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Game of Love 18 November 2020 Starlife: Rudra asks them to come for Goa music festival. Anika asks them to go. Anika and Gauri push Shivaye and Om in pool. They wave bye to the ShivOmRu. Dinki tells Anika and Gauri that women wear short clothes and roam on beaches. Some time before, Rudra comes to his room and lies on the bed. Dadi comes there. She switches on the lights. Rudra lies in her lap. She asks why are you crying. He says when any dear person goes away, tears come. She asks who went away, everyone is here. He says my brothers…. they are with me just to say, but truth is they have gone very far from me, they have no place for me in their hearts, I knocked the door, but they didn’t open the door.

She says they for married. He says I know they have responsibilities, Bhabhis have more right on their time, but I can’t understand, I m staying like their shadow, everyone used to say they will not play with me when they grow up, I used to hide their birthday cake thinking their age will not increase if they don’t cut cake, now I got to know everyone has to grow up, but why does it mean getting separated, I don’t want to get married, I want to stay with my brothers, even if I have to marry, my brothers will be imp than wife.

She says this is difference between love and money, money gets less on sharing, while love increases, old relations don’t break while making new ones, old relations get more stronger, your Bhabhis will get your brothers more closer, they didn’t open the door, you do Rudy style drama so that no door and window shuts for you again.

Its morning, Rudra shouts. Anika wakes up and shouts thief. Shivaye says no, its a song. Om says why is playing music. They all come out and see Rudra standing in pool. Anika asks what happened. Rudra asks Dadi to explain. Dadi says you both didn’t open door at night, so Rudra took it on heart. Bhavya says its a small thing. Rudra asks her to stop it. He says I m going to get Jal Samadhi. Shivaye says its impossible to take Jal samadhi in four feet water. Anika says wait, its Shivaye and Om’s mistake, Shivaye didn’t let me open door. Gauri says me too. Rudra does drama. He says I will come out in one condition, if you come with me to Goa music festival, I got three tickets. Om asks why three, we are five. Rudra asks Dadi to see. Anika and Gauri say we have no problem, you guys go. Shivaye asks them are they sure. Anika and Gauri agree. Anika pushes Shivaye in the pool. Gauri too pushes Om. ShivOmRu play in the pool and laugh. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays…. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya hug Dadi.

Pinky gets Dinky. Dinky greets Dadi. Dadi says she is Dinky, Pinky’s cousion. Dinky says I know them. Pinky says I called Dinky to stay with us, she got cheated in love again, I asked her to have a change. Dadi says you did good. Pinky says I told her, she can get dream prince here. Dinky says even then he won’t stay, men have no loyalty, I think they don’t agree. Anika says our husbands are not such. Dadi agrees. Dinky says I wish your illusion stays forever.

Gauri and Anika pack the bags. Anika keeps Shivaye’s medicines. She hugs his shirt. They see off ShivOmRu. Anika says they should take care, we will go to room. Dinky says you have courage to send husbands to Goa alone. Anika says we trust them. Dinky says men are same on trust breaking. Gauri says our husbands are not such. Dinky says all men are same, we women do mistake that we blindly trust them, my poor bahus, you both are too innocent, one who doesn’t give reason breaks trust, they make excuses of meetings and run affairs, this happened in Oberoi family before, everyone knows about Tej and Shwetlana, if a guy is good looking and rich, there is a line of girls, Om has Tej’s blood, and Shivaye is most desirable, so I m saying…. Anika says enough, like five fingers are not equal, all men are not same. Gauri says our husbands love us, they can’t think of cheating us. Anika says don’t try to put a doubt in our mind. They go. Dinky says you have much trust on husband and loyalty, I will break this trust now.

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ShivOmRu are on the way. Om asks are you happy now. Rudra says a lot. Anika says they didn’t call till now. Dinky asks what happened, your husbands didn’t call, you call them. Gauri says no, they will call when they get time. Dinky says they may not call. Anika says we don’t want to trouble them. Gauri says yes, fun will get spoiled. Dinky says they went to Goa, just boys, did you two go Goa. Anika and Gauri say no. Dinky asks did you not see Goa, so you have let them go alone, let me show something. She shows pictures of some bikini wearing girls. She says girls wears bikinis on beaches, men get carried away. Anika and Gauri smile seeing the pics.

Rudra says this trip will have three rules, no phone calls, lots of girls and Om will not tie his hair. Om asks what’s the connection. Rudra says symbolization. Shivaye says I know where you are going, remember we are married. Rudra says you guys are married, I m single, we are going to Goa. Anika and Gauri find the girls modern. Dinky asks are you really cool or innocent, your husbands will be roaming with such girls, you both will wait for their calls and they will have their connections. Rudra says this trip will be memorable. Shivaye says I m driving, we are on highway. Rudra says I will get your undivided attention. Shivaye says Anika didn’t call. Om says I will talk to Gauri. Rudra says I just said no phone calls. Anika and Gauri show Shivaye and Om’s calls and say its connection….They go to talk. Dinky gets angry.

