Game of Love Wednesday 4 December Update 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Wednesday 4th December Update 2019 On Starlife

Bua taunts on Shivaansh who loves Radhika more than his own sister. He says both my sisters are equal to me. Dadi says Shivani will keep Angad happy. Bua gets taunting them. Shivaansh asks her not to test his patience.

Game of Love Wednesday 4 December Update 2019 On Starlife

Bua says this alliance will be fixed when you and your entire family would apologize to me. He says if we did a mistake, I swear I would apologize, but this was not our mistake, you also know that. Bua says remember, you are choosing your cousin over your own sister, this alliance is breaking because of you. He says no, its because of your ego, if this alliance is so fragile, then we also don’t want such an alliance. Everyone gets shocked. Dadi and Nani worry and ask Bua and Angad to stop. Angad and his family leave. Shivaansh says you have no flaw, remember this. He hugs Radhika. He calls Shivani to him and hugs her too. He asks Dhruv to take them to their room.

Dadi asks Shivaansh why was he silent. He says I didn’t wish Radhika to recall that incident again, she was much in shock that time, I didn’t wish her to go through that same pain again. Nani asks how long will you stop this truth from coming out. He says I will do this as long as I m alive. He goes and plays table football in anger. FB shows little Shivaansh asking Radhika to come with him and have icecream.

Dadi asks him to take Dhruv and Shivani along. He says I can’t manage them. Dadi sends Radhika with him. They sit in the car and have icecream. Shivaansh sees someone shooting Shivaye and shouts Papa. Radhika gets hurt by the glass piece. Doctor says Radhika has lost the vision in one of her eye, because of the glass piece damaging the retina. Nani and Dadi cry. Shivaansh apologizes to Radhika for her state. FB ends.

Shivaansh sees Radhika and Shivani crying and apologizing to each other. They hug. Dhruv asks what shall we do now. Shivaansh goes ahead and overhears Dadi and Nani’s conversation. Nani says Shivaansh will make everything fine, like Shivaye used to solve any problem. He comes to them and asks Dadi to recall what she used to say, whatever Lord does may not ensure their happiness, but it ensures their well being.

Dadi says I m worried for Shivani. He says she knows what is right and wrong, she understands that the relations formed on conditions are always weak, the people who insulted my sister, how can I get my other sister married in their house. Dadi says bride’s family has to bow down. He says you bow down in slavery, not in relations, relations is always in equal people, until I m alive, I won’t let anything wrong happen to my sisters. He leaves.

Aditi asks him to stop. She says its commissioner’s orders, you can’t go anywhere alone, I will come along, its my duty. He says I will be going alone. They argue. He leaves in the car. He says this man is so irritating, how will I protect him if he doesn’t let me come along. She gets Nandini’s message. She checks the video and asks who is this person in bridal attire, is she the one who has attacked Shivaansh, I have to find this bride first. Shivaansh meets Angad and says whatever happened, you know it, I want to know your wish. Angad says sorry, I know whatever happened was wrong. Bua ji overreacted, but I can’t go against my family.

Shivaansh says I just want to know your feelings for Shivani. Angad says I love her. Shivaansh says fine then, do something for me.

Aditi goes to some room and says that bride had come here according to video footage. She checks the makeup and prop room. The girl in bridal dress is still there. She hides behind the mask. Sharda comes and asks you here. Aditi asks about the room. Sharda says its Shivani’s room, she likes to do theatre, so she keeps all her stuff here. Aditi leaves.

Shivaansh asks is everything ready. Sharda says yes. Dadi and Nani ask him why are Ahujas coming again. Shivaansh says I m trying to set everything right. Dhruv says they are here. Dadi and Nani welcome Ahujas. Bua says I never wanted to step in this house again, but Angad, he was quiet stubborn, he told me that Shivaansh wanted to talk to me. He says finally, you agree that you did a big mistake by hiding your sister’s flaw, I still stand by my words, if Shivaansh apologizes to me, I will consider this alliance. Shivaansh says we will have plenty to talk, we shall go and have food first. Someone in bride’s getup looks on. Sharda comes to that room and gets Shivaansh’s watch. She says whose watch is this, it must be of Shivaansh, I will keep this in cupboard as well. The girl goes to hit Sharda with a stick. Aasya comes to call Sharda. Sharda goes.

