Gangaa 28 October 2020 Zee world Written Update

Gangaa 28 October 2020 Zee world Written Update: Gangaa Wednesday update 28 October 2020, Sagar realising his mistake and apologizing to Niru. I have hurt you a lot because of what I did in the past days but not anymore. Now I will become a good son. They share an emotional moment.

Next morning, Sagar gets ready. Janvi talks to him about Pag Phera ritual. If I go then you will come to pick me up, right? Sagar tries to leave but she does not let him. She asks him if she is important to him or not. Will I ever be able to become your wife in the real sense? MAdhvi asks her what she means by that. You are my DIL and Sagar’s wife. Sagar agrees. You are mom’s DIL. Janvi adds that she is his wife also, right. Sagar leaves without saying a word. Janvi thinks not to go to her parents’ home. I cannot leave them both alone. Gangaa will do anything to win him back from me. Madhvi says he has just promised his papa he will change for good. Give him some time. He will realise his responsibility towards you as well. Don’t be afraid of anything.

Niru is giving dictation to Raghav ji regarding a case. Sagar says papa. Niru is touched to see him dressed for the court. Both Niru and Raghav ji bless Sagar. Niru makes Sagar try his shoes. They fit Sagar perfectly. Niru calls it a moment of pride for every father when his shoes fit his son. he also gives him his lucky pen. Madhvi is happy to see them both happy after a long time. She tells Sagar about Janvi cooking something for the first time today. He goes out without saying anything to her. She complains to Niru. Niru is sure Sagar has heard her. he will stay back for breakfast. Pick out my clothes for me. I will go to court today to see my son’s work. She is concerned about his health but he says I am hale and hearty after seeing my son understanding his responsibilities. She agrees. Raghav ji too is happy to see Niru happy after so many days. Niru gives the credit to Gangaa. She is the one who has returned our happiness to us. Raghav ji shares that it is her exam today.

Gangaa is doing last minute revisions. Supriya comes there with sweetened curd. Gangaa recalls Madhvi making her eat sweetened curd before all her papers. She also used to specially ask Niru to pull her ears while wishing her good luck. A flashback is shown. Gangaa asks Babu to pull her ears so she can do well in papers. He calls it her superstition while she calls it her good luck charm. He happily pulls her ears and wishes her good luck. She gets happy. Flashback ends.

Niru too thinks of the same. Raghav ji suggests him to wish Gangaa. Niru knows Gangaa will not come to seek his blessings today. I have hurt her pride big time. She will never forgive me for this.

Gangaa tells Supriya that she will show everyone she is just like River Gangaa. Anyone can try to stop her but she knows how to make a way for herself. It never stops. I too will not back down ever and reach my goals. Supriya advises Gangaa not to be so stone hearted. Forgive papa. Gangaa says Pulkit BHaiya must be waiting.

Janvi has made kheer as per the ritual. Niru happily takes it while Sagar goes outside without even replying to Janvi. Niru compliments Janvi. He also give nek to Janvi. She bends down to touch his feet. He notices Gangaa passing from there and loudly blesses her indirectly through Janvi. Do good. Madhvi realises what he is doing while Janvi is confused. Niru says if it was in my hands then I would have pulled your ears to bless you but maybe you wont like it. Gangaa is all teary eyed. Pulkit calls out for her as they are getting late. She leaves. Niru leaves with Raghav ji. Janvi is confused about Niru’s blessings. I thought he will wish me like you. I dint understand his words at all. Janvi

Outside, Pulkit tells Gangaa that he is more concerned about her paper than her. Sagar hears them. You have paper today? Gangaa tells Pulkit to drive. Sagar says wont you even let me wish you. He gifts her the same pen to write the papers given by Niru. Gangaa and Sagar talk through Pulkit. She says I have pen already. Sagar wonders what she is so arrogant about. I accepted it when she said she does not live me. Why she always talks so coldly to me? He puts the pen in her bag. Think of this as your Babu’s blessing. He sits in his car while Pulkit and Gangaa leave.

