Game of Love Wednesday 12 August 2020 Written update: On Game of Love 12 August 2020, Anika asks Shivaye to think of himself first, he is innocent, but she won’t let this happen.

He asks why are you doing this. She says I gave my answer and goes crying. Some time before, Shivaye asks Om and Rudra to come fast, he has a surprise for them. Anika says look here, I m making your video. He asks am I looking good. She says yes, if not anything, memories are enough. He says you are saying as if you are leaving me. She says maybe I will leave. He asks what. She says I was joking, I mean when we get old, we should remember how we looked in young age. He says you will look cute in old age. She says your pasta is burning, why are you making this. He says I m celebrating, its time I give responsibilities to Om and Rudra, once Khanna comes with papers, we are done with it. Khanna comes. She goes. Shivaye asks for papers. Khanna says Anika has taken it. Anika says Shivaye would have known by now that I took papers from Khanna.

Shivaye comes and asks did you take shares papers from Anika, I was going to transfer 50% shares to my brothers, did you stop share transfer, did you do it. She says yes, I took those papers. He asks what, why did you do this, on whose saying. She asks why are you shouting, what wrong did I do, you made Oberoi empire, why to give 50% shares to Om and Rudra just like that, how did you decide this, they don’t know business and have no interest. He says they are my brothers, I can name entire Oberoi empire to them, you think such about them.


She says I m just thinking for you, you do a lot for this family, when problem comes on others, everyone is together, when problems comes on you, why does anyone not stand with you. Shivaye asks what nonsense are you saying. Shakti asks what happened to you. Pinky thinks Shivaye will kick her out of the house now. Anika says if you asked Om and Rudra, they should say they don’t want shares. He says they will decide this, not you, I don’t need your permission. She says think of yourself first, they are using you, you are innocent, if I feel wrong is happening with my husband, I will say it.

Pinky says this girl is building wall between brothers. Jhanvi asks Anika what’s wrong with her. Pinky taunts Anika. She says she is separating you from Omru. Shivaye asks Anika why are you doing this, I know you love Omru like I do, tell me. She says I gave you my answer, I m doing this for you, I don’t have to say anything. She goes crying.

Kamini comes home. Shakti asks what are you doing here. She says now we are relatives, atleast now talk with love. He asks her why did she come here. She says Ranveer is my friend’s son, but he is more than a son for me, I m Priyanka’s saas so I came to see her. He asks when did you start understanding the value of relations, the woman who did not understand the relation of own son, what will she understand any other relation. He says son, bahu and all relations are just money for you, so stop this nonsense, tell me why did you come here. She says you have misunderstanding about me, Priyanka came to my house wearing this jewelry, I asked her to give it to me, I thought to return this, else you would think I kept this with me. He sees the bangle and says I know your nature, you changed real jewelry and got fake jewelry. She says wow, look who’s saying, I just changed jewelry, you change mothers, you change children and their fate too. She sees Shivaye and says I m thinking to tell everything to him. She calls him out. Shakti holds her hand and stops her.

She says atleast you have held my hand. Pinky looks on and cries. Anika stands away and sees Pinky crying. Anika cries. Priyanka asks Ranveer why did you call me here. Ranveer says I have to say something, this is my first salary, I wanted to give this to you, I know its less as per your lifestyle, I promise I will work hard to give you a comfortable life. She says you can give me a happy life in this salary too. She says I want to give you much happiness, I promise I won’t let tears some in your eyes.

Pinky recalls Shakti and Kamini. She sees Anika. She says you did much drama, I did not know you will give up so soon, now I trust you, you understood you can’t win, Shivaye will kick you out, its your last night here, do what you want. Anika says I was much hurt and felt weird, how can a mum do this, I know you hate me, but how can you hurt your son to hurt me, you did not give birth to Shivaye, but you raised him, one who gives upbringing is much above one who gives birth, I did not understand how can you tell such big truth to Shivaye to blackmail me, you know you will lose Shivaye forever by telling this truth, he loves you a lot, I understood why you are doing this, I felt bad because of you, now I feel bad for you. She says wherever I stay, Shivaye will always be in my heart, I will always be of Shivaye, Shivaye will never go anywhere. His memories and his words, his feelings, always be with me, what will you have, nothing, Shivaye is not just your son, but your pride too, I know you have much pain, wrong happened with you, you are hurting Shivaye, what’s his mistake, I m going from his life, thinking your heart will get peace and you will let Shivaye live in peace. She goes. Pinky looks on.

