Gangaa 15 November 2020 zee world: Ganga is headed towards the kitchen but Palash stops her. Mehri just fed the baby. I think the baby is missing its mother. Ganga says ok. Mehri is tensed while Palash relaxes a bit. Ganga gets a call from Pulkit. He asks her to come home asap. I have to discuss a very important thing regarding the case. She agrees. She excuses herself. Make me talk to Mehri Didi when she is home. He nods. Mehri cries when she realises Ganga has left.

Baba does some black magic. He passes out as a part of his plan. Amma ji sprinkles water on him. he says I am fine. Don’t worry about me. There is an evil spirit in your house. It is none other than your DIL Janvi. I just had a word with her. She said she will take revenge. Amma ji is irked. How do I free myself from this girl? She dint leave us even after dying. Baba hears her and smirks. She asks for a solution. He gives her something to wear on her hand. you will become your grandson’s shield this way. She does so blindly. He says the effect will soon begin to show. I will call you once again for another yagya. She agrees to do anything for Sagar and leaves. Baba picks up the gold bandle.

Niru talks to Ratan. You have to get Yash’s fingerprints anyhow. Police wants to match it with the fingerprints on the syringe. Ratan is sure Yash cannot do it. I don’t think he will kill anyone. Ganga says we have to find out this only. If he hasn’t done it then it will only be a relief for all of us. You also want the same. Please help us this much. Amma ji has heard their convo. She scolds Ratan. Sagar is in jail because of your son! Yash has always trapped us since the beginning. We have always let him off thinking he is from this house only but not anymore. I will hand him over to police. Ganga says Mama is not at fault. Pulkit nods. It isn’t proved yet that Yash has killed Janvi. Amma ji says it will happen eventually. Prabha has spoiled her son. I will send Yash to jail as he sent my Sagar to jail. Her health worsens. Niru politely signals Ratan who leaves. Ganga gives water to Amma ji. Don’t get angry. Everything will be fine. Mehri Didi has agreed to give her statement. Sagar will be out of jail once the fingerprints match. Everything will be fine. Amma ji thanks Baba mentally. I will be indebted to you for life if Sagar comes home.


Ganga keeps trying Palash and Mehri’s number but they are unreachable. She gets worried. I should go and meet Didi myself. Supriya does not let her go anywhere without having food. It is too late already. Meet her tomorrow. Ganga knows Supriya hasn’t eaten as well. Supriya says its been so many days since we have eaten peacefully. Supriya eats food. Ganga gets lost for a second but Supriya tells her to eat.

Maharaj ji comes inside. Everyone hears a lot many ladies protesting against Chaturvedi Family and Sagar. Niru goes out to check. Janvi’s family has brought them. Pulkit tries to calm the ladies. You are misunderstanding us. Our family has not done anything. The protestor (lady who is leading them) talks against the family. They have killed an innocent girl. People begin to throw stones at them. Niru gets hurt. Pulkit takes him inside somehow. Everyone gets worried. Pulkit tells them everything that happened outside. They speak of dowry demands and killing janvi because of the same. Madhvi tends to Niru’s wounds. People have no work other than meddling in people’s affairs. Ganga wants to handle the people but Pulkit does not let her. Someone throws stone at the windows also. Everyone gets scared. Supriya gets dizzy and falls down. Pulkit and Ganga hold her. Niru makes him call Inspector Dwivedi to handle the situation.

Sagar’s inmate asks Sagar why he looks tensed. Sagar wonders what happened. I told Ganga to take Mehri Didi to our home. No one has come till now. I hope everything is alright. His inmate tells him not to worry. Entire day is still left. Sagar says I know. She must be coming. She went after augmenting with me yesterday. She wont be able to sit peacefully.

Inspector Dwivedi manages the situation outside Chaturvedi House. The situation is same outside police station. Ganga says I will go to meet Mehri Didi but Inspector tells her against it. People are still outside. Let them go. Amma ji thinks of Baba’s words. She asks Niru to take him to Sagar. I will make him wear this black thread right away. Niru tries to make her understand but she insists. Inspector suggests taking them all with him. Staying here is unsafe. Madhvi packs some stuff for Sagar. Niru thanks him. He requests Inspector to drop Pulkit and Supriya to hospital. We will pick them up on our way home. Inspector agrees. Sagar thinks to get Sagar out of jail anyhow.

