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Geet December Teasers 2021 Star life

Geet December Teasers 2021:  Maan hurts Geet. Dadimaa tells Maan not to punish every woman for Sameera’s betrayal. However, hurt by Maan’s statement that she is wooing him for his money, Geet decides to leave.

Starlife Geet December Teasers 2021

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 23

Maan Maan informs Darji that the documents pertaining to his land are insufficient. Brij recalls that he gifted this land parcel to Dev. Then, Darji learns that Dev’s family members had gifted the fake jewelry to Geet and then lied on their status. Brij informs Geet to get rid of Dev’s mangalsutras and kumkums however Geet refuses to remove them.

Episode 24

Darji prohibits Geet to leave the home. Rupinder locks Geet in her room. The memory of Dev is lost, Geet refuses to have food. Then, she takes off her mangalsutra, and asks Darji to allow her to go to college. Darji accepts Geet’s request and warns her to not damage the family’s reputation.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 25

Geet informs Rajji about her plans to locate Dev. Brij is furious with Darji for giving permission to Geet to leave. Will she be able track him down?

Episode 26

Geet is shocked when she discovers that her land is owned by Maan. Geet realizes that Dev has betrayed her and she faints. Channi’s mother is able to see Geet and discloses her wedding to everyone. Maan is about to take Geet and must take her to the hospital.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 27

Geet recovers her sense of self. The Handa family ask Geet for her actions. Geet applies a piece scorching charcoal over her hand to serve as an act of punishment. She tells her family that Dev was a fraudster and swindled her money.

Episode 28

Geet’s family discuss the subject. Maan confronts Brij when he blocks Brij from meeting Geet. Maan insists Geet to sign few legal documents that will move her home. Geet damages the papers.

Saturday 4 December 2021

Episode 29

Dev attempts unsuccessfully to persuade Nayantara to travel to India. Geet insists that her family lodge an accusation against Dev for lying to them. Geet is in agreement with Mohinder. The family of Geet is shocked when Maan invites the police to their home.

Episode 30

Brij tells the police Geet isn’t in the home. Maan warns Geet’s family they will be sent to prison if they is not able to get the papers and get them signed. Maan is able to sneak into the house of Geet to look for her.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Episode 31

Geet and Rajji seek to discover Dev’s location. Brij is determined to get Maan along with Geet married for the benefit of the house. Yet, Maan is furious with Brij’s choice.

Episode 32

Parminder is furious Parminder is angry Dev for his treason for deceiving Geet. Naintara plans to join forces against Geet. Rupinder is irritated by Brij’s motives, and he criticises his actions. Daarji is furious with Rupinder for the same reasons.

Monday 6 December 2021

Episode 33

Maan is in need of Geet to assist him with registering the property. Geet is devastated when she recalls her memories of Dev. Geet is shocked to find out about her pregnancy. She hides the pregnancy with her relatives.

Episode 34

Geet phoned Dev after she is scared of Brij. However, Nayantara refuses to allow Dev to speak to Geet. Then Guruvinder informs Geet she’s been told that Channi was murdered because she was pregnant.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 35

Naintara communicates with Geet to make her believe that Dev is interested in meeting her. Gurvinder is saved from being murdered by Brij. Geet is willing to travel on a trip to Amritsar together with Maan. Naintara book a plane ticket to India.

Episode 36

Rajji advises Gurvinder the fact that Geet has requested that she remain at the Handa home. Geet requests Maan Singh not to interfere in her personal affairs. Brij enquires Rajji about Geet. Geet is humiliated when Naintara informs her she is Dev’s wife.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 37

Naintara is insistent Geet she abort her child and demands Geet to agree on the abortion documents. Brij reports to Rano she has discovered that Geet has left the home. Geet is the one to sign the property papers. Maan Singh saves Geet from a crash.

Episode 38

Daarji asks Brij to bring Geet home. Rupinder is trying to berate Rano. Daarji confronts Geet over her attempts to escape from the home. Geet tells Daarji that she went traveling to Amritsar for a meeting with Dev. Geet reveals to Daarji the fact that she’s expecting.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 39

Geet seeks Mohinder’s help as the pressure to have an abortion grows. Darjee is then able to tell Maan who arrives with copies of the registration papers that Geet hasn’t yet returned.

Episode 40

Geet asks Maan Singh to bring Gurvinder along. Daarji advises Daima of the fact that Handas are planning to abort Geet’s child.

Friday 10 December 2021

Episode 41

Geet attempts to cover herself in order to protect her child but Brij notices her in the shop and attacks her. The others help her and then ask Brij for additional time in order to convince her to terminate the baby. Darjee commands Brij to take out Geet!

