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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Gangaa Monday update 23 December 2019


Gangaa 23 update December 2019: The competition starts with Gangaa’s performance, while all excitedly watch. sagar wishes her all the best.

Gangaa update Monday 23 December 2019: juhi asks supriya whats going on. she responds that its another one of their new dramas. she delivers her dance. he compliments her, while asking if she wont wish him. she resignedly complies. he starts his performance, not letting it be affected by the blood gushing out of his wound in the leg. he also engages Gangaa while all are amused. later, a romantic number ensues, and they dance sensually. Gangaa is taken aback. they all compliment him. niru asks if he is okay. he complies. then niru asks krishna to score and she asks who should she give the point to. all wait in anticipation. juhi asks if she can dance too, but supriya rudely replies in negative. niru finally responds and asks for a point to be added to Gangaa’s name. she is overjoyed while others get tensed. then niru relieves them by saying that sagar should also get one point, and declares that its a draw, as they both performed well. krishna is relieved that he is still in the game.

Later, at night, while sagar is asleep, krishna wakes up and then ensures that he is asleep. she comes out and then wonders how much is sagar doing for Gangaa and wonders what should she do, that Gangaa accepts sagar. she meets juhi in the corridor, but instigated by her mother’s foul words, juhi ignores her and walks off. krishna is boggled.

The next morning, at the dining table too, juhi ignores krishna, telling her what supriya told her. krishna gets instigated when she bad mouths Gangaa. they start fighting. KRishna and juhi are fighting like cats and dogs, while supriya and Gangaa desperately try and put them apart. all get involved. Gangaa hits krishna on the face. all are shocked. Juhi’s face gets scratched. Gangaa insistently asks her to apologise to juhi, without hearing her side of the story, and she complies. but then she ruishes to her room and shuts it. sagar asks Gangaa to have atleast her side too. Sagar rushes to krishna’s room, and Gangaa too comes after her. krishna doesnt open. they start fighting outside. krishna opens the door and only allows sagar to get in, and then Gangaa waits tensedly outside.

Downstairs, supriya vents out her frustrayion. Madhavi asks why is she talking like this. supriya says that juhi is being given inferior treatment ever since Gangaa and krishna have come back. ammaji says that krishna did apologise. ammaji accidentally comments that krishna being her bnlood cant be wrong. supriya is hurt by this. others are sgocked. Supriya says that this is her daughter and she wont stand anyone mistreating her at all. all are tensed. she takes her away. madhavi is tensed.

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LAter, in her room, ammaji is tensed, when madhavi comes and gives her apples. ammaji comments as to how things are becoming better. she hopes that her family is like this always, and hopefully Gangaa stays here. madhavi says that for that, sagar has to win the challenge. ammaji asks if krishna is talking to Gangaa. madhavi denies. ammaji gets tensed.

Sagar comes out finally, while Gangaa asks how is she, as she shall go in. he says that she doesnt wish to. Gangaa says that she shall talk and explain, and krishna shall understand too. she says that maybe krishna is deciding on the challenge. Sagar tells her that there shall not be any task, as she had decided for a speech on my favourtie family member. Gangaa gets berserk. Gangaa says that today is the last task that decides where she shall stay and why wouldnt she give this task. he says that krishna shall stay with her, as she has won and shall get to keep krishna. he requests her to let him attend that elocution in krishn a’s school tomorrow, as she wants that, and asks her to decide and tell him.

Later, by the evening, Gangaa begs outside the door, to open it, while krishna doesnt respond. Gangaa gets emotionally distraught and apologises profusely. sagar who has come with dinner, finds her distraught, and offers her food too. Gangaa denies. sagar asks her if she thought anything. Gangaa gets tensed.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
Gangaa says that she shall go after elocution, and that he can go. sagar is overwhelmed and profusely thanks her, for having done this, even if only for krishna. he says that they shall leave at eight tomorrow, and asks her to be ready. she complies and leaves, while he eyes her tensedly. While juhi in in her room, studying, supriya gets dinner for her saying that they shall eat here only from this day forth. juhi asks why. she says that families eat together, like her and her parents, and they have noone else. juhi doesnt disclose her about how and whats her preparation for elocution. supriya tells her that her speech needs to be better than krishna’s. juhi tensedly complies.