Sagar is talking to his client. He looks for a pen but he dint bring any other. On the other hand, Gangaa’s pen is not working. She writes the paper with the pen given by Sagar. Mora Piya plays in the background. Sagar watches Gangaa studying hard for her exams while talking on phone. She realises his presence and he leaves. Janvi keeps trying to talk to Sagar but in vain. Madhvi notices the same. Pulkit’s bike is not working. Sagar checks the clock. Pulkit tells Gangaa to take rickshaw as she is getting late. She cannot find a rickshaw so Sagar leaves her cycle before her. Both Sagar and Gangaa concentrate on their careers.

Gangaa excitedly tells Supriya her paper went too good today. Supriya says you deserve a party then. Prabha asks them about the party. Both the girls go quiet. Prabha acts to gain their sympathy. Didi thinks I am at your side while you both think I am with them. I am very much concerned for both of you but I am scared of Didi. You both think I am Gangaa’s enemy? Supriya denies. Prabha insists to know what they were discussing. Supriya shares that Gangaa’s exams got over. Prabha acts to be happy for Gangaa. Gangaa wants to wait for Pulkit but Prabha suggests them to be back before evening. She suggests a restaurant to them (Swagat). Gangaa tries to postpone but Supriya says you got free today only. Let’s celebrate. Prabha tell them to enjoy. She leaves to meet Madhvi.

Madhvi talks to Janvi. You don’t talk to anyone or stay happy. you will fall ill. Maharaj ji agrees. She looks so sad all the time. No one will call her a new bride. Madhvi tells him to do his work. Prabha seconds Maharaj ji. It does not look like Janvi has just married. Sagar got busy in his work. Janvi says he will take me out only if he cares about me. He does not even talk to me. Prabha says men are like that only. Nothing matters to them other than work. We are here for you though. She asks Madhvi to call Sagar. I know a very good restaurant. Both the kids will enjoy. You can give him your swear if he tries to ditch. Madhvi goes to call Janvi. Prabha is looking forward to the new drama which will happen soon.

Supriya speaks to Pulkit. He isn’t coming. He is worried as about the start up. Gangaa begins to check the menu when she notices Sagar on the opposite table. They both look at each other. Janvi likes the place. Sagar wants to leave. She wants to spend time with him even if he is forced to. Just give me this forced happiness. Gangaa asks Supriya to head to some other place. Supriya points out that there is no good place nearby. Pulkit stays busy all the time so we don’t go out.

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Two guys sitting at the nearby table eye Gangaa and Supriya. One of them intentionally lights a cigarette. The smoke makes both the girls uncomfortable. Supriya requests them to go outside for a smoke. The guys say sorry but don’t stop smoking. Sagar is watching it all from his table. Janvi asks him what he would like to have. Gangaa keeps coughing because of the smoke. She notices Sagar’s angry expressions. They both recall how he used to help her whenever she used to cough because of smoke. Supriya asks the waiter to make the guys understand or change their table. Waiter shares that the restaurant is full. The guys refuse to stop smoking. Sagar looks at the guys angrily.

Prabha asks Madhvi to sit with her. Maharaj ji will do that work. She gives lassi to Madhvi but Madhvi is worried about Sagar and Janvi. Their tension should go away as soon as possible. Distance between them is not right. Prabha assures her things will get better if they spend quality time with each other. She thinks poor Didi has no idea that problems are only going to increase. Gangaa and Supriya have gone to the same restaurant. It will be fun to see what happens now!

Sagar takes an ash tray from the manager and keeps it at the guy’s table. Stop smoking. They ask him what his problem is. Sagar says it is banned to smoke in public places. Plus the girls are not comfortable. Janvi notices Gangaa. The guys repeat that those who have problem should go out. Sagar calls it a crime to smoke in public place. They again ask him what that girl means to him. sagar says she is my everything. Who are you to ask this question? Stop smoking right away. The guys get up. The manager asks the guys to leave but they call Sagar a cuprit. He has been misbehaving. The guys challenge Sagar and he too does not back off. Gangaa steps in between. She asks Sagar why she has to do all this. Manager takes the guys out. The guy threatens Sagar. You have come with another girl and look at other girls yourself. We will see you outside.

