Gangaa update Sunday 29th December 2019 on Zee World

Gangaa update Sunday 29 December 2019 on Zee World, While ammaji begs the maata for another miracle, as she narrates niru’s condition, prabha is alert.

Gangaa Sunday update 29th December 2019: ganga wonders how can ammaji have such faith, and maybe she actually has turned too doubtful. prabha and yash meanwhile are happy from inside, that today ammaji is at their feet, and has given her the perfect way to seek revenge. The ghunghat waali maata aka prabha gives ammaji a medicine, saying that is this is given to her son in the night, then his disease shall be cured definitely. ammaji hurriedly complies, while prabha thinks that this shall not cure him, but send him to his death. she is amused. ammaji is relieved.

Location: Benaras, ammaji’s residence
As they are returning back, ammaji and others are hopeful that now niru shall be cured soon, and if that happens, ammaji comments that she shall be blessed. they find commotion otuside the house, and wonder whats wrong. ganga assures ammaji that everything shall be fine, and niru is okay. but they find an amubulance stop at their doorstep, and they rush in. Niru is taken out on the stretcher, while madhavi and pulkit rush with him. madhavi is distraught, while he assures that he shall not let anything happen to her. ganga is apalled to see this, and madhavi narrates what happened. ganga asks her to stay behind, but madhavi insists on going. as they leave, ganga wonders how long would she be able to keep niru’s disease a secret from madhavi, if she is at the hospital. she too leaves, asking maharaj to take care of krishna.

Location: Hospital
MAdhavi rushes for the doctor, while pulkit does the paperwork. they ask about the medical history, and madhavi says that its all normal, except for minor fluctutaions. she asks ganga to speak up, and ammaji too coaxes her. she complies. the doctor goes to check, while they all anxiously ask whats going on. ganga asks for the doctor who was handling the case, and is told he is on leave, by the current doctor. ganga takes him aside. ganga asks the doctor not tell this to madhavi. he complies. then he comes and checks niru. when madhavi asks whats the matter, the doctor says that mayve its due to weakness, and that he shall check, and he is then taken into icu. ganga finds madhavi stressed, and thinks that she shall break if she gets to know. ammaji takes ganga aside and says that they shall have to hide it from madhavi, as she wouldnt be able to bear. they comply. but madhavi overhears and asks whats the matter. they are speechless. just then, the nurse comes and asks them to arrange for blood transfusion. madhavi is shocked. she asks ganga whats going on, and why is this required. she is thoroughly boggled. she gets berserk, while ganga tries to calm her down. they make her sit, while ganga goes with the nurse to arrange for blood. ammaji continues to console madhavi, while she is herself distraught. Later, ganga asks pulkit to arrange for the blood group, and he hurriedly turns to comply, to find out from blood banks, and friends.

MEanwhile, madhavi waits outside. ganga comes to both of them. madhavi notices things tensed around her. she asks the doctor whats the matter, as she intuitively feels things are wrong. he lies, as per ganga told him. she asks about the blood transfusion, and he cites it as normal. but she is shocked, when the nurse comes and says that the blood needed for the cancer patient has been arranged. madhavi remembers the number the nurse used for the patient, and asks a wardboy, as she hopes her worset fears wont come true. he asks her to come along.

MEanwhile, a guy in black glasses steps down the car and enters in. Meanwhile, madhavi hopes that its someone else, as his reports were normal. she crosses paths with the guy, but they both dont notice each other. MEanwhile, she finds out from the wardboy that the concerned patient is niru suffering from blood cancer. she is aghast and shocked. Meanwhile, the guy notices ammaji praying, and thinks that they are of no use, as niru shall definitely die from the injection he gives to him. he walks past her.

MEanwhile, as she walks back, madhavi relates all the recent incidents together, and starts realising how she had been lied to by ganga. she sits on the chair collapsing. ganga comes just then and assures that the blood has been arranged, and niru shall be fine and soon come back with them. madhavi gets upset hearing this, and then asks her if they shall all go home. ganga is skeptic but complies. madhavi slaps her tight, and then asks how could she do this. she reprimands her for lying to her, just because she thought she couldnt take it. she says that being his wife, she had a right to know. she then finds ammaji hearing their conversation and understands that even she knew. she is aghast that only she was kept in the dark.

The guy meanwhile enters the locker room, and disguises himself as a doctor, and is about to administer the injection to niru, when the nurse comes and interrupts him. he leaves, but thinks that he would wait, till he is done with the work. he says that he shall get the work done anyhow.

MEanwhile, in the chambwer, ganga and madhavi ask the doctor to explain everything. he tells that the reports are right and that it has worsened. he also tells that niru doesnt have much time, and maximum he shall be able to spend six more months with them. madhavi and pulkit are aghast.

