start hating him when she comes to know. She says that he will be her best friend forever. Dev tells it’s not simple and tells his story to Meera. Meera is too stunned to speak. In the shock she knocks over a flower vase as well.

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Maan says her past doesn’t make any difference to him and all that matters is her future now and he wants to become a part of her future. )

Maan then and says to her even after millions of trials, she cannot go away from him. Geet asks why he came now.. Maan they says he cannot live without her Shocked Blushing He then apologizes to her and tells that it was his fault thinking that she was deceiving..The fault is his as he thought she betrayed him… Maan says her past doesn’t make any difference to him and all that matters is her future now and he wants to become a part of her future. Maan removes those decorative parts as those people who Geet met earlier come…Geet turns to leave.

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Maan kneels down and puts the ring on her finger while the onlookers clap.)

Geet turns back and looks at him..where the decorative piece is tied to his watch which makes her stop.. The kid comes and says that she no longer can run away from him. The screen freezes on both their faces.


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