Gangaa update Tuesday 22nd December 2020 Zee world

Gangaa 22 December 2020 Zee world: As ganga is about to see the plate in front of Maharaj, zoya stops her, and asks her to go inside and watch comfortably. ganga complies and they both go in.

when she opens the thali, with dreams galore, as this is what she had always been waiting for, she gets a shock of her life, seeing her and krishna’s picture torn into two, by a scissor. kashish is taken aback, while zoya smirks. zoya is horrified and asks how can this happen, and how can madhavi send such a crass thali. Ganga thinks that she too is thinking this, and maybe she hasnt been a part of the family for long, but that doesnt make her deservant of a treatment like this. zoya pretends to be apalled and aghast, and says that she wouldnt have believed, had madhavi herself not prepared the thali, and given to her. she says that she was so confident and happy that this sargi plate shall set everything straight. she says that she had never thought this would happen. ganga is in a dilemma as to how madhavi could have done it. kashish tries to point that maybe someone else did this in madhavi’s name, and asks her to go and confront madhavi, as to how could she have done this, and what it means. but zoya stops her saying that ganga shouldnt go, as it shall only escalate matters, and asks kashish is she is doubting her, when she says that madhavi sent it. kashish denies. she asks whats it then, and asks if she herself has done it. kashish denies, saying that she didnt mean it. ganga too says that if zoya says, madhavi sent it, then this is it. she collapses on the bed, aghast and distraught. she says that she is trying to hard to fulfill her promise, and there they are doing this. zoya wonders what she shall do, and should she take it all back. ganga denies, and says that this is the Chaturvedi house’s daughter in law, and she cant keep it, and should be sent back. she eyes the picture and its torn pieces, teary eyed and aghast. ganga starts eyeing the other stuff, like the mangalsutra, as she gets emotionally overwhelmed. she takes it, and says that thali cant be sent empty, but she has to, so that they know she doesnt have anything to give in return. zoya says that had she known, there would be this, she wouldnt have brought it. ganga asks her not to blame herself, as she was only trying to mend matters and nothing else. they all go out. ganga gives the thali back to maharaj. Maharaj blesses her and asks her to take care of herself and krishna, and promises that he shall come again to meet her. zoya takes leave too. after they are gone, ganga is tensed, and emotional, while kashish eyes her like that.

Scene 2:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Madhavi asks ammaji not to be tensed, as maharaj must be returning soon, from ganga’s place. as sagar comes, he asks whats the matter. ammaji says that madhavi has sent sargi for ganga, as she must have definitely kept the fast for him. he is tensed. just then, mahraj returns with zoya. Maharaj says that ganga sent something, and accepted their sargi with respect. they hold the thali in anticipation, while zoya remembers how she had put something in the thali, when maharaj wasnt watching, on their way back. Ammaji happily asks her to see what ganga has sent. As madhavi opens, she finds a scorpion inside, and screams, while throwing it in the air, and the scorpion lands on ammaji’s chest. they are all petrified. Madhavi asks sagar to help. zoya pretends to be apalled. sagar asks her to stay put, while ammaji trembles in fear. he shoves it away and then maharaj throws it away. all heave a sigh of relief. madhavi is shocked as to what ganga did. zoya too tries to instigate, but sagar is sure that ganga can do anything but not this, as she is not capable of such vicious deeds. zoya says that she too was thinking the same, but ganga herself gave the thali to maharaj, and makes him comply too. he complies. sagar and others are shocked. ammaji asks how can she have such hatred and bitterness about them, after the good gesture madhavi showed. but sagar says that she has been wronged, and scorned, but the truth is her hatred has turned into poison, which is harming her. zoya says that this means she wont even fast in such a rage. madhavi and ammaji are set to thinking. sagar asks for breakfast and all get back to their work. zoya smirks. sagar sits remembering the incident, and sits down to eat. but he is unable to take a bite, tensed and ditraught. madhavi asks what happened, as he abruptly leaves the table without eating. they discuss ganga’s heinous reaction , and blame it on her ego and pride, and curse ganga too.

