Gangaa 12 January 2020 update: While going upstairs both Ganga discuss about the bridal saree and recognizes each other.

Gangaa update Sunday 12th January 2020: Ganga tells the younger Ganga that Maharaj ji used to work at their home for so long. The younger Ganga was happy to meet Ganga, and calls her someone with great self-respect and keeping the family united. Ganga advices the younger one to have faith over herself, she is sure her new family would dearly respect her. The younger Ganga discuss she is unaware about her new family, she hasn’t even met her husband yet; its his second marriage and he has a daughter as well. Ganga was sure she will get the courage to fulfil his responsibility well. She goes to meet the groom and father in law. The younger Ganga takes a leave, Ganga leaves for her way. The young Ganga return, her father in law instructs Shiv to make Ganga wear their family necklace. There, Ganga informs the family about the young Ganga. Amma ji suggests to remarry Ganga and Sagar. Everyone including Krishna was excited. The Pandit qualifies if they take rounds with each other now, their wedding would be for lives onwards. Sagar cheerfully says they must do it, he would become tension free as well, and it won’t matter even if he dies. Ganga silently prays, when she foresee a storm coming her way; and tears fill her eyes. They all leave with food for Brahmans. Krishna watches the young Ganga and family getting on a boat for ride, and points towards Sagar. Ganga forbids at once, but Krishna insists. Everyone insists on Ganga to let her go, Sagar takes Ganga along with them. Suddenly there is a storm, the same scenes as Ganga’s nightmare; the three felling off the boat into water. Ganga screaming for Krishna, struggling in water. Sagar drowns. Ganga holds the family necklace that had been gifted to younger Ganga. Ganga’s head hit a boat side, and she faints. After the storm, people come to help Sagar out of the river. Shiv was standing on the river back when two men come to point at the girl wearing the same dress. Shiv brings Ganga out of the river, and not his wife.
In the medical camp, Shiv sat beside his father who had also faint. A lady comes with a necklace, which she found with Ganga. He was moved by this. Ganga gets conscious, two ladies go to inform Shiv. Ganga gets flashes from her childhood of a similar storm at ghaat. She wakes up calling her father, and wants to go to him. The ladies inform her that her husband and his father are here. Ganga doesn’t recognize having a husband, and denies recognizing Shiv as well. She tries to leave, but Shiv arrive by then. Shiv tells Ganga to come with him, as they need to do coronation ceremony.

The ladies tell Ganga this is Shiv whom she married today. Ganga doesn’t recognize him as she didn’t even see him. The ladies say they didn’t see each other, but he is her husband. Ganga wonders how she would marry someone without watching him. The ladies inquire about her name, which Ganga doesn’t remember.

The ladies gossip it feels she has lost her memory. Ganga forces herself to recall her name, Shiv calls Ganga from behind. She recalls the name, but denies marrying him. Shiv says his father is no more, they have to go for his cremation rituals. Ganga denies having marrying him and asks for a proof. Shiv was angry and asks if he must provide a proof for wedding which he never wanted to do.

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The ladies try to insist on Ganga to go with him, as he is really sad. Ganga wasn’t ready to go with someone stranger. Shiv recalls the promise of his father, Ganga runs away.
Sagar gets conscious at the river bank. He looks around for Ganga and Krishna. There, Ganga run through the streets looking around. Sagar also looked for her across the streets, and inquires people around for Krishna. Ganga had hidden behind, she hears Sagar but doesn’t recognize him and wonders who is he, as it seems he also wants to take her along but she won’t go with anyone.

Sagar finally cries for Krishna and Ganga’s name. Ganga stands up behind him but her head bangs badly. She tries to reach Sagar but Shiv finds her first. She fell down on street, people passing over her when Shiv reaches and bend over her to save her from the stampede. He was finally able to take her along. Near the jeep, Shiv tells Ganga if she can’t understand his father was everything for him, today he is dead and he needs to take him. If she wants him to prove about their marriage. It was his father who left her responsibility over him, he is requesting him to go with him. Ganga resists moving on. Shiv says alright, now he won’t come behind her; as nothing matters for him as his father does. People there pass with young Ganga in arms. A lady comes to request Shiv save her daughter, she was getting married but didn’t and the groom died; now Pandits won’t let her go without getting her hair off. Shiv goes with the lady. Ganga gets flashes from her childhood, of hiding behind Niru in such situation. Tears fill her eyes. When Shiv leaves, he was relieved to see

Ganga got in the car silently. He comes to her saying if she has decided to come home, in their family it’s a ritual that bride and groom look at each other after Kul Devta Pooja. He covers her face with a veil. Behind there, Sagar was asking people about Ganga and Krishna. Shiv warns Ganga she can never go against any family ritual. Sagar shouted and cried for Ganga behind. Ganga looks towards him through her veil, but the car moves on. Ganga thinks Sagar might have lost his love, she prays he gets whom he is looking for.