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Shivaye asks Anika what did you do, it was my drink. She worries. She gets drunk and says I have to tell a secret. He asks what secret. She says Pinky aunty….. Some time before, Om and Rudra ask Anika the reason. She says its same which I told Shivaye. Om does poetry that Anika is very true. He asks her not to lie. Anika says this is the truth. Rudra keeps her hand on his head and asks her to swear and say. She moves back. Om says we got to know there is something, you called me from chawl, you were worried, you did not tell me, I did not ask, today I m asking. Rudra asks what’s the matter. She recalls Pinky and Mahi’s words. She cries. Rudra says if you cry in our presence, shame on us, tell us what happened. Om says please.

Anika says Shivaye…. Om asks what. She thinks Om and Rudra don’t hide anything from Shivaye, if he knows this, things will spoil much. They ask what’s the matter. She says promise me you won’t tell this to Shivaye. Om and Rudra swear on her, I got to know a truth about Shivaye, if he knows it, he will break, Shivaye is Shakti’s son, but not Pinky’s son, Shivaye is Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate child. Om and Rudra get shocked. Anika cries and says Mahi is Shivaye’s twin brother. Rudra says Mahi…. and cries. Om says someone joked with you, or lied, I don’t know who said this, please don’t repeat this, Pinky…. She says Pinky told this to me. Om says fine if its true, its okay, we brothers bond is not weak to break, its strong. Rudra says I will tell this to Shivaye. Anika asks are you mad, if you tell this to Shivaye, things will spoil. Om says truth does not hide, we will tell him. Anika says no, Shivaye can’t bear this, please.

Om says we will handle him. Rudra says when I was a kid, Shivaye used to hold my finger and support, now we will support him. Om says son can be legitimate or illegitimate, but brother is always a brother, Shivaye will always be our brother, our relation is by love, not blood. Rudra says we will always be brothers, no DNA report can stamp on our relation. Anika says name, blood and family is Shivaye’s identity, if he knows his blood is bad, his pride will break, my Shivaye will break, please don’t snatch his pride, you both promised me you will not tell anything to Shivaye. Om says we will keep the promise. Anika says you both have to do my last work. Om asks what.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Anika thinks I did not feel like staying here, now its painful to think of leaving, its my life’s last night with Shivaye, I want to make it memorable to live my entire life with it. Shivaye says I m much annoyed with you, don’t know what happened to you, I know you are not such, I don’t know why you are behaving such. She runs and hugs him. She says I have hurt you, sorry. He asks why are you crying. She says nothing. She holds his face. He asks is there any problem, do you want anything. She says I just want you, my Bagad billa.

He says I just want my Anika. He kisses her. O jaana…..plays….. she gets away. He stops her and gets close. She thinks no, I don’t have to fall weak, the more I try to go away, the more I will go close. She drinks. Shivaye says what did you do, you just had my drink. She says I thought its water and drunk it, it was wine. He says no, champagne. She says that’s why I was thinking how is it so bitter. He asks her to come to him. He holds her in arms. He asks are you fine. She says you are worried as I have drunk poison. He says you like saying such things. She says you worry this way and become cute. He says I worry for you. She says I m doing this so that you don’t get hurt, come sit here, I have to tell something imp. He asks what. She says I can’t hide anything from you, you love your family a lot, so I m doing all this. She says what was I saying. She recalls Pinky’s words. She says Pinky aunty, you…..

Anika thinks its my last day in Shivaye’s life. Shivaye fills sindoor in her maang. O jaana….plays…. Some time before, Anika says Pinky aunty….she loves you a lot. He says I know. She says I want to tell you a secret. He asks what. She says if I say, much things will spoil. He asks what secret, come on tell me. She holds his hand and falls on him. She sleeps. He says what did she want to say, what’s this secret.

Its morning, Anika wakes up and holds her head. She says don’t know why people drink so much. Shivaye tells someone to do as he said. He sees Anika. She recalls last night and thinks Shivaye looks angry, did I say truth in drunken state. He goes. She says he did not even smile, I m sure something happened, I wanted Shivaye to hate me and have much anger, its my last day in this house and his life, I just have some moments, if he does not talk to me then….

