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Location: On the road
Krishna goes and asks sagar whats the matter and why isnt he talking to her. he doesnt respond. she asks if he fought with her mother, and when he complies, she asks him to talk to her atleast, as they are friends atleast.

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when she continues to irritate him, he says that she doesnt have any idea, how much she is like her mother. krishna starts pointing out the dissimilarities between her and her mother and tells about the promise that ganga made. she got it fulfilled too. he bends on his knees, and says that when her mother doesnt want them to be talking, then they shouldnt. but she says that she has decided that she wants to be friends with him. he asks her to listen to her mother, as they shouldnt talk, if she doesnt want, and as it is, he shall go to London, away from her and her mother. Krishna continues to badger him on, and says that she too wishes to go with him, to London. He asks whats gotten into her and whats wrong and that she isnt that special to him, as they are very newly related, that he takes her to london. he asks her if she even realises what pain it takes to settle in London, as he has worked hard and studied for years to be able to establish himself there and that neither her nor her mother have the calibre or the talent to ever be able to make it to London. he asks her to stop seeing dreams of london, and continue studying, and stop this emotional rant, and do something fruitful in life, if she wants to geat ahead. he vents out his entire frustration at her, and leaves. she is stunned to receive such a treatment from him. she breaks down into tears. As she rushes back home, krishna is in uncontrollable tears, as she remembers his barbed words. ganga finds her and asks her whats the matter. she rushes from there and is distressed, and starts throwing things on the floor. ganga is apalled and comes and asks whats the matter. krishna narrates everything, and cites that he is very bad and an egoist. ganga is distraught and makes her assured that he shall have to apologise, when she makes him realise his mistake. but krishna says that she merely wants to be with him as she clutches at her tightly and hugs her. Ganga thinks that he has crossed all limits today, and he wouldnt ever gain that kind of respect from her again. Later at night, ganga continues to assure and advise her not to feel bad because of him. krishna vehemently assures that she wouldnt go to him, and that she was right but she didnt realise it then, and says that she was right in calling it off with sagar, as he is like that. she says that he thinks she befriended him for wanting to go to london, and that she doesnt need his money too. ganga says that they shall manage on their own. but krishna vehemently assures that she doesnt want to go to london, as she doesnt have a point to prove to anybody. Krishna says that she doesnt wish to go anywhere. ganga gets emotional and asks her to come along. krishna asks where is she going. ganga gets a vessel of water, and then distracts krishna by talking about something her father did to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, sagar stops at an idol by the lord, and apologises for hurting a small child, as he knows she isnt at fault, but she is her mother’s daughter, and thats what she got punished for. he talks about how hurt he himself is, but he couldnt do anything else, as in between their fight, she was being sandwiched.

When kashish returtns late at night, she finds ganga standing tensedly, and then asks how is krishna. she says that she fine and that the fever has gone down
ganga asks point blank if she was busy in work or with pulkit. kashish stands stunned. ganga confronts her. kashish accepts it, and says that love just happened, and ganga asks her not to get so filmy, and asks her to think atleast, as supriya isnt at fault. she is overwhelmed wondering how is it possible, that pulkit made a mistake like that. Kashish says that this is a mistake, and wants to rectify it, and hence he is planning to divorce her. ganga gets enraged and slaps her tight across her face.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
while all surround, pulkit is boggled as to whats wrong. supriya breaks it out to him, and he is shocked. all eye him tensedly. he denies saying that they are merely friends. ammaji and others show him the video then, and pulkit is aghast. now they confront him whats going on, and if he wishes to leave supriya for that girl. they all reprimand him, for his callous and heinous behaviour towards supriya. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Location: Ammaji’s residence and Ganga’s residence
Pulkit responds back that madhavi and niru have a different story, and that supriya shall go through the same pain too. he then clarifies as to how the child shouldnt be made a bone of contention. he says that he accepted his fate but she went into depression, and distanced herself, and he got lonely. he tries to clarify, but she gives him the blame, and then points out both their faults.