In his room, sagar paces around nervously, eyeing the court petition, when madhavi comes and says that he is right, as ganga’s anger and hatred is hurting her the most, rather than anyone else, and asks if he wishes to speak with her. but he denies, and says that after what happened today, he feels that its very late and nothing much can be done, as by sending what she did, she proved that there isnt any love left in her heart. he says that he wanted to get ganga and krishna back home, to complete his family, and thought that maybe ganga wanted this too, but he misunderstood it, as she isnt the same ganga, and has changed. Sagar says that he has decided to withdraw the petition, as its futile to chase a dream thats never going to be fulfilled. madhavi stands tensed. zoya eyes them evilly, thinking that no power can bring sagar and ganga close now.

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Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Later, ganga sits eyeing the torn pic, remembering madhavi’s love for her, ever since childhood, unable to believe what she did. she says that the family that she considered hers, and gave everything to it, did this to her, having forgotten all the promises. she breaks and cries inconsolably, and kashish asks her not to do so, as they did what they thought wa right and asks her to forget it. ganga asks how can she, as she never wanted a sargi, but she gave it this year, and showed such bitterness. she says that this just goes on to show how much she is hated in that family. she says that she too has started hating them now. kashish gets her water and asks her to have some water. ganga is about to take a sip, when she suddenly remembers about her fast. Kashish asks ganga if she shall still keep the fast after all thats happened. a saddened ganga says that they might have forgotten their promises but she hasnt at all, and shall fulfill them properly. she says that she had no clue he would change like this. kashish asks her to come and eat. but ganga refuses saying that she shall keep the fast, as they did what they felt was right, and now she shall do what she thinks right. she says that ammaji never asked her if she keeps the fast, but by this reaction, she has shown how much ganga means to them, but that wont stop her from fulfilling her promise. krishna overhears all this tensedly, and is shocked to know about it. she walks into her room, tensedly, and wonders if sagar knows about ganga’s fast, and wonders if the vice versa is true too, and decides to do something to reinstate their friendship. the screen freezes on her happy face.

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s and sagar’s residence
Krishna excitedly calls up sagar, but zoya picks up the landline before he can. when krishna identifies herself, and wishes to speak to sagar, zoya lies that he isnt at home, and takes a message. krishna asks her to tell him that ganga has kept the fast for him, and that he needs to be at the temple grounds in the evening, for the culmination of the fast. zoya complies, and then lies to sagar too, that it was niru’s client. sagar leaves off. zoya thinks that now ganga is trying anything, and is amused that she is still keeping the fast, despite everything that happened. she thinks that krishna’s dream wont materialise though. then she finds juhi and supriya playing, and thinks that she has to do soemthing about this too, as one brother is already taken care of, and now its time for another. zoya says that she shall have to do something, that both the brothers leave the house, and then she becomes the sole heir to the property. she smiles evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple Grounds and sagar’s residence
Krisyhna badgers ganga into coming to the temple, where she asked sagar to come. kashish comes with them too. ganga remembers their childhood moments with sagar, at the same temple, and gets nostalgic. krishna asks whats the matter and they start climbing the stairs of the temple. the priest hollers her inside and she goes in. kashish asks krishna to stay put, as she shall just come. she eyes ganga with the ladies, and leaves stealthily. krishna talks to the lord, that he should help her, by getting sagar here, so that all problems can be solved. Zoya arrives there, and eyes them stealthily from a distance, and finds kashish tensed and distraught, as she sees couples, and is reminded of pulkit. zoya comes and uses her emotional weakness as an advantage. she comes to hr, and kashish is shocked, as she has the karvachauth plate in her hand. zoya says that she wished to meet them, after what happened earlier. zoya asks her about the plate. kashish hesitates. zoya asks if its for pulkit, and then reprimands her for doing this, as this isnt right, and she shall get hurt. she exploits her emotionally and manipulates her into reminding herself, as to how pulkit is spending this time with his wife, and not her. kashish says that she did out of free will and without any expectations. zoya asks if pulkit loves her that much as she does, and its only right to expect. MEanwhile, krishna lurks around, and finds ganga sitting with the ladies, but sagar nowhere and wonders why. zoya asks her to call up pulkit and tell him. he disconnects the call. she tries again. he is tensed to find that its kashish, and ignores it yet again. supriya gets tensed. kashish gets frustrated and tries several times. finally, he steps aside and picks up, and then kashish tells everything, and says that she wont break her fast, till he himself doesn’t come and make her drink water, as if he doesn’t come, then she would kill herself. he is shocked. she says that she did what she had to, and now leaves the situation on him. supriya is shaken and disgusted. zoya tells her that its good that she did what she was told. she says that pulkit would keep calling her, but she shouldn’t pick up, and then he shall rush to her. pulkit continues calling, and supriya is visibly tensed. he says that its something urgent and leaves hastily, while she stands aghast. meanwhile, sagar comes and asks her where did he go. she is teary eyed, saying that he went for kashish, forgetting everything, after she called. he is shocked and asks how can he do this, and says that he shall get him back. he rushes out too. zoya meanwhile tells kashish to climb atop the well, to make it look like a suicide attempt, when he comes. she asks what if he doesnt come. but zoya assures that he shall come definitely, and asks her to get atop the well rightaway. kashish complies. ammaji, madhavi and niru come out to the roof, but find neither supriya nor pulkit. ammaji goes into check on her. madhavi asks him not to do this ritual, if he doesnt wish to. he says that its okay. then they find supriya crying. they are shocked

