Game of Love 24th June 2020: On Game of Love Wednesday 24 June 2020 update, Shivaye says I want to say thanks to Anika infront of you all. Anika looks on.

Game of Love 24th June 2020: On Game of Love Wednesday 24 June 2020 update, He thanks Anika and says you saved my family many times, but I have just lost them, and then we lose anyone almost, we understand their value, so I took a decision. He gets the ring and asks will you marry me. Some time before, Soumya as love angel talks to Shivaye. She says its strange, such emotional intimacy, such bonding, it means you get peace going to her, else sleeping in someone’s lap, with whom you have many issues, I think your heart is saying something. He asks what. She says we will do a small test, when the girl comes infront of you, your heart will beat fast, Dhak Dhak, your confusion will get over and you can take decision. He asks decision. She says yes, if your heartbeat increases, think your heart chose a partner, its your decision to agree to heart or not. He ends call and says decision, what…..

Sahil asks Anika to try again, close eyes and see if you can see Billu ji or not. She closes and sees Shivaye. She opens eyes. Sahil asks did you see him. She says no. He asks sure. She says I said I did not see him. She murmurs Sahil is mad to put anything in my mind. He asks did you say anything. She says nothing, have food, I m going, bye. She says I will try once again and closes eyes. She sees Shivaye again and opens eyes. She says Phail gaya Raita….. whats happening. Shivaye says the same.

Rudra asks Bhaiya are you sure, you took decision in one day, I think you should talk to Om once. Shivaye says Om is on his way, I can’t wait for him, I decided once and its imp to execute it now. Rudra says its sudden for me. Shivaye says you should understand this first. Rudra says I understood, but I can’t believe this, when its happening really, how shall I react, think once, if this gets final, your life will change. Shivaye says once I think anything, I don’t change my decision. He leaves.

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Bua comes crying to Anika. Anika asks how did you come inside. Bua says forgive me, I will hold your feet. Anika asks whats this drama. Bua says nothing, slap me, I got old, think where will I go in this age, my hands and legs, heart is aching, see. Sahil says don’t come in her drama, Bua you leave. Bua says I m your Bua, don’t be heartless. Anika says Bua ji leave, before I call police and you get rotten in jail, just leave. Bua leaves.

Rudra calls Om and asks where are you, its big moment here, Shivaye took his life’s big decision, you have to come soon, bye. He turns and sees Soumya. She says I have to tell something very imp about Rumi. He says we will talk later, my focus is somewhere else, Shivaye took very imp decision and called family meeting. She asks what decision.

Jhanvi asks Pinky about Shivaye’s decision. Pinky says I get to know his decision by newspapers, he does not tell me anything. Priyanka asks Dadi why did Shivaye call us for family meeting. Dadi says don’t know, maybe its something imp. Tej says he is your son Shakti, you should know why did he call family meeting. Shakti says you are right, we will go and know.

Anika comes Oberoi mansion and gets Sahil’s video call. He says my crafts project did not finish. She says you are saying early, you should have said after school and college ended. He says sorry, help me now. She asks him to get chart. He says I got it, Billu ji’s house is so big, do they play football. She says stop it, focus on work, get chart, pencil, draw a straight line. She sees everyone and says everyone is here. Shivaye calls Om and asks where are you, I need you, yes she has come…. Sahil asks what to do now. Anika says don’t know. Pinky asks Shivaye why did he call them. Shivaye says its very big matter mom. Sahil asks Anika what happened, is Bagad Billa talking, move mobile that side, I have to see. She says fine, and shows Sahil.

Shivaye says in last few days, there were many disasters in my life, I understood life is short, don’t wait for tomorrow and do everything today, and one more person helped me in understanding this, Anika…… Everyone look at Anika. She looks on surprised. Shivaye says some days back, Anika came in my life, I mean she came in our lives, whenever my family was in any problem, she saved all of us, I always misunderstood her, but my wrong thinking could not stop her from doing the right thing, I want to make a right decision today, I want to say thanks to Anika infront of you all. He says thank you Anika. Everyone smile. Shivaye says you save my family many times, else I have lost them, and when you almost lose anyone, we understand their value, so I took a decision today. He gets the ring and looks at Anika.

