Gangaa Tuesday 12 February 2020: It was night and heavy storm. Shiv and Gangaa tries to walk out of forest. Gangaa was unable to walk.

Gangaa Tuesday 12 February 2020: Shiv asks if her foot is hurt then holds her into his arms. Gangaa resists but Shiv doesn’t leave her. They find a hiding in a lone house. The door was shut from outside. Gangaa asks how this door would open now. Shiv calls if someone is out there, then watches Gangaa sit beside the fire trying to get rid of cold. He insists on her to cover herself with the blanket and dry her clothes. Gangaa wasn’t ready. Shiv shouts at her to do this at least for Radhika. Gangaa finally walks aside and returns after having dripped her clothes. Shiv tells her to come close to fires and turns his face down as her sleeve was down the shoulder. Gangaa held her foot out of pain, he comes to hold it to remove the strain from her foot. Gangaa withdraws her foot. Shiv insists on her to let him have a look at the strain. Gangaa was sure it will be fine by tomorrow. Shiv drags the foot towards him and twists it.

The next morning, Gangaa wakes up and finds Shiv’s hand over hers. She gets up recalling Shiv treating her foot. As she returns after getting fresh Shiv was standing outside. Gangaa asks how the door was opened. Shiv tells her about the wire. She asks if he didn’t think about it last night. Shiv says he didn’t find a wire last night and tells her to go. The reach the jeep, it started as soon as he attempts to start it. Shiv was thankful to God. Gangaa was thoughtful about what Jhumki said. Shiv tells Gangaa to go home straight away.
At home, Radhika comes to Savitri worried about Shiv and Gangaa. Savitri tells Riya to take Radhika upstairs, Shiv and Gangaa would soon be there. Jhumki comes to Savitri and says it would be better if Shiv and Gangaa never return. Shiv drives Gangaa towards home. They return home. Savitri was worried and asks were had they been. Shiv says they didn’t get a call, there was no network. Savitri wonders how was the phone ringing then, she asks Shiv to check his phone once. Pratab says may be his phone was silent. Shiv shouts that there was no signal, he himself was trying to call Muneem. Gangaa wonders if Shiv is doing this all deliberately. Shiv hands Pratab the keys of jeep to show to mechanic. Pratab leaves. Shiv goes for a bath. Savitri says there was a news about storm on radio, why Shiv didn’t pay a heed. Gangaa was still thoughtful. Jhumki comes to ask Gangaa how was their night alone.

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Gangaa stares towards her.

Pratab bribes the mechanic watching Gangaa in the yard. The mechanic says their jeep is perfectly fine, it has no problem. Gangaa walks towards Shiv enraged.

Kushal informs Shiv on call that Krishna is no more, he was worried how Shiv would tell Gangaa about it. Gangaa enters the room, Shiv shuts the call. Gangaa removes her pally off her saree and asks if he wants to get her he might. She forbids him touch her or come close to her. She says Shiv made a false story about Sagar’s promise, he wanted her to stay here. Shiv was shocked to hear about this all and asks if she is in her senses. The family gather outside. Gangaa accuses Shiv to be a liar and show off, she wanted to get her; he took Sagar’s life to keep her here. She says even he must have bought the doctor, as he can fall to any extent to get her. She shouts at him to be a down trodden man. Riya move forward, Savitri forbids her get into the fight of spouses. Gangaa clutches Shiv’s collar asking if he has no desires himself, people trust him falsely as he also considers women as animals only. Shiv questions if this is what Gangaa has understood about it. Gangaa cries calling him a beast, women are mistreated even today only because of people like him. Shiv silently leaves the room. Outside, he passes the family silently. Savitri comes to Gangaa in the room and questions what this all is, people respect Shiv being a MathaDesh. She asks how dare Gangaa accused Shiv so falsely and leaves. Jhumki comes to Gangaa and appreciates her. Riya stood there.

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A man recognizes Shiv in the way and moves towards his house.
There, Riya asks Gangaa if this is what she wanted, she only wanted to insult Shiv. She must be ashamed, Shiv bear so much only because of her. Had she been at Shiv’s place she must have slapped Gangaa.

The man comes home, Savitri and family welcomes him. He says Shiv was in a hurry and didn’t see him. Savitri says he might have some important chore. The man says his parents want them to decide a date for wedding. Aashi leaves shy. Savitri was happy about it. Riya’s voice reach outside. Riya minds Gangaa she won’t forgive Gangaa. Gangaa tells Riya there is a limit to bear something. Savitri takes the attention of guest towards tea or snack, he questions if everything is fine at home. Savitri says it’s her granddaughter who loves television. The man takes a leave. Gangaa tells Riya to think whatever she wants to, she doesn’t care. Savitri comes in saying she is effected, she can’t let Gangaa create a drama at her home. She won’t leave Gangaa if her daughter’s proposal is ruined because of Gangaa.

Shiv watches two drunk men in the way and stops by them. He was about to get down the jeep, Shiv watches his own self telling Gangaa thinks the same about him, that he is a downtrodden man. After that, his family’s point of view would also change and later the whole village would think this way. Shiv was disturbed thinking about Gangaa’s accusations. He gets down the jeep and goes inside the bar. People there were shocked to see Shiv there. Shiv moves towards the bar. He gulps a whole bottle of wine, turning the table upside down.

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Radhika comes to Gangaa and asks where is Shiv, when he would return. Gangaa thinks about Riya’s concern, what if something happens to him. Gangaa was worried if she said a lot to Shiv. Gangaa assures he would soon be back home. Radhika insists she would stay awake until Shiv comes. Gangaa insists on her to go and sleep. Radhika shows her a drawing of her, holding hands with Shiv and Gangaa. Radhika shares she was really upset when her mother left her, but she is happy now as she has Gangaa with her. Gangaa asks Radhika to give it to her, Radhika says she would give it to her when she is with Shiv.

Gangaa thinks it would never happen. Gangaa takes Radhika to sleep.
A man comes to inform the family that Shiv was moving towards the cliff. Savitri wonders what happened to Shiv. Kushal goes looking for Shiv. Gangaa had heard this and walks downstairs when the lights are turned off. Someone ties her hands behind her and blindfolds her, taking her outside. Gangaa resists wondering where is she being taken. She calls for help. The man puts her in the car, she tries to resist. Gangaa Wednesday 12 February 2020

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