All are sad after doctor informs Niranjan has 6 months left maximum. Doctor advices them to keep him in hospital, but family is against it as Niranjan doesn’t like staying in hospital. Whatever life he has left, he can spend it happily, among his family. Doctor still insists, but Ganga says Niranjan is so disciplined. He likes to wake up early, stay happy, etc. If they leave him in hospital, then he is sick. They don’t want Niranjan to know that he doesn’t have much time. If he stays with his family, then he will be happy..which is what he needs now. Doctor agrees in end. Nurse comes and tells them Niranjan is awake. Doctor tells them they can meet him if they want. Ganga tells Madhvi to go but be sure to hide the truth from him..for his good. Pulkit says what if he asks. Doctor says not to worry, he will tell him something. Family leaves. Some guy gets happy as this will make his work easier. In hospital, there was a risk of him getting caught, but now he will do his work at home by someone else’s hands. Ganga asks Madhvi to stay strong. It’s difficult, but they will have to do it for him. Madhvi walks in the room, followed by others. Madhvi is saddened, but controls herself. Niranjan asks why is he in hospital? What happened to him? Madhvi scolds him what will happen if he won’t eat on time, rest. Niranjan laughs and says he just asked what happened and she started lecture. Madhvi says what else can she do. He’s worse than a child. He takes pressure of work whole day, then this is what will happen. He has to look after himself too. Niranjan holds her hand and says he knows she gets worried when he gets sick. Madhvi asks then why he does that… did he ever think.. what will happen if anything happens to him. She runs outside. Niranjan asks why she’s reacting like this. What has happened to him. Ganga says white cells have increased in his blood. Niranjan says that’s all? She’s reacting like he has got blood cancer. All are stunned. Ammaji says why he’s saying that. Ganga says she will go and check Madhvi.

Madhvi is crying in front of the lord asking why he’s testing her. She can’t do this. What wrong has she done? Ganga comes and consoles her. Madhvi says she won’t be able to face Niranjan knowing he has only little time left. Pulkit also comes there and consoles Madhvi. Nurse comes and informs them that they can take Niranjan home.

The guy awaits for the nurse outside Niranjan’s home. When the nurse comes, he gags her and takes her away. And sends fake nurse in her place telling her not to worry. He will deal with the actual nurse. The fake nurse asks him so he will stay in this house from now? He says yes. She will go inside and destroy everyone in there. She says no one would have ever used someone like him. He says no one would have loved anyone like he does to her either. The fake nurse asks him he won’t forget her and will come to meet her right. He says yes. She says now watch, how well she does her duty and he will be proud of his girlfriend. She goes inside.

The guy calls someone named Mataji and informs her that work is done. Mataji says this is their biggest move against the family. Now even their lord can’t save them from getting destroyed. The guy sees Krishna looking at him from window. He says she’s also very smart and wonders if she heard everything. He leaves. Krishna thinks he has seen this guy. What was he doing in front of their house?

Doctor is at Niranjan’s house. He wonders why Surbhi (nurse he asked to come) didn’t come. The fake nurse says someone got sick at her house, so she came instead. Madhvi becomes doubtful and asks the doctor she will be able to handle it right. The fake nurse says not to worry, she is also a trained nurse and for them patients are like God. The doctor says she is right. He instructs her not to leave Niranjan alone any time and take care of his diet, etc. Ganga was going to get soup, but the fake nurse stops her and says she will tell her what’s good for him and what’s not. The doctor says their nurses are well trained. They can trust her fully. Madhvi and others are satisfied. Niranjan says he is fine.. he doesn’t need nurse. Madhvi tells him to stay quiet. Doctor leaves telling the nurse to call him if anything. All leave room except Pulkit. The fake nurse waits for him to leave. Pulkit sits besides Niranjan and apologises him for all his mistakes and embarrassing Niranjan. He promises he won’t do such a thing again. Niranjan asks why? is he afraid of losing him? Pulkit is shocked. Niranjan tells him not to worry… he won’t leave them soon. He further tells him he doesn’t need to get worried for anything. He just needs to understand his responsibilities and take care of his family.. that will make him happy and satisfied. Pulkit promises him.. he will do that. The fake nurse says it’s time for injection and asks Pulkit to go. He leaves. The fake nurse takes out medicine and recalls guy (Yash) telling her to give extra quantity again and again, so Niranjan dies fast. Doctor forgot his mobile in room, so he’s heading back with Ganga. The fake nurse hides fake medicine seeing them and takes out real medicine. she’s saved. Doctor leaves. Ganga was about to leave and she sees the other injection. She asks nurse what injection is that. The fake nurse says she had to mix some medication and she made mistake, so she used another one. Ganga scolds her to be careful… she can’t do such mistakes. It’s about his life. Ganga leaves. The fake nurse is relived and wonders why Yash didn’t tell her to be alert from Ganga. She keeps an eye on everything as if she’s a detective. She gets back to her work and this time she’s successful in giving the injection.


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