Anika gets shocked. Everyone look on puzzled. Rudra sees Shivaye and Anika. Anika says whats happening. Shivaye walks to Anika holding the ring. She gets nervous and says am I dreaming, what’s happening….. He stops and looks at her. She gets shocked seeing the ring and him. Everyone look on. Sahil dances happily. Shivaye walks past Anika and then Tia is seen behind Anika. Shivaye goes to Tia. Tia blushes and smiles.

Sahil gets shocked. Shivaye asks will you marry me Tia. Everyone get up from their seats. Tia says my God, Shivaye baby this is my life’s biggest surprise, when you called and told me, I could not believe it, but you meant it, thank you Shivaye baby, thanks universe. Pinky says now my Kanji eyed grandchildren dreams will come true, make her wear ring, what are you thinking. Dadi holds Shivaye and asks is your decision certain. He says you know Dadi, once I take a decision, I don’t change it. She asks did you take it by heart or mind. He says my heart and mind, both are in my control, I decide once and tell it to heart and mind, don’t worry Dadi, are you ready Tia…. Tia says of course. Sahil gets angry and throws pencil.

Shivaye looks at Anika. Pinky asks what are you thinking, make her wear the ring, you got nervous. Shivaye holds Tia’s hand. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………….. Anika looks on sadly. Shivaye makes Tia wear the ring. Anika sees them. O jaana…..plays…….. Everyone clap. Tia says Shivaye, I won’t let you postpone marriage or change decision. He sees Anika and says this time, no one can change my decision. She asks anyone? He says I mean nothing can change my decision.

Pinky asks Priyanka to get sweets, it was sudden decision that we did not know how to do arrangements. Tia stops Anika and says Anika, I said very stupid things about you and Shivaye, I was very mean, I m sorry, forgive me, I was insecure, Shivaye told me how you saved him and this family, so as future Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I want to give you something, these diamond solitaires from my and Shivaye, don’t say no. Anika says no, I can’t take this. Tia insists. Anika refuses again.

Tia asks Shivaye to say, I m sure Anika won’t refuse to him. Pinky says Anika, I won’t reject even fake jewelry, this is diamonds, keep it, what are you thinking, you have do marriage arrangements in super speed. Anika says I will get my diary and goes. Dadi and Rudra look on sad. Anika recalls Shivaye and Tia. Dadi comes and holds her. Anika says I did not get caterer’s menu file, don’t know I did not get it. She says a phrase and jokes. She says when we need something, we don’t get it, don’t worry, I will make everything fine.

Dadi says okay, tell me are you fine. Anika says yes, I don’t understand, as its less time and much work, its Shivaye’s marriage, there will be many rasams, many people will come, don’t worry, this marriage will be best, last time it was confusion regarding date, I want to tell caterer about date, tell me date so that I can do arrangements. Dadi says you have to ask Billu. Anika says fine, I will ask him.

Anika comes and stands behind the golden frame. Shivaye looks at her. O jaana…..plays…….. He says she is beautiful, she is looking good. Tia looks on. Some time before, Shivaye asks what the hell is Dhanteras. His employee Mishra on video call says Sir, I told you about Dhanteras, when new utensils are bought…. Shivaye says who told you will get double bonus. The man says you said, and you called me cute. Shivaye asks did I say. The man says yes, and you said. Shivaye says you are not cute, you won’t get double bonus and 3 days leave, go back and work. He ends call. Anika comes and he senses her. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays…….. Anika knocks the door. Shivaye says yes…. She comes to him and asks what’s the date.

He says Anika, whatever happened last night… She says please, you don’t need to say anything. He says even then, I don’t anyone of us to have confusion. She says all my confusion got away, I have no time to waste, tell me wedding date fast, I have do much planning of your marriage. He says look…. She says look, tell me date, Pinky wants to rehearse for sangeet, I have to call choreographer, lightman will come, I have to give cards for printing, I will get dates written if you say, else what will I get printed. Shivaye holds her hand and says Anika. She looks at his hand. He says I told you few things yesterday night, I just wanted you to know that I was not in senses.

She says I told you, you don’t need to say anything. He says even then I want to say, those things…. She says those things had no meaning, I just heard human says truth in drunken state, but I forgot you are not human, you are different, you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi, we are ordinary cheap people, you are rich, you have great blood, you would not know blood group, you said right, this line of blood, family and lineage was there and will always be there between you and us. She asks him to say date fast, she has work. He says after two weeks from Diwali. She goes.