Meanwhile, Kashish too explains the same as to how she just wanted to help him, through his maritsl crisis, and never knew when they started loving each other, and werent able to spend a second apart. ganga wonders how could she go oblivious without understanding whats going on. she asks her to forget him, but kashish says that she cant as she loves him. ganga says that it doesnt make sense, as she would get nothing out of it, and wonders why didnt pulkit solve the problem with supriya, and he bitterly disappointed everyone. she tells kashish that pulkit used her, to get out of the loneliness, and that he wouldnt ever leave his wife, as she knows the family. she asks why should she believe her, as she teaches everyone about ethics, as she loves sagar even after he got married, then how can she be wrong. ganga says that she did love him, after he married, but never got him close, and that she always wanted him to be happy with jhanvi. kashish says that she isnt noble like her, and that she wants him, and wont share him. she dials pulkit’s number, but he continues cancelling seeing the tension amounting. she dials again but he doesnt pick up. when he doesnt, ammaji asks him to pick up and talk. kashish asks her not to look sympathetic towards her, as she shall go and get pulkit, and he shall answer her questions. she rushes out crying. ganga goes after her, but she outruns her. madhavi asks him to speak up, while he is at a loss of an answer. supriya speaks up saying that since he isnt happy, he can take whatever decision he wants. madhavi asks him to speak up. zoya hopes that the family breaks so that she can rule. just then, kashis comes and pulkit is at a loss of an answer. ammaji reprimands her galore and then all are tensed, while kashish asks pulkit to speak up. Ammaji takes kashish by the hand and drives her out. she throws her, and she directly lands into ganga’s arms, who rushes to save her. she compliments ammaji that once again, she was throwing another girl out today. as she directs insults at her, saagar comes at defence. a verbal duel follows. sagar reminds her not to talk like this, as she isnt related to this family. ganga retorts back saying that kashish is her family and she wont stand anytalking to her like that. kashish is distraught, as she finds pulkit standing there watching helplessly the entire scene. tension amounts.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga apologises to krishna, and then says that they all are each other’s strengths and if they are together, then nothing can stop them, as raahat used to say. krishna reminds that she is hungry and ganga leaves to get food. kashish is tensed. later, they get to filling up the passport forms, when kashish comes with milk. kashish says that she doesnt want to go to the hospital today. ganga gets stuck at the father’s name column, and says that it wont get ahead until the column is filled. krishna gets an idea and types in something, which gets it accepted and they get an appointment for tomorrow. krishna is happy.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
Seeing pulkit tensed, as he remembers what kashish told, supriya says that she knows its her fault, as she distanced herself from him, and he had to find happiness outside. he says that they both are to be blamed, but in their mistake, kashish got sandwiched. she understands but says that it pains when her name is mentioned. they both are tensed. MEanwhile, outside, madhavi comes out to meet sagar, who sits blankly. she tells that she wont leave till everything is okay between pulkit and supriya. he is shocked and surprised. she tries to make him understand that she is the mother and cant turn away from their problems, and asks him to understand. he says that he is tensed too and wonders what to do, to get them close.

The next morning, sagar suggests to ammaji, that if they wish to get the couple together, they need to get a baby. zoya reminds that supriya cant become a mother. ammaji asks how. sagar says that they can adopt a child. zoya is stunned, and ammaji asks how can she allows someone else’s child in her family. zoya thinks that this shouldnt be, as she cant lose out on niru’s property. madhavi asks if its a sure shot, as the child shall be someone else’s. he tries to make them see, that they both shall adopt the child happily, and they shall be happy once again. niru comes and says that this is right, and it didnt come to his mind, or else he would have adopted it long back, but its good sagar thought of it. all are tensed.

As madhavi and sagar suggest the adoption option to suoriya and pulkit, he immediately gets enraged, and says that there is nothing left in the relationship to be salcvaged now. pulkit says that he might have stayed speechless, in front of ganga and kashish, but it doesnt change anything, that he and supriya are finished, and he cant betray kashish like that. he says that they are mistaken that a child shall save their relation and that noone can solve anything. he leaves. she says that she realises her mistake, as she kept regretting what she didnt have, and forgot what she did, and realised it now. madhavi asks her to not talk like this, and atleast consider this as an option. supriya says that she cant take this decision herself, without him, and she doesnt accept it at all, and she shall salvage everything at any cost. sagar says that she knows what needs to be done, and asks for madhavi’s support and she complies readily.

