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Gangaa 11 May 2020 Zee world: On Gangaa Monday 11 May 2020 update, I wont have to wear small frocks. Is it fine now? Amma ji wonders if the girls wear saree. Ganga shakes her head.

They wear a suit. Everything from top to toe is white. Everything happened as per your wish. Can I go now? Will you stop me? Niru tells Madhvi that he was right. She has found a way for herself. I am very happy as its all happening as per Amma ji’s plan. Niru agrees. Amma ji wont stop you now. the only problem was of the dress. You have solved it. Why would Amma ji mind it now? Ganga starts clapping. I knew that everything will be fine. Amma ji wont get angry and my work will be done. She thanks Sagar. You searched for that school for me. Yash is glad that she is atleast not studying in his school. Prabha as usual adds fire in Amma ji’s mind. Madhvi appreciates Ganga for her zeal to study. She asks Amma ji if Ganga can go to school now. Amma ji thinks ow easily Ganga foiled her plans. Now I cannot change my words. I am not her enemy. Why would I mind it if the kids there wear white clothes! Prabha adds that they will have to pay her fees too. There will be expenses. Ganga explains that there is nothing to worry. Girls study there for free till 8th. No one has to pay anything. It will be free of cost. It is so good Amma ji that I wont have to take a single penny from you and I will study. She nods and goes inside. Niru blesses Ganga. Madhvi asks about her new school. Ganga tells them everything. Omkar thinks that Ganga’s biggest asset is her self confidence. I will have to create a fear in her mind so she breaks.

Amma ji thinks of Ganga’s words. Prabha comes there. She knows that Amma ji is disturbed and smiles. She pretends to be her well wisher. Why are you upset? Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Amma ji doesn’t like her coming here and tells her straight away. Leave me alone. Prabha walks out happily.

Niru is thinking about what he had said to Omkar. Madhvi notices him sitting quietly. She talks to him about the school Ganga has chosen. She too will go to school now. She knows that he is thinking about Omkar. Niru agrees that they cannot blindly trust what Omkar jija ji had said but we don’t know the complete truth. How do we find out about it? We cannot even talk openly to anyone. We will have to trust Omkar jija ji for now. We cannot do anything else. I will have to keep an eye on him though. Amma ji should not find out about this. Madhvi nods. She must not find out about this. Prabha overhears this and is curious. I had seen Niru, Madhvi and Omkar ji talking. They all looked tensed afterwards.

Omkar is sure Ganga would have told Madhvi about the incident at the temple. Madhvi would have in turn told Niru and he questioned me. Ganga is the reason behind all this! Niru lost his trust in me. It wont be easier next time for him to trust me. He is a lawyer after all. He listens to everything that that stranger girl says. He wont listen to me. You (Ganga) are very excited about going to school but I will ruin your happiness. I will have to find out a solution for this problem names Ganga. He calls someone. You have to teach a lesson to a girl named Ganga. You will have to do it quick and pretty soon. he ends the call. I will gain Niru’s trust once again once this Ganga is out of my way.

Prabha tells Amma ji what little she had heard in Niru’s room. They are surely hiding a big secret from you. Your SIL is also upset. You must ask them about it. Niru and Madhvi come there. She asks him if he wants to tell her anything. Niru decides not to share anything till he finds out the complete trust. Amma ji takes Prabha’s name. She told me that you were talking about something regarding Omkar and were trying to hide it from me. Niru looks pointedly at Prabha. She panics and tries to explain her stance. Niru remarks that those who are interested in eavesdropping can never figure out things correctly. He turns to Amma ji. I will not hide anything from you if it is worth sharing. He lies to Amma ji. Prabha senses that he is hiding the main issue. Niru knows how much she trusts Omkar and loves him. I will have to come to a conclusion asap so you don’t get hurt. Madhvi tells Prabha not to do something like this again. I don’t want problems in the house because of small things.

Sagar is looking for his ball. Ganga gives it to him. You will only find your things if you will keep them properly. It was in your room. He knows how happy she will be to go to school. She nods. You only helped me in finding the school. I wouldn’t have been able to go to school because of the colourful uniform otherwise. You are very good even though you fight with me. it is good that I came to Banaras from my town or I couldn’t have met a friend like you. He is surprised that she is not angry with him anymore. She reasons that he is the one who keeps on fighting at her. I never say that you aren’t my friend. You are my friend and will always be my friend. This is a very special friendship and I wont let it break ever come what may! Yash joins them. He keeps his hand on Sagar’s shoulder. He then thanks Sagar too for finding another school for Ganga. She wont study in our school Sagar puts his hand down. It isn’t like our school but it is good. She studied and worked so hard which is why she is getting to study. Talk to her with respect. Yash points out that she will study in Hindi Medium school. Ganga retorts that he too is talking in Hindi. So many big people / leaders had studied Hindi only. Sagar is amazed at her knowledge. Yash asks Sagar to play cricket. Sagar gives the ball to Ganga. You haven’t bowled for me in a while. Yash is irked.

