Gangaa 2 Friday 17th January 2020 Written update

Gangaa 17 January 2020 update: After the turban ceremony Shiv asks Savitri to take everyone home, he wants to take care of some work.

Gangaa Friday 17 January 2020 update: He prays in front of his father’s photos. In the car, Pratab says no one denies Savitri’s decisions and she could have made him a Prata Dev. Savitri curtly says Pratab isn’t worth anything, he could atleast have sent Kishore out of the village. Pratab says it’s because of Ganga, Ganga isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. She is educated as well.

Shiv was still working, Muneem ji brings tea for him and says he can see his father’s shadow I nhim always. Shiv tells Muneem ji to go home, he will look after all the work. Muneem ji leaves murmuring he doesn’t want to go home. He instructs two men to stay until Shiv is here.
In the room, Dai Maa was sure Shiv must have known about the reality. When Shiv will know about her role in getting him rid of accusations, her respect and love would increase in his heart. Shiv was done with his work, he locks the door to leave and finding the two men he asks why they have stayed so late.
At home, Shiv finds Ria awake. Ria says she has been looking for Radhika, she said she is feeling cold but she is nowhere now. Shiv goes with Ria to look for Radhika. Kushal and Savitri also called Radika’s name. Everyone gathered.

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In the basement Jhumki tied Radika on a chair and tells her to cough and pant watching everyone, and should accuse Ganga for doing this. This will make Shiv push Ganga out of this house. She leaves the room. Radika was afraid, Jhumki goes calling everyone as she found Radika already. They hear Radhika’s call to save her, Jhumki wonders why Radhika is screaming. Everyone enters, Radhika points towards a snake on the floor. Everyone was frightened. Shiv finds a basket nearby and places it over the snake. Pratab was sure he will take care of snake. They take Radhika away.
In the room, Shiv asks Radhika who did this. Radhika was afraid, Shiv again questions who took her to basement. Jhumki signals her to take Ganga’s name. Ganga comes with a glass of water, but Radhika throws the glass away and says Ganga punished her for being mischievous. She was there for last two hours. Ganga asks what is she saying, but Shiv interrupts and asks why Ganga behaved so badly to her. He tells Ganga to apologize Radika. Ganga replies she is innocent, and she will never apologize anyone without mistake. Shiv says alright, if this breaks his self-respect he must leave the house right away. Everyone watches Ganga turn away to leave. Shiv announces if a person can’t accept her mistake, she has no right to stay in this house.

Dai Maa stops Ganga, but Ganga says Shiv never listens to anyone and accuses her already. She herself is confused, she wants to recognize herself but she has realized she has no place here in this house. She can no longer bear this all. Dai Maa cries as Ganga crosses the door way. She comes to Shiv and asks why Shiv didn’t want to find out about the truth. He didn’t even consider what Ganga went through to prove him innocent. Shiv inquires about the whole issue, Dai Maa tells him Ganga trusted Shiv and went to bus stop to find Kishore there. He must have thought sometimes Shiv can also be wrong, and this time only he is wrong. Shiv comes to Radhika’s room with a glass of milk. He sits beside her, then asks if Ganga took her there. For how long? Radhika says one hour? Radhika says there was no clock there. Shiv then asks why she didn’t scream, someone might have heard her; why she screamed only after watching the snake. Radhika says she told her not to make noise, else she will give her bigger punishment. She shows him lines over her arm.

Shiv turns to bring 4 to 5 medicines, Radhika denies. Shiv takes Radhika to her mother’s photo and asks her about the truth, swearing on her.

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