Gangaa 8 January 2020 update: Niru was worried and shares the fake relationship matter of Sagar and Ganga with Amma ji and Madhvi.

Gangaa upadate wednesday 8 January 2020 update He says they should take some step in the get together tonight. In the room, it was dark and Ganga and Krishna played with shadows. Sagar comes inside. Ganga turns the lights on.

Sagar brings a gift for Krishna. She cheers and unwraps the gift. She cheers and gets the writing pad to Ganga. Sagar says if she has something in mind, she can write over it to communicate. Krishna hugs him and goes outside. Ganga was lost in her thoughts and comes to remove her bangles. The sindoor box slips from the dressing table, Sagar hurries to catch it. He says she doesn’t need to put this sindoor to show off; he is moving to London and she would be able to live in peace. Both will get rid of each other. He has to return to join his job again.

Ganga holds his arms, saying this wedding isn’t a lie; this relation isn’t fake. This is her need, she loves him and can’t live without him. She breaks from day-dreaming; Sagar leaves smiling.

Kashish peeks through the door, as Supriya and Pulkit were getting ready. Supriya felt something missing with his preparation, then goes to get a scarf for his dress. Pulkit compliments Supriya. Kashish heads to come inside but her head bangs. Pulkit and Supriya hurry towards her, Kashish asks for water. She then apologizes Pulkit for ruining their party, and allows them to leave. She shares with Pulkit that she feels their child, and places his hand over her belly for him to feel. She understands whatever was between them was only past, but their child reminds her of love they shared. Supriya arrives with a glass of water, and was concerned about her.

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Ganga had heard the conversation between Kashish and Pulkit.
In the party, Krishna writes instructions for games on her writing pad. Ganga takes Kashish aside to speak to her. Kashish accepts in front of Ganga that she couldn’t control her emotions, but would take care afterwards. They return to hall. The children now demands the elders to participate. Niru announces to begin with the newest couple for dance, Ganga and Sagar.

Ganga denies, but the kids drag them to the centre.

Krishna writes Please on her writing pad. They finally reach the centre of the hall. Sagar holds Ganga’s hands saying may be its their last dance, after that he would go to London and she would be here. They dance with each other. Everyone cheer in appreciation. Niru stops them from leaving and wanted to take an opportunity they both think about their selves as well. He hands them honeymoon tickets, saying they are leaving for Switzerland on 16th January. Ganga sat outside with the fire, lost in her thoughts. A fire flake gets into her eye, Sagar comes to blow it out.

Ganga at once stands up and annoyingly tells him to go to London, she can take care of herself. Sagar murmurs aloud she is really stubborn, but he would make her confess her love. He asks what they should do to these honeymoon tickets, actually he has to go to London on 16th.

This wedding decision was hers, and she should decide what to say to the family. He leaves handing the tickets to Ganga, he turns thinking this time she must stop him from going to London. Gangaa Wednesday update 8 January 2020 Written update


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