Game of Love 4 November 2020:  Shivaye and Anika sight the moon. She sees his face. All the women sight moon. Haathon me …..plays… Gauri sees Om. Bhavya sees Rudra’s pic. Some time before, Anika sees Shivaye talking to Khanna and says what is he talking. Shivaye asks Khanna to go and get it fast. Shivaye senses her. She stops and hides. He smiles and goes to his room.

He writes on a card and goes. Anika comes and sees the lovely card. She smiles and says it will be for me, its Karwachauth, my Sweet Singh Oberoi. She reads to my dear…. and says nothing more is written, why did he not write my name. She runs out of the room. He comes back and says I m sure Anika came here to spy and got in tension seeing this card. He goes. She says why did he not write my name. Tanya calls someone. She opens a drawer and gets a big knife out.

Anika says for whom was it. Shivaye acts to lick fingers. He says I had much, Dadi made tasty aloo parathas. She says yes. He says I loved it. She says it was good, did you make that kheer, it was so good. He says I didn’t know, I will go and have it, all couples are fasting and we are having food. She says we are different. He says a lot different. Khanna gets parcel. She asks what’s in it. Shivaye says its nothing. She says there will be something, is there any gift. He says no, its repair items. She says I will check.


She sees bulbs, ropes and spray paint. She keeps it back. He says I told you, you didn’t believe me. She says I felt… He says that I got a gift for Karwachauth, just those husbands do this whose wives keep fast for them, not for such wives who eat paratha and kheer. She goes. He smiles. Khanna smiles and says I got a smile seeing you smiling, I will do what you say. Shivaye says good, go and do the work.

Bhavya asks Charlie to help her, can he hack company data and tell her who is using that number. Charlie checks. She gets dizzy. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says you look much weak. She says I didn’t eat anything since night. He says why, I will order food. She says no, I want to know who trapped me, I can’t have food. He says fine, it will take time, take rest.

Richa says its good you came back, I was thinking to call you, its our first Karwachauth, we are keeping it together, what happened. She says you would be missing Om, why are you so quiet. Gauri says you are talking more today. Richa says I know its your Karwachauth and you are away from Om, all girls are jealous of you, your mum said your house is like palace, Om keeps you like queen, I wish everyone’s fate is like you. Gauri says I wish none’s fate is like me. She recalls Om’s words. Richa asks why. Gauri says none can manage so much happiness. Richa goes. Gauri thinks I kept Karwachauth fast, for that husband who doesn’t regard me wife.

Om asks some people. He thinks Gauri is annoyed with me, but I promise to end all her anger. He leaves. Saathiya….plays…. Gauri gets ready. Om also gets ready. She recalls his words. Om thinks of her words. Bhavya asks how much time more. Charlie says his name will display now. She sees A. Someone hits her. She sees the person and runs.

Dadi attends guests. She asks Anika did she check puja plates. Anika says yes, I m going to keep diyas. Shivaye comes and says nice decoration. She thanks him and asks why are you roaming with this card. He says its my wish. She says you give it to one you have to. He says I will do that, you have any problem. She says no. Pinky says moon is not coming, I m hungry. Jhanvi says some more time. Shivaye stops Anika’s hand from getting burnt by diya. He asks where is your focus, you go to problems. She says it happens.

He reminds what happened in last Karwachauth, you fainted as you didn’t eat anything. She says I won’t faint this time. He says you had much today. She says you don’t know. He says you look fat. Anika says just moon has to come. She sees Tanya with Shivaye and says why is she always around Shivaye.

Everyone waits for the moon. Anika comes to Tanya and asks what happened, why are you seeing watch, is there any problem. Tanya says no, I was looking for moon, I m hungry. She recalls she has to meet her lover. Dadi asks Anika to tell catering people to get food ready. Shivaye stops Anika. They hide from Tanya. Tanya goes. He says meet me in garage in 5 mins. She asks why. He says just meet me. She says fine, wait for me. He kisses her. Music plays…. She asks what was this. He says you didn’t keep fast, sweet dish. He goes. She smiles.

Bhavya runs after Abhay. She holds him. He pushes her away and runs. Bhavya falls down. Ladies on the road help her. The man asks Gauri how will she break her fast without seeing her husband, he will make video call. Gauri thinks I m unlucky to always be with him and still stay away. She says he went somewhere, there won’t be network, I will see him by closing eyes and break fast.

Tanya goes after Anika. Anika says don’t know what Shivaye has to do in garage. Tanya says its enough now. She leaves. Anika comes to garage and calls out Shivaye. Shivaye comes to her. Lights get on. She sees the beautiful decorations and smiles. He shows the card.

Tanya comes out and recalls taking keys from drawer. She leaves. Anika says so you got all the repair items for this. He says you saw the card already. She says you are saying as its my name is written. She reads and says its my name. He asks will Shakira’s name be written then. She asks is she neighbor’s sister. He says she is world famous singer. She asks him to tell in which films she sang. He asks why are you talking about others. She says you are talking about other girls, you could have taken my name. He says my wife’s name is written in this card, what did you think. She says I thought you will write Tanya’s name. He asks what would you do if I did. She says I would have thrown her out. He says good. They laugh.

She thanks him for all the hardwork. She asks why did you do this. He says for my wife, who kept Karwachauth fast. Gauri says I will check at door. Her mum says you picked plate and channi, you can’t keep it down till puja. Gauri goes to see and opens door. She closes eyes. Lady asks Bhavya to get up. She fans air by her dupatta. Bhavya opens eyes.

Shivaye says we will have puja and food now. Anika sees the moon and Shivaye’s face via the net. All the women sight moon and see their husband’s face. Haathon me puja ki thaali…..plays… Gauri sees Om. Bhavya sees Rudra’s pic on the hoarding. Om smiles. Bhavya cries. Anika and others do the rituals. Bhavya is fed water. The men make their wife drink water. The wives feed water to them. Anika touches Shivaye’s feet. He stops her and kisses her hands. He gets dizzy and falls on her. She makes him sit and asks are you fine, open eyes. She feeds him water. He asks her to have water also. She says you also kept fast and did had medicines, what was the need, if anything happened then. He says how, my wife kept fast for my long life, before you faint like last time, have water. He feeds water to her. Ishq hai aansun…..plays….

She happily cries. He wipes her tears. They smile and hug. Om thinks Gauri is much annoyed, he has to work hard. She asks whom do you want to meet. Om does shayari and asks what happened, I also didn’t understand it. She asks who are you. He says I m Dilpreet Singh. He laughs. He says I m an ordinary man trying to meet my fate. She says I feel like I heard your voice. He says punjabis voice is same to same. He jokes. She asks whom do you want to meet. He says you, I mean……

Shivaye and Anika feed each other. O jaana….plays….. Tanya says I told you if you don’t come to meet you today, you will regret, you didn’t come to meet it, its enough Abhay. She goes to jump down. Abhay comes and stops her. She says I thought you won’t come. He says how could I not come, you kept Karwachauth fast for me. They hug, and recall how they got an entry in Oberoi mansion and what they did.


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