Location: Passport Office
Krishna vehemently assures that ganga acts as both her parents while the officer explains as to how father’s name is necessary, and they need it, or else the form shall not be accepted. ganga asks why not, and why is a father’s nem necessary. he cites the rules, and asks her to get the father’s name with documentation. krishna says that ganga isnt lying. he tells her that her mother has lied to her. she eyes ganga, as he says that she is hiding something from her, and doesnt want to disclose the father’s name. krishna asks her if this is the truth, and if she is hiding anything. ganga is stunned. he points that she isnt responding and asks ganga to tell on. ganga asks him not to take care of krishna, as he doesnt have any right, as he is a government servant, and still behaving like this. she reprimands him, while all gather. people ask whats the matter. when they get to know, all start smirking, at the loss of the father’s name. ganga stands up and asks why do they all laugh, and act surprised, as she isnt wrong, and their mentality is, and asks if they would have asked the mother’s name. she points out the double standards of the society citing her reference. she says that she doesnt wish to get a passport for her daughter from narrow minded people like him.

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Outside, Ganga is overwhelmed to see that krishna has the fullest faith on her and discards him and his objections altogether. but she is boggled as to why he talked like this. ganga says that not everyone realises the special relation that they share. she explains to krishna, about a certain prayer, which proclaims one person being everything to you. as she explains it all, krishna listens intently, while ganga asks her to forever maintain her faith on her, as they are connected from the heart. krishna happily hugs her, while ganga is tensed. she hears the temple bells chanting, and rushes while ganga asks her to go ahead while she attends a call. krishna goes to pray to the lord. she thanks the lord for such a special mother like ganga, and that its good that she has a mother and is sufficient. Later, she asks the priest about the prayer that he recited. while doing so, Krishna is told by the priest, that he doesnt know why her mother talks like this, but it isnt true. he explains that, to be born in this world, one needs both a father and a amother. krishna is shocked. he goes onto tell that the father may have separated himself, or might have been dead, but under no circumstances, anyone comes in the world, without a father and with only a mother. she is aghast as she hears this. The screen freezes on her boggled face.

Location: Temple
Krishna is boggled after what the priest says, and gets frustrated when she isnt able to clarify with ganga, who is busy on the call. she says that she shall will talk later.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
sagar and madhvi make a plan of getting supriya and pulkit to an orphanage unawares and let things go on from there. they hook up individually with supriya and pulkit, on the pretext of some shopping they confirm to each other when their target agrees. they both move out.

Location: Orphanage
As supriya arrives with madhavi, she understands whats going on. supriya asks whats the use, as pulkit wont agree. madhavi asks her to come along and let destiny take its course. Meanwhile, the lady warden is happy at their decision. supriya’s eyes stick on a girl sitting in one corner, making a painting, and tries to initiate a conversaion with her, and helps her in her kite making, while she looks on tensedly. she happily banters with her, and then they get to flying it together. the girl is super pleased. as madhavi comes out with the warden, she finds supriya with the girl. they both eye her bonding. meanwhile, sagar arrive swith pulkit, who gets furious at first, but after sagar’s coaxing and witnessing the love of supriya with the girl, he finally melts, and decides to give each other another chance. supriya is overwhelmed. madhavi and sagar smile through tears as they get emotional when the couple agrees to adopt the girl.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Kashish and ganga are unable to give time to her, and krishna continues to be restless with her dilemma. Later at night, when ganga comes and gets to know that krishna has dosed off, she talks to kashish about what happened earlier at the passport ofice. kashish again asks how long she plans to hide, but ganga is adamant. In the house, kashish asks ganga if they should tell krishna about her father. ganga says that she doesnt need to do anything like that, nor does she wish krishna to know about her father as she doesnt find it necessary and she wont ever tell her anything. they both turn around to find krishna confronting them, hurt, shocked and distraught. ganga is speechless. she continuously tries to assuage her, but krishna doesnt relent, demanding to know the name of the father. ganga is shocked to see such resilience. but kashish asks her to let be.

Location: ammaji’s residence
Supriya and pulkit get juhi, the young girl back, and everyone receives her with happiness. zoya sees this and refuses to accept, and decides to do something that makes her get out of the house. she goes and instigates ammaji, a soft target, about the little girl supriya and pulkit have brought, while she is busy praying. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
As pulkit and sagar discuss adoption formalities, juhi wanders around the house and reaches the puja ghar. zoya is busy explaining to ammaji about the wrong of adoption. zoya asks her to get out, as this isnt her house. ammaji fumes and mumbles. she then finds juhi and asks who is it. zoya explains everything. sagar comes and says that juhi has been adopted. ammaji is shocked. she asks him to explain everything. he explains why he and madhavi made them take this step. she isnt convinced, and then he takes her to stand outside pulkit’s room, along with zoya, and they find the couple happily bantering something that they hadnt seen for a long time. ammaji is convinced. zoya tries to instigate but fails. she leaves. sagar is amused.

