Gangaa Tuesday 13 October 2020 Zee world Written Update: Sagar asks Janvi if she is with him in this mission. She nods. Pulkit tells his brother he is proud of him.

Janvi tells Sahil she does not care about Ganga. I am staying back only for Sagar. He tells her to open her eyes. You can try to avoid it but in vain. She says I have never learnt how to lose. He again tries to make her understand. You are only wasting your life and career by staying there. She ends the call saying it is her life and her call. She calls Sagar next. I want to meet Ganga.

Janvi tells Ganga she wont leave for London till she gets justice. I am sorry for mistaking you like others but I am sorry. I am ready to help you now. Ganga is confused as well as surprised by her words. Sagar says it is good that there is another person to help you. Pulkit says I am also with you guys. He talks about the video that Supriya sent to him. you can prove it in court that the videow as morphed. Sagar says that video will be of great help. We need to find that camera too from which Yash shot the video. Janvi thinks that she will be caught if Sagar finds the camera. He will recognize that its mine. I should talk to Yash right away. Sagar says we will get Yash arrested today so he gets no time in hiding the camera. Janvi is all the more worried. I will call Yash right away. Sagar asks Janvi if she will come with them. She stands there quietly. This is the first step in our fight for justice. Are you ready? All of them keep their hands on top of each other. Janvi is in a fix. I don’t have time to talk to Yash.

Sagar, Janvi and Ganga are on their way to Yash’s house in police jeep. Janvi thinks everything will be finished if Yash takes her name. She sends a message to Yash. I want to meet you right now. Come in the backside of your house.

Sagar, Janvi, Ganga reach Yash’s house with police. Yash tells Ganga not to be scared. I am with you. Janvi excuses herself on the pretext of talking to her father.

Yash tells Janvi she will be caught if he is in jail. I wont spend my life in jail because of you. She requests him not to do so. Destroy the camera and chip. They wont find any clue against you then. I will pay you a hefty amount. They hear Prabha saying that Yash dint do anything.

Prabha rebukes Sagar for trusting Ganga more than Yash. Inspector asks for Yash who enters just then. He asks why police is here. Prabha shares that his brother brought it to get him arrested. Janvi notices Yash staring at her. if he tells my name then Sagar will never trust me again. Inspector tells Yash to come with them. Yash says Ganga is trying to trap me. Sagar says your game is up. Now you and your allies will be behind the bars. Prabha begs the Inspector to free her son but he tells her that the case will be in court tomorrow. Prabha tells Yash she will hire the best lawyer. Janvi is relieved that Yash did not take her name.

Prabha pours kerosene over herself right outside Chaturvedi House. She creates a fuss before all the neighbours. Sagar and Ganga sent my son to jail. You will all have to repay for my son going through hell. She pulls up a match stick when ratan comes there on time. He says her love has spoiled Yash. I will take her to court tomorrow and all truth will be out. if he is indeed the culprit then I will get him punished. Prabha speaks against it. These people have trapped him. My son hasn’t done anything. Why don’t you trust him? He takes her with him. All the spectators leave. Madhvi thinks their relations and respect is on stake because of Ganga today. Why did you enter in our house!

Ganga is doing puja. Sagar comes there dressed in his lawyer attire. He says Tulsi’s piousness will win today. he takes aarti from her. She goes inside without saying anything. Sagar calls someone.

Amma ji is doing puja. Niru comes to her room. Sagar is on call. It is his first case. He needs your blessings. Amma ji takes the phone from him and talks to Sagar. He says I am going to fight my first case today. bless me that I am successful in making truth win. She half heartedly blesses him.

Sagar is outside the courtroom. Pulkit and Ganga come there. Ganga gives him Prasad. May God be with you and truth. Pulkit has full trust in his brother. All the best. Sagar thanks him. Niru says my son cannot lose. Are you ready? Sagar nods. A lawyer congratulates Niru. You son has come in the court as a lawyer for the first time. Niru thanks him. Niru suggests Sagar to fight using his brain. One shouldn’t be swayed by emotions but present his ideas with logic.

