Game of Love update Wednesday 6th January 2021 Star life

Game of Love 6 January 2021 Star life: Shivomru drag Soumya away. They hide Soumya. They also hide behind the sofa. Veer comes inside the room and looks for Soumya. Veer doesn’t see Soumya lying under the bed. He gets her phone and thinks her phone is here, but where is Soumya, maybe she went out. He leaves. Roop checks arrangements. Veer stops her for a talk. Roop sends servants. He asks did you see Soumya. She says no, why. He says I had to discuss my plan. She says she will be around. He says yes, else she would have taken her phone, I will be right back. Gauri says Dadi told me, kings used to wear Kalgi on their heads, so grooms wear it on their wedding day, grooms are no less than any king. Anika says I m scared, nothing should go wrong. Gauri says Rudra’s marriage will happen well. Anika says I will just get the hem. Gauri says get the feather as well. Veer pulls Anika and asks where is Soumya. She says leave me, I don’t know. He says you have either forgotten your motives or you are cheating me, Soumya is missing, did you tell Shivaye about my plan, no one else knew my plan, I told only you and then Soumya is missing.

She says maybe she has gone somewhere, its her wedding, maybe she went to parlor. He says prove it you are my partner, find Soumya, else I promise you, Shiaye won’t live to see the sun tomorrow, your plan will fail. She asks what do you mean. He says look there, you will understand everything. She sees a shooter in servant’s disguise. Veer says he is my aim, this gun is for Shivaye. The man loads the gun and aims at Shivaye. She asks why do you want to kill Shivaye. Veer says you are worried for Shivaye, you wanted to help me, you are my partner right. She says I will be your partner for entire life. He says great, you will find Soumya, she will sit in mandap, not Bhavya. She asks I will do it? He says if you don’t do this, I will kill Shivaye, then no money, your plan will fail. She sees Shivaye at the shooter’s gunpoint. She says partner, that won’t be required, I will help you. Veer says good, go and find Soumya. She goes.

ShivOmru and everyone dance. Anika sees the shooter aiming at Shivaye. She asks Shivaye where is Soumya. He says don’t worry, she can’t do anything, dance. She says but where did you hide her. He says people are dancing here and you are investigating, come on dance. She says please tell me where did you hide Soumya. He shows a key tied to his wrist watch. She asks what’s this key. Pinky and Jhanvi ask them to change sides, guys and girls can’t see each other till marriage. Pinky makes Khanna take their phones so that they can’t talk. Anika says I don’t have phone. Shivaye asks will you ask for my phone. Pinky makes Shivaye give his phone. She stops Anika. Anika says I need to talk to Shivaye urgently, this rule is for bride and groom, Bhavya and Rudra shouldn’t meet, but Shivaye and I can meet. Pinky says you both will make them meet too. Om says this is cheating. Pinky says this time we did this. Jhanvi says you three can’t meet them. Anika worries.

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Roop says this is really too much, I need to control this, I need to keep Bhavya away from mandap, where is Veer. Pinky says we will start with bride, whoever wants to get mehendi can come here. Anika thinks how to find Soumya. She recalls the key. She thinks I have to take that key from Shivaye. She says I have to talk to Shivaye. Pinky asks Anika to forget him and get mehendi applied. Anika thinks how do I get that key from Shivaye. ShivOm apply mehendi to Rudra’s hand. Rudra jokes on Om and asks him to hurry up. Om asks him to sit quiet. Shivaye asks him to apply clove oil before mehendi dries, mehendi gets darker. Rudra jokes. Om says if he cracks such jokes, I will stop his wedding, apply the oil, colour should be darker.

Rudra says I don’t care about the colour, I want to get married. Om pats his face and says if the colour isn’t dark, how will people know. Rudra asks what. Shivaye says you are going to be someone else’s. Rudra says don’t do that, Lord save us. Shivaye says mehendi is a good shagun. Om says you know, sister in laws do this. Shivaye says in your case, we have to do this. Rudra calls them Saala. Om and Shivaye pat his face. ShivOm joke on his marriage. Rudra says this is so awkward. Shivaye says you can do it in Ranbir’s style, with mehendi on your hands, Channa mereya….. They sing. Rudra says sit down please. Om asks when to apply uptan. Rudra asks what’s this uptan now. Om asks don’t you know that, its fantastic paste, we will get turmeric, gram flour, mix mustard oil in it and apply to your whole body. Rudra asks how can it be fantastic. Shivaye says you have to apply it, it has some smell, but we will put flowers on your head then. Rudra says I m going to Bhabhis, you guys are making me the bride, not groom. Om says ladies sangeet is going on. Shivaye says boys can’t go. Rudra says I don’t care and runs.

Om asks did he just say I don’t care to us. Shivaye says I think he said it to you, if he doesn’t care, then we don’t care. They leave. The girl asks what’s your would be husband’s name. Bhavya says Rudra. Gauri says my husband’s name is Omkara. The lady asks what, there is husband’s name written in mehendi. Anika says yes I know, but write what I have told you. Shivomru come and sing yeh raat aur ye duri…… Anika thinks Shivaye is here, this is the chance to get key from him. She goes to Bhavya and asks her shall we dance a little. Bhavya and Gauri agree. They dance with Shivomru. Anika sees the shooter. Veer signs Anika. Anika holds Shivaye’s hand and pulls the key. She thinks sorry Shivaye, I m going to let Soumya out without telling you, but this is about your life, so I have to do this, don’t worry, I won’t let Veer and Soumya succeed.

