Game of Love Wednesday 11 December Update 2019

Shivaansh says Mannat(Niti Taylor) trusted me when no one trusted me, I accepted defeat, but she did not, she has helped me in escaping to jail and getting Varun caught.

Game of Love Update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Nani hugs Mannat(Niti Taylor) and says you did something that I was supposed to do, you proved that you are Shivaansh’s wife in real sense. She unites Shivaansh and Mannat(Niti Taylor)’s hands. She says you both always be together. She scolds Varun for hurting the family. She says Lord will punish you. Varun says shut up you old woman, you all are also not getting quiet, you all should worship me, I married Radhika, I saved her reputation, else who would marry the girl whose one eye is damaged. Sahil slaps him and asks how dare you talk ill about her, you are no match for her, commissioner take him, make him suffer.


Shivaansh says wait, Varun can’t plan all this alone, the mastermind is someone else, who helped Varun stage his death, find him. Nandini says don’t worry, we will make him admit it. Radhika cries and says I trusted Varun and not you. Shivaansh hugs her and asks her to change her white clothes and start a new life, take this as a new beginning. Radhika apologizes to Mannat(Niti Taylor). Mannat(Niti Taylor) says I didn’t feel bad, everyone gave me much love. She hugs Radhika. Sahil says you proved that you are Shivaye’s blood, we all are proud of you. Shivaansh hugs everyone. Mannat(Niti Taylor) happily cries. Nandini says the danger isn’t over completely. Shivaansh says I m not afraid of anything. She says I know the reason. Mannat(Niti Taylor) asks what did she say, everything will get fine. He says I can’t see Radhika crying. She says its okay to cry sometimes, pain flows out with tears. He asks who said it. She says I did. He jokes on her age. Nani calls them and does aarti. She blesses them. Shivani says I have to click a pic. Everyone stands along to take a family pic.

Shivaansh gets coughing and falls down. They all get shocked and run to him. They take Shivaansh to hospital. Doctor Srivastav stops them out. He comes to them and says we won’t be able to save Shivaansh. Everyone gets shocked and asks him to save Shivaansh. He asks Khanna did he not tell them. Nani asks what’s the matter. Sahil takes them aside and says Shivaansh is going far from us forever. Nani asks him to stop it. Sahil says he has same heart disease as Shivaye, now he is at an advanced stage, there is a cure, but doctors are saying that Shivaansh can’t survive the operation. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says its a lie. Sahil says its tough to believe this, check these reports. She says this can’t happen. She tears the reports and runs to meet Shivaansh. Srivastav asks Mannat(Niti Taylor) to go out. Mannat(Niti Taylor) asks Shivaansh to get up. She says nothing can happen to you. He coughs. She says they are saying about your illness. He says they are right, I already know this and I m prepared for this, but my family isn’t prepared, just you can handle them, you are the one whom my family and I can trust, all of them will be shattered after I go, you have to take care of them, you won’t face any problem.

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She says nothing can take your place. He says you are a little girl. She says you are behaving like a kid, you have given up so easily. He says people can’t fight with his fate. She says person can fight even with Lord, just some courage and strength is needed, fight once and see, you will defeat fate, you will get fine. Nani says she is saying fine. Shivaansh asks them not to get sad, I m Shivaansh who entertains the world, I don’t wish to see anyone crying for me, I only want to see you smile. Nani says dare to go and I will break your legs. Doctor asks them to come out. Sahil takes everyone out. Shivaansh stops Mannat(Niti Taylor). Mannat(Niti Taylor) says I will go with Khanna and talk to better doctor. He says Dr. Srivastav is the best, he said so as my body can’t handle the operation. She says I will talk to him. He says sit here, I have called you a liar, fraud and obsessive fan, I ousted you and blamed you, I never trusted you, you always supported me, our relation is special as you trusted me, when none did, I want to apologize to you, sorry.

Shivaansh says our relation is special as you trusted me when I lost faith in myself, our journey ends here, I want to apologize to you, I m sorry. Jaanejaan…plays… He says I want to make up for what I did, tell me what shall I do to please you, it was not my idea to marry a girl and ruin her life, I was going to fake my marriage with Sonya, but we ended up getting married, I know you must have a lot of dreams which I can’t fulfill, tell me what can I do for you, that I get some peace before dying. Mannat(Niti Taylor) asks are you sure. He says yes. She says you get the surgery done, if you really want to do something for me, don’t lose hope, don’t listen to the doctors, listen to your heart, if not for me, at least for family, please. He coughs and falls back. She calls the doctor.