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Finally, Sagar arrives in the grounds, while krishna talks to the lord, hurriedly to get sagar to come here definitely. pulkit arrives and sagar follows in tow, as krishna’s eyes are closed in front of the idol. when she opens her eyes, he is gone. zoya watcehs from behind a tree, while pulkit comes and is aghast at the way kashish is on top of the well. he asks her to get down, while she reprimands him for his double character, and that she cant live without him, and shall rather die. he says that he always feels guilty as it is, and they can talk it out. she says that she doesnt wish to, as she wishes to live with her. he catches and hugs her asking whats she upto. Meanwhile, sagar continues to frantically search for pulkit. Krishna meets sagar in the open grounds, where ladies perform the rituals of the puja. he is shocked to see her. she asks if he has been sent here by lord krishna himself, as ganga has kept the fast in his name, and she still loves him very much. sagar is shocked to know this. krishna shows ganga doing the rituals. he gets emotionally overwhelmed to see this. krishna asks him if he shall give ganga water. he emotionally eyes her, and says that he shall happily comply, if her mother allows. Zoya meanwhile watches from a distance, as to how he is apalled at what she did. kashish asks him why is this happening to them and why cant they finish their love story, or it shall forever be incomplete like sagar and ganga. pulkit is tensed as he hears this. Meanwhile, Ganga looks around and finds everyone performing the ritual with their husband. then she eyes krishna coming in with sagar, while she is in a semi daze. they both finally confront each other.

Krishna brings Sagar to Ganga. Ganga is surprised. She tries to leave from there with Krishna, but gets dizzy and falls. Sagar catches her in his arms. He asks she did all that for him? She kept fast for him? Krishna brings water and gives it to Sagar. Sagar makes Ganga drink the water. Krishna is happy. Ganga says in her mind, why destiny keeps bringing them together. She wishes they could forget everything and become one again. Why they keep getting tested. Sagar says in his mind, till how long she will keep stopping herself. Once she says she still loves him, she wants to be with him, he will fix everything. Ganga sees everyone looking at them. Sagar asks her she kept fast for him? She fasts every year, right? Ganga gets up and leaves with Krishna. Krishna gives thumbup sign to Sagar while leaving. Sagar is happy. He says Ganga proved him wrong once again. He thought she forgot him and everything, but no. This Karwa Chauth fast is proof that he’s still a part of her life. No matter how much she hides, he knows it now. She’s like this since before, keeps everything inside her. He thanks lord saying he got a new hope. He will now bring Ganga and Krishna to his home and give them all that they deserve. They will always be together.

Other hand, Pulkit gives water to Kashish. She tells him she tried a lot to forget him and move on, but she couldn’t do it. She asks him he won’t leave her again right. Pulkit says whatever she’s saying is not possible. Zoya is listening all. Pulkit says he has promised his family.. Kashish says he had promised her too. Pulkit says, he loves her, but it’s not possible to continue their relationship. Everything has become complicated. Kashish says it’s been complicated since start. He now wants to get rid off her, but she won’t let it happen. She also has right on him as much as Supriya has. She cries that she can’t live without him and she doesn’t want anything else beside him. Pulkit says they will talk, but for now, asks her to go home and eat something. They will meet tomorrow. She asks him to promise her. He promises her. Zoya says good, this is what she wanted…their feelings to come out. Now she will have to go home and act of feeling sorry for Supriya.

