Geet April Teasers 2020 Starlife, Maan sees a change in Geet’s behaviour. She feels guilty for doubting him and apologises. Arjun convinces Dadimaa about hosting a reception for Maan and Geet. Dadimaa sees Anvesha upset and asks her. Read full Geet Teasers April 2020 Starlife Below:

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Starlife Geet April Teasers 2020.

Geet Wednesday 1 April 2020
(Episode 213)
After Dadima convinces her to get married, Geet overrules Maan’s concern for safety and decides to go to the salon. Arjun, meanwhile, emotionally blackmails Anwesha to stay with him at the hospital after he overhears her conversation with Maan. Arjun plans to attack Geet at the salon.

(Episode 214)
Like a knight in shining armour, Maan rescues Geet from the salon and brings her home. He gives her Bluetooth headphones to remain connected to him always. Later, the baraat arrives and Brij slips inside the house unnoticed.

Geet Thursday 2 April 2020
(Episode 215)
Brij attacks Geet. Her screams die down in the welcoming ceremony of Maan. However, Maan hears a scream. He hits Brij just as he is about set Geet ablaze. While being handed over to the police, Brij tries to defame Geet and is shocked to find that the Khuranas know about her past.

(Episode 216)
Brij’s insane act of violence leaves Geet and her baby’s life in danger forcing Maan to take a decision without Geet’s knowledge. Later, Maan and Geet spend some romantic time together before tying the knot. Meanwhile, Arjun plans to destroy Maan by making Anwesha suffer.

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Geet Friday 3 April 2020
(Episode 217)
Everyone is happy for Maan and Geet, as they get ready to marry. However, a question about her family upsets Geet. Both Maan and Dadima try to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Arjun proposes to Anwesha and even performs a mock wedding ritual to gain her confidence.

(Episode 218)
Dadima takes Maan away to allow Geet get ready for the rituals. At the mandap, his bride mesmerises Maan. Meanwhile, Arjun takes mock pheras with Anwesha before consummating their false marriage. Later Geet’s grandfather, Darjee makes a surprise entry at the wedding venue.

Geet Saturday 4 April 2020
(Episode 219)
Darjee surprises Geet when he begs for her forgiveness. He asks her to permit him to perform her kanyadaan. Soon, she realises that it has been Maan’s plan to involve Darjee. Later, Arjun goes missing.

(Episode 220)
Dadima welcomes Geet to the Khurana residence and hands over the keys. Geet and Maan remind Anwesha about her and Arjun and she believes Arjun will definitely marry her. Everyone teases the newlyweds about their honeymoon plans.

Geet Sunday 5 April 2020
(Episode 221)
Maan goes into the bedroom and is stunned looking at Geet. The two share some intimate moments. But, Maan suddenly gets up and leaves the room. Geet wonders about his sudden change in behaviour.

(Episode 222)
Maan thanks Anvesha for managing his wedding arrangements. He is happy to know Geet has prepared breakfast for everyone. Anvesha goes to meet Arjun in his office. Maan is surprised to see her and warns her against him. Meanwhile, Dadimaa calls Maan and asks him to come home early.

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Geet Monday 6 April 2020
(Episode 223)
Maan continues to avoid Geet which leaves her perplexed. She tries to seduce him by lighting candles in the bedroom, but he leaves her alone and sleeps on the sofa. Geet questions him about his behaviour. Meanwhile, Dadimaa decides to get Anvesha married.

(Episode 224)
Geet feels Maan does not love her anymore. On the other hand, Maan is worried for Geet. He wonders how to avoid her advancements. He acts upset and tells her to accept his behaviour. He sleeps on the sofa yet again.

Geet Tuesday 7 April 2020
(Episode 225)
Anvesha confronts Arjun about his change in behaviour. He tells he wanted to seek revenge from Maan. A shattered Anvesha meets with an accident. Meanwhile, Geet meets her gynecologist who tells her about the complications in her pregnancy, and that she has advised Maan to stay clear of a physical relationship.

(Episode 226)
Arjun comes to the hospital to meet Anvesha. He threatens her to tell the truth about their relationship, to hurt Maan. Dadimaa meets Arjun, but Anvesha refuses to say anything. Meanwhile, Geet waits for Maan to come back.


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