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The next morning, sagar remembers his romantic moments with Gangaa throught out the tasks, and tearfully rubs off the seventh day’s task, and points it as the last day.

he says that maybe she isnt meant to be his, hence after such troubles also, she is going far away. he composes himself, seeing krishna, who asks if he was crying. she sees through, and he is amused, even after lying. he feeds her sweetened curd, to avoid all distractions in her task ahead. Gangaa who has also got the same thing, is

tensed when she finds that sagar is feeding her. he refrains and they both eye each other tensedly. then he keeps his bowl aside, and says that they were waiting for her only. she denies going with them saying she would come by auto. he tries to explain, but krishna abruptly asks him to come along, as its late, and snatches him by the hand outside the door. Gangaa tensedly wAtches.

Location: KRishna’s school.
KRishna arrives in the school with sagar and his family. and finds juhi sitting. but she looks away. sagar wishes her all the best. then Gangaa arrives. they both

tensedly eye each other. the anchor starts the event, and then first its juhi’s turn. she gives a wonderful speech on her great grandmother, hearing which they are all

shocked, as they expected her to talk to on supriya. Supriya is enraged that she didnt get a mention. as she says that ammaji scolds supriya, she is flustered while

all others are amused. then its krishna’s turn, and she starts talking about the person, about whom she always thinks, and how much important he is. Gangaa feels

betrayed, while she goes on. she starts talking about how much she wanted a father all along, and explains her relationship with him, that brings a tear to everyone’s

eyes. she then addresses Gangaa, and tells how sagar must have been lonely, and they atleast had each other. she talks about how sad he must have been, and was always

trying to impress her. krishna gets emotional while her elocution asking whats her fault and why cant she have them both, and has to decide on one particular person.

she says that she is angry at Gangaa, but would forget, and wouldnt be able to stay without them. she tries to convince Gangaa how much sagar loves her. all get teary

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eyed. Gangaa and sagar get emotionally overwhelmed. sagar stands and says that he loves her too, and rushes upto the stage and hugs her. he adds that she loves her even

more than him, and she neednt be surprised as thats the fact. she says that a mother can do what even a father cant, and that she can be sweet as well as bitter. he

reminds how she had locked herself inside, and Gangaa was crying outside. he asks if she knows why she was crying, as she could understand her pain, since there isnt

anyone else for her, and that she is her first and last happiness, and that she is lucky to have a mother like Gangaa. Gangaa and his family are emotionally overwhelmed.

he then tells Gangaa that she did win, and he lost and can take krishna, since she obviously loves krishna more than him, and noone else can. sagar explains to her that

he doesnt love her more than her own mother, and that Gangaa loves her more than him, because his love is torn between two, Gangaa and krishna, while Gangaa has love only

for her. Gangaa is shaken up.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
Madhavi and ammaji return back, while sagar returns with krishna. she says that she is tired and needs to go rest. before he can say anything, she storms off. he tries

to go after her. but ammaji asks him to let her be, as she needs space since today must have been emotionally taxiing on her, since they themselves were emotionally

distraught. madhavi comes and composes them all, and then tells sagar that she always felt he is immature but today she understands that he has matured, but wishes to

say one thing, but before she can finish, he hugs her, tearfully. ammaji asks him to stop now, and then ask where is Gangaa. he denies knowing about it. he says that

before she takes krishna away, he wanted to talk to Gangaa, but she wasnt there. maharaj rushes just then, and says that just now Gangaa came and was crying. she locked

herself inside and isnt saying anything. they rush to her.

Gangaa Monday 23rd December 2019 on Zee World

Inside her room, Gangaa continues to think about krishna’s speech and what happened. they continuously start beating outside the door, asking her to open up.

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