Jhanvi asks Shivaye are you sure, you took right decision, whats the hurry, you have your life, take your time. He says I took time, its late decision. She says sometimes, decisions happen right when its taken quick, and sometimes decisions get wrong even after thinking for years. He says you think I m doing mistake. She says don’t know, I don’t think this is happening right, I said what I felt, whatever I said now, think about it, okay. She leaves.

Shivaye goes towards corridor and sees Anika coming from the other side. He recalls love angel’s words. Anika and Shivaye see each other and walk towards…… Music plays……….. She asks herself to not see him and keep walking. He thinks the same. They both stop when their hands get tangled by her bracelet getting stuck to his coat button. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………. They see each other. He removes her bracelet and thinks shall I say something. She thinks if I say something then…. They look at each other and turn. They walk the other way and stand behind the wall………

Shivaye tries to look for her and does not see her. Anika looks for him and does not see him. She thinks whats happening. He thinks stupid love angel has put stupid ideas in my mind, it means nothing……..

Rumi and Rudra are in college campus. She asks whats the problem with Tia. Rudra says nothing, actually I feel if something wrong is going to happen. Rumi says you want me to do their breakup. He says you don’t know Shivaye, once he decides, he does it. She says Rudy baby, if I want, I can get their breakup done, because I have powers. He laughs and asks are you any superhero or Goddess. She says yes. He asks yes? Then why will you use your powers for me. She says because you are special, not like me, but you are special, so I did breakup with Ranbir.

He asks that 3rd year Ranbir? She says no, Ranbir Kapoor. He laughs and says you know Katrina has done breakup with Ranbir for my sake, it was her bad luck to get stuck in traffic and I got you. She says if you have problem with Tia, tell me, I will make everything fine. He says fine Mata. She blesses him and asks him to come home in evening if he has to talk more about it, now she has to go. He says you would be going to meet your devotees. She says yes and leaves. Rudra says she is a nice girl, I was so sad, she talks such weird things and makes me smile.

Tia says Shivaye, there are many functions and events, my outfits are not final, I m giving stress to universe and universe is giving me stress pimples, you help me in deciding the outfits, our outfits have to be color coordinated. He asks can we do this later. She says no, please just 5 mins. He says please Tia, I don’t have time. She calls Anika. He stops and turns to see Anika. He gets stunned by Anika’s beautiful looks. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………. Anika stands behind the golden frame and comes infront. He looks at her.

Tia says nice na? Even Sonam Kapoor has worn this outfit, lovely right, look at the color and fabric, Anika please turn around. Anika turns and shows the outfit’s backless side. Tia says Shivaye baby…. He says ya… She says I think this border is not looking good, I could feel it, that this outfit is good, but not too good, Anika please wear some other outfit. Shivaye says no, Anika stops and looks at him. Shivaye says she is beautiful. Tia asks what. Shivaye says I mean this dress is beautiful. Tia asks really, you like it. He says she looks good, you asked me to help in choosing dress, I helped, I like her, I mean I like the dress, its good. Tia says well, if you like it, I love it, Anika final this dress for cocktail party and this one for mehendi, please wear this and come, hold it. Anika gets hesitant.

Shivaye says Tia, why are you making Anika do this. Tia says no model was arranged on short notice. He says this is not Anika’s work. She says I know, I want to see how these dresses look. He says Tia, this is good, amazing, its final. He selects 2-3 dresses. Tia gets a call and goes. Shivaye says Tia does not understand anything. Anika says but you understand everything…… She leaves. Shivaye looks on.

Soumya comes college and meets Rumi. She says I want to talk something imp, Rudra is very sweet and innocent till idiot level, he does not know your truth, it might harm him, please leave him alone. Rumi says Rudra has come in my Sharan/shelter, he is special. Soumya asks what. Rumi says yes, he called me Mata. Soumya says no, it would be confusion, are you sure he said Mata or Mat aa/don’t come… Rumi says he knows I m Devi and my powers, you also come in my shelter, whatever you want will happen by my blessings. She blesses Soumya and leaves. Soumya says psycho, how to save Rudra from this psycho.

Rudra goes to meet Rumi at her house and greets a man, saying I m Rudra, Rumi’s friend, she called me. The man says come, Rumi is having bath. Rudra says its fine uncle, I will wait. The man says no, come, go for bath. Rudra asks what, family’s sense of humor is good. Rudra goes and gets shocked seeing Rumi lying in bathtub with milk petals, with so many female devotees around her. Rudra recalls Rumi’s words.

