Game of Love Wednesday 5 August 2020 Written update


Game of Love Wednesday 5 August 2020 Written update, Anika says stop, she is my mum. She hugs Naintara. Pinky says I know the sorrow to get away from family and the happiness to hug own blood.

Some time before, Anika sees the news and asks Shivaye is this true. Shivaye gets shocked. She asks yes or no. He says yes. She says you have given money to media to hide this news. He says you don’t know complete matter. She says this is my mum. He says I wanted to tell you and did not know how to tell you. She says my mum wanted to meet you, you did not let her meet me, you got me inside and then paid the media, it means you don’t want me to meet my mum. He says its nothing like that. She signs him to stop it. She asks how is it then. He says I was afraid, I did not know how will you handle truth.

She says I would have got glad if you told me, I did not run from any truth of my life, I would have faced this too, I m sad you have hidden this from me. Pinky smiles seeing them and says now their relation will suffer. Anika says you did not let me meet my mum. He says I was also in shock, I took time to tell this to you in my way. She argues. She says you got ashamed that his wife is a dancer’s daughter, so you paid the media. He says its not like that. She asks why don’t you agree, you get affected by my name, blood and family, she is my mum, person can choose wife by seeing name and blood but not mum, she will be bar dancer for you, for me she is my mum, you did not let me talk to her, you have no answer. She cries and says I m going to meet my mum. He asks her to listen. He goes after her.

Pinky asks Naintara to start, Anika is coming. Naintara starts her drama and cries. Anika comes there and sees Naintara. Naintara requests Pinky to give happiness to Anika that she does not miss her mum. Anika asks her to stop and cries. Naintara opens arms. Anika runs to her mum and hugs. Pinky says I saw a mum and daughter union after long time. Naintara apologizes to Anika for not doing a mother’s duty. She says when I realized my mistake, I tried to find you, but I did not get you, Lord was punishing me and kept you away from me, I had left hope and thought I can never meet Anika. Shivaye looks on. Pinky says I know the sorrow to get away from family and the happiness to hug own blood. Anika thinks of Pinky’s words.

Anika says Maa… Naintara asks her to say. Pinky asks Shivaye to come and take his mum in law’s blessings by touching her feet. Shivaye asks what happened Anika. Naintara says let it be, maybe he is ashamed to touch my feet. Pinky says no, Shivaye worries for Anika and her family the most, he loves her brother a lot. He says of course, Anika’s mum means my mum. Pinky asks him to touch feet.

Anika goes away. He takes Naintara’s blessings. Naintara hugs Pinky. Pinky says I m very happy now, Anika’s family problem solved today. Anika goes. Shivaye goes to see her. Naintara says my eyes are burning with glycerine. Pinky says I know you status, I will throw much money on your face, just do something to stay here for few days. Naintara says I will do what you say. Pinky says I have to think something.

Priyanka is with her friends. Her friend says I heard you went to Paris, change is good, its good you did not marry Ranveer. Priyanka asks them to talk about something else. She says I will leave now, have to prepare for viva. She goes to her car and turns to see. She says I felt something was watching me, Ranveer is gone, no need to worry. She leaves in her car. Kamini looks on. Kamini calls Ranveer and says Priyanka felt story ended, it just started, she will become my bahu, I want everything from Oberois, Priyanka will make me reach there.

Shivaye goes to Anika and apologizes. He says I think you were right, I should have told you before, I did not wish to hide this, but I did not know how to tell this to you, I have to be honest, the way you handled this situation, its very impressive, I m glad you got your mum. Naintara comes and says but I m very upset today, I have to leave now, that’s why, I just wanted to see Anika for the last time, don’t know when will I meet again, I wish to sit and talk, shower my love today itself, but after marriage, daughters become parayi, just inlaws have right on daughter, else I would have spent time with you here, maybe Shivaye won’t like me staying here, after all I m a bar dancer. He says no, you can stay here as long as you want. She asks sure? He says I will be glad if you stay with Anika, I will get guestroom ready. She says great, I will ask Pinky to see that, Anika come there soon. She goes.

