Gangaa 9 february 2020: Gangaa denies going to washroom. Shiv drags her up forcefully.

Gangaa 9 february 2020: Outside the police station, the inspector says it is only because of Shiv that he has trusted over them. They sends Gangaa to nearby fields. Shiv follows Gangaa noticing she was not fine and saves her from falling down. He sends her the right direction.At home, Savitri and Jhumki bring food for Pratab. Savitri assures Pratab to arrange his return home till tomorrow.
Shiv sat with a wall and watches Gangaa sleeping. He says he has promised Sagar and would try his level best to keep her life happy and colorful.

The next morning, Shiv and Gangaa leave the police station. People there gossip that MathaDesh has got into sins himself, who would do justice to them now. Gangaa smiles thinking after this insult, Shiv would leave her for sure. Shiv fumingly gets into his car and ignites the engine. A man comes to question Shiv what kind of wife he got, who doesn’t care about his respect at any cost. Gangaa thinks she never wanted any disgrace to Shiv, but to live as Sagar’s widow she must do all this. Shiv watches Gangaa and recalls Sagar’s last promise, he angrily tells Gangaa to get into the jeep. She doesn’t move, he drags her towards the jeep. Gangaa thinks Shiv would surely not bear her for a single moment now. Shiv drives the jeep fast and rash, she stops at home with a sudden jerk. Gangaa comes out to ask if he is so angry why he is putting his life at stake, he must free her and let her go. Shiv turns to her and shouts he can’t do this because… Gangaa questions why he can’t do this. Shiv says he always fulfil his responsibility. Gangaa says alright, he thinks she can’t walk into her life without his support.


They come to see Pratab into Savitri’s feet, he apologize her and comes to hold Shiv’s feet as well. He tells Shiv he apologized Geeta as well. Savitri was boastful about Pratab’s acting skills, she says Shiv has forgiven Gangaa every time then why not Pratab. Jhumki pleads crying in Shiv’s feet. Savitri also cry. Pratab says everyone is upset because of him, he turns to leave. Shiv tells him not to leave Maa and his wife, he has been forgiven but this is the last time. He tells him to go upstairs with Jhumki. A servant comes to call Shiv. Aashi watches Shiv speaking to Gangaa. Shiv asks Gangaa that children have come to study, would she teach them? Gangaa says she needs to get ready after bath and will come to class. Savitri watches them.

Gangaa was leaving home. Aashi tells Gangaa not to be hopeful, the children in their village would never learn much. This class won’t work for more than a few days. Gangaa comes to the Math, no child was there. The kids come running to her. Gangaa cheers and introduces herself, she then asks about their names. The children were excited to speak to them. Shiv watches Gangaa enjoy her class thoroughly. He recalls going to Sharma ji and told him to call villager’s meeting. Shiv had requested them all to send their kids for studies. The kids promise Gangaa to come tomorrow and leave after kissing her. Gangaa turns to see Shiv and was walking away. Shiv hands her fees for that day. Gangaa asks if a teacher in their village gets so much money. Shiv says it’s her hardwork. They were leaving when a couple run into the Math. They were trembling and held each other’s hands. Gangaa asks them for water. They explain to Shiv they are spouses, they married against their family’s wish; now their family wants to kill them. Shiv asks about their names, the boy introduces himself as Sagar, the girl’s name was Sareeta. Gangaa was ready to help Sagar and Sareeta.

Sagar and Sareeta asks Shiv to get their marriage registered and send them to Mumbai. Shiv asks if they didn’t say they are married already. Sagar says it took place in the temple, they need a certificate of marriage. Shiv goes to call Munshi and informs him to let a couple stay in Math tonight, they will decide tomorrow what they must do to them. Sareeta requests Gangaa for her help. Gangaa assures she would. She comes to Shiv and says she is aware what it means to live without one’s love. Shiv says it’s a huge matter. Gangaa wasn’t ready to listen. Shiv thinks he must handle this situation carefully. Gangaa decides not to let Sagar and Sareeta part.

Jhumki brings milk for Savitri and says Pratab is sleeping. They watch Gangaa go upstairs. Savitri whispers an idea in her ear and sends her for work. Jhumki comes to tell Gangaa she must stay in Parvati’s room. Savitri comes to scold Gangaa that she had left the house at mid night, she must have left the village. Jhumki fills Gangaa’s ears to disgrace Shiv in front of the whole village, doing it within the house would be of no use. She says Shiv made her teach the children, he won’t let her leave. Gangaa tells Jhumki to leave now. Gangaa thinks about speaking to Shiv and comes towards his room. She hears Shiv speaking on phone, he was indecisive about what to do with the couple. He wanted a report about them, if he discovers they were lying he would take them to their family by himself. Gangaa leaves the room worried and thinks Shiv doesn’t believe Sagar and Sareeta, what if they reach their families who want to kill them. She decides to make them hide into store room and leave them at the bus station for Mumbai tomorrow. She comes to take them.

An old man along with his goons had arrived to the village and announces anyone who tries to help Sagar and Sareeta will not be left alive. They instructs their goons to find who the MathaDesh of this village is.
The next morning, Pratab wakes up happy to be home. Jhumki brings tea for him and tells him to set to work. Pratab tells her not to take tension in such a state. Jhumki shares with Pratab she isn’t expecting. Pratab was furious that this lie would bring them to more trouble. Jhumki says it’s because of her efforts that Pratab is in this house. She gets to his feet and was ready to share the truth with everyone. Pratab makes her sit on the bed and makes her up.

Dai Maa hears some noise from the store room but overs looks it. Gangaa brings Sagar and Sareeta out of the store room. The jeep of Sareeta’s parents had reached there. A servant comes to tell Shiv about Sarga’s family.
Outside, Gangaa asks Sagar if he can drive jeep.

A villager watches Gangaa leave with Sagar and Sarga. The servant gets a call from him and informs Shiv that Gangaa has left with Sagar and Sarga. He further tells Shiv that the girl belongs to Shamsher’s village, he has come finding them here. Shiv explains to his family about Gangaa helping the couple, he defends Gangaa saying she must not know they are immature. He goes on bike to look for Gangaa. Savitri points at Pratab to take an action. Pratab calls his men to ask about Sarga’s parents. He promises to tell him where he must bring them.

Shamsher asks the villager about the couple. The villager says they were just going with mathaDesh’s wife. At the bus stop, Gangaa was worried that the bus has already left. She decides to take them to Highway, from there they might get a lift. Shiv had reached the bus station while Gangaa had left with the couple. Gangaa sunday 9 february 2020


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