Shivaye thinks of Anika. Rudra comes home recalling Rumi, and what she said. FB shows Rumi saying I m Devi, and Rudra is my Dev, we will get complete when we unite, we will make temple of Rumi Rudra name. She asks her devotees to go and do aarti of Rudra dev as they do aarti of her. The girls greet Rudra. He looks on shocked. FB ends. Shivaye and Rudra see each other.

Anika comes home. She closes eyes and sees Shivaye. Music plays…… She opens eyes and worries. Sahil comes and asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks when you close eyes, do you just see Billu ji. She gets tearful eyes and says its big problem Sahil. He hugs her. She says what’s happening, I always knew that Billu ji and Tia are getting married, now when its happening, why am I feeling so strange.

Shivaye seeing Anika slipping and shouts Anika. He goes to hold her. She gets away. O jaana…..plays……… he asks her to be careful, she would fall. ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa comes and says Miss Anika, congrats, you got your job back after giving statement for Shivaye. Shivaye asks him to mind his language. Some time before, Ranveer says so Shivaye is marrying after Diwali. Shinde says yes. Ranveer says real fire crackers will be after Diwali, when all secrets of Oberoi family come out, but when family is rich, we need a ladder to see secrets. He looks at everyone’s pic and chooses one. He says found it, Shinde get all info about her, she is the ladder which will get me inside Oberoi mansion. He smiles seeing Priyanka’s pic.

Anika asks Sahil why is he saying about copy cover now, will I get it from your inlaws, I will write note to teacher and make newspaper cover now, I will get book cover tomorrow. She sees Shivaye’s pic and article and folds paper. Sahil asks what happened, did you get shock. She says yes, type of. He plays tv. They see Shivaye’s news of taking over company. She switches off tv and says you are watching tv a lot, go and sleep. He asks what happened. She says just go and sleep. Sahil goes. She says its so much over my mind, I used to see Shivaye when I closed eyed, and now I see him everywhere, I will dump this paper first. She goes and gets shocked and nervous seeing Shivaye.

She asks are you air or a man, how do you come everywhere. He says I also came to ask this, how do I see you everywhere, what is this happening Anika. She says I don’t know, I m not doing anything. He asks then who is doing this. He looks in her eyes and walks towards her. She gets away. Music plays………. She says maybe you are doing this, I don’t do these things. He says this should not happen, this is not right. She says I m also saying same to same, this shouldn’t happen. He says even then this is happening. She reaches the end of the free space. He asks why are we doing this Anika and gets close. She says I don’t know, why are we doing this and yours…. He says marriage… She says yes. He says exactly, why are you thinking about me. Ishq hai aansun……plays…….. She says I don’t know why am I thinking. He says I know, and gets close leaning on her shoulder to say in her ears. She closes eyes. He says you…. And gets away…..She opens eyes and does not see him.

She gets stunned and looks around. She says what is happening with me, I m seeing Billu ji even in dream, this should not happen. Shivaye wakes up from sleep and shouts Anika. He says what the hell is wrong with me and holds his heart. His heart beats fast. He says I will stop love angel’s broadcast, she has put stupid theories in my mind, why am I thinking about Anika. He calls Tia and asks can we talk like this, actually I was not getting sleep, how was your day….

Its morning, Riddhima says now Shivaye and Tia are getting married, next number is ours. Om coughs. She says Om, I m joking, but we have to be serious, till when will you be commitment phobic. He says no, I believe in relations the most. She says in your mind maybe, but whatever you do, I feel you are commitment phobic, you don’t realize this, I don’t understand what you want from me and this relationship, when I m near, you have personal space issues and when I go away from you, you send I miss you message, what do I understand of this mixed signals, whats in your heart, what do you want from our relationship. He says I m trying to figure out, there is many problems and stress at home. She asks him to do it soon, as a good project is offered to her, I want to know, should I accept the offer or not, I want to know where do I stand in your life, think about it and let me know.