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Srivastav attends him. Sahil says I think we should take Shivaansh home. Shivani says yes, we can spend time with him. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says no, we will get his surgery done. Sahil says he has no strength to bear the surgery. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says he has a strong will, he will get fine. Sahil asks doctor how is Shivaansh. Doctor says Shivaansh is ready to take this risk, I don’t know how you convinced him. Mannat(Niti Taylor) goes to Shivaansh and sees him. He signs to her. They talk via signs. Jaanejaan….plays….. Srivastav says this operation is risky, survival chances are just 10 percent. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says its enough, Shivaansh will get fine. Srivastav asks who will sign on consent form. Sahil says I will sign. Nani says no, Mannat(Niti Taylor) will sign, I know her belief will give a new life to Shivaansh. Mannat(Niti Taylor) signs the form. Nani says I thought to keep a grand celebration for Maha Shivratri, Shivaansh’s life is in danger.

Mannat(Niti Taylor) says you know, its said that if we worship the shivling and make a wish, it gets fulfilled. Khanna says there are a lot of stairs on the temple, you have to get on knees and climb the stairs, and light diya on each stair. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says I can do anything for Shivaansh. Nani hugs her. Reporter tells about Shivaansh’s illness and surgery. Fans pray for him. Shivaansh goes for the surgery. Mannat(Niti Taylor) reaches the temple with a candle in hand. She gets on knees and lights each diya kept on the stairs. Everyone cries and prays for Shivaansh. Mannat(Niti Taylor)’s knees bleed while she reaches the temple area. Shivaansh’s operation goes on. Mannat(Niti Taylor) rings the temple bell and does the Shivling Abhishek. She prays for Shivaansh. Zhe says we are very different, he is a superstar and I m an average girl, he is very special for me, if anything happens to him, I can’t live without him, many fans are praying for him, at least listen to them, save him, let him live, take my life instead, he deserves a long joyful life. She comes to hospital. Nani asks what happened, you are so much hurt. Khanna says you went through a lot for Shivaansh. Nani says your prayer will be fulfilled, our Shivaansh will surely recover. Srivastav comes. Everyone asks how is Shivaansh. He asks Mannat(Niti Taylor) to come with him. She goes and gets shocked.

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After few days, Nani asks Shivaansh to have breakfast. Shivaansh says finally, I got a sensible script. Avi and Khanna talk about work. Nani says enough now. Shivaansh asks where is the boss. Mannat(Niti Taylor) comes and scolds him with love. Avi says Shivaansh is fit now, we are thinking to do action movies now. Mannat(Niti Taylor) asks Shivaansh to come for breakfast. Shivaansh says you came on right time, they are pressurizing me with work. She says I know you, and them also, come with me, you remember you have a checkup due today. He says I have to go for imp meeting. She says we have to go to beach for a walk. He says I can do exercise in my personal gym. He gives her the milk drink. He says I can’t go to the beach as my hairstyle will spoil. She says doctor said fresh air is necessary. He takes a deep breath and jokes. Munni comes and hugs Shivaansh.

She calls him hero and says he nabbed the bad man, he is my hero. Mannat(Niti Taylor) says you want to steal my sister. Radhika asks Mannat(Niti Taylor) to help her choose her dress. Shivaansh asks who is stealing my sister now. Shivani says I m on your side, I want your credit card, I don’t need to flatter for it. He gives the card. Dhruv asks why. Shivani says I m going to get some dresses. Shivaansh asks her to get some pink dresses for Mannat(Niti Taylor). They tease Shivaansh. He says my memory is very sharp. Shivani asks what’s my fav color. Shivaansh doesn’t know. Khanna says a husband should be like him. Shivaansh says I m going to drop Mannat(Niti Taylor) to school. Munni says Munni, not Mannat(Niti Taylor). They laugh. He says yes, I said Munni. Nani says Shivaansh changed a lot. Sahil smiles.

The girl says you are the biggest star, I m getting a chance to do my first dance number with you, its a big chance for me, I have the track, lets practice. She plays the song and dances. She says I can’t do it alone, come. They dance. Mannat(Niti Taylor) comes and thinks who is she, she is falling in his arms. He sees Mannat(Niti Taylor).


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