Later sagar comes and asks madhavi to pack up, as they shall leave now that everything is settled here. madhavi tries to say about staying back for a few days, to help supirya cope with juhi. sagar is about to give in, when they find niranjan overhearing them, and then remembering, that he said they are guests here, they change their decision and decide to leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
ganga tries to feed food to her, but krishna doesnt open the door, and screams at her reprimanding her for the way she behaved, and then how could she keep her biggest truth and lie to her onface. she says that she would find out herself. outside, kashish tells her to relax, as she is enraged right now. she again picks up the topic of telling her that sagar is the father, but ganga is adamant and vehemently refuses it. The next morning, ganga finds the door still closed, and starts getting worried. inside, krishna surfs through everything to get a clue but doesnt find anything. then she overhears about some astrologer on the radio and rushes to go there. she leaves a note behind. Later, Ganga enters the room to find krishna noweher to be found, and then finds a letter from her, saying that she has gone in search of her father, and she would come back in the house, only when she returns with her father. she is shocked to read this. she starts trying everyone’s number, starting from kashish, totally dishevelled and distraught, who asks her to calm down. ganga is extremely upset. ganga continuously keeps trying everyone’s number, but in vain.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
While sagar is packing, madhavi sits tensedly. he senses she doesnt wish to leave. he asks whats keeping her back, as everyone they care for, are leaving with them, and then asks if she is still attached to niru. she gets tensed and he reminds her of what he did to her, and she starts helping him with his packing. she finds some of niru’s clothes mixed in sagar’s, and says that she shall come back having kept them in niru’s room. she leaves. he is tensed.

Location: Temple
Ganga rushes to the temple, and then vents out her sadness at lord krishna asking him to let her faith in him intact and bring back her krishna to her, as she has been named after her, and was even born on the same day. she says that her belief in him, now lies in his hands. she leaves. Later, while krishna prays to the lord, she is oblivious as sagar passes by in the cab, along with madhavi, both saddened to be leaving. the screen freezes on krishna’s face, as she desperately prays to find clues about her father.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
As madhavi goes into niru’s room, to keep his clothes, she gets confronted with him. after an emotional turbuelent eyegaze, he expresses as to how concerned he was and how he doesnt want them to go, and she complains that if it was so much so, then he should have atleast found once, sometime to find out about their well being. she eyes the pic of theirs on the floor, as it falls out of his hand, and they get emotionally overwhelmed. she is about to progress towards him, when sagar’s voice calling her to come soon, reaches, and she rushes out, leaving niru, distraught and apalled.

While sagar is getting things loaded in the cab, madhavi bids a rtearful farewell to ammaji, who asks if going is necessary. sagar says that it is. she turns to sagar and starts crying her heart out. he somehow manages to console her. pulkit and supriya take her blessings, while she blesses them to be happy always, like this. maharaj gets emotional too. madhavi asks them to come to london soon. then they turn to sagar, while madhavi asks ammaji to stop cryign, as she would come to them. she continues muttering asking them not to go. Madhavi eyes niru in the doorway, and thinks that he didnt stop her then, and today also he wishes to just watch and hopes that he doesnt continue his arrogance. he too thinks the same , and hopes that she stays back, as he cant lose her, since he feels lonely, and if she didnt think last time, she should this time around, and begs her to stay back for him and his family. she thinks that this time, he shall have to say soemthing, as he has been silent for the past 7 years. she thinks that he shall have to speak up. sagar and pulkit talk. they ask him to take care of himself and his mother, and soon they shall come too. he complies. then ammaji starts crying, and sagar has a hard time consoling and telling that soon they shall be together again, and he isnt leaving her. as madhavi turns around, she finds niru waiting for her beside the door, with tear stricken eyes. unable to resist any longer, they both hug each other. but madhavi’s dream is shattered when sagar asks her to come along, and she realises that she had been daydreaming. she finds zoya beside him, and sits hastily. sagar returns his sim to pulkit to use, and then asking everyone to take care, he leaves with madhavi in the cab. Later, niru is trying to pass time, but feels totally restless and tensed as he gets nostalgic for madhavi.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Kashish returns back with ganga, who is incredibly tensed as to how she betrayed her daughter, and she is rightfully punishing her. she says that she cant bear it any longer, taking the entire blame, and says that she should tell her about sagar, but how she didnt listen anything. she hopes krishna returns back soon. kashish tries to control her. ganga blames herself for being so naive, stupid and stubborn. kashish asks her to stop being tormented and instead file a complain in the police station. ganga complies and hurriedly leaves with her.

