Gangaa Monday update 9 December 2019 Zee world

Gangaa Monday update 9 December 2019 Zee world

Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ammaji is very happy to find madhavi and sagar who have returned back, and says that she always knew how he wouldnt be able to stay away from her. she continuously tries to get herself assured, that they wont be leaving now, and this isnt a short stay, but they have decided to permanently stay back here.

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Gangaa Monday update 9th December 2019 On Zee world, zoya hears this and is enraged. meanwhile, niru passes by and is shocked to see them, as he eyes the scene unfolding at a distance. she says that she knew sagar knows she would die once he leaves. sagar asks her to shush and reassures that he is here to stay. He says that he wont go till he gets the answers to some of his questions that life has posed right now. she is boggled as she doesnt understand. she says that she doesnt know what prompted it, but she shall always be indbted to him, for this act.

she then gets niru, and asks him to stop this hatred, as its been enough, and asks him to hug his son. but sagar refuses saying that he cant mend every broken thing, particularly not trust, and hence she shouldnt try in vain, as she looks up expectantly. niru stands tensedly, while sagar hastily rushes inside. she tries to calm and compose niru, and asks him not to bother. niru goes in too. madhavi stands tensedly with ammaji. zoya is frustrated.

On the roof, sagar is extremely tensed and nervous, but smiles when he remembers his past moments with ganga. Meanwhile zoya calls up sonu, informing him of the latest trend. he taunts that she lost her dream now, as sagar and pulkit shattered her dream to pieces. he continuously smirks, but she says that this cant be, as they have to do something together.

seeing that he isnt complying, she apologises, and tries to emotionally manipulate him, as to how much she misses him, while he is totally drunk and inebriated and falls for her trap. he asks her to think how to reinstate him back. she says that she would finalise everything.

Location: Hospital
Ganga is tensed as she remembers what all happened since morning, and cries as she sees krishna, who is still unconscious. she finds sagar sitting on the other side of the bed, caressing her face, and trying to cheer ganga up. she gets overwhelmed with tears and when she reopens her eyes, she realises that she had been hallucinating, and gets emotional yet again. she hugs krishna.

Location: ammaji’s residence and Hospital
sagar calls the hospital, and gets to know that krishna has already been discharged. when he asks why they allowed when she was so sick yesterday, they inform that ganga being headstrong, took her home insistently. he says that she is like that and then asks if a private nurse was arranged for. after being satisfied with his queries, he cancels the call. he wonders what to do, and how to meet krishna, as the way ganga refused, she wouldnt allow. madhavi comes asking if he cares so much, he should simply go and meet. he denies. she gives him his father’s diary containing ganga’s number. she gives it to him, but he hesitates, saying that ganga wont comply. she asks him to remember that things should be handled when there is time, or else later only regret remains. he is set to thinking while she leaves him in solitude. he wonders why is he in so much pain, and still thinking about ganga and krishna, even after he distanced himself from her. finally he gives in, and dials her number.

Meanwhile, Krishna is fed by ganga, when she asks questions about when would she be okay. kashish too comes to cheer her up, and asks her to be brave as she is, and not be scared of the pain, and soon she would be okay. she asks her to get fit soon, so that she can play easily. they both try and cheer her up, while she asks why does it pain, before everything gets better. they explain with analogy, as to how the best results only after the biggest and bravest of struggles, as its god’s way of testing who can bear more pain. as the phone starts ringing, it goes to her voicemail, which is by Krishna, and he starts narrating a message for Krishna, referring to her as Gauraiya, and asks how is she, and talks about how he is attached and connected to her. he is totally oblivious that ganga has picked up at the last minute, and is listening to it. she is apalled as she hears sagar’s outburst. he says that he doesnt know if she is his daughter or not, but he desperately wishes to have one like her, which is exactly what they had wanted, but suddenly something happened, that shattered their dreams and changed everything. he pours his heart out, as to how he is still angry at ganga, and doesnt want to dwell on the past, and doesnt know how much she knows, but right now, he wants to hug her, and tells her that she means the world to him, despite having any conection, and how he wishes the world’s happiness for her. he says that he tried hard to fight his feelings, but cant anymore, and wants her to be his daughter. ganga speaks up sternly saying that krishna shall never call him, nor would she ever be called as krishna’s daughter. she asks how dare he try and talk to krishna, and reminds him to go back, and that he isnt related to her. she asks him why doesnt he understand, and asks him to stay away from krishna, and asks who gave him the right to say all this to krishna about the past and asks him not to even try again to tell her about it. she says that krishna’s life doesnt have space for him. she says that he intends to use krishna’s sickness to get into her life, but she wont allow it this time around. he is apalled. ganga says that she shall never let him hurt her, and asks him to go and let them live in peace. he says that he tried but couldnt, and says that she knows he has stayed back for her and krishna. Sagar asks her to name the father of her child.

ganga stands apalled listening silently. he says that he is in a big dilemma, and how only she can draw him out of this, and asks if he is the father of krishna. she cancels the call. he stands frustrated. as she hears from a distance, ammaji is shocked to hear tht krishna is sagar and ganga’s child together. ganga remembers their conversation and krishna’s search for her father and is tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

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