At home, the ladies gossiped that Shiv’s mother is still in her bridal clothes. They come to say to Pratab that his mother must get rid of the jewelry. Pratab was furious, but his mother calms him and stops the ladies from moving on. She removes her jewelry by herself. Shiv takes the driving lead of the car halfway and rushes the car towards home. There, Shiv’s mother mourned over the death of her husband. Pratab asks about Aashi, his wife says she doesn’t want to come out of her room. The Pandit comes to ask them prepare for cremation ceremony. An old lady brings a child girl downstairs, she was excited that grandfather and her father, Shiv has returned. She looks towards the body and questions the lady why he is laying the way her mother was laid. She was informed that he has died, and goes to mourn over the dead body. A lady takes Radhika inside, ladies gossip that Radhika was his beloved granddaughter. Pratab sat lost, her mother whispers to him to take his father for cremation and fulfil the rituals by himself. Pratab announces they should leave now. His wife thinks that mother’s hatred for her step son Shiv is increasing day by day; this can benefit her and her husband. There, Shiv’s sister comes to her husband who disagreed taking the dead body before Shiv’s arrival. He goes to discuss it with Pratab, but Pratab wasn’t in a mood to listen to him.
Shiv reach home and hurries inside. Ganga looks around at the new place from under her veil. Shiv was leaving when his mother follows him saying cremation must have took place. Shiv says he can’t leave without have a last glance at Bauji. He asks Ganga to come down, she doesn’t respond but she shouts at her. Ganga steps down the jeep, Shiv drives away in hurry.
At home, Radhika was crying badly, not ready to eat anything. She watches her grandma talking to Ganga. Pratab’s wife asks if this is the new bride, and asks about her name. Ganga replies as Ganga, recalling Shiv’s introduction. Pratab’s wife taunts this is why she washed their happiness. Shiv’s mother says she can’t step inside before Grahpravesh. She sends Thumki to get Dai Ma. They ask about her luggage, but Ganga replies she has no luggage. The lady says her husband kept Ganga’s mother for years, why would she get any dowry; she has killed her husband as soon as stepped into his son’s life. Dai Ma takes Ganga inside.

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Pandit suggests Pratab must wait a little more, as Shiv is the eldest son and has the right for performing the last rituals. Pratab says he has to inherit everything from his father, not Shiv and begins the litting. He smirks over his victory, but Shiv calls his name from behind. Pratab explains to Shiv he had to take the responsibility only because Pandit ji was saying it’s being late in cremation. Pandit announces now the elder son will perform the ritual. Shiv performs the rituals with teary eyes.

While walking across the corridors, Ganga asks Dai Maa if she lives here for long. Dai ma boasts she is here since her mother in law was married here. She brings Ganga inside, saying soon she will be welcomed inside the house but till then she must stay here. She lightens the room by removing the curtains. Ganga had removed the veil. Dai Ma asks why she removed her veil, and warns her to do this in front of her mother in law. Ganga compliments her to be a strange lady. Dai Ma qualifies she is Savitri Devi, Shiv’s mother. Ganga says she would call the wrong as wrong. Dai Maa says she is complete shadow of Parvati, her mother. Ganga doesn’t understand. Dai ma says she has been sent here for some reason. Ganga wish she had known who she is. Dai Ma was worried. Ganga share with Dai Ma that she doesn’t remember anything even marrying Shiv. She apologizes for saying so, then requests her not to share this with anyone. Dai Maa assures she can trust her. Ganga stops her to inquire about her name, she replies Dai Ma. Ganga feels mother’s love in her name. Dai Ma promises to be motherly towards her always.

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In the room, Savitri was calculating about property benefits when she feels someone was coming. She goes to hide the files and sit on the bed crying. It was Shiv who comes to place a hand over her shoulder, calling her as Maa. Savitri asks if everything happened well. Shiv considers himself guilty for not being able to save Bauji. He promise Savitri not to let her in any pain, and will go to any extent for her happiness. When he leaves the room, Savitri wipes her tears and smirks.

Shiv comes out to the veranda. He cries remembering his father, and Savitri’s complain about not being able to save him. He removes his shirt and pours bucket full of cold water over himself. Ganga watches this from the window while Dai Ma comes to stop Shiv, as he might get sick. She holds his hand and tells him to go to his room, else he might fall ill.

Thumpki prepares for her dress when Pratab enters the room. She goes to ask if he still came second; Shiv arrived at the right time and curses Pratab to be used to get defeated from Shiv. Pratab was worried what if Savitri knows about it. Thumpki taunts that Pratab is useless, and says Ria would tell Savitri and no one can stop her. Savitri comes to the room then, Pratab explains everything was going fine but… Savitri says Shiv is considering himself guilty, right now Pratab must get everything named after him. She hands him a list from the next day preparations. Thumpki reads the list and wonders how expensive is it all going to be. Pratab was thoughtful.

Ganga wakes up in the middle of night when there is a knock at the door. It was Radhika who throws ink over Ganga crying that she isn’t her mother, and runs away crying. Ganga chases her outside, then locks herself in the bed room. She goes to change her dress, thinking about all the developments and fell asleep. In the dream, she gets flashes from her boat ride.

Shiv notices the lights of Radhika’s room still on. Radhika was singing lullaby to her stuffed toys. She says her mother used to sing this to her; she is missing her mother and Dadu both. Shiv plays with touching his nose with her, and shares he miss them both too.

Radhika complains him for marrying Ganga. Shiv says he abide by his father’s will, but this doesn’t give Ganga the place of her mother. He advices her to respect her anyway, however no one will force her to call Ganga as a mother until her own wish. He promises to sing a lullaby to Radhika, she cheers and lay down in his lap.

Ganga was badly sweating and crying in bed, and asks why she has such flashes. What relation she has with those faces and voices and wonders why she doesn’t remember anything. Gangaa Sunday 12 January 2020 update


  1. I’m just wondering why couples don’t enjoy their marriages in zeeworld. They face all sorts of family intrigues and when they finally overcome it, they are killed or another tragedy occurs. When do they actually enjoy the marriage?

  2. I don’t understand why all Zee movies must lost their memory, I just subscribed after 6months and they are still doing the same thing


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