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Location: Police Station
After filing the complaint, the inspector asks ganga to go now, as they have done the requisite, and shall find out their daughter soon. ganga requests that krishna is very small and gets emotional, while kashish composes her. the inspector assures her, saying that it shall be their priority. then kashish takes ganga and leaves.

Outside, kashish says that they left one place, where they didnt ask, and thats sagar’s. ganga gets disturbed. kashish says that maybe krishna called sagar, or he knows about her. ganga wonders why she didnt think of it. she decides to call him, but it doesnt get through. they get tensed. she wonders if krishna is with sagar only. she calls up niru who asks whats the matter, and she narrates everything. he gets tensed.

Location: Varanasi Bus stand
Krishna sits on a bench and counts the money that she has, and then she gets the smell of hot samosas and jalebis being made. she eyes the food hungrily, and remembers her mother, as to how she fulfilled all her wishes. she comments at her own stupidity for not having food before leaving. she goes to the stall, and they ask about her parents. she says that she is in search of her father and the mother is at home. they are boggled, and she orders. they silently comply. she is happily gorging on food, totally oblivious of sagar’s cab stuck behind him on the road. they they drive off. she thanks the uncle and leaves. the shopkeeper feels happy and doesnt even demand money. Krishna then wanders on the road, and some kidnappers and human trafficking couple, eye her, wondering where is she going. they indiscreetly follow her, as she takes directions to the nearest temple, hearing the sounds of temple bells. they decide to let go of their following, and decide to wait, before she returns back. as she participates in the arti, she again is oblivious of sagar and madhavi right behind her, totally engrossed in her devotion. the screen freezes on her face.

Location: Police station and Ammaji’s residence
Ganga discusses with niru, about krishna’s disappearance, completely distraught and dishevelled, while kashish tries to calm her down. she starts blaming herself for all this, and how she hasnt been able to give a good upbringing to krishna. he tries to make her calm down, and say that this isnt her fault, as she raised a wonderful child, who is mature enough. he assures her that krishna must be just around and would definitely come back home soon, and that she neednt bother so much. he says that she has already filed the missing report, and on top of that, they shall give, video, audio and print advertisements in the tv, radio and newspaper for the same. she complies and agrees to it. he asks her to reach home, as he shall come straightaway, and asks her not to worry. she complies and leaves with kashish.

Location: Temple
Sagar retreats away, while madhavi and krishna continue to pray. madhavi gets ahead, oblivious as to who is krishna. before she can see her, krishna rushes away from there, distracted by a ritual, that a woman performs locking on a particular pivot. she comes and asks whats the matter. Krishna is shown a temple, by a woman, who tells about some mannat bringing tree, on which if a lock is put, with a wish, then the lord fulfills it, and she has to take one old lock from heer and when her wish is fulfilled, she has to bring it back. she asks if her wish shall be fulfilled too. the woman complies. krishna asks what if someone takes her lock. the woman says that guarantees the fulfillment immediately, and then says that she needs to return the lock that she took when she wanted her wish to be fulfilled. the woman explains everything, and krishna hurriedly asks where can she find the lock. the woman shows her the locksmith. she rushes to the locksmith and requests him to give her one, even though she doesnt have enough money, after having selected one nicely. the shopkeeper gets irritated and frustrated, as she continues to pester him. she requests and pleads citing its importance, but he shoves her away. she calls him a snob, and mumbling, she leaves and sits on a bench, coutning the change that she has. meanwhile sagar arrives at the same shop, and finds the shopkeeper grumbling, and asks what happened. he shows her the girl, with her back towards the shop, and narrates everything, complaining as to how the parent’s upbringing is wrong in this. sagar eyes krishna from the backside, oblivious of her identity. sagar gets back to selecting a lock for herself. the shopkeeper says that even the girl selected this one. sagar eyes the girl, still from her backside, and then pays for it, and an additional one, and asks him to give the lock to her. he calls the girl, after sagar leaves. she hurriedly goes to the shopkeeper, who gives her the same lock. krishna tries to give money, but the shopkeeper shows sagar from the backside, who paid for her. she decides to thank him and rushes after him, having taken the lock. sagar meanwhile obliviously walks on the streets. but madhavi meets him up just then, and they both get to doing the ritual, while sagar feels that someone called him. she takes him from there, seconds before krishna arrives there. sagar performs the lock ritual, while madhavi watches on tensedly. after they are done, krishna comes happily, wishing that the person who paid for the lock, should have his wish fulfilled. after she ties her own lock, she starts looking for the lock that she should take, and wonders which one should she take. she closes her eyes, and as fate would have it, her hands fall on sagar’s lock itself. she takes it off and leaves.