Gangaa asks Sagar why he did all this drama. He reasons that it was the guys who were doing a drama. She says I could handle it. why do you something new every time? Why do you have to interfere in every matter? Who are you to me? Supriya tries to make her understand but Sagar tells her to let it be. Gangaa thinks she is a superwoman who can handle everything on her own. Her self-respect gets hurt when someone tries to help her. Let me clear it. I stepped in between for bhabhi, not you. We share no relation but Bhabhi means a lot to me. You cannot stop me if I do something for her. He walks out of the restaurant followed by Janvi. Gangaa is in tears.

Janvi and Sagar come home. Janvi rushes inside upset. Madhvi asks Janvi about the dinner. Why are you crying? Did Sagar say something to you? She asks Sagar. Janvi says we don’t know if we went there to eat dinner or do drama. What was Gangaa doing there? She complains to Madhvi about Gangaa. she is at every place where we go to. Be it home, restaurant or any place. Your son forgets everything when he sees her. Ask him why he married him if Gangaa means everything to him! Madhvi looks at Sagar.

Janvi gets all the more upset to see Gangaa and SUpriya come home just then. I will get my answers today. What’s my status and what does she want! Sagar asks her where she is going to. She replies that it does not concern him. Janvi walks to the other side of the house followed by Sagar. She confronts Gangaa. why don’t you leave us alone? I know you intentionally came in the same restaurant today. what do you want? Why don’t you let husband and wife live happily? Supriya calls it a coincidence. Janvi calls Gangaa overly smart. Understand it Gangaa that Sagar cannot be yours now. He is married to me. Leave us alone for God’s sake. Stop following my husband. Sagar tries to say something but Janvi does not let her. Madhvi asks Janvi to come back. I will talk to Sagar. Gangaa stops her. She turns to Janvi. The sooner you understand it the better. I did love Sagar but I never loved your husband and never will! I wanted to make Sagar mine for forever but I have no relation with your husband. I left you both alone long ago. It will be good if you both leave me alone now. You thought you will get his love by snatching him? Truth is you both aren’t together even after being together. you should think why is that so! Janvi says how you dare talk to me like that. Sagar is and will always be mine. You are jealous of me as you could not get him. I know girls like you very well. You wanted to trap a rich guy like Sagar. Love was just a sham. You only wanted money. Sadly, you could not do so as everyone here knows your truth. Why don’t you go somewhere else? Try trapping someone else. Sagar angrily says Janvi. What are you saying? You wont talk like this again about Gangaa! There is a limit in a relation. You are crossing it. Janvi asks him what they both are doing then. You married me and went to someone else on the first night itself. What should I think? How do I accept it? She calls Gangaa a low class girl. She is your mistress, right? Sagar shouts at her to stop. Not another word or it wont be good. Don’t forget that if we can marry by signing on one paper then this relation can also end by signing on another paper too! Both Gangaa and Janvi are stunned. He leaves. Janvi asks Gangaa if she is happy. this is what you wanted. You are a widow. You cannot get happiness of marriage so you want to ruin my happiness. But I wont let you do this. I wont let you win! She goes. Madhvi looks angrily at Gangaa.

Gangaa blows conch in her room. She is hurt by what happened just now. Supriya asks her how many voices she will try to drown in the noise of conch and till when. Gangaa replies she will try till she can. I have to ignore all these voices, the insults, the taunts. Anyone can try as much but cannot sway me from my path. Gangaa means flowing uninterrupted. This Gangaa will also reach her destination. Supriya knows it already. My Gangaa can never lose. Exams are over. You should find an internship for yourself. How can I not respect your self-respect? You spoke of paying the rent. Gangaa happily nods. you are very good. You are saying this to encourage me. Wish everyone else could understand me as well. You understood me in such less time.

