Game of Love Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Written update

Game of Love 2 September 2020: On Game of Love Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Written update, Om says nothing matters to you when its about Pari, just…. Shivaye says just love matters. He sees Anika. Anika turns to him and asks is everything fine, Shivaye do you have to say anything to me. Tej holds Shwetlana’s neck. Jhanvi hits a bottle on his head. Shwetlana says he is dead.

Jhanvi cries. Some time before, Shivaye hugs Pari’s dress and cries. Anika comes to him and says you like kids a lot. He says who does not like kids. She says but its great, a baby made you soft hearted in few days. He says love is such thing that can melt anyone’s heart. She says I did not know you can love anyone intensely. He asks did you not know. She says I meant Pari. He says I also meant to say about Pari. Jazbaa hai anjana…..plays…. They turn away and sit with tearful eyes.

Tej meets Shwetlana and hugs her. He says don’t know why did Jhanvi not get a heart attack, I tried to scare her, but her heart did not fail. Shwetlana offers to make a drink for him. He says I will make a hard drink for myself. He sees Jhanvi hiding, in the mirror and goes to her. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Omru come to Shivaye. Om says don’t know what to do since Pari went, she came in small basket but made a big place in heart. Rudra says we did not know when day and night used to occur. Shivaye says she used to cry a lot at night. Rudra says she used to cry all the time, you guys made me dance a lot, its good she left. Om says I read many stories for her, its good she left. Shivaye says yes, I can go office and focus on work, its good she left. Om says what would we do stopping her. Shivaye says we would have adopted her. Omru look at him and ask is he saying this. Shivaye asks what’s there to be surprised.

Om says we did not know her name, blood and family, you are saying about adoption. Rudra says you refused for Dna test. Om says that’s so not you, name, blood and family don’t matter to you when it matters for Pari, what matters now is… Shivaye says love. Om says exactly, you came ahead of all these things. Shivaye says why are we talking about this, Pari came and went, she is happy with her family, we should be happy too, we should rest. He goes. Rudra says Shivaye came above name, blood and family, he is upset with her leaving but won’t say. Om says he is SSO, I really miss her. Rudra says me too, you are elder to me right. Om asks what nonsense, do you have doubt.

Rudra says no, I was building up that… Om asks rainbow. Rudra says no. Om says character. Ruda says its your duty. Om asks what do you want, stop drama. Rudra says baby. Om asks what. Rudra says you and Gauri make me Chachu soon. Om says shut up. Rudra says I want a long haired, boring shayari saying, cute little O, I can’t say Shivaye, you can make us happy, don’t sit with us till 12, go to room at 8 and shut door, how will you get fruit without hardwork. Om pulls his cheek and asks shall I say something. Rudra says if you are making me Chachu, say two things. Om says shut up and goes. Rudra says not shut up, shut the door, make me Chachu.

Shivaye comes to room and sees Anika. She recalls her words. Anika turns to him and asks is everything fine, Shivaye do you have to say anything to me. He says no use, its very late. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean I m late for office, I have imp meeting, you can stay here if you want, I mean in this room. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean you can stay here in this room. She says no, its your room, you can stay here, I m fine in my room, do you have to say something to me. He signs no and leaves.

Tej says you here…. it means you know everything, no use to do acting now, its better to make the curtains fall. He points gun at her. He asks Shwetlana to see what he got. He says your fate is good Jhanvi, you get saved always, but my fate is better, you came here to die by my hands. Shwetlana stops him. He asks what, did you get her here. He laughs and says holds them. He says Sautan turned friends, you are helping her, it means both are playing game with me, its not easy to fool me, people kill wife for lover, but I will be first man to kill wife and lover together. Shwetlana nods Jhanvi and gets away. Tej says Jhanvi has first right as she is my wife. Shwetlana throws vase on the hand. The gun falls down. Tej says how dare you, I shall kill you first. He holds Shwetlana’s neck and suffocates. Jhanvi hits a bottle on his head. Tej falls down. They get shocked. Jhanvi asks him to get up. Shwetlana says he is dead. Jhanvi cries.