Shivaye says you will get chance to spend time with her. Anika says she is not my mum. He gets shocked. He asks what are you saying, you called her Maa and hugged her. She says yes, but now I m saying she is not my mum, I did not feel anything when she hugged me. He says you met her after many days, maybe you don’t remember her. She says no, its not about identifying face, but feeling, when she hugged me, I did not feel anything, she is a bar dancer, when I remember things, I feel my mum was never a bar dancer. He asks are you ashamed that your mum is a bar dancer. She says no, you know name, blood and family do not matter to me, this matters to you, I didn’t feel anything. He says she is your mum according to my info. She asks what info.

He says when I went to orphanage, I got a call about Naintara’s address, I went looking for her. She says you did the search again. He says I thought to make you meet your mum. She says you thought so and went to meet her. He says trust me, I did this before our fight, when the man called me, I said I don’t want to know, but he gave my number to your mum. She says she is not my mum, my heart is not agreeing. She goes. He gets thinking.

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Anika says she is not my mum. Shivaye asks her to get DNA test done, else there is other way, you have your childhood things, your mum will identify this. Pinky and Naintara hear them. Pinky says our lie will be caught now. Some time before, Shakti asks who did these arrangements. Pinky says Shivaye’s mum in law, Anika is not an orphan, her mum has come, they met now. Shakti asks who is her mum. Pinky says she is here. Shakti and Priyanka see Naintara.

Pinky introduces Naintara. Shakti says she looks much tired. Shivaye and Anika come. Naintara says I have habit to sleep in day and be awake at night. Priyanka asks do you do night duty. Naintara laughs and says people call me Raat ki rani. Pinky introduces Shakti. Naintara greets him and says see I can hug Samdhan ji, but not Samdhi ji.. its fine I will hug my son in law. She hugs Shivaye and says son in law is like son, I m meeting my daughter’s Sasural for the first time and did special arrangements, come. She starts performing a Mujra on Jhalla walla song. Pinky smiles. She dances around Shakti. Shakti moves away. Anika and Shivaye look on. Naintara makes Shakti dance with her. Pinky sees Shivaye’s reaction.

Anika stops Naintara and makes her away. She asks is it done. Naintara asks why are you talking to me this way. Anika asks whose daughter. Pinky asks Anika what is she saying. Anika says I did not say anything, I have to ask something, she claims to be my mum. Naintara says I m really your mum. Anika asks why were you helpless to leave your little girl, why are you seeing Pinky, answer me. Shivaye asks Anika does anyone talk to mum like this. Anika says I want some answers. He asks her to talk to her in private. Anika asks why, if she has no shame, why should I shy. She asks Naintara why did she leave her. Naintara thinks what to do, its better to become Nirupa roy.

She starts acting and says which mum will leave her daughter willingly, I …. Pinky thinks I told her everything, I wish she remembers everything. Naintara says your anger and questions are justified, you have total rights to know truth. Anika asks why did you leave me. Naintara cries and says I was helpless. Anika says I m saying the same, tell me why were you helpless. Shivaye asks Anika to stop it. Anika says today she came back to me, as I m your wife now. Naintara says no, I did not come back as you are big house’s bahu. Anika keeps her away. Naintara says you are my daughter, I m really your mum. Anika asks her to answer.

Naintara says what shall I say that you accept I m your mum, I left you and now you don’t want to accept me. Anika asks her to answer, and stop drama. Shivaye says give her a chance to answer. Anika says she has no answer. She goes. Naintara says I think she did not forgive me, you tell me where is the place for lonely woman to stay, I had no roof on my head, I could not arrange food for her, I have put a stone on my heart and left my daughter in orphanage, how shall I explain her. Pinky thinks what nonsense is she saying. Shivaye looks at Naintara. Pinky asks Shivaye to go to Anika, and takes Naintara.