Om tells Shivaye and Rudra that Riddhima gave me ultimatum, I have to tell heer where is our relationship going. Rudra reminds Om getting stuck in traffic jam on his first date. Om says yes. Rudra says you reached home and relationship is still at first date. Shivaye says Rudra has a point, if you have still figuring out zone after 3 years, Riddhima will have problem, its natural. Om says I m trying to understand this relationship. Rudra says I will say what will happen, Om will get married and have lovely kids, who will go school and not do homework, teacher will ask them why they did not do homework, the kids will say we were trying to understand relationship all night sitting with Papa. Om asks him to shut up. Shivaye says I did not think such time will come when Rudra says two right points, if you take much time in taking decision, things will get complicated, look at me, I had to marry Tia last month but I pushed it, then… Om says Anika happened…. Shivaye asks how did Anika come in this conversation.

Om says not just conversation, she has come in your heart and mind, even if you try to run, you have to face this truth one day, I feel something happened between you and Anika, by which you got scared, you announced decision to marry Tia, be honest Shivaye, you are taking this decision as you are afraid to face your true feelings. Shivaye says come on, that’s not true. Om says if you try to act cool, Rudra and I know very well that Tia is not right for you, right Rudra? Shivaye asks Rudra what happened now, you were saying so much till now. Rudra says I was recalling what I have seen, something such which was infront off eyes but I could not believe. Om asks which Devi Devta did you see. Rudra recalls Rumi and says not Devta, Devi…. I m dating a Devi. Om and Shivaye ask what. Rudra nods.

Pinky talks to her Bua and asks her to get tickets, Shivaye’s marriage is after Diwali. She ends call and tells Shakti that she can’t believe Shivaye is getting marriage. ShiTia is uniting. He asks what did you say. She says Rudra told me about couple name, Shivaye Tia, ShiTia, Shakti and Pinky, Shinky, cute na? He says hmm.. She says you are saying hmm like Dilip Kumar, your son is getting married, show some happiness. He says I m happy, I feel Shivaye is not happy. She says he is businessman and would have happiness FD, next year when he has a baby, he will show happiness, I m his mother, I know he is happy. He asks how are you so confident. She says last time he was sad, I have seen him when he was marrying under pressure, this time he has got proposal himself, this time he will be happy, Tia is from nice family, rich and educated, so beautiful, is she less, let marriage happen, you think negative, think positive.

Shivaye asks what Devi. Om says you mean Devi Devi. Rudra says yes. Shivaye asks were people giving her bath by milk and roses. Om says they were taking blessings really? Rudra nods. Om laughs. Shivaye says anything can happen with your life Rudra. Om says Goddess and God, when Rudra has children, he won’t be their father. Shivaye says when Rudra does something wrong, everyone will say Oh God, what did you do Rudra. Shivaye and Om laugh. Rudra says where people make fun of my problem, I won’t stay, I will go college. Om says you are God, God does not college, they go temple. Shivaye says you are going college to meet Devi. Rudra gets annoyed and says think anything. Om laughs and asks shall I get Prasad sweets.

Shivaye says I got a call, and goes. He asks the man to prepare contract details. He sees Anika in living hall, doing lightning work check. Anika says this is lighting, I will check. He looks at her. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………….. She checks lights. She sees him and turns. Shivaye looks at her and says beautiful, I mean contract papers should be beautiful. They see each other. She slips and he shouts Anika. He reaches her. She stops and does not fall on him. They have an eyelock. O jaana…….plays……………

He asks her to be careful, she would have fallen down. She asks him not to worry for her, she can manage herself. Ranveer walks in and says Miss Anika. Shivaye and Anika look at him. Ranveer says so Miss Anika, you joined job again. Shivaye asks someone to clear the lighting.

Rudra hides behind Chubby and says I wish Rumi did not come college today. He sees Rumi and says I think my prayers went in Lord’s spam mail. He hides. Chubby says why are you playing hide and seek. Rumi greets Chubby and goes. Rudra gets relieved and says did you see my acting to get scared, I will give you party, go and get snacks. Rumi comes to Rudra and greets him as Kishan Kanhaiyya. Rudra asks who. She says you, you are naughty to hide from me, my Divya Drishti will find you. He asks why. She says you are my Rudra Dev, we complete each other. He says Sampurn, wow. She says we both will run this world. He says yes. She says our names will be taken together Rudra Rumi. He says like Jatin Lalit, Vishal Shekhar, OmRu. She says no, like Radha Krishna, Shiv Parvati. He worries and makes crying face.