Niru asks Madhvi to bring tea in his study room. He finds Sagar sleeping there. He asks Madhvi about it. She says he might be working till late. He does not buy her. I know there is something else. I know he married Janvi in anger and rush but it wont be easy for him to live this relation. I told this to you that night itself. It’s all because of me. I shouldn’t have separated Sagar from Gangaa. Maybe this is good for everyone. She says maybe. How come you began to use this word? You always said or did something with full confidence. He cannot see his kids breaking down. She asks him to trust her. I wont let my son’s relation break so easily. I wont let him play with Janvi’s life. He has married her. this isn’t a game. It is a relation of lifetime. I thought time will help but now I cannot leave anything on time. I will do something.

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Gangaa buys newspapers to find job for herself. Pulkit calls her mad. She speaks about how difficult it is to find a job. He calls her filmy. She says internship is very important for me. I will have to prove myself. It is very important for me. He nods. Madhvi calls out for Gangaa. You have to prove something else as well. I raised you with so much love since you were a kid. You will have prove it that your Babu was not wrong in bringing you home. You also have to prove that you are capable to repay all the love that we gave to you. Will you be able to do so? Pulkit asks her what she wants to day. Madhvi asks Gangaa if she will be able to do it. Gangaa agrees. It is good that you asked me to pay you back. Don’t worry. I will repay each and every favour done by you even if the payment is too big. Madhvi asks her if she will back out later. Pulkit advises Gangaa to clearly ask mom what she wants. Gangaa tells him not to worry. Just like Babu, Bahu ji is also asking for the payment of her love. she isn’t doing any favour on me. what can be better than this? You bargain before buying something. I only have to pay now. Tell me Bahu ji what is the cost of your motherly love. Madhvi asks Gangaa to come with her. Pulkit again tells Gangaa not to fall in anyone’s words. They are trying to trap you. Take care of yourself. Gangaa goes with Madhvi.

Sagar is surprised to see Gangaa in the study room. She asks him if he isn’t happy to see her. They both talk about the new sides of each other that they are getting to see / meet nowadays. He walks up to her. what all happened? How did it happen between us and why? Why did you do this? Tell me how we reached here. She moves his hands away. He immediately backs off. I am sorry. I know you don’t like me touching you. you had told me not to touch you. I am sorry. So many distances have come between us. You snatched all rights from me. Why are you here now? She shows him their joint piggy bank. We have to do some counting. He opens it right away asking her to count it and end the matter today. She moves a coin towards him. This is for the day I came in the house upon your asking and Amma ji let me stay back. He moves a coin towards her for she let him win intentionally in cricket. They keep thinking of the old times as they distribute money equally between each other. Sagar says they both have hurt each other badly. No one is less, neither you nor me. We dint even lose any count. She denies. We are still not even. you have one coin extra. I have come to take count of that only. He gives another coin to her but she says it wont even things between them. He asks her what she wants. She asks him if he will be able to give what she wants. He can give his life on one gesture. Why do you ask then? She points out that what she is asking for is more valuable than life. I want you to give all the rights to Janvi that a wife deserves.

Sagar is stunned. You want this? She nods. He walks up to her. No, you are lying. You don’t want this. This is why you are not even looking in my eye. She wipes her tears and turns to face him. Now I am looking in your eye. You have married Janvi. You have some responsibility towards her. Don’t make the world blame me for your relation. Don’t let the world taunt me. Accept Janvi from heart. Give her all the rights. For me! He says Sagar can do anything for you. I wont even waste a second in ruining myself. I know this is why you are saying this to me. I will destroy myself if I have to but don’t be upset. I accept Janvi as my wife now. Are you happy now? We are even now. She picks up her share. He looks hurt. She says thank you to him and leaves. Sagar says thank you Gangaa. You killed me from inside today. Thank you!

Outside, Gangaa calls out after Madhvi. I did what you asked from me. You have raised me with so much love. I had begun to think of you as my Maiyya. I repaid that favour today. She shows the coins to her. Madhvi stands quietly. Gangaa goes upstairs.