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Pinky sees Anika and Shivaye’s separated photo. She says I loved Kamini’s son more than my life, I did not do this to see him getting Anika, I can’t bear anyone taking my place in my son’s life, that day has come when Anika’s chapter will close in Oberoi mansion. She steps on Anika’s pic. Priyanka comes and says Shivaye is calling you for family meeting. Dadi asks how will we manage this so soon. Shivaye asks them to just this. Shakti asks what’s the need to do this. Shivaye says things are related to person’s emotions, if it has bitter memories, it has burden on heart, I m trying to lighten it. Pinky says its time waste. Shivaye says its very imp for me. Jhanvi says then its equally imp for us, don’t worry we are with you. She asks Pinky to think of Shivaye’s happiness. He says I will call Omru. Anika says I have to talk to Shivaye and ask why is he not talking to me.

Shivaye asks Omru to come home. He turns and sees Anika. He goes. Pinky says don’t know when will this girl go, I will surprise her before he surprises her. Anika comes there. Pinky says you are still here, what’s your intention, did you change plan, I will go to Shivaye and…. Anika says I will go from here forever. Pinky says you have to do something that Shivaye kicks you out of here, so that none regrets your leaving. Anika says it will happen such. Pinky thinks to do something to end their relation. She calls someone to Oberoi mansion for the big surprise.

Shivaye asks did everything come, decorations should be such as I said, go and prepare, tell caterers that Aloo puri should be perfect. Dadi smiles and asks where did my Billu go. He says I m here. She says this is Anika’s bagad billa, who is doing all this to please her. He says I have hurt her a lot, so I m trying to make it up. She says you have become true Ishqbaaz. She does shayari. Shivaye smiles. She says when you have become Ishqbaaz, tell her, Anika knows everything, your eyes speak everything, but sometimes words are needed to express, go and tell her, don’t be shy. Shivaye says let me go, I have much work. He says love you and goes.

Anika asks Omru do they remember their promise, fine, its matter of some time. Jhanvi comes and asks how can you do this Anika. Anika asks you…. Jhanvi says such a big sacrifice, why, Omru told me everything, you are doing wrong, you can’t break this marriage, you and Shivaye are made for each other, come with me, we will tell everything to Shivaye, I will handle it. Anika says no, everything will shatter. Jhanvi says truth can’t hide. Anika says its better to hide it as Shivaye can’t face it, please. Jhanvi says you are doing wrong. Anika says Pinky is Shivaye’s mum, my few month’s togetherness is nothing in front of mum’s love, please help me. Jhanvi says we will do what you said, we all are with you. She hugs Anika.

Jhanvi gives a packet to Pinky for Anika. Pinky says no need, its time to take everything back from her. Jhanvi says you can’t get a better bahu than Anika. Pinky says if you accepted cheap bahu, it does not mean everyone will do that. Jhanvi says person should be valued, not priced, you are doing wrong, you will realize it. Pinky says you better keep sympathy for your bahu. Jhanvi says good bahu is got by good fate, one who has crying in fate does not value goodness. Pinky gets angry. Jhanvi goes.

Priyanka says its late, I will leave now, take care. Ranveer says I got something for you. He shows the anklet. She asks did you get this for me. He says yes and makes her wear it. He says I heard husband gives a gift to wife after marriage, as of now, I can just afford this, I know silver does not have shine like gold. She says and gold does not sound like silver, this is the best gift ever, thanks. He hugs her.

Anika says when time is less, it runs faster, just some time more, then I will be gone from here forever, its not time to cry, its time to do what I thought. She takes her mangalsutra and recalls Shivaye and Pinky’s words. Mangalsuta falls from her hand. Shivaye holds it. Shivaye makes her wear mangalsutra. He takes sindoor and fills it in her maang. O jaana….plays….

Shivaye asks Anika to open her eyes. She sees mandap. He says if we did all rituals, how can we leave this imp ritual. She asks do you think I m a kid to get happy seeing these flowers. Anika says one should look at himself before pointing at others, you had problem with my name, blood and family, when your brother Omkara is illegitimate. They all get shocked.

Some time before, Anika cries. Shivaye holds her hand and says I was ignoring you, did you get hurt. She says finally you saw me, are you annoyed, sorry I don’t remember anything by drinking that wine. He says its champagne. She says I should have not said anything. He says you said a lot Anika, but I did not understand anything, I mean it was nothing connected. She asks did I not say anything wrong. He says no. She asks pinky promise. He says pinky promise, but I understood that you wanted to say something to me, tell me I m avoiding you since morning, did this make a difference to you. She says my breath stopped, I was thinking if I did something at night and annoyed you. He says I m sorry, I will never trouble you. He hugs her.

