Gangaa 3 October 2020 Zee world: Gangaa Saturday update 3 October 2020 Zee world, Amma ji and Madhvi don’t pay heed to anything that Ganga and Sudha try to say. Amma ji sticks to her decision of keeping Nirjala Fast for 7 days.

Janvi blames Ganga for making Dadi ji keep Nirjala fast. Why should Dadi ji be punished for her mistake? Amma ji says it isn’t a small mistake. Sagar says Ganga cannot make such a big mistake! Everyone looks at him. Pulkit is relieved to see Supriya.

Madhvi thinks what will Surpiya think by seeing this drama. Ganga points out to Sagar that he wasn’t here. Why are you speaking in my favour then? I can explain. Janvi wonders why Sagar enjoys getting insulted by Ganga all the time. The pundits begin to walk out but Amma ji requests them to give her a chance to rectify her mistake. Ganga announces that pundit ji will leave only after doing Bhoj. The pundits refuse. Ganga knows how the purification is to be done. Pundits refuse to do so. Amma ji tells Ganga to stop the drama. Ganga reasons Janvi was watching the drama when JP was eating Panjeeri. She was busy clicking pictures. I saw her. She left from there after clicking pictures. Sudha Bua and I did purification afterwards and made the Prasad once again. Sudha agrees with her. This is what I have been trying to say all along. Janvi stares at Ganga. Amma ji and everyone else is relieved. Ganga walks closer to Janvi. I told you so many times. Use your brain if you want to fight with me.

Pulkit and Supriya stare at one another. They collide when Supriya was bringing water for the pundits.

Madhvi and Niru seek everyone’s blessings. Janvi looks on. Only family members are being blessed by pundits. Sagar teases Pulkit about the water on his shirt. The newly married couple also seek the blessings of pundits. Madhvi calls out for Janvi. Ganga holds her hand just when she is about to go. Sagar takes the blessings first. Ganga tells Janvi this was no joke. You forgot that Amma ji might have to keep Nirjala fast for 7 days as a consequence. You are inhuman. You could have atleast thought of her age. If you dare to harm any of the family member from now onwards then don’t forget, I will shout and tell everyone your truth. Seek the blessings of elders now. It will help you a lot. Janvi replies she will need it more. You wont be able to bear what is going to happen now. Madhvi calls yet again for Janvi. Janvi points out to Ganga that aunty ji is calling out for Janvi’s would be wife to seek the blessings of pundits. One of the pundits specially calls out for Ganga. You are also a part of this family. Wont you seek our blessings? Your thoughtfulness only solved the problem. Niru also asks Ganga to come. Ganga comes then. Amma ji whispers to Sudha she did good and saved them. Sudha says I did not do anything. It was all Ganga’s thoughtfulness that saved everyone. Ganga looks at an upset Janvi.

Pulkit is looking for his shirt. Supriya finds it out for him in a second. He is surprised that she came just now and knows so much. She asks him if he wants to ask or say something to her. He is relieved she is back or else the family would have scolded him. She says I came back for us. We should give a chance to this relation. He agrees with her.

Madhvi is happy everything ended on a good note. Supriya touches Amma ji’s and Madhvi’s feet. Madhvi says you must be feeling weird seeing what all just happened. Supriya denies. I am part of this house now. Your problem is mine. Amma ji taunts her about her family background. Pulkit overhears it and feels bad. Supriya turns to leave but Pulkit holds her hand. He asks her why she is running away when she did nothing wrong. He asks Amma ji why she is blaming her for what happened. you have a right to scold her when she makes a mistake. He gives her medicine. Sagar comes there. He looks at everyone’s face. Did anything happen? He shows them a picture of Ma Saraswati brought by Surpiya bhabhi. She is the DIL of this house so she is Laxmi Ma. She brought Saraswati Ma with her. You only say the house where both the Goddesses stay is blessed. Your house is blessed now. Pulkit smiles at Surpiya.

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Ganga tries to keep something in the boxes kept high up in the storeroom. Sagar notices her thus. He recalls their childhood. Ganga drops something. He picks it up for her and offers to help her. You still cannot reach that high. I used to help you in childhood. She replies that that was childhood. All things of childhood end with childhood only. You only said it! She gets up on the stool again. He yet again asks her to come down. She slips and he holds her in time. The flour drops all over them. They share an eye lock. She parts away. You ruined everything. See what happened. I will have to clean everything now. He retorts he only came to help. She asks him what she will do when he will leave. Why should I not make a habit of doing everything on my own then?