Shivaye goes to Ranveer and asks what are you doing here. Ranveer says I came being pulled by your love, you are rich man, maybe you forgot, but Gayatri’s murder case and police doubt on you did not get over. Shivaye says if you came on official investigation, talk to my lawyer first, if you came just like that then I don’t like strangers coming in my house. Ranveer says you got annoyed Mr. Oberoi. He congratulates Anika and says you gave statement for Shivaye and got job back. Shivaye says mind your tongue ACP, if you say a word to her, you will see what I can do. Ranveer says chill, why are you getting angry, I was just asking, I have to say, you are world’s best boss, else who gets angry for an ordinary employee. Shivaye says I don’t have time to waste, do you know way to exit or shall I say, Ranveer says I know, but I will come back even if you call me or not…..

Priyanka goes to Om and says it’s a big problem. He asks why are you worried. Priyanka gives him the painting. He gets shocked seeing it. He recalls an accident of some lady. He gets a box with blood stained leaves and gets shocked. Anika stumbles and Shivaye holds her. Shivaye asks Anika whats this. She says its Karwachauth. He gets hurt by the basket shred. His finger bleeds. She asks him to be away from her if he is afraid of fear, her bad luck is bad, if you come close to me, you will get hurt. He says I did not know I will get hurt if I come close.

Some time before, Shivaye says mind your tongue ACP, if you say a word to her, you will see what I can do. Ranveer says chill, why are you getting angry, I was just asking, I have to say, you are world’s best boss, else who gets angry for an ordinary employee. Shivaye says I don’t have time to waste, do you know way to exit or shall I say, Ranveer says I know, but I will come back even if you call me or not…..
Ranveer says I got to know some new things, culprit will be caught soon. Shivaye says get out now. Ranveer sees Priyanka coming. He takes an envelope from Shinde and keeps in the mails stand. He leaves with Shinde. Priyanka asks who was he. Shivaye says new ACP, he is investigating Gayatri’s murder case. She says I will check mails and come. She checks that envelope and gets shocked seeing something. Shivaye asks whats this. She says its exhibition invitation, I will show Om and come. She gets worried and leaves.

Om is working in his art room. Priyanka comes and says it’s a big problem. He asks why are you worried. Priyanka gives him the painting. He gets shocked seeing it. He sees painting of a lady wounded and fallen in the jungle area. He recalls an accident of some lady/Gayatri. She says whatever happened that night, someone has seen it, if this comes out, it will be big problem. He asks where did you get this painting. She says it was in our mailbox on my name, it means there is someone who knows truth. She gets too tensed.

Jhanvi talks to Tej over phone. She says I m not being negative, whenever I see them together, I feel Shivaye and Tia don’t belong together, you feel Shivaye took right decision, you wish our sons take such intelligent decisions, you want Omkara to marry for money and power, not love? I m so glad Tej that our sons are not practical like you, you see Rudra and Omkara will decide by heart, as decision taken by heart will never be wrong. She ends call. Anika checks the items. She takes a heavy basket and stumbles. Shivaye comes and holds the basket. They see each other. Music plays……

She says I can do this myself. He says I know, I was just helping you. She says I don’t need your help. He says but I want to help, what’s all this. She says its Sargi items, its Karwachauth tomorrow. He gets hurt by the basket shred. She asks what happened.

Rudra asks fast, for you, Karwachauth? I did not fast till now. Rumi says fasts are not just kept for Devi, sometimes Devi also keeps fast for devotees. Rudra asks are you fine. She says this fast is imp, we will show our unending relation to the world, we are together since ages, we have met always, this time we will keep such fast that the world will see. He says you are Devi or Sridevi, I can’t stay hungry. She blesses him and says I blessed you, now you can stay hungry. He asks why are you saying again, I said I can’t stay hungry. She says if you don’t keep fast, you will see my Rudra/angry avatar. Rudra says fast and the furious….. She says now my eyes will have fire, you are hungry, I will turn you from human to a dog, then you find food in garbage. Rudra says it means from Shaggy to Scooby doo. She says I will make you a fly who is shooed away from the food, tell me shall I make you a fly, will you keep fast. He says yes, I will keep fast. She calls him sweet.

Om says who can send this. Priyanka says its good I have seen it, if anyone else saw this then, someone knows truth. He gets Riddhima’s call. He asks her to relax and says this happened because of me, I will take care of it. She says I know you hate lies and dishonesty, even then you did not say anything to Shivaye. He says don’t worry, I will talk to Shivaye. He hugs her and consoles.