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He asks are you crying again, I know its happiness tears, then you will pass life crying like this. She says I know. He says you don’t know I planned a surprise for you. Tej asks are you out of your mind, I will never tolerate anyone questioning my children’s birth. Jhanvi says please, its a drama for Shivaye. He says I don’t care, I should think for my profit, Shivaye is Shakti’s illegitimate child, I can use this point, Shivaye went ahead of me in business, if this point comes out, he will get speed breakers in his life. She says you should be ashamed, don’t forget Om is alive because of Shivaye. He says Om lost right to be called my son. She says you lost right to be called a father, you fell in my life after what you did along Kaali.

He asks why did you come to ask for my help. She says I thought you stayed away from family and values it now, I was wrong, Tej Singh Oberoi can never change. He asks her to get out. She says I think I should talk in your language. He says you think you can still convince me. She says I think you forgot I still have evidence of what happened in our factory 35 years ago, if Shivaye’s truth comes out, then this truth will also come out, what you did with Ashok. He recalls the man setting himself on fire during Maha aarti. She says I m sure you won’t want this, it would be better you do as I say. Shivaye takes Anika and asks Anika to open her eyes. She sees mandap. He says if we did all rituals, how can we leave this imp ritual, what I did last time was very wrong, I blackmailed you and forced you to marry me, I m still guilty, marriage is a bond, but person should have happiness in it, I want to rectify my mistake, I want you to marry me, without any force, Anika will you marry me again. She cries.

He asks her to say. Pinky gets shocked and asks did you propose her. Ranveer talks on call. Priyanka asks are you ready, Shivaye planned surprise for Anika, how romantic, I feel happy when entire family celebrates happiness, are you thinking anything. He says I m thinking how will you adjust in my house, you stayed in joint family till now, you will miss them. She says family, big or small does not matter, even your family is mine, I m counting days to come my home, we will make our small world.

Dadi says its such a beautiful mandap, Billu did she agree. Shivaye says not yet, but she will agree. He asks Anika to please say yes. Anika sees Omru. She asks what’s this joke Shivaye, do you think I m a little kid to get happy seeing these flowers and decorations. Everyone get shocked.

Shivaye says this is mandap Anika. Anika says I can see you have set this up at home, so that no one knows we are marrying. He asks what do you mean. She says you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi, owner of Oberoi empire, is this your standard, means Shivaye will marry at home, when you were marrying Tia, you called the world, when my turn came, you got this soap dish type mandap. They all look on. He asks how did Tia come in between us. She says we got married because of Tia, if she did not run, we would have not married. Pinky asks what do you mean, you are not happy with this marriage. Anika says Pinky aunty please don’t talk in between, I m talking to my husband.

She asks Shivaye what did you tell world by marrying me, Tia is your wife, you did not give me wife’s status, what’s the use, you still feel ashamed to marry me in front of the world, so you are marrying like a thief, to become great in your own sight. He says I thought you will like things private and small, the Anika I know did not like showoff. She says its my problem, I get glad by small things, so you don’t try.

Pinky says her tongue is like scissors, she is not happy, see Shivaye, this happens when small people get more than their status. Shivaye asks Pinky to be quiet for some time. He asks Anika why is she doing this, did she feel bad of anything. Anika says everyone insults me here, I m human, how much will I tolerate. Dadi asks what are you saying, you are bahu and this house gave you respect. Anika says Dadi please….. leave it. Everyone look on. Shivaye shouts she is my Dadi, did you forget talking to elders, I won’t tolerate anyone talking to my family this way. She asks which family, is family like this, this is not family, its all a lie. He says enough, if you say a word against my family, I will forget you are my wife.

Anika signs Om. Om recalls her words. He says wait Shivaye, we should also know what Anika thinks of our family, tell us what you know. Anika says leave it, everyone lives in false prestige. Shivaye asks what do you mean, Oberois’ prestige is false. She says let it be Shivaye. Rudra and Om ask her to say. Shivaye says say it Anika. She shoves his hand away. She says one should look at himself and his family before pointing at others, you had problem with my name, blood and family, when your brother Omkara is illegitimate. Everyone gets shocked. Shivaye gets back.


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