Pinky asks Naintara why is she ruining her plan. Naintara asks what did I do. Pinky says I told you Anika’s story, you left her to temple, from which Mr. Bajaj has left her to orphanage. Naintara says sorry. Shivaye asks Anika what’s wrong with you. Anika says she is not my mum, why don’t you agree. He says orphanage staff gave me Naintara’s address. She asks why can’t they do any mistake. He says truth is shocking, so you are not accepting it. She says I did not feel anything when I hugged her. He says memories also fade with time, you are saying about emotions. She asks why does he want to prove its true. He asks shall I need to give proof. Anika says she is not my mum. Shivaye asks her to get DNA test done, else there is other way to know she is your mum. She asks what. He says when I went orphanage, I got your childhood things, your mum will identify this. Pinky and Naintara hear them. Pinky says what is he talking about. Shivaye says this box has your childhood memories. Naintara says I will fail in this test. Pinky says I have to do something. She calls orphanage matron to know about things. She says call is not connecting. Shivaye says if she identifies these are your things, you will believe she is your mum. Anika says if you tell her, its my things, she will identify it. He says we will add few things in it, if she identifies your belongings, then she is your mum. She says fine. Naintara worries. Pinky asks her to leave fast, as she can’t get insulted in front of her son. She takes Naintara with her.

Ranveer asks do you think this will be useful. Kamini says I m following her since she came from Paris, she is acting strong, but she is scared within, I think her mind is asking her to stay away from you, but her heart wants to come to you, she could not forget you, you were her first love, first love makes a person weak, we have to use her weakness, you have to trap her in your love again. He asks are you sure Mausi, I got job back with difficulty, now fight with Oberois again. She asks did you forget your insult or that slap. Ranveer recalls Priyanka slapping him. Kamini says you can forget, but not me, till I take revenge of my insult, I will not sit in peace. He says Shivaye can do anything. She says we can make him do anything, his siblings are his weakness,we have to strike it, I don’t expect anything from Mahi, I have expectations from you, your mum left you with me in your childhood, you always supported me, I m sure you will support me in this fight, Oberois have to pay a price. She hangs a toy. He says fine Mausi, I will do whatever you say.

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Pinky asks Naintara to get lost, Shivaye will kick her out if he comes. Shakti asks Pinky what’s happening. Naintara greets him. Pinky says she was saying she wants to go from here. Shakti says this house is of Anika, its yours too. Naintara says if I have no right on daughter, how can I have right on her house. Pinky says I explained her, but I can’t force her, we will explain Anika and then call her. He asks her to explain Anika infront of Naintara. He asks Naintara not to go if she wants to come close to Anika. Naintara says I don’t want my daughter to bear more sorrows, I will go. Shivaye asks who is going…. Naintara gets shocked.

Pinky says we are fine, why will we call you doctor. Shivaye says I called doctor for routine tests. He asks Naintara to get DNA test done. Pinky gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye keeps the things and says sorry, I m asking a mum for the proof, if I don’t do this, a daughter can’t accept a mum. Anika asks why are you not supporting me today, you always agreed to me, you believe her more than me. He says I m doing this for your mum, why don’t you agree she is your mum, mum’s love can’t fail in any test, I m sure it won’t fail in this test also. Shakti asks what test. Shivaye says orphanage matron gave me Anika’s belongings, I m sure Naintara will recognize it, I mixed few things in it, Naintara has to identify Anika’s things.

Naintara says I m first mum in the world, who is giving proof of motherly love, I feel so short today. He says I can understand, but you can do this for your daughter. She says fine, I will give proof. Pinky thinks she will get me trapped too. He asks Naintara to identify. Naintara thinks where did I get stuck, I will just guess and see.