Ganga comes to police station at night. Everyone is asleep. She steals the key of Sagar’s cell and stealthily goes inside. Sagar is still awake. Ganga opens the lock of his cell. He is surprised to see her there. She asks him to come with her. He says how I can come like this. She keeps her finger on his lips to shush him. They share an eye lock. Come with me quietly. He says what if Inspector sees us. She says everyone is sleeping. We will leave quietly. They both go out carefully avoiding making any noise. They get scared as the constable drops his stick in his sleep. Sagar says what next. She tells him to do what they were going to do. Let’s run as fast as we can. Sagar and Ganga run together on the road holding hands. Constable informs Inspector. Inspector chases them. Stop Sagar or I will shoot now.

Inspector chases Sagar and Ganga. Sagar stumbles in his step and sits up with a start. It was his dream. Amma ji and everyone meets him. She ties the black thread on his hand. He asks his family what happened. how come you all are here suddenly? Niru explains what happened at home. Amma ji got all stubborn afterwards. She wanted to meet you. Sagar is shocked. I cannot think Janvi’s family could stoop so low. Niru reasons that there are many families who think like this. the pressure of media has increased after what happened today. court needs proof but this will add up the emotional pressure. I have spoken to Ratan. I have made him agree to bring Ratan’s fingerprints. If they match with the fingerprints on syringe then our case will be strong. Ganga adds that Mehri has also agreed to give statement. Sagar asks her if she is still at Palash’s home. Ganga nods. She is safe there. Niru asks Ganga to call Palash. Ask him to bring Mehri here right away. It is better if we record her statement asap. Ganga tries his number but in vain. Niru tries Palash’s number too but it is out of reach. Ganga leaves to bring her from Palash’s house.

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Ganga notices all the mess outside Chaturvedi House. She goes to Palash’s house but it is locked. Both Sir and Mehri Di are unreachable. Plus this lock now. Where did they go? Is Sagar right? What did I do! No, it cannot be. Palash Sir must have gone to office. He would have taken Mehri Didi with him. She goes to his office.

Amma ji waits anxiously for Ganga. Niru shares that she went to Palash’s office as his house is locked. Madhvi wonders where he would have taken Mehri. Niru says it isn’t safe to leave her alone at home. He did the right thing. Niru gets a call and goes aside to attend it. Amma ji asks Madhvi to bring water for her. She thinks both Palash and Mehri should not disappear together. it wont be right for Sagar. Baba is right about Janvi’s spirit. I will talk to him. She goes in her room to call him. He asks for more money for another puja. She readily agrees for it.

Ganga finds the door of Palash’s office locked too. Where would he have taken Mehri Didi and her kids to? She calls him again but no use. Was Sagar right? I found Mehri Didi after so much difficulty and made her agree. Is it that Sir does not want Mehri Didi to give her statement? How do I figure out?

Amma ji wonders where to get money from. Niru wont give me any money. Madhvi comes there. What happened? Are you alright? Amma ji nods but Madhvi is sure something is wrong. Maharaj ji asks Madhvi to give her money to bring ration. Madhvi gives money to Maharaj ji. Amma ji peeks from outside. Madhvi and Maharaj ji leave to get the stuff. Amma ji stealthily comes in the room. I am stealing my son’s money only! I will have to do it for Sagar come what may. She is going out but finds Niru at the door. I don’t know why you are doing this and I don’t want to know. I understand that there must be a very big reason behind it. I would only like to say that I would have never said no to you if you would have asked me. Don’t do anything which will embarrass you in front of your eyes. She says I know you will never stop me from taking money from you but you also wont agree to why I took it. She tells him about the Baba. He gets angry. It would have been better had you not told me about this superstition. She calls it her belief. I have done it earlier too. We got to know everything afterwards only. I would have done something good only because of which it happened. He knew everything about Sagar even before I met him. He was even talking to Janvi’s spirit. She nods. He only will help us win. Niru gets thinking. Who is this Baba? I will have to believe you to meet him.