Shivaye says let me call infection, it can have infection. Anika says show me, why do you want doctor for everything, its small Phaans/shred. He says stay away from me, its paining. She says I did not do anything, how did it ache. He says its done. She says you become Tadibaaz and now shouting by a small shred, show me. He shows his hand. She says its small thing. He says its not known when small thing becomes big. She asks him to be away from her if he is afraid of fear, her bad luck is bad, if you come close to me, you will get hurt. He says I did not know I will get hurt if I come close, its paining. She says what can happen now, it has hurt you. He looks at her. She removes that minute shred from his finger and shows him. She says now it won’t pain. He says ya, it won’t hurt now, thank you. She looks at him and says you look awesome, you changed so much, you never said thanks before and now when you started, you are just keeping on saying. Tia comes and says Shivaye baby…… I can’t say how much excited I m, its my first Karwachauth, I m nervous, but I m waiting for tomorrow. Anika leaves. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Pinky likes the beautiful dupatta and tells Jhanvi that they both will look Jaya Prada and Sridevi tomorrow. Anika comes and says Sargi items have come. Jhanvi says you work a lot Anika, Mummy ji bought some gifts for you. Anika asks whats this. Jhanvi says clothes for you for Karwachauth. Anika says I don’t keep fast. Pinky says keep fast, all unmarried girls used to keep fasts in my pind, they used to pray a handsome guy like Dharmendra, you also pray, then you will get one, you would have thought the type of guy you want. Jhanvi says yes, every girl dreams such. Anika says no, I was always busy in work and did not think what type of guy I want. Pinky asks her to think, saas is imp than husband, pray for saas, see Tia got a good saas, who knows, if you pray, you will get a saas like me. Jhanvi says its okay Anika if you don’t keep fast, but I will be glad if you become a part of the function. Anika says I will be there, don’t worry, its my duty to organize everything.

Shivaye asks Rudra are you sure she said she will make you dog or fly. Rudra says yes. Shivaye says and you promised her to make fast. Rudra says what else could I do. Shivaye says you think she will curse you if you don’t keep fast, are you mad. Rudra says you are my superman, Om used to scare me as ghosts in childhood, you used to save me from Om, now save me. Shivaye asks shall I save you, you have PhD for giving excuses and breaking up with girls, just do breakup, get rid of her. Rudra says this girl is not normal. Shivaye says oh yes, she is Devi. He laughs. Rudra says you are making fun, I m getting tensed, don’t help me, I will help myself. Shivaye says who can help Lord. Rudra goes. Om comes and says I need to talk to you. Shivaye asks about Riddhima. Om says no. Shivaye gets call and says give me a sec. He asks lawyer to handle Ranveer, its your work, make sure he does not harass anyone in my family, he feels someone of us did murder. He turns to talk to Om and sees Om gone.

Ranveer says its Karwachauth tomorrow, Oberoi mansion would be preparing for puja. Shinde says yes. Ranveer says sins can’t be erased by acting of being good, sins can just hide, no puja and fasts can’t save the murderer hiding in that family. Om recalls Priyanka’s words and worries. He takes a box. Shivaye comes and says you were going to talk, why did you leave. Om asks whose call was it. Shivaye says our lawyer Lakhani, don’t know what problem Ranveer has with our family, he could not do anything in Gayatri’s murder case so he is using new tactics to threaten us, but we did not do anything, so no need to get afraid, I have it in my control, did you see Priyanka, where is she. Om says she would be in her room, why. Shivaye says I found her tensed. Om says you know her, she gets nervous on small things, she is fine, don’t worry. Shivaye gets Mishra’s call and goes. Om opens the box and sees the blood stained leaves. He gets shocked. He drops the box and recalls the accident.

Anika says Sahil, your tiffin is ready, I have to go early, I have to do Karwachauth preparations, I will have food in auto, don’t fight with anyone, I will come soon. Bua from window asks for food. Anika asks her to shed crocodile tears somewhere else, you have money to apply mehendi, I know you have stolen Sahil’s tiffin, you ordered food at Dhaba and sent bill here. Bua asks did I do this. Anika says no, I did. Bua says I don’t remember anything, give me food, I will die. Anika gives food. Bua asks her to keep Karwachauth fast, its profitable, one gets good sasural, children are healthy, body is maintained. Anika says you know I don’t keep such fast, stay right there.


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