Meanwhile, madhavi remembers that sagar didnt get another lock in return. he is reluctant, but madhavi asks him to comp-lete the ritual, and badgers him into going back. he complies. as they return back, krishna is finished taking his lock by then. as destiny demands, sagar takes krishna’s lock only, as they stand obliviously on the two sides of the wall, each ignorant of the other’s presence. they both take the other’s locks, and then go their own ways. krishna is however distracted by a little girl speaking to her mother as to how much she misses her and begs her to come back soon. she starts getting emotional remembering ganga, and her concern for her. she decides to call ganga once, and tell that she is okay, and she shouldnt bother.

Location: Ganga’s residence and Varanasi bus stand
Niranjan tells her and makes her listen about the disappearance and the missing report that he got broadcasted on the radio, and then says that soon there shall be news on the media too, and before long, krishna shall be found. ganga is tensed even though they try and assuage her, to calm her.

As Krishna dials ganga’s number, meanwhile niranjan is talking on another phone. when there is no info from anyone, despite such advertisements, ganga is getting restless and impatient, when the phone rings. krishna wonders whether she should talk or not, as if ganga gets to know, she might just forcibly get her to stay back, and stop her mission. ganga instinctively feels that its krishna at the other end. she continues to talk to krishna, asking her to speak up, and say something as to why she did so. krishna decides not to talk to ganga, as she would take her home, and not allow her to meet her father. niranjan dials back the number, when she is sure that its ganga. as the PCO fellow picks up, niru gets to know thay a small girl came just now. Niranjan asks him the location of the PCO and asks him to keep the girl, but he says that the girl already left for the bus stand. along with niru, Ganga hurriedly leaves asking kashish to stay back home.

Meanwhile, at the bus stand, the kidnapper couple, find that krishna is alone, and is going to chitpur all alone, asking everyone for directions. they decide a plan to nab her. they ask her where she wishes to go, and if she needs any help. she is skeptic. they talk amongst themselves, as to how they shall get late for chitpur and should get going. she is alarmed as she hears the name of the place. niru and ganga arrive and they start their search at the bus stand. krishna asks them if she can come along too. they hurriedly comply, and then ask about the parents. krishna innocently answers, and they are evilly amused, as its the perfect set-up. the bus for chitpur arrives and they all get seated along with krishna. ganga dn niru continue their frantic search. As Ganga arrives anear the chitpur bus, she is oblivious that krishna is on the bus to chitpur, and passing off, with the kidnapper couple, while she is tensed for her daughter’s safety. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Location: On the road
sagar rushes to grab krishna as she doses off into unconscious state. he takes her in the arms and rushes to the car, where madhavi is boggled as to whats going on. she takes one look at the girl and is shocked. he asks madhavi to call ganga and give her the update, while he places her in the car. madhavi rushes to the PCO and calls ganga, who is shocked to hear her voice, madhavi informs that krishna is with sagar and hw they are rushing her to the hospital. ganga is stunned into silence. niru takes the phone, and then madhavi informs him too. he takes the name of the hospital. after cancelling, he assures ganga that everything would be alright. Ganga starts imagining what could have happened wrong. niru continuously calms her down.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ammaji remembers the recent happenings and gets lost and tensed, when maharaj comes and asks her to eat something atleast, but she refuses, citing that since sagar and madhavi went, they feel so sad and lonely. they lament at the situation of the house. ammaji says that all is spoilt now, and wonders whether there shall be anymore happiness. just then, she finds juhi throwing tantrums, for having milk, while surpirya rushing after her, to grab her. ammaji and maharaj start eyeing her, as they enjoy. she smiles. maharaj points out how the lord takes from one and gives from the other hand, and how her smile shall bring back the happiness of the house. she asks juhi why is she irritating supriya. juhi says that she doesnt like milk. ammaji starts imagining how she made sagar drink it, and juhi likes that idea too. she rushes after supriya. ammaji laments as to what happened and what could have been.