Ganga is all panicked as she comes home. NIru asks her what happened. Ganga shares that Palash is neither at home nor in office. I don’t know what is happening. Was Sagar right? Did I make a mistake by trusting him? It is the last hearing tomorrow and there is no news of Palash Sir. Did I do a mistake by giving Sagar’s life in Palash Sir’s hands? Madhvi cries. What will we do now Babu? How will we save Sagar? Amma ji blames Janvi’s spirit for it. I will make Baba do another puja. Niru shouts at her to stop this superstition. She is surprised. You only said you want to meet Baba. He nods. I only want to prove him fake before you. I don’t want to talk all this stuff in my house after today. Will your Baba come in court to fight the case? We have very less time and have to do a lot. He tells Ganga not to cry. You trust your Babu right? She nods. He assures her he will bring Sagar home. Madhvi says hope it happens or I will never forgive you. I will die without my son. He tells her to have faith. I wont let anything happen to him. He is my son as well.

Ganga is massaging Supriya’s feet. She is doing it absentmindedly. She does not find the bowl of oil and turns to look. Sagar gives the bowl to her. She gets teary eyed seeing him. He sits down next to her and wipes the tears off her face.

In jail, Sagar writes Ganga on the wall. Ishq-e-nashin plays. He imagines Ganga standing there with his blanket and is all surprised. She covers him with the blanket and wipes his tears.

Sagar kisses Ganga on her forehead. She ends up smiling because of him and keeps looking at him lovingly. She holds his hand as he gets up to go. Please don’t go. Take out all your fears. You will be in your home soon. we will fight till the end. We wont give up.

Ganga caresses Sagar’s head in her lap. He says I will never lose hope till you will keep looking lovingly at me like this, with this faith in your eyes. I will never give up till you are with me. His inmate asks him who he is talking to. Sagar looks around startled.

Ganga says this is what I want Sagar. This hope only will bring you back to your loved ones. Supriya asks her who she is talking to.

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Chaturvedi family comes to court. The women are protesting there as well against Sagar and Chaturvedi Family. The ladies surround them. Sagar also comes with police. All of them are taken inside safely by police.

Janvi’s parents are talking to their lawyer when Chatruvedi family comes in. All of them look uncomfortably at one another. Ganga calls Pulkit. He has no news of Palash or Mehri. He agrees to call her as soon he gets some info. Has the hearing begun? She shares that it will start as soon as judge will come. We don’t have a judge. How can Palash Sir disappear on the last day of hearing? What will happen now? Sagar comes and stands in the witness box. Judge takes his seat. He asks for both the lawyers. Sabharwal gives his intro before him. Judge asks for Sagar’s lawyer. Otherwise the decision will go against him in the absence of his lawyer. This court cannot delay the decision anymore. Niru walks in surprising everyone. I am Sagar’s lawyer. Sabharwal gets tensed. I couldn’t do it as a judge so I resigned. I am a lawyer yet again. He presents the papers to judge. Sagar has signed them. I am his lawyer now. Judge checks the papers and then starts the proceeding. Ganga wipes her tears.

Sabharwal presents his side of the story blaming Sagar for killing Janvi. Chaturvedi family is rich yet they demanded dowry from Janvi and her family. It dint stop even after marriage. Niru tells Ganga they have enough proofs like Janvi’s phone call record, the money transfer from Sagar’s account and the fingerprints on the syringe which doesn’t belong to Sagar. We only need a witness. If Mehri comes then we will surely win. I will manage things here somehow. I will try to get another date. If you are able to bring Mehri till then, then it will be good. We have to stop judge from delivering a verdict today. I will try to engage him for 2 hours. Go and bring Mehri till then. She nods.