Sagar looks at the piggy bank that Ganga and Sagar had shared in their childhood. He thinks what to buy from them that will make Ganga happy. He gets Sahil’s call. Sahil tells him something.


Janvi acts before Sagar. Ganga has clearly told me to leave this house. We both cannot live here together. you said I Love you to me. I need respect along with love, which I am not getting here. She packs her bags while he tries to make her understand. Janvi keeps on talking about Ganga. He stops her. She says I cannot tolerate Ganga’s hatred anymore. Sagar cannot believe it Ganga can say so. She tells him to not stop her if he thinks Ganga is right. Ganga finds me wrong. You too don’t like me. This is why I am going. Let me go. He says I don’t get upset from you. Ganga is my childhood friend but she broke our friendship. I am only a little upset by that nothing else. I wouldn’t have stopped you if you had some work. I cannot let you go like this. She agrees to stay back for his sake. He thanks her. They share a hug. She mentally apologizes to him. It was important. The drama will show its effect very soon.

Ganga is studying under lantern. Amma ji tells her to stop studying so much. What good will it do to you? Ganga says I will become as intelligent as you then. Amma ji remarks it is difficult to talk to her. Sleep now. Ganga thinks of what Janvi today. it could have affected Amma ji so badly. There have been insults and then Amma ji would have kept the NIrjala fast for 7 long days. I wonder what she will do now. She gets up when she notices Janvi walking stealthily in the corridor. She follows Janvi.

Janvi mixes something in the milk to be given to Amma ji. Ganga looks at her from far. She loudly asks her what she is doing. What did you mix in milk? Janvi stands quiet. I thought to make milk for Dadi ji today. Ganga says you did so wrong with Amma ji today. was it not enough that you were mixing poison in her milk? You want me to be blamed for it as it is my responsibility to make milk for her. Janvi creates a drama. Why would I do so? I know you hate me but why would I do something like that. Madhvi, Amma ji, Pulkit and Sagar come there. Ganga blames her for trying to kill Amma ji. Amma ji refuses to drink the milk. What did I do to this girl? I did not say anything to her even when she wore short clothes in the house. Janvi repeats she has not done anything. She turns to Sagar. I told you Ganga does not want me to stay here. Sagar questions Ganga who asks him if he thinks she will lie. JAnvi continues to act in front of everyone. Amma ji wants the milk to be thrown away. JAnvi says I just added sugar. Janvi and Ganga bicker over it. Sagar tells them both to be quiet. He drinks the milk. He coughs afterwards but then tells nothing can happen. It was only sugar in the milk. I am right here before you all. I am not dead. He walks out from there. Ganga looks at Janvi who smirks. She acts all innocent and teary eyed before others. Amma ji too leaves for her room. Madhvi takes Janvi with her. Ganga understands Janvi’s plan. She intentionally did all this so I am proved a liar before everyone.

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Ganga explains everything to Sagar. He calls it her illusion. I am still alive before you. She reasons Janvi wanted her to think wrong of her. Everything happened just like she had wished for. Sagar cannot believe it that she can think like this. I did not believe Janvi but now I can see hatred for Janvi in your eyes. Ganga says at times what we see is not true. I am not lying. Janvi is lying and cheating you and your family. you fell in love with a wrong girl. You are making a very big mistake. He says the main problem is you don’t want me and Janvi to be together. You think she does not deserve me so you don’t trust her truth. Don’t do it! Nothing will come out it. I know you wont want anything wrong for me. I know you think Janvi is not for me. Don’t you think I can take the important decisions of my life? Let me decide what is good for my life. I request you! Ganga replies she was only warning him. You can do whatever you want now. I wont say anything on this topic from now on as you don’t like it. We will not talk about anything from now onwards. Maybe this is what is best for us and for everyone. He thanks her sadly. You solved a very big problem. I will stay here for only a few more days. It will be easier to stay here now. He goes from there. Ganga is in tears. Janvi advises her to save them for later. Such a bad thing happened with you. it happened just the way I had planned. You think you are too intelligent. It isn’t true. How could you believe it that I can kill someone? How stupid of you! What’s the need for me to kill anyone? Sagar trusted you a lot. I only wanted to break it and I succeeded. I know you are very angry on me. Just wait and watch what I do now! You can use these tears later. Save them from now. There is no point of crying right now as Sagar wont be able to see it. My fake tears will trouble him. She challenges to show her a demo.