Episode 42

Gurvinder aids Geet escape, and Brij’s men assault Gurvinder, while Geet is able to escape. Brij commands his men to take out Geet upon sight. Channi’s brother catches Geet and she flees from him.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 43

Maan is unhappy that Geet suffers injuries and is trying to heal her injuries. Geet is happy to be in safe hands! Brij’s men pursue them, and Maan manages to lure them into a hut and with Geet only barely awake.

Episode 44

Geet returns home to seek justice rather than visiting the police station. Everyone is stunned to see Geet alive. Then, Maan advises Geet to get legal assistance.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Episode 45

Geet informs everyone about Brij’s plot to take her life. Geet’s father demands Darjee to forgive him for his error and Geet declares she’s ready to break off relations with her family. While arguing against Geet, Brij accidentally confesses to murdering Channi!

Episode 46

Geet arrives in Delhi and her friend Pinky is waiting to meet her. Geet requests Pinky to accompany herself to the Canadian Embassy however, Pinky receives a message from her office and rushes over together with Geet.

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Monday 13 December 2021

Episode 47

Shasha is mistakenly identifying Geet as a potential candidate for the position as Maan’s Secretary. Shasha along with Adi interview Geet who appears to be confused.

Episode 48

Maan keeps thinking about Geet. Geet decides to take on the position in the office. Then, she asks personnel at the Canadian Embassy to get Dev’s contact information, but they do not divulge any details.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 49

Maan is stunned to find Geet at his desk. Geet is anxious regarding working for Maan However, she is worried about losing the job she desperately needs. Maan and Geet have a heated argument and Geet is stunned to discover that it was Maan who has appointed her.

Episode 50

At the request of his mother, Dev calls his elder brother Maan and expresses his gratitude to Maan to repay all of his loans. In the meantime, Maan gets angry about Geet’s poor work ethics as well as warns Geet to stay cautious.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 51

Dadi Ma is angry with Maan for telling his secretary Geet not to forward personal calls. Geet is late to the office, and when she goes out, some Goons follow her.

Episode 52

Maan helps to rescue Geet of the thieves and takes her at her home. The next day at Dadi Ma’s request the man takes Dev, Nayantara and Pammi to their home. It seems like Nayantara is keeping an eye on the house.

Thursday 16 December 2021

Episode 53

Dadi Ma is with Geet at the office and complains about Maan’s arrogant attitude. In the meantime, Geet annoys Maan by spilling coffee all over his shirt. When Sasha informs Tasha to throw the things of Geet to the trash, Geet refuses to leave until Maan is told to.

Episode 54

Dadi Ma would like Maan to remain with Dev and his family, and not go to the bathroom. Maan’s customers almost turn down his proposal due to an error in the printing However, Geet persuades them to not. Geet as well as Maan blame one another for the error.

Friday 17 December 2021

Episode 55

Geet intends to meet with Maan about Sasha’s claim of inefficiency. Then, Geet searches for Dev on the internet. Maan realises his error when he prints the report and demands a stunned Sasha to quit the room so that Geet and Geet can speak in silence.

Episode 56

Dadi Ma calls Dev to her office and requests the brothers to forget about the past. Geet is shocked to find her thinking about Maan. Then, Dadi Ma teases Maan about his very rare apology made to Geet.

Saturday 18 December 2021

Episode 57

Maan demands Geet to handle the project and organize an event to the clients. Geet and Dev arrange for party halls at the hotel.

Episode 58

Maan offers advice to Geet to plan the party, and warns her against making mistakes. However, Sasha attempts to ruin the celebration with the incorrect food. Dev also plans an unexpected celebration for Nayantara

Sunday 19 December 2021

Episode 59

Dev delights Nayantara with his party. Tasha offers Geet outfits for the event with the claim that Maan has brought them. Later, Maan tells Geet to change her clothes, since she’s not looking right!

Episode 60

Everyone laughs at Geet who wears a skirt for an office gathering. Then, Geet is further embarrassed as her sari is torn off! Maan’s friends mock the food, and Maan is angry.
Monday 20 December 2021

Episode 61

Rahul’s insensitive remarks irritate Geet and she has to leave the party. Maan is waiting for her in the hotel’s lobby and comforts her. He offers to take her at her house, however Geet is hesitant, saying she doesn’t have the right to always count on his assistance.

Episode 62

Geet is scared of people coming after the party and is hesitant to go to work. But, Maan convinces her to join. Maan eliminates Rahul out of the work. Geet is in the office and starts working on the project Sasha was looking at.