She sees the things well. She picks the doll and smiles. She guesses and picks few things. She asks Shivaye to see. Anika asks Shivaye did she identify right. Pinky asks him to say did she pass in test or not. He says she has identified right things, she passed.

Anika asks how can this happen. He says she is your mum. Naintara asks Anika to hug her. Anika says I can’t believe she is my mum and goes. He says sorry on her behalf, she is your daughter, her heart will melt. He goes. Pinky asks Naintara did she learn black magic, how did she know Anika’s things. Naintara says I just guessed, I will take money for this. Pinky says fine, I can pay any price to make Anika out of here.

Anika cries in her room. Shivaye comes. He sees her and shuts the door. He holds her. Anika smiles. She says I did good acting. He says you are right, that woman is not your mum, matron did not give me any belongings, I borrowed those things from Priyanka. She says I knew she is not my mum, when did you doubt her. He recalls thinking of Naintara’s words. He thinks I got doubt on her when she said she left you in orphanage, when Bajaj said he got Anika at temple, Naintara is not Anika’s mum.

He says when she gave different statements, I understood she is wrong, so I signed you to fight so that she lies more. She says I will kick her out of house. He says its not right time. She says she is fooling us, do something before she ruins things. He says I have to know her gameplan, did anyone send her. She says do anything fast, I don’t like seeing her. He says I was shocked when she said she is your mum, I did not feel your blood is such, don’t get me wrong, it was too much to handle for me, thank God that woman is not your mum, a mum’s teaching and love teaches living to a kid, she made it a wrong word, give me some time, I will kick her out, I hate lies. He goes.

Anika cries and says if Shivaye could not bear this about me, how will he bear his truth, what will he go through knowing he is not Oberoi, there is nothing imp to him than name, blood and family, what will he do when he knows he is illegitimate child. Its morning, Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words and sees him sleeping. She cries and thinks his lie came out, and a truth too. He wakes up and asks why are you crying, don’t worry, I thought of some plan for that woman.

Ranveer keeps an eye on Priyanka. Alarm rings. Everyone go out. Priyanka has headphones on. She does not hear alarm. She turns and sees everyone gone. She sees Ranveer and gets shocked. She asks what are you doing here, stay away from me. She runs and asks someone to open the door.

Doctor comes. Shakti asks how did you come here. Doctor says we came here for your work. Pinky says we are fine, why will we call you. Shivaye says I called him for routine checkup, Naintara can get test done. Naintara agrees for tests if done for free. He asks her to get DNA test done for clearing Anika’s doubt. Naintara says fine, do any test. Pinky asks why DNA test. He says Naintara has no problem, you said we should know about Anika’s family, we have to write her clan in kulpatri. Anika says yes, her DNA test should happen. Pinky thinks plan will be ruined. Pinky signs Naintara. Naintara acts and screams seeing injection. Anika calms her down. Pinky asks him to let it be. Shivaye says I understand, but a mum can bear such pain for daughter. Naintara refuses. Everyone block her way. Naintara drinks water. Anika says it was not drinking water. Naintara forwards leg and says I don’t want any mark to come on my hand, I will give blood from leg. Shivaye asks her why is she scared of injection. They tie Naintara and take her blood sample. Naintara asks what’s this, I don’t want injection. Shivaye says see its done, when will we get reports. Doctor says I will make sure you get reports by tomorrow.

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Naintara likes the watch. Anika says its worth 25 lakhs. Anika asks her to return Shivaye’s watch which she took. She gets the watch. Pinky asks Anika why is she angry. She taunts Anika. Some time before, Naintara says I did not know what’s this DNA test. Pinky says I signed you not to get this done, you did not listen. Naintara says I have done much acting, your son and bahu are very clever, you will get trapped and get me trapped as well, I will leave. Pinky holds her hand and scolds. She says if Shivaye knows I did this, what will he do, let me think what to do.