Sagar keeps looking at the coins and thinks of Gangaa’s words. You turned out to be very particular about hisab.

Madhvi notices Sagar going upstairs. I wonder what happened to him.

Sagar comes to his room and makes Janvi sit on the bed. I came to you. Are you happy now? She tries to say something but he does not let her talk. She is after me! She wants to trap me for money and fun. This is what you said about her. She gave me the biggest punishment today. She took herself away from me. She closed all the doors. Janvi again tries to get up but he makes her sit down. She has taken a promise from me. I have to accept you as my wife from heart and give you all the rights. He shows her the mirror. Look at yourself. Mrs. Janvi Sagar Chaturvedi! You are really lucky to get the name that papa refused to give to Gangaa. you are lucky to have the mangalsutra of my name. The vermilion which Gangaa wore in her head since childhood but could not claim! You are really lucky to have all of it! I give you all the rights. This is what you wanted, right? I had no idea you would be so desperate to get me that you never thought what I want. You did not think who my heart beats for. I was angry so I married you. I agree I made a mistake. You were in your senses atleast. You put all the blame on Gangaa! Gangaa is anyways great. She did another great thing. She first donated me to her Babu and now she gave me to you. Janvi is in tears. He tells her to be happy. You made Gangaa lose. Truth is Gangaa still did not lose though. Only I have lost. From today onwards I am your husband and vice versa. You have all the rights on everything that is mine. He keeps her hand on his chest saying this body belongs to you too. She pushes him away. He says this is what you wanted. You wanted to come close to me. You must have realised this is a dead body. This heart is only for name sake. Sagar breaks the mirror and shows it to Janvi. No one can handle broken relation. You will get me but whenever you will look at our relation you will always see it broken and scattered, like your face in the broken mirror. This is the truth of our relation! He leaves. Janvi cries. Madhvi comes there hearing the noise. She notices the broken mirror and Janvi.

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Sagar stands outside in the balcony. Sad music plays. Someone pats at his shoulder. He turns to look at Gangaa. She blows at his eyes and picks up a tear from his cheek. In her room, Gangaa is unable to sleep. She imagines Sagar patting at her head. She sits up startled.

Janvi looks at the broken mirror. She takes out a bottle from the drawer. Yash greets her. She closes the door so no one can hear their convo. Why did you come here? He says you forgot me. She tells him to go but he tells her not to worry. You stay alone here. Sagar does not stay with you. She is shocked. What’s Sagar doing in balcony when he has such a beautiful wife? I pity you. He takes the sleeping pills from her hand. I can end your pain. She raises her hand to hit him but he holds it. I only came to ask how you are doing. He gives a medicine to Janvi. Take one pill with water. It will take you to heaven. You can see its effect then. You will wake up fresh. She is hesitant but he asks her to trust her friend. I have helped you so much. I will go but do take the pill with water. You will thank me always. He jumps out of the window. Janvi picks up the glass. Yash looks at her from outside. You will be in another world as soon as you will take the medicine. He goes. Janvi throws the pills away.

Next morning, Supriya and Pulkit come to wake Gangaa up. Supriya covers Gangaa’s eyes when Pulkit shows the newspaper to Gangaa. She realises that the result is out. She does not find her roll number in the list. It means I did not pass the exams? Pulkit and Supriya say sorry. Gangaa is sure her papers went fab. Supriya starts laughing. Gangaa is panicked. Pulkit sweetly scolds Supriya for spoiling the surprise. He takes the paper from Gangaa and shows her another article. She has topped in Banaras. Gangaa is elated.

Gangaa excitedly reads the article. She runs downstairs to tell Babu her result. He asks her to tell her. They both stop realising the current situation. Madhvi stands next to Niru. Sagar looks on from upstairs. Everyone gathers there. Pulkit loudly tells Maharaj ji that his sister came first in Banaras. Maharaj ji smiles and blesses Gangaa through hand gestures. Niru is happy. I knew it already. I am so proud of you Gangaa. I wish I could tell you this. Niru and Madhvi go inside. Supriya asks Gangaa to come. We have to go to court. Maharaj ji smiles at Gangaa. Pulkit notices Sagar upstairs. He tells Maharaj ji he is very happy today. Gangaa had a very big achievement. There will be some people also who wont be happy to know it as they don’t understand her potential. Those who themselves aren’t capable wont understand anyone else’s capabilities. I am very happy. It is celebration time!