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Ganga is thinking about Sagar. Krishna asks her she’s thinking about papa, right? If she misses him so much, then why she didn’t talk to him today. Ganga says why she would miss. She wasn’t thinking about anyone. And why she would. He is nothing to them. She starts working. Krishna asks then why did she keep fast and when he gave her water, she got so happy. He was also smiling. She saw him happy first time. Ganga says why she feels her daughter suddenly grew up. She tells her not to talk so mature. She likes her young, naughty doll. Krishna asks why she doesn’t listen to her doll then. Ganga says what she needs to do. Krishna tells her to sit so she can feed her. Ganga sits and Krishna feeds her..and then asks whether Sagar also kept fast for her like she did. Ganga is quiet.

Supriya is not eating anything and waiting for Pulkit. Pulkit comes. Niranjan asks where he has been. He knows Supriya kept fast for him. Pulkit aplogises to her breaks her fast. He says sorry to everyone and says situation became such that he had to go. That Kashish..was emotionally and mentally disturbed. She called him and said she would commit suicide if he doesn’t meet her. He should have told her Supriya but he was scared and left in rush. Supriya feels angry and leaves. Pulkit tells Niranjan that he didn’t do it purposely. He has been avoiding Kashish. Niranjan tells him to go and talk to Supriya instead giving explanations to him. Madhvi says she will call and ask Sagar to come back.

Madhvi is in kitchen. Sagar comes running to her and says she still loves him. She kept fast for him. Madhvi asks how he knows that? Did he meet her? Sagar says yes, she was in madir. She was doing puja for Karwa Chauth. He thought Ganga has nothing for him in her heart, but he was wrong. No matter what happens, she will always have feelings for him. He won’t take his petition back now. He wants his family. This is the only way to bring Ganga and Krishna back home. Madhvi asks what about that insect and all? Sagar says he doesn’t know that. It’s possible her anger came out. She kept anger, pain in her for so many years. But whatever happened is good. At least Ganga got peace now. Maybe everything will be fine now. Madhvi wishes whatever he said comes true. He seems happy after so long and her happiness is in his happiness. Sagar wants to eat something now. Madhvi says she will make him something. He helps her in kitchen as she had fast today. Ammaji sees all and smiles.

Sagar imagines as Krishna feeding him and gets happy.

Krishna wants to go for holiday shopping. Ganga tells her to call Kashish, but Kashish says she has an emergency case at hospital, she will joiin them later. Ganga tells Krishna she will get ready and then they will go. Krishna decides to buy gifts for both Ganga and Sagar. She thinks to call Sagar to find out what he wants. Other hand, Sagar is also feeling like talking and calls Ganga’s home. Krishna picks up and jumps in joy. She asks him for his Diwali gift. He says he should be giving her gift. She says no and asks him to tell her as she is going for shopping. Sagar finds out where they are going for shopping and says he will think her and tell her about gift.

Pulkit is sleeping in living room. Madhvi asks him why he’s sleeping there. He says Supriya closed door last night. He tried a lot, but she was not ready to listen to him. She was very angry. Madhvi says her anger is justified, he did such thing. She tells him to go and talk to her.

Ammaji and Madhvi are going for shopping. Sagar accompanies them. Sagar says they will go main market, where Ganga is going, but Ammaji wants to go elsewhere. Madhvi says they will go both places. Sagar says, first main market. Ammaji says she wants to go to jeweller first to buy a gold bangle for Ganga. She’s coming there first time and they never gave her anything. She saw Sagar happy after so long and if he thinks everything will be fine, then it will be a good idea to buy gold in Diwali and give it to Ganga. Sagar hugs Ammaji. Zoya hears and wonders what’s going on. Despite trying so hard, result is not in her favour. She won’t let this happen. She will need to think of some other plan to end this family drama, but first she will have to take care of Supriya.

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