Shivaye says we have to wait for report, then Naintara will tell her game plan, why are you silent Anika. Anika says when that woman shows her cheapness, my head bows down in shame. He asks why. She says we know she is not my mum, but everyone think she is my mum. He says after DNA results come, everyone will know. She says if reports come wrong. He says no, its not possible, I will kick her out.

Pinky says I have to change reports. Shivaye says I will go and take reports, so that no one changes the reports, we don’t know who are with that woman, just relax.

Naintara comes to Anika’s room and says this is not house, its heaven, its better than heaven. She likes the swimming pool and says I will take bath here. She likes the things. She praises her beauty. Naintara likes the watch and says it will be worth 5000rs. Anika says its worth 25 lakhs. Anika asks her why did she come here. Naintara says my love got me here. Anika says stop your drama, tell me truth. Naintara says I m really your mum. Anika asks will you stop your cheap drama, you are not even my relative, leave. Naintara asks her to forgive. She does situps. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening. Naintara says Anika does not want to forgive me. Anika asks her to leave. Naintara says fine, its your house, I have to do as you say. She goes.

Anika says she does cheap things. He asks what her word means. She says she is very cheap. He asks her to bear her for one day. He looks for his watch and asks Anika. She recalls Naintara and says I know where it can be. Naintara says 25 lakhs watch and laughs. She says I will sell this and spend 4-5 years well. Anika asks her what is she doing here. Naintara drops and steps on the watch. Naintara says I knew you will come running to me. Anika asks her to return Shivaye’s watch which she took. Naintara says I did not take it. Anika says you have it. Naintara says you are calling me thief and cries. Anika asks her to return watch. Naintara says you check me, I did not take watch. Anika says cockroach…. Naintara jumps and says ave me. Anika gets the watch. She asks Naintara is she not ashamed to loot the family. Naintara goes. Pinky asks Anika why is she angry, when cheap people come, their heart gets cheating, like your heart got after Shivaye. Anika says she is not my mum. Pinky says you both are same, looting my son, like mum, like daughter.

Ranveer says I won’t let you go. Priyanka says I have no option, I m calling Shivaye. He says cool, I will open the door. He holds her hand. He asks her to listen. She says leave my hand, what’s left between us to talk. She goes. He says there is something left, much has to happen, you have to listen to me.

Shivaye asks Anika where did she go, is she crying. Anika says Naintara had your watch. He wipes her tears. She recalls Pinky’s words and says if that woman is my mum then. He says this can’t happen. She says if this happens then… I will hate myself, you have seen what things she does. He says you are just Anika, very different, the best, whom I feel proud of, you are my strength, you can’t feel weak, you don’t look good when you cry. She says I m much scared. He says I m there for you. He kisses her forehead and says nothing will happen.

Ranveer stops Priyanka and asks her to listen. She says enough, I don’t want to talk. He requests. She calls security. She says whatever you did, do you think I should see your face. He says I realized your mistake by your slap, listen to me. She asks him to do anything, but she really doesn’t care. He says I will count till 3, I will think you are ready to hear me, else I will jump. She asks him to jump. He gets on the terrace and counts and jumps down. Priyanka gets shocked.

Shivaye greets Shakti. Shakti asks are you going office. Shivaye says no, I m going hospital to get DNA reports. Pinky says I have to reach before him. She asks Naintara to stop Shivaye. Priyanka holds Ranveer and asks him to open eyes, she has forgiven him. Ranveer smiles.

Naintara asks Shivaye where is he going. He says I m going for work, I m getting late, I don’t like this sugarcane. She says Anika like sugarcane. Anika comes and says Shivaye does not like this. Naintara says you like it. Anika says I never liked it, don’t lie. Anika and Shivaye leave.

Pinky is on the way and asks Naintara could she not stop him. Naintara says I couldn’t stop him. Priyanka takes Ranveer to hospital. Pinky and Shivaye come there. Pinky sees Khanna and hides. She thinks how to enter lab now. Shivaye hears Pinky and goes to see.



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