Angad sees Shivani and smiles. Dhruv asks Dadi to take soup. He sneezes and jerks Bua. Bua says he spilled the soup on me. Shivaansh says sometimes you drop things even if you can see properly, its not your fault right. Bua says accidents and mishaps can happen anytime with anyone. He says right, fate is to be blamed for it, such accident happened with Radhika too, no one talks about it, it wasn’t her fault, even then she is suffering till now, Radhika was blamed for Shivani’s relation breaking. Bua says this family is unbelievable, can’t you see the difference in lying and spilling the soup, you are ill mannered and stubborn, you are still lecturing me, how dare you, disgusting people, are you done insulting me. She asks Angad to come.

Aasya says Sharda has left a napkin here. She gets shocked seeing something and asks who’s there. The girl stares at Aasya… Aasya gets shocked. Nani and Dadi ask Bua not to go. Bua says we don’t want to get insulted. Shivaansh asks her to have some sweets, its a custom of their family. Radhika gets sweets. Shivaansh asks her to get some other sweets. He says Bua and Ahuja may have problem with these sweets, its not sugar free. He says I know you both have diabetes, so I have ordered sugar free sweets, you have also hidden a truth from us, how can you guarantee that Angad won’t have diabetes or arthritis, or that Shivani and Angad’s children won’t develop any disease in future, in this case, we should break the alliance, we have to think about Shivani’s future, we had hidden an accident, not a genetic disorder, you had said that accidents can happen anywhere with anyone, if this happens with Shivani, will Angad divorce her, if Angad’s love keeps changing with circumstances, I don’t want such a life partner for my sister. Bua asks did you hear, do you want to see more drama, this is our respect here, its enough of your hospitality. She leaves with her family.

Aasya gets hit. The girl drags her. Dadi asks Shivaansh to stop Bua. Bua stops and turns to see Angad. She asks Angad to come home. She asks why are you standing there, come with us. Angad says no Bua ji, Shivani and I are not at fault, why should we get punished, sorry, I won’t listen to you, because I love Shivani. He says yes, I love Shivani, if I ever marry, it will be only Shivani. Bua says I m doing this for your happiness. Shivaansh says no, you should have asked Angad what he wants, you have just seen Radhika’s flaw, not her qualities, she is just perfect, she lacks nothing, she completes our family. He hugs Radhika, Dhruv and Shivani. Angaad says Bua you said marriage is a bond between two families, where can we get such a family, where a brother doesn’t discriminate between cousin and own sister, where relations are seen, not kinship, I want to become a part of this family. He hugs Shivani.

Bua looks on. Shivaansh says I m sorry Bua ji, if I have crossed any limit, I would like to apologize. Bua says no, you have done right, sometimes elders get stubborn like kids, you have shown much maturity, you protected the respect of your sisters, I m sorry, Radhika doesn’t lack anything, I think she is the luckiest sister to have a brother like you, person is defined by his relations, Shivani will be special too to get support from you and Angad. She apologizes to Nani and Dadi. She hugs Dadi and asks her to save tears for Shivani’s bidaai. She says after all this drama, I feel hungry, do you really have sugar free sweets. Bua feeds sweets to everyone. They all smile. Its morning, everyone dines. Dhruv does shayari. Nani pats him. Shivaansh comes and greets them. Khanna says Vajpayee has come. Nani asks why did you call the lawyer. Shivaansh looks on.

Shivaansh says I had some work with the lawyer. He goes. They ask Khanna why did Shivaansh call the lawyer. Khanna says I don’t know. He shouts to Shivaansh. Shivaansh asks them not to trouble Khanna. They joke on Khanna. Khanna asks why did you call Vajpayee, tell me at least. Shivaansh says I m scared with whatever happened with Radhika, I couldn’t do anything for her, who will protect her after I leave, I will make sure that she doesn’t get any trouble, so I called Vajpayee home. The lawyer asks him to think once again. Shivaansh signs the papers. Shivani says I will try the clothes, just tell me how is the fitting. Aditi comes and greets them. She asks where is Shivaansh. Radhika asks Nani to take Shivani in. Sharda sends Radhika too. Aditi says I feel someone was there in Shivani’s prop room. Sharda says you are mistaken, I didn’t see anyone there. Aditi says fine thanks, can I check that room again. Sharda says sure.