Location: Hospital
sagar hurriedly parks, and then carries krishna in his lap, and runs inside. madhavi rushes after him. Ganga too arrives just then, and hollers at her. sagar and madhavi look back. ganga gets berserk begging her to open her eyes. they compose and calm her down, while niru comes from behind, and finds out what happened. both niru and madhavi rush to get a stretcher, and have a romantic moment. they hurriedly place krishna on it and get her in. ganga asks sagar to get the doctor, while he says that they are all here and she should calm down. niru asks them not to bother. the doctor comes, and they rushedly ask him to examine. sagar and gaga are distraught, while the doctor asks for the age. ganga talks about how earlier also, she fainted once, and it was diagnosed that she has a hole in the heart and is a blue baby. sagar and madhavi are shocked to hear this. the doctor decide to rush her to the OT. ganga gets berserk and asks why, but niru makes her retreat as they rush krishna inside. sagar remembers what ganga said about the father. he is shocked as the revelation stands that he is the father, and what all he put her through and how he too had the same genetic defect. ganga isnt allowed in, as she insists. sagar is still in a daze of shock, as they are told that she needs to be operated on. ganga is distraught, as she hugs niru and cries out her heart. he calms her down assuring everything would be okay. he makes her sit down, while sagar is too shaken up, as she remembers how she must have been hurt. he tries to go to her. madhavi stops him, but he gets ahead to ganga and then says that he needs to ask something. niru asks him to let be as ganga is tensed. sagar says that he is tensed too, and asks her why did she say that krishna had the same disease that her father had. ganga is shocked. sagar asks her who is krishna’s father, and she is at a loss of an answer. he hesitates and tries to ask, while niru asks if he still doesnt understand, and asks him not to bother her, in this state, if he cant console her. sagar says that he needs to know, and sits on his knee, and beside ganga, and asks who is the father. she says that he doesnt know him, hence the question doesnt stand a relevance. he says that she knows, and he merely wants to know the name. niru and madhavi stand tensed. she says that she thought she knew him, but realised that she was wrong, and she doesnt know. he begs her to say it out once, as its important for him. niru says that he doesnt have the right to ask this from ganga. but sagar continues on, and before ganga can respond, the nurse takes her away for signing of some papers before the operation starts. she complies and leaves. sagar stands tensed.

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Later, madhavi gets water for niru, who himself is concerned for her too. they both the OT where she is being operated on. niru says that he loves her more than anything else, and knows that krishna shall be fine. she also assures him the same, that there are many people praying for her, including sagar. niru gets tensed hearing this. as the operation ends, the doctor comes and tells that krishna is out of danger now. they say that they have inserted a stent in the heart and that she has been shifted to the recovery ward, and they can meet her there. ganga rushes to go. he then tells niru that he needs to discuss financial matters, and talks about how sudden it was, but such a surgery requires huge money. ganga turns around tensedly ad joins the conversation.

Sagar steps in and tells niru that they shouldnt stop anything in the treatment, for money, as he would pay for everything. ganga denies point blank, saying that she is her daughter’s both parents, hence she shall bear the cost and noone else. she says that krishna isnt an orphan, and she can take care of her own baby. she says that she can manage on her own ahead too, like the past, and that her krishna’s life, isnt anyone’s sympathy motive. she asks the doctor to continue the treatment, as she shall manage the entire expenditure. she faces sagar sternly and then walks off. Niru says that ganga is still the same as she was, her pride and ego more than anything else, and asks how he forgot that she wont take anything as a beg or in sympathy, and she shall not stop till she gets whats her rightful share. sagar hears tensedly, as niru says that he is proud of her. the screen freezes on sagar’s tensed face.

Location: Hospital
As ganga paces around nervously, in krishna’s ward, while she is still unconscious. she is grieved to see her pain and hopes that she should have gotten her share of the pain, and wonders how does krishna bear such immense pain in such a young age. madhavi comes in saying that she too felt the same pain, and recounts how she wished the same, when sagar was operated and was in immense pain himself. she says that ganga might want to, but she cant take anyone’s pain, and that everyone has to bear their own share, like sagar and ganga did, and now its krishna’s turn. ganga is tensed, as tears stream down her cheeks.