Bhavya says I think Sultan left us as he wants that locket, I will find it. Rudra comes and hears her. She says it was commissioner’s call. He asks why are you telling this to me. She says I don’t know what will happen next moment. He says even I don’t know if you will be there tomorrow to take care of Pari, you were with Pari, now Pari is gone, we are upset but everything will get normal, same way when you go, everything will get normal, I m saying practical thing, if person has to be happy, he should not have expectations. She asks can I ask something. He asks personal or professional. She says professional. He refuses and gets protein bar. She takes it and says I m very hungry. He says its mine. She says give it to me, else…. He asks what else. She ties him and sits eating. He asks her to open his hands and return his protein bar. She asks him to have it. She falls close. Na jaane mere…..plays…. They have an eyelock. She feeds him the protein bar. She gets away and says I wanted to know, do you remember that locket, where did you see it for the last time.

Gauri hears Om talking to Mr. Khandelwal. Om says sorry, I can’t do your exhibition. The man says everyone asks about your paintings, have one exhibition. Om says there are other artists, have exhibition with them, you won’t have loss. The man asks what about your loss. Om says you can’t even estimate my loss, I did not make anything in months, I don’t deserve to be called an artist, its worship for me. The man says I know you don’t work for money, try for us, if you couldn’t, we will not pressurize, this is advance from our art gallery. Om says no, I can’t accept this, I don’t feel inspired, I m sorry. The man says its okay, nice meeting you. The men leave. Gauri sees Om.

Rudra says I have worn locket, I don’t remember who removed it or when I got it off, I used to say same thing for my tshirt before. Bhavya asks what, you did not wear shirt in party. He says not by wish, by public demand. She says you talk such bad things, let me concentrate on my work, you would have taken party pics, where is your phone. He says in my pocket. She gets his phone and checks pics. She asks how is this locket in John’s neck, it means its with John. He says no, John is with God now. She says maybe he still has it, I have to go to him. He says he is dead, you can;t go to him. She goes. She says free me and go.

Jhanvi asks Tej to get up, sorry, what will I tell my children. Shwetlana thinks plan was something else but Tej died. Jhanvi says I have to call police and confess crime, I have killed Tej. Shwetlana says you have not killed him, it happened in self defence. Jhanvi says no, I will tell truth to police. Shwetlana says police will investigate and it will become high profile case, think of your family name getting ruined, we have to hide his body without saying anyone. Jhanvi says no, I won’t let Tej go this way.

Rudra is sleeping. Bhavya comes to Rudra and apologizes to him. She says I can’t risk your life for that locket, I have to do this alone. She goes. Jhanvi and Shwetlana take Tej. Jhanvi asks how will we take him out. Shwetlana says we have to take him to our car, if you behave such, anyone will doubt, please behave normal. Tej and his phone fall down. Shwetlana and Jhanvi roll him in carpet. A guy calls out Jhanvi and gives her purse. They take Tej out.

Game of Love 2 September 2020

Game of Love 2 September 2020

Bhavya asks Gauri not to tell Rudra. Gauri says I will come along. Bhavya says no, its my duty, I will manage. Gauri says yes, you have beaten 10 goons at once, take care. Bhavya goes. Om does drawing and says what happened to me, I m not able to draw a straight line, as if my art is annoyed with me. Gauri comes and asks what happened. He says I changed myself to save my mum’s life and marriage, I became a stone and forgot flowers don’t grow on stones, I ran after world and money, I did not realize where I left my heart, my inner artist died. She says no, its just lost somewhere, you made my mum’s pic, she went to Bareilly, whenever I see it, I feel its so real. He says it was a copy, I made it seeing her pic, I want to make something new from my heart, I don’t have inspiration. She says an artist is always an artist. He says I also felt the same, but I understood its just words, if we don’t value art, art does not value us, I don’t be able to make anything, I have lost it all. He cries and goes.

Gauri says no, art speaks, I m sure your inner artist won’t be quiet for many days. Shwetlana and Jhanvi take Tej to the car. Jhanvi says some people are coming here. Shwetlana says just relax. A man picks Tej’s phone. Shwetlana changes her avatar and drives the car. Jhanvi holds Tej. She asks where are we going. Shwetlana says don’t know, we have to reach Mumbai first. They stop at police check post. Jhanvi gets worried.

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