Outside, Ganga speaks to Pulkit. The hearing has started. If we don’t bring Mehri Didi in two hours then everything will be finished. Pulkit says Palash’s house is still locked. I couldn’t even reach Palash’s mom. She tells him to find Mehri from anywhere. She says we checked everywhere. She reasons that someone might have seen her going out or something. I will go and ask in my locality. He thinks to go to her home in Banaras to find some clue. They end the call. Ganga is waiting for rickshaw when a kid gives a letter to Ganga from Palash’s side. He asks her to come to meet him at some specific place. Ganga is confused. Why is Sir calling me here?

Niru speaks in court about all the clues he has. He points out that there was some third person in the room as well. NIru and Sabharwal counter question one another. Judge asks Niru if he wants to present some other proof or witness. Niru agrees. My witness will take some time to reach here. Judge gives him time till lunch.

Ganga requests Niru to get another date for hearing somehow. I am going to bring Mehri Didi but I don’t know how much time it will take. Just postpone the date somehow. I will find them and just come. Sagar and Niru ask her about it but she doesn’t tell anything to them. Sagar tells Ganga against it. I don’t feel it right. Where are you going? She replies that she cannot sit peacefully as his life is in danger. Don’t worry. I will be fine. She boards an auto and reaches the said location. She walks inside a house and calls out for Palash. She hears a sound and looks into a room only to find Mehri kept there. She is unconscious and tied to a chair. Ganga shakes her face. Wake up, Mehri Didi. Palash closes the door from inside. Ganga looks at him.

Palash tells Ganga it is no use freeing Mehri. She is inebriated. She wont be able to stand even, forget about running. Ganga gets concerned for her. Who turned her like this? He calls her beautiful. I liked you the moment I saw you. I liked your simplicity, your innocence. They got me towards you. She asks him what has happened to him. What are you saying? He says this is your problem. You never thought what I will feel like. Can you not see love in my eyes? Dint you see it ever? I did so much to get you. I did everything for the first time in life to get you. I accept that my way is wrong but you dint leave any other option for me. I don’t regret anything. I gave everything for the girl I loved. You dint see anything as Sagar is in your head. Do you know what he did? He tried to bring me close to you till Janvi was alive. Now that she is no more, he wants you. He wants to come between us, and separate us. We cannot come close till Sagar is there. He has to stay in jail so we can become one. Ganga looks at him in shock. Palash takes Ganga in another room. He has made all the preps for their marriage. I want to marry you today itself. Ganga frees her hand from his grip. How dare you think like this about me? you are mad. I was mad to not trust Sagar. He told me not to trust you. Palash nods. I mad because you all made me mad. What else Sagar gave you other than unhappiness? He has ruined janvi’s life. I wont let him ruin your life. I have gone really ahead in this race. I cannot accept defeat now. I understand fights in love. I will make you agree. She frees her hands from his clutches. He tells her to think through. I will free Mehri if you agree to marry me. She will give her statement. You will try all your life but wont find Mehri anywhere otherwise. I can even kill her. Sagar will be in jail all his life then. What do you want – our marriage or Sagar’s destruction? The choice is yours!

Sagar gives bridal dress to Ganga. Do you recall this dress? My mother bought it for you with so much love. She wanted to see you dressed as a bride. Go and get ready. Don’t act smart. Don’t make me do anything which I don’t want to. She heads to the other room.

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Everyone waits for Ganga at court. Judge says more than an hour has passed. Where is your witness? Sabharwal says he is only wasting court’s time. He has neither any proof nor any witness. I request you to give a verdict. Chaturvedi family gets tensed.

In the room, Ganga thinks of Palash’s words. She notices a slightly open window. She opens it completely and notices a car passing by from there. She waves at the car shouting for help but in vain.

Niru requests for more time as the witness is coming from far. It will be good to wait a little more rather than hurrying up. Judge tells Niru to get his witness till 5pm. If the witness is here then it is ok or I will have to announce my decision. Niru nods. I hope Ganga reaches court with Mehri by 5 pm somehow.

Ganga waves the bridal dress outside the window and calls for help. Palash is ready. He asks Ganga to come out. I am ready. She takes the dress back. He knocks at the door asking her to come out.