Sagar bats while Ganga bowls. Omkar notices them playing together. This is the time to get her out of my way! He calls someone. You wont find a better opportunity than this. He smirks looking at Ganga. You want to study, right? Go ahead and take admission now!

Pulkit is talking to someone on phone (his girlfriend). He is eagerly waiting for her to return from Dehradun. Niru asks him who he is waiting for. Pulkit get tensed. It was Sunny. He is my school friend. He is not in town so I was asking him when he will come back. Niru reminds him of the phone limit. You will have to use your pocket money if the bill is higher than what we had decided upon. Pulkit nods. Niru advises him to be a little careful while standing that ways in the balcony. You may fall. Pulkit sighs in relief only when his father leaves from there.

Sagar hits a six. Ganga asks Yash to bring the ball but he in turn tells her to get it. You were bowling. Ganga goes to look for the ball. She reaches an isolated spot. Omkar’s men reach there. They kidnap her. Sagar gets worried for Ganga when she doesn’t respond or come back. He goes to look for her. He notices two men taking her away in a van. He runs after the van but loses up. He runs back to home.

Niru has brought uniform for Ganga. Amma ji is all quiet. Atleast it is white. Niru nods. Everything is white. She is very smart. She has found such a school for her so you don’t get a chance to point out at any fault. He tells Madhvi to pack her dress. We will surprise her. Prabha wonders where she is after all. Babli tells that she has gone to play cricket with Sagar and Yash. Amma ji is irked. She has gone out to play with the boys. When will she learn to do things in a proper way! Niru is sure she doesn’t have to worry about Ganga. She is a brave girl. She can take care of herself. Sagar enters. He tells everyone what he just saw. Omkar gets tensed while everyone else is in for a shock. I tried to catch them but they drove off in their car. They were taking her forcefully. Niru deduces that Ganga has been kidnapped by someone. Niru gets a call. He goes aside to talk to the caller. Prabha wonders who will kidnap Ganga and why. She doesn’t have a dad who will pay ransom money for her! Are they going to kill her? Madhvi tells her not to speak rubbish. Hope Ganga is fine. Sagar gets worried for Ganga. Niru ends the call rather hastily and comforts his son. Take me to that place from where they took Ganga. Sagar goes with Niru followed by Yash, Madhvi, Pulkit and Maharaj ji. Amma ji is worried as their troubles are not going to come to an end anytime soon. Omkar hopes that it will be good if they don’t find out about that girl at all. I will be caught if those goons are caught. I have to be sympathetic right now so no one doubts me. He too goes after them.

Yash shows them the place where Ganga had come to pick the ball. Omkar joins them. Niru can see no clue around which can help them in tracking Ganga. He asks Sagar which car they took Ganga in. Sagar is under mental stress but recalls that it was a blue colour car. Niru asks him about the number of people, their clothes. Madhvi can see his condition but Niru points out that only Sagar has seen them. He only can help us in saving Ganga. Sagar says there were two people. The car was there. He faints as he takes Ganga’s name. Pulkit holds him. Sagar asks his father if they will kill Ganga. Niru denies. Tell me everything from the start. Omkar requests him not to pressurize Sagar too much. His condition isn’t good. Niru sends Sagar with Madhvi. Call Dr. Das. I have to find Ganga. I have to inform about this kidnapping to police or Ganga can get into trouble. He calls Raghav ji. Reach police station asap. Omkar offers to come along with him.

Amma ji is pacing anxiously. Prabha tells her to calm down. That girl wont return this way. One should not help anyone in today’s times. You showed pity on that girl and brought her home but there have been so many problems in the house since she has come here. What will you do if the goons kill her? That girl will ruin you and this house! Madhvi, Pulkit and Maharaj ji bring Sagar home. Pulkit goes to bring doc. Amma ji and Madhvi keep rubbing Sagar’s hands but he is still unconscious. Everyone is worried especially Amma ji. Madhvi tells her that he was already worried for Ganga. He (Niru) asked a few questions about the incident and he passed out. Prabha blames Ganga for Sagar’s condition. Sagar gains conscious. He keeps asking for Ganga. Will she die? Madhvi assures him that she will be fine. He refuses to drink water also. Will they kill Ganga? Prabha yet again blames Ganga. Sagar is in shock because of her. Anything can happen to a person when he is in shock. Amma ji tells her to shut up if she cannot say anything good. She comforts Sagar. Sagar continuously asks for Ganga.

Omkar’s men have left Ganga in a brothel. They have locked her in a room. She wakes up and looks around the room. Which place is this? She bangs at the door asking for help but in vain. I was playing cricket with Sagar. How did I come here? Who brought me here?

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