Gangaa picks up her file. Supriya feeds her kheer. Gangaa thinks of Niru. He used to treat her too whenever she used to come first. Supriya asks her what happened but Gangaa dismisses it. I will go now. She asks Supriya to go to doc on time. She leaves. Pulkit shares that Gangaa is papa’s favourite. He used to give her sweets whenever she used to come first.

Sagar congratulates Gangaa. He offers her Prasad. Papa used to give it to you. She calls it a thing of the past. Everything has changed now. He requests her to give him a chance. Everything can go back to how it was! No Sagar. Something’s cannot change however much anyone can try. That word, pity, that Babu said, wont change. The truth of your marriage wont change. The sooner we both accept it the better for us. He is irked. She is so arrogant. She is always arrogant. Truth is she can never change!

Pulkit says at times I felt Gangaa and Sagar were not meant to be together. Supriya tells him what she has heard from everyone. Pulkit talks of their differences and how at times they used to understand each other’s thoughts without even saying it out loud. Sagar is a very difficult and sensitive person whereas Gangaa is very strong. She needs a partner who can be as strong as her. He should understand her. How can a person like Sagar support her? Someone really strong is needed in her life. He should bring stability in her life and hold her together.

Gangaa is riding bicycle. She is thinking about Sagar’s words. A guy is riding a bike. She almost collides with a cart when a kid runs past her cycle. The guy stops his bike as all the pots fall down in his way. Gangaa looks at the damage. The vendors angrily scold Gangaa. They ask for payment. She says sorry to them. I dint do it intentionally. They again ask for money. She agrees to pay them tomorrow. I don’t have money with me right now. They insist while she speaks of trust. The guy asks her why someone will trust her. Gangaa turns to look at him. What if you don’t come tomorrow? She says maybe people don’t trust someone. He says you can give something in written to them atleast. She asks him if he is a lawyer. She keeps talking when he tries to say something. These people have put their carts in the pathway. He reasons that one does not even ride bicycle there. She tells her address. Come in the evening. I will pay you. The guy again asks for address. Gangaa repeats it for him and begins to walk away. The guy keeps looking at her. Gangaa turns to look at him too before going away finally. The guy smiles.

Sagar is with his client. Their hearing is due. Niru wishes him good luck. I know of the pressure which will be on you. You have fought 4 cases and have won them all. Bar council has a lot of expectations from you. They see the most talented lawyer in you. There will be pressure on you for sure. Sagar assures him but Niru knows it all already. Forget the pressure, your past victories. Keep the fear of defeat away from you. Concentrate only on your case. Winning or losing does not matter. Sagar says no papa. Where I stand today in my life, victory matters a lot to me. I have nothing else to look forward to. There is nothing other than pain and sadness in my personal life. Victory and success are the things with which I can prove myself. He goes inside with his client. Niru hopes Sagar does not become so stone hearted to prove himself. He only will be in pain.

Gangaa and her friend come to court. They request the peon to allow them to see the courtroom cases to learn from the senior lawyers. He allows them inside. Take a backseat. They thank him. Sagar stands up to present the case. Gangaa is taken aback hearing his voice. Gangaa’s friend compliments Sagar. He looks like a hero, right out of movies. Gangaa tells her to focus on what they have come here for. Sagar is talking about a divorce case and how a woman gives up her everything for her husband. She too should have a right in that house. No one can deny her those rights. Gangaa recalls her marriage with Sagar. Gangaa wipes her tears while listening to his arguments (all the while speaking about the rights of a woman). The opposition lawyer turns out to be the same guy who Gangaa met earlier.

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