Aditi comes to prop room and looks around. She says why do I feel that something was here yesterday which isn’t here today, it means something is missing, is this that girl seen in the video, something is weird, I will find out. Shivaansh asks Avi where is Aasya. Avi says don’t know, I haven’t seen her since last night. Shivaansh asks him to call Aasya. Radhika asks him why is he cancelling his work. He says everyone asks me the same thing about marriage. Radhika says its a big problem, you can tell me, when are you marrying. She runs.

The girl in bride’s attire drags Aasya to storeroom. Aditi come there. She doesn’t see Aasya or the girl. Avi says Aasya isn’t answering. He asks Khanna did she tell him something. Khanna says no. Avi says this never happens. Khanna says I m afraid that she is in trouble. Aditi leaves. The girl drags Aasya again. Some files fall. Aditi hears the sound and stops. She goes to check. The girl leaves Aasya and runs away. Aditi sees the girl and follows her. Nani asks the men to spray in every corner of the house, there shouldn’t be any insects left. The men spray the medicine. It gets too smoky. The girl runs. Aditi sees her and tries to catch her. The girl jumps off the wall. Aditi says I have seen her in Shivani’s room, I have to tell Shivansh about the intruder at home. She goes. The girl looks on and comes back into the house.

Dadi asks Avi to go to Aasya’s house and find out. He says I went there, she isn’t there. Dadi asks where did she go. Khanna comes and says I found Aasya’s phone in corridor. Sharda says I didn’t see her after she came to call me. Aditi comes and asks where is Shivaansh, I have to talk to him urgently, there is some intruder here. They get shocked. Nani says I have seen someone on Shivani’s engagement day, they didn’t listen to me. Radhika says don’t scare us. Shivani says it means a stranger is living with us. Aditi says don’t take tension, I will catch her, help me, Dhruv get me the staff list.

Shivaansh comes to Dadi and Nani. He says I have changed the will, this is new will, I want you to keep this safe. Dadi asks what’s there in this will. He sings. Dadi blesses him to live a thousand years. He thinks I also want to live, but life doesn’t want this, I want to assure that you all don’t face any problem after I leave.

Shivaansh jokes and asks them to keep smiling. Avi comes and says Aasya didn’t cancel interview. Shivaansh goes. Nani asks why did he change the will. Dadi says he is Shivaye’s son, he has also changed the papers. FB shows Shivaye telling about Shivaansh and Shivani’s school admission papers. He says I have invested money for their future, sign on this as witnesses. Rudra asks what’s all this. Nani asks what’s the hurry. Shivaye says life has no guarantee, I don’t want my children to have any problem. Nani says you and Anika have to see your children growing up. Shivaye says maybe Anika and my parents saw this same dream, I want to be practical, maybe I m not there for future, I don’t want them to face troubles, its my duty as a father, I will do it. FB ends. Dadi says Lord has taken away our Shivaye, I wish Shivaansh lives long.

She asks Sharda to keep Shivaansh’s imp file safely. The girl looks on. Sharda keeps file and goes. The girl gets in the room. Sharda gives the keys to Dadi and says I won’t be able to come tomorrow, my sister is coming from village. She goes. Shivaansh asks where is Aasya. Reporter greets him. He does shayari. She asks are you ready for my show, Tonight with Rimi. He says yes, sure. She asks him to call his family members, my show focusses on star’s personal life more than professional life. He says sure. The girl tries to open the safe.

Rimi compliments Shivaansh’s family. He says your family will find a joke in any question, they are good at creating one liners, quotes and shayari. Shivaansh jokes on Dhruv’s shayari. Rimi says all your fans want to know this. He says sorry, I don’t want to answer this question. The girl sees Sharda and hits her with the car. Sharda falls down and gets hurt. She gets up to leave. The girl takes the car reverse and hits her again. Sharda falls far. The girl goes to take her bag. Sharda sees her. The girl checks her purse. Her mask falls down. Sharda sees her face and says you….. The girl hits on her face.