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Episode 63

Geet thank Mann for urging her to go to work and gives him flowers as a token of appreciation. Then, Mann criticises this as insensitive and demands that she give the roses away. Geet is furious. Geet decides to stay clear of Mann

Episode 64

Maan calls Geet in the night to discuss the project, but she thinks that he’s an Eve-teaser. After the miscommunication has been resolved the misunderstanding is resolved, he invites her at his home to finish the project. He also is hoping Geet will participate in the meeting to discuss the project.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Episode 65

Geet goes to work late at night, despite Maan’s request she has an axe in her. After entering her office space, she unintentionally is able to lock both Mann and herself inside.

Episode 66

Dev arrives at Mann and Geet’s workplace, but he doesn’t go in because he believes they’re having private conversations. He intends to find Geet’s history.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Episode 67

Geet becomes emotional while talking about family members. Maan and Geet sleep within the conference space when the power shuts off due to the bad weather. Maan holds Geet’s head onto his shoulder and protects her with his jacket.

Episode 68

Geet decides to confront her colleagues in a bold way. But, Sasha sends pictures of Mann and her Mann sleeping at the office together. Geet is scared and refuses to attend lunch with clients.

Friday 24 December 2021

Episode 69

Geet and Sasha dispute over the importance of Sasha to Maan. But, since Geet has been requesting him to stay off, Mann doesn’t call her. But, Geet gives Mann an idea of a project that makes him smile.

Episode 70

Geet informs Maan about Sasha who has been spreading rumors about them, but Maan isn’t convinced. Sasha is keen to attend the party instead of Geet and is playing a game with her to earn the pass.

Saturday 25 December 2021

Episode 71

Geet attends the party , but she doesn’t feel at home. Geet orders her a crab, unintentionally however she fails to get it to eat it. Mann is shocked to see her on the floor and tries to shield her.

Episode 72

Dev encounters Manchanda while following Geet. In the meantime, Geet takes Maan to an dhaba restaurant for dinner. It’s an entirely unfamiliar experience Maan since Geet makes him play Bhangra.

Sunday 26 December 2021

Episode 73

Dev plays with Mann on his secretary. Mann does not want to see Geet at work because of guilt. When it starts getting rainy, Geet is very happy and loves hugging Maan who then also hugs her.

Episode 74

Geet thinks about what the reason is for Maan behaves indifferently toward her. Maan is annoyed that thoughts of Geet prevent him from doing his work. He decides to separate himself from her, and passes her the project Sasha.

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Monday 27 December 2021

Episode 75

Maan offers Geet’s cabin Sasha. When Geet wants to know what’s wrong with Maan and why Maan is acting like this, he does not respond and instead asks her to keep away from Maan. But, Maan struggles to get Geet’s thoughts out of his head.

Episode 76

Maan is shocked to discover that Geet has planned a company celebration that has the Indian theme. Geet insists that it’s impossible to collaborate with him because she doesn’t like his ideas.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Episode 77

Geet’s client loves Maan’s style. He attempts to apologize to her since he is aware of his error. Dadimaa advises Geet to forgive Maan. Do you think Geet rejoin the business?

Episode 78

Dadimaa suggests that he appoint as a secretary Maan but Maan declines. Dev asks Maan for his participation in the company. In the meantime, Geet is awed to visit Dadimaa’s home.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Episode 79

Maan is unable to concentrate due Geet’s absence from the office. In the meantime, Geet takes up the job provided by Dadimaa. Maan returns home to find Geet asleep on the mattress.

Episode 80

Geet does not believe Maan when he tells him it’s his bedroom. Maan discovers that all his belongings are gone out of the room. To her surprise, Geet finds out that Savitri Devi is Maan’s Dadimaa.

Thursday 30 December 2021

Episode 81

Maan and Geet dispute over who gets to sleep in the bed. They agree to share the bed however, they fight all night. When they wake up, Maan gets up to discover Geet absent out of the house.

Episode 82

Geet divides the outhouse into Mann’s and her territory. Then, she is soaked after showering and demands Maan to help her change her clothes. Maan states that he’ll only allow it when she is out of the home.

Friday 31 December 2021

Episode 83

Maan is angry as he must share his cooking space with Geet. He plays with Geet because she’s unable to find the ingredients required to cook her meal. He cooks his own pasta but burns his hands while cooking.

Episode 84

Maan hurts Geet. Dadimaa tells Maan not to punish every woman for Sameera’s betrayal. But, irritated by Maan’s claim that she’s trying to woo him to win cash, Geet decides to leave.

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