The court hearing starts. Sagar presents his case (with video morphing). The other lawyer (Mr. Pathak) asks for proof. Niru thinks he was right that Mr. Pathak will try to instigate Sagar. He will have to be patient and use logic. Mr. Pathak speaks of a proof which will prove that Ganga is characterless. Sagar shouts at him to shut up. The judge warns Sagar. Sagar tells about Yash trying to molest Ganga previously as well. He shouldn’t be given bail as such people can be a threat to the society. Mr. Pathak asks him how he knows of this incident. Sagar is about to reply but Mr. Pathak interrupts him. did you see it or hear it? Sagar says I reached there on time. Mr. Pathak points out that he saved Ganga. Do you have any other witness? Sagar says I was there. Mr. Pathak says being Ganga’s lawyer, you will be on her side only. Do you have any proof or witness? Janvi is relieved to think that YAsh will be out on bail soon. Sagar says people do such things when no one is around. Mr. Pathak deduces that Sagar has no proof. YAsh is a simple guy with no such background. Why does Sagar want him to be in jail when he has no proof? Sagar talks about technology while Mr. Pathak still insists for a valid proof. Let us not waste time. Maybe he did not learn it in foreign that you don’t present a case with half and weak proofs. Niru too thinks he is saying right. Mr. Pathak requests the judge to give bail to Yash. Nothing has been proved against him so far. Sagar speaks against it. He is a culprit. Judge says you neither have a proof nor logic to prove him wrong. He allows for the bail. Sagar looks at Ganga.

sagar depressed in the court as yash got bail… niru tells him not to lose hope.. sagar walks away upset

yash and prabha outside.. prabha happy cos he got bail… yash says sagar cant put me in jail.. sagar comes then and says the case is not over.. i will prove that u did everything.. yash tries to be sweet sweet .. sagar says ur entire life will be in jail and i will make sure that.. prabha starts bad mouthing gangaa.. then she says go get proof first then blame my son… sagar keeps shouting at yash and almost going to hit him… niru comes and stops him and asks him to come to his cabin immediately

sagar starts complaining that other lawyer was wrong in supporting yash and bad mouthing gangaa … niru says it dint seem like a lawyer fighting his case.. it seemed like u were fighting for ur friend… even if i was judge i would have bailed yash cos u were not prepared nor had any proof… u need to fight d case smartly not like this… sagar understands..

janvi meets yash and asks him to destroy the camera asap.. and promises money for it.. yash holds her hand and asks what will sagar ganga do next in d case.. janvi thinks she needs to handle yash smartly.. and promises him to keep him updated.. just then ganga comes but yash is gone by then.. janvi tries to ask gangaa whats d next plan.. but he doesnt say anything.. she tries asking gangaa but she also goes away

sagar and gangaa come with cops to search yash house.. prabha starts ranting.. anyways dey still search while prabha doesnt allow them to.. anyways prabha husband comes and tells them to search as they have a warrant.. prabha on and on blaming gangaa.. she says gangaa made sagar enemy of his own cousin brother.. sagar says to help gangaa i can make the whole world my enemy.. gangaa goes …
prabha called yash and told him that they r searching proof… so yash says let them search… dey wont get anything.. he had d camera with him.. he thinks why to destroy it.. better sell it.. he is trying to sell in d shop.. one foriegner comes and asks for a camera.. so yash tries to fool him and sold it to him.. he says he will delete some things but the camera battery gets over so he is unable to delete it…

yash anyways says this is some random guy he will leave india soon… sagar wont get it anyways so big deal.. SaGa r walking on the streets and ppl are taking shiva idol for mahashivratri and dancing around it… gangaa thinks why does god not help us..

that foreigner is taking video there.. they bumo into him.. he asks so beautiful country ..whats happening here.. and gangaa says mahashivratri.. he requests them to make a video.. sagar says no we need to go… they leave.. gangaa says whats there in taking a small video.. we shouldnt have said no.. so sagar starts recording it.. suddenly sagar realises that he knows d camera… he says this camera i had gifted janvi.. and J is written on this.. i had engraved on this… sagar asks who gave him this … sagar shows him yash pic and that man says yes.. sagar searches d camera and finds d mms and also her and pulkit video… den suddenly sagar realised that it is janvi’s camera.. then he thought if janvi is also involved with yash..

sagar came home.. shouting out janvi.. all r like what happened… janvi came down and asked what happened.. sagar showed her d camera and asked her if he remembers it.. sagar tells her this same camera was used to make gangaa camera.. janvi us …


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