As sagar eyes Krishna from the peephole, he wonders whats his connection with hr, and why is he drawn to her so attached in such a short span of time, and why does every single pang of pain that she feels makes him bleed too. a distraught Sagar resignedly sits beside niru, who sits apalled himself. he eyes sagar, worried. sagar says that ganga isnt his daughter, then why does niru feel the same way, for krishna, even though she isnt his real daughter, and asks if he feels the same way, as he feels for krishna. niru complies, but adds that it isnt what he feels for krishna. he says that he has immense love, respect for ganga, and wants to see her happy, and her sadness saddens him too, but not as much as her father would be hurt. he remembers how he used to be affected by ganga’s pain or torments in childhood, just like a father feels for the daughter, but not exactly like that ever, since he didnt give her birth. he says that only the father can be attached to the child, by such heart, and soul, where the slightest of pain affects him, and asks if he feels the same pain and torment. sagar is stunned into silence and niru asks him to speak up, as to whats the difference between his feelings for krishna and his feelings for ganga. niru tells sagar that he must have found the answer to his qeustion in his own answer. but ganga comes and says that there isnt any meaning to this answer. madhavi stands tensed. ganga asks him not to think that what he rejected all these years, he shall suddenly find out and comply to now. she says that krishna is only her child, and he isnt related at all sagar stands apalled. Ganga tells sagar that there isnt any need for him in their lives, as krushna isnt his child, and he shouldnt care about them. she says that they have managed easily so far, and shall mnage without him, in the future too. she asks him not to step in their lives now and begs for a favour, and thats to return back to Lond, as she shall forget him, once time passes, and asks him to stop showing them false dreams, as she doesnt want krishna to get hurt. she coaxes him that he can do this much atleast. sagar stands stunned. madhavi takes him aside, and asks him not to bother, as old wounds only bleed badly, when brusied, and shall pain him and ganga too, and that its better for krishna this way, and till she keeps seeing him, she shall have loads of unanswered questions. madhavi begins to take him from there, holding his hand. he is about to leave, when krishna wakes up, and screams out Junglee Uncle, which makes him stop right tht instant, as he turns back around. ganga is tensed. krishna fall back unconscious in the bed, exhaustion taking over. he says that he cant leave from here, without solving it all, as he felt that krishna called him, and wants him to stay here, and that there is something thats stopping him, and maybe its an old wound, or painful experience and asks how should he unhear it. he explains that he feels he is leaving a part of his behind, and says that he cant go like this.

Location: Outside ammaji’s residence
Outside on the road, sagar finds krishna rushing to him, with balloons in her hand. they both tightly hug each other. he asks where was she, as he was missing her. they fly off the balloons together. he turns to see that he had been merely imagining the whole sequence, when madhavi nudges him in his daze from the car. she asks whats he thinking. he says that he has made a grave mistake, a mistake that cant be forgiven. she asks him to step in, as the they have come home. he says that he wants to go to krishna, as she must have gotten awake by now, and how would ganga manage everything alone. he hopes tht krishna gets better soon. she says that he did everything in his capacity, and asks him to respect ganga’s mood, and asks him to come along. maharaj finds them coming in, and rushes to give this news to ammaji. he meets zoya in the corridor, and tells this to her too. she is frustrated.

Meanwhile, ammaji is busy giving lessons to juhi, who intently listens when maharaj rushes in and gives her the news of someone coming, and ammaji rushes out to see who is maharaj talking about.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
As kashish and ganga talk about eating something atleast, kashish then tells that she told niru to leave, as she is here to take care of ganga. ganga complies. they both find krishna waking up, she asks if she is okay. krishna looks around and asks where is junglee uncle, and that she saw junglee uncle who rushed into save her. she tries to get up, but ganga puts her down. krishna vehemently asks, while ganga is at a loss of an answer, and finaly says hat he left. she asks how could this hppen without meeting her. ganga reprimands her, while crying, about her rash behaviour to leave like that. she asks her not to cry, as she merely went to meet her father, as she thought she would meet her father, but instead she met uncle and asks if he is her father after all, and ganga is apalled to hear this. she denies, and krishna says that sagar would have stayed with them, had he been. ganga asks her to rest and not talk much, as she isnt well. krishna realises she is in a hospital, and asks how did that happen. kashish cites her the reason of weakness, but ganga says that she doesnt wish to lie, and tells her the truth. krishna asks what if she dies. but ganga vehemently assures that she shall fight and they shall be okay, and nothing shall happen to her. ganga kisses her on the forehead, and gets ready to leave, when the nurse comes and asks them to. they finally come out, and eye each other tensedly. ganga says that krishna should have the strength to fight the world. kashish asks what about sagar, and that today also she lied to krishna, when she said that she wont. ganga denies, saying that a father is always besides the child, to tke care of her in her troubles, and how sagar wasnt ever there, and how she single handedly brought her up, and that sagar cant be her daughter’s father. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

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