Janvi fakes tears and calls out for Sagar. He turns as he hears her voice. What happened? She shakes her head but he asks her to speak up. He wipes her tears. You felt bad by what Ganga said? She says it is wrong after all. I stopped as you asked me to stay back. I still cant believe she can put such a blame on me. Am I a criminal that I will kill someone? Dadi ji? I want to go. he denies. I trust you. She thanks him for trusting her and keeps her head on his shoulder. She smirks at Ganga who watches everything from far. Sagar tells Janvi to stop crying. I am with you. He leaves. Ganga is in tears. Janvi walks back to her. Did you miss anything? Sagar trusts me now! I will end whatever little trust is in you in the hearts of this family and Sagar! Ganga goes from there without saying anything. Janvi says wait for my next move. There will be a big blast afterwards.

Both Sagar and Ganga cannot sleep as they think of what all happened just now. They think of one another. Sagar goes out of his room. Ganga too is standing by the door. She notices her thus and is about to knock but stops himself. He leaves from there. Ganga comes out just then. She stops miday and heads back inside her room. Sagar too checks back outside before closing the door of his room. They both lie down to sleep.

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Next morning, Maharaj is drops the crockery as the floor was wet. He asks Mehri to clean nicely. Ganga comes there. She was about to step on one piece when Sagar pulls her. They share an eye lock. What if you had got hurt? You walk around bare foot. He begins to pick them up. She thinks of their childhood times. He shakes her out of her reverie but she walks away after giving no proper reply. He wonders what has happened to her and their friendship.

Madhvi remarks that she can rest now as Supriya has cooked very tasty food today. Amma ji gives her neg. Madhvi teases Supriya saying that she only got it today. It is the responsibility of DILs to cook otherwise. She gives her a gift. Amma ji asks madhvi to get some money from the bank. Supriya is serving sweet to Pulkit when Sagar intentionally pushed him towards her. Supriya keeps her hand on Pulkit’s shoulder so as to support him. they both feel shy. Janvi and Sagar smile. Amma ji advises the couple to go to the temple as per the ritual. Pulkit has a meeting. Sagar offers to go with them. We will do quick darshan and come back. Pulkit agrees. Madhvi asks Sagar to take Janvi along with him then. He agrees. Janvi coughs. She thinks her plan will fail if she wont stay back at house. She says she will stay at home to help aunty. Madhvi assures her she has enough people to help her. Janvi agrees to go but thinks of what excuse to make to stay back at home.

Janvi is waiting for Yash. He comes just then and looks greedily at her perfume. I will keep it. Janvi asks him for a suggestion. I want to stay at home to trouble Ganga. Yash asks for Rs. 500 in exchange of idea. She pays him. he gives her a medicine. She thinks to use it to her benefit fully.

Sagar and Ganga collide and look at each other as they go their separate ways.

Janvi feigns a stomach ache due to ulcer. Sagar and Madhvi get concerned. Janvi tells Sagar to go without her. Ganga will bring medicine for me. Ganga nods. Sagar reasons that she might need something else as well. I will stay at home. She thinks she has to send Sagar to temple so she can put her plan into practise. She tells Sagar not to alter his plan because of her. I will feel bad. Madhvi assures Sagar she will look after Janvi. Ganga and Maharaj ji are also here. Sagar agrees finally. I will write the name of the medicine after concerning doc. Please bring it.

Pulkit, Supriya and Sagar leave for the temple. Madhvi and Ganga take Janvi to her room. Janvi mentally apologizes to Sagar for lying to him. I will say 1000 such lies if I have to get Ganga out from our lives!

Supriya and PUlkit look at each other. Sagar looks at them and shakes his head sweetly. He asks pundit ji to make the newlywed also do the puja together. Pulki and Supriya keep their hands over one another for the puja. Sagar calls Janvi.

In her room, Janvi watches tv serials on her laptop. She receives Sagar’s call and acts all sweet. I am so lucky that you take care of me so much. I love you. he asks about her health. She tells him to be with Bhaiya Bhabhi. Ganga will soon come with medicines. I will take it. He ends the call. She remarks that the real drama will start when Ganga brings the medicines.


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