Rimi says my question is very simple, its wedding season, the lover boy of Bollywood, the grand ambassador of love, why didn’t you get married, what’s the reason. He thinks of doctor’s words. He thinks I can’t fall in love, I m not destined to love and marry. He says I m waiting for this interview to end. Rimi asks are you hiding something. They say he is just shy. Nani says I will answer you, he hasn’t got married as he didn’t find any perfect girl, she should be exactly like him, she should be stunning. Dadi says she should be beautiful and cultured. Nani says she should be a superstar too, superstars aren’t limited to films, one should be the best, no matter which field, she should have swag and personality. Dadi says we are tired praying that he finds a perfect girl for him. A girl is seen…. Chali re….plays…..

Nani says when she smiles, sun will shine bright. The girl dances in rain. Dadi says the world will standstill when she stops. Nani says when she would walk, the time will start moving, she will be very disciplined, she will be taking care of Shivaansh’s eating, she will be perfect. The girl takes her food. Nani says Shivaansh will meet her and he will become the biggest Ishqbaaz. They laugh. Shivaansh says Nani should be my dialogue writer, this didn’t happen even in my films, if this happens… Dhruv asks will you propose her. Shivaansh says no, I will run away. Nani says your life will change when this happens. Rimi asks how can you say this being so sure. Dadi says we are sure that our prayers will be answered. Rimi thanks Shivaansh and says this episode will break all TRP records. She leaves. Sharda comes home in injured state and shouts to Shivaansh. They get shocked. Dhruv calls doctor. Sharda says there is someone….

Shivaansh asks what. Sharda faints. Nani prays for Sharda. She asks how is Sharda now. Shivaansh says she has slipped in coma. Dhruv asks when will she get fine. Shivaansh says don’t know, she wanted to tell us something. Nani says I wanted to tell you something, I think someone is there in our house. He asks you mean intruder. Nani says yes, I saw someone during Shivani’s engagement. Khanna says I don’t know. Shivaansh asks why didn’t you tell me. Nani says they thought I m mistaken, Aditi is also finding someone, she knows it. He says she didn’t tell me, I will tighten the security of the house, we will find the intruder. Dhruv says Shivaansh will set everything fine, come.

Aditi comes and says I checked the staff list, I think… He throws the list and asks what are you doing here. She says your protection. He tells her what all happened. He asks what are you doing, this would have not happened if you were doing your job, this would be a case for you, for me, its my life. She says calm down, I think its all connected. He says I don’t care, the problem is you and your carelessness. She says I don’t care what you think about me, I m here to fulfill my duty. He says don’t come into my sight. He goes. She says the problem is already there in this house, I swear I will find out, Sharda wanted to tell something before going in coma, I have to go to hospital so that I can take her statement when she gets conscious. Shivaansh comes to Nani and cheers her. She says you are like Shivaye, you don’t shatter on seeing problems, its good Kalyani has gone to ashram, she gets worried too soon. He says I will set everything right. She says I know, there is a wedding in the house, how can we think of functions, what if the intruder does something. He says don’t worry, you get busy with preparations of wedding, call pandit and ask him to do a puja. She says yes, we shall keep a puja and fix Angad and Shivani’s wedding date. He says yes, you need to have food first, I will be feeding you. Shivani, Radhika and Dhruv join. Shivaansh jokes on Shivani. Nani hugs Shivani. They all laugh.

Its morning, Nani checks arrangements. Pandit comes. Nani says you have to find Angad and Shivani’s marriage date, but you have to do something imp. Shivaansh asks about Sharda’s state. He asks did you find Aasya, just fine her some how. Nani gives Shivaansh’s kundli. She says he never shows his kundli to anyone. Dhruv asks how did you get this. Radhika says he locks it in safe always. Nani says I have stolen kundli, I had to show it to pandit. Dhruv says I m so proud of you. She says don’t tell this to him. Dhruv says don’t worry. Nani asks what about Khanna. Shivaansh calls Khanna. Shivani asks Khanna to stop. She says don’t tell him anything about kundli. Shivaansh asks where were you. Khanna says pandit has come. Shivaansh says he would have come to get Angad and Shivani’s marriage date. Khanna says and your Kundli. Shivaansh asks what. Khanna says Nani has shown your kundli to pandit. Shivaansh rushes. Pandit asks is this Shivaansh’s kundli. Nani says yes, what’s written in it, tell me. Shivaansh thinks if pandit tells them that I m going to die soon, my family won’t bear this shock. He takes kundli and asks Nani what is she doing. Nani asks so what. Pandit says you can get saved from harm by showing kundli. He takes kundli and checks it again.

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