Pulkit tries Ganga’s number but is unable to reach her. Sagar is tensed. Niru says she dint tell anything before leaving or you could have gone to pick her. Sagar says you should have gone with her. Pulkit has no idea where she went. Sagar hopes she is not in any problem.

Palash tells Ganga to hurry up. I want to see you dressed as a bride. Everything is ready. I am waiting for you only. She is only quiet. He asks her to reply or he will break the door. She asks for 2 minutes. He agrees. Ganga notices her phone. She types a message for Pulkit but there is signal issue. She is unable to send it. She goes near window but in vain. Everyone must be waiting for me in court. Palash is back outside the door. Come out now. Your time is up. How much time do you need? He begins to hit at the door trying to open it.

Only 20 minutes are left. Why isn’t she here? We wont be able to do anything if she isn’t back. Pulkit says we don’t know anything. Where will we look for her this way? Madhvi worries for Sagar. Police takes Sagar inside. Madhvi goes after him crying for him. Amma ji calls that Baba. I did everything that you asked me to do but what’s happening. Court is going to announce a decision in next 20 minutes. he speaks of another havan for which he had called her. She says my son does not believe in it. He says it is bound to happen then. God is upset with your grandson. It wont get right if you don’t do this havan. Come right away if you want good for our grandson. She cannot come now, she says. He tells her to try finding a solution by coming here. She agrees finally. He tells her to bring some stuff on her way.

Madhvi tells Sagar not to worry. We will save you. You will be home soon. She gets upset with Niru but Sagar assures her nothing will happen. He is worried for Ganga. Did you have a word with her? Madhvi wonders what will happen if she isn’t back. Sagar calls her stubborn. She never listens to anyone. I don’t trust Palash at all. He is nowhere to be seen. Ganga could have called or sent any of you a message.

Ganga’s phone gets network because of which the message is sent. Palash manages to break open the door.

Pulkit’s phone beeps. It is Ganga’s message. Sagar reads the message. Sagar has been right. Palash Sir has gone mad. He is really dangerous. He has held Mehri captive as well. I am here at Haveli No. 4 on the highway between Banaras and Badhoi. Please free us from here. He is shocked to read it.

Palash looks at the dress lying on floor. Maybe you don’t understand the language of love. Come with me. He pulls her with him forcibly while she tries to free herself.

Sagar says Ganga is in danger. Palash can do anything. We have to save her. Niru shows the message to Inspector who agrees to send the team. Sagar wants to go as he knows the location well but Niru and Inspector tell him against it. Sagar says I understand the logic. I need bail only for a day if she isn’t back by 5pm. I can help you. Sagar is taken away. Pulkit goes with Inspector.

Ganga shouts for help. Palash says no one will hear you. I have given you enough time but not anymore. She says I am Sagar’s and will only be his. She pushes him and runs inside. Palash tries looking for her.

Police and Pulkit stop by to ask a local vendor about the haveli. One of Palash’s goons sees them. They enquire about Ganga.

Ganga runs in the haveli to avoid Palash.

The vendor says the haveli is 5 kms back from here. Police and Pulkit leave. Palash’s goon tells the guy that maybe Ganga sent a sms. You take care of the situation here. I will call Palash Sir. Palash gets the goon’s call. He shouts after Ganga. You called Pulkit and Police here? I will see how you take Mehri from here. He goes to other side.

Sagar looks at the black thread in his hand (tied by Ganga). It has come off. Are you fine Ganga? I am upset with myself for being helpless. I cannot be with you in this situation.

It is 5 pm. Judge asks for witness from Niru. Sabharwal says they don’t have anything. I request you to give your decision. Niru says a girl’s life is in risk. Waiting a little more for justice wont harm anyone. Sabharwal asks for justice for Janvi’s parents. Niru tells that Ganga is in some danger. She is taking time to reach here. I request for another date. Sagar asks him to ask for a day’s parole instead. I don’t care about the decision. NIru does not agree with him but Sagar requests him again. I have to find Ganga.

Ganga frees Mehri. They both begin to go but Palash enters in the room just then. Mehri looks at him in shock.


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