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Veer asks about the key. Anika says maybe its of the place where Soumya is. He says you want me to roam around the house. She says I have much work. He says you will find Soumya, Soumya will sit in mandap, not Bhavya, else Shivaye won’t get saved, and this wedding will stop, I know you don’t care for Shivaye’s life. She sees the shooter and worries. She says you won’t do this, else our plan will fail, tell me what to do. He says go and find Soumya. Anika and Veer check the rooms and cupboards. Shivaye, Om, Gauri and Bhavya dance. Shivaye thinks where did Anika go. Pinky says where did these three girls go. Jhanvi says I think they went to boys. Anika checks the cupboards in kitchen. She tries the keys. She opens the fridge. Soumya falls out.

Veer says finally…..Anika holds Soumya. Shivaye thinks to go and see Anika. Anika hugs him and fixes the key to his watch again. She says I m thinking about Rudra’s marriage. He says everything will go well when we are together. Pinky and Jhanvi come. Shivomru leave. Bhavya makes an excuse. Pinky says say truth, you came to meet Shivomru. Anika says no, we really came to get some fresh air. Pinky asks her to attend guests. Anika thinks what might be Veer doing, I have to check. She says I will check arrangements. Pinky asks her to come soon. Shivomru jump in the bed and laugh. Rudra says how we used to run into this room to escape mom’s scolding in childhood. Shivaye says so much changed, just Rudra didn’t change, he has the same IQ. Om says zero. Rudra says thanks. Shivaye says IQ means intelligence quotient. Om says that is zero. They laugh. Rudra hugs them and says don’t know we get this moment again or not, everything changes after marriage. Om says Shivaye, make hot chocolate for him. Rudra says I need energy, so I will let you go. Shivaye sings acha chalta hoon…. and goes. Rudra hugs Om. Om asks do you want to kill me before your marriage. Veer asks Soumya to get up. Shivaye comes that way.

Anika says if anyone sees us, it will be a big issue, we will take her to room. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening here. Veer hides with Soumya. She says I m cleaning, its so dirty. Shivaye says at this time, leaving sangeet, give me side, I want those mugs. She says you need not do this work, I have to make hot chocolate for Rudra and Om. She thinks to send Shivaye. He says I want it today. She gets hurt. He says you and your clumsiness….. She says I didn’t do it purposely. He says come, don’t worry. Pinky and Jhanvi send sweets with servant. Tej talks to Dadi and says we will make you a video call before the pheras, you will see Rudra’s marriage. Om comes to Rudra and asks nervous. Ankhiyaan milaake….plays…. Anika comes with the Pagdi. Gauri makes Bhavya ready. Shivaye asks can I come in, you are looking very beautiful. Bhavya thanks him. He says this is from Anika and me. He gifts her anklet. Bhavya smiles. Anika makes Rudra wear the Pagdi and fixes the Kalgi. She cries and applies kajal to ward off bad sight. Bhavya thanks Shivaye.


She asks can I ask you something. He says anything you wish. Anika says I wish Bhavya and you get the happiness of entire world. Rudra says I m still the same Rudra, I want to stay the same, because I know you all are there to support me. Bhavya says I was young when I lost my entire family, then I was in police force, I don’t have any typical feminine qualities, cooking, stitching, looking after family, I don’t know that, I just know lathi charge, shooting, arresting, I feel it might be difficult for Rudra to tolerate me. Rudra says I know I will make mistakes, promise me, you will take care of Bhavya. Anika thinks of Veer’s words. She says don’t worry, whatever will happen will be good, don’t make me cry, my makeup will spoil. Omru hug her. Bhavya says there will be fights, issues, mistakes, if Rudra distances himself from me or I distance myself from him, promise that you will get us back.

Shivaye says Rudra can never leave you, if you leave him, I will get you back, its my responsibility, don’t ever cry like this, don’t ever say this nonsense, okay. Bhavya hugs him. Anika looks on and cries. Gauri sees Anika at the door. Bhavya says this anklet is really beautiful, thanks Bhabhi. Anika thinks how can I take Soumya to mandap instead Bhavya, I can’t take this big risk, I should tell this to Shivaye, if will be risky if I stay silent now. She sees the shooter’s aim at Shivaye. Veer signs her and goes. Shivaye asks what happened. She says Rudra is not ready yet and Bhavya too isn’t ready, we have to leave, why don’t you get Rudra ready, I will help Bhavya. Shivaye goes.

Om says being the elder brother, I want to say something, marriage means responsibility, I know you will need some time but you can learn a lot from Shivaye and my mistakes, I just hope you don’t do such mistakes. Rudra hugs him. Gauri says these are ancestral bangles for new bahu, now I m becoming Jethani, I have right to give you some wisdom. She makes Bhavya wear the bangles. She says its your duty to look after the family’s dignity, I m sure you won’t disappoint me. Bhavya says never. Shivaye makes Rudra wear shoes and says getting married is easy, keeping marriage is tough part, if there is love, respect and trust between husband and wife, then marriage is beautiful, trust is very imp, Bhavya and you should live as best friends, all the big problems will seem like a big adventure to you. He hugs Rudra.


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