Shivaye and Om get busy on call. Rudra calls them. Anika says don’t worry, we will manage, just enjoy, no need to call us, we trust you, Om says thanks Gauri, I promise I will not break your trust. Gauri says I know. Anika says you can’t do anything. Shivaye asks what do you mean, am I ainvayi. Anika says you have a handsome bachelor like Rudra along, how will anyone notice you, I trust my straight Sadhu Singh Oberoi.

Piya stops her car. She stands on the road to get lift. ShivOmRu wake up in a strange situation. Some time before, Shivaye says you trust me, its a really good thing, I was scared shall I tell you or not, how will you react, it means I can tell you what all happened with me. Anika asks what happened. He says don’t ask. Om asks what happened. Rudra says it will happen if we go ahead. Anika says tell me. Shivaye says we met a girl, her car broke down, so she asked for lift, I was tensed, she was wearing short clothes. Om and Rudra see each other. Anika says so what, its her life. Shivaye says her foot had sprain, being a gentleman, I lifted her and made her sit in the car. She asks then. He says you may feel bad, she started praising my beautiful eyes, she was not getting quiet. Rudra says don’t know when will he get quiet. Anika says its fine, anyone will praise your eyes. He says it didn’t end there, she said lets have a drink. She says have juice or coconut water on the way. He says listen to my story, then you know what happened, leave it. She says tell me, fine leave me. Rudra takes call and says we are busy, we will talk later. He ends call. Anika smiles and says Shivaye is Bholu, he started saying everything, he is Sidhe singh oberoi. Om asks why did you cook a fake story. Shivaye says Anika thinks I m simple. Om says even Gauri feels I m decent. Shivaye says they are underestimating us, she said if Rudra is with you, no girl will see you. Rudra says what can we do, I m hot. Om asks him to come on ground. Rudra jokes if they still remember they are going Goa. They leave.

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Dinky asks did your husbands’ call. Anika says we got a call in front of you. Dinky says you should also call, so that they remember wives. Anika says no need. Dinky asks Pinky and Jhanvi did they not teach bahus to control husbands. Dadi says my grandsons are not such. Pinky says yes, Shivaye has Shakti’s blood, he does extra puja if any girl smiles seeing him. Dinky says sorry, what about Om, he has Tej’s blood, everyone knows it.

Shivaye drives and says nice weather. Rudra says stop the car, come back, else we can’t reach Goa on time. Rudra drives the car fast. He says this car will stop after reaching Goa. He stops the car. Shivaye asks did we reach Goa. Rudra says no, there is someone, I hope some hot girl gets down, else we will say we don’t have place in the car. A girl gets down the car. Rudra smiles.

Dinky says Tej’s matters reached London. Jhanvi says he has changed, your past experiences are not good, you hate men, it doesn’t mean all men are same. Dinky says Tej cheated you, even then you have confidence. Jhanvi scolds her. Dinky says I m saying so that your bahus don’t tolerate this, your family is famous, if boys do any mistake, it will be big scandal, I hope your trust on OmShivRu always stay.

The girl says my car broke down, can I get a lift. Shivaye recalls his words and asks what’s happening Om, its happening as per my story, same red dress. Om says your tongue has a mole, I was also thinking that. Rudra dreams dancing with the girl on Naina me sapna….. Om asks Rudra to stop staring. Rudra asks the girl to come. He asks Om to sit back with Shivaye. Om asks why. Rudra says I m not married, understand. Om says nothing can happen of him. Rudra says never. The girl gets a sprain. Shivaye says I told this to Anika. Rudra says I will call doctor. The girl says I m fine. Rudra asks her name. She says Piya. He says its lovely name, what were you doing. She says going Goa. He says our destination is same. Shivaye says sit back, you can’t drive, I will drive. Rudra says its not fair. Om says I need an advice, I was thinking I will get a haircut. Shivaye drives. They have a talk on the way. Piya asks Shivaye will he mind if she asks anything. Rudra asks why, he is Bhaiya. She says he is your Bhaiya, not mine. He says yes, he got married to my Bhabhi. Om says she is not giving you attention. Shivaye asks do you want to say something. She says I wanted to say, your eyes are beautiful, I wish I also had such blue eyes.

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Rudra says I will wear blue lenses after reaching Goa. Om asks did you go mad. Rudra asks what do you think of me. She says you are cute. She asks Shivaye to stop car, she is thirsty, will they have drinks. Shivaye says we got some water bottles. She says I want to have a cold drink, it too hot. He says Rudra will get it. She says I m fine now, you gave me lift, this is the least I can do. Rudra stares at her. Om pats his face and says stop staring, shameless. Rudra says just stay as brother, don’t try to become wife, I m single. Shivaye says single and desperate to mingle. Rudra says not desperate, she is giving me a line. Om says we can see. She gets drinks. Shivaye says I m okay. She insists. They have drinks and leave. Rudra says it looks like this car will take off. Om says its fun. Shivaye says I love this breeze.

Abhay reaches the bus stop. He hopes he gets the man in Unnao. He gets a ticket. He gets seated. Shwetlana comes there and signs the bus driver. She gets a ticket. She pays money to take the booked seat. She removes the veil. She gets to her avatar. She falls in Abhay’s arms. She says sorry, I fell down. She sees the video playing in his tab. He thinks Kalyani mills secret can expose Oberois. She thinks you don’t know me, but I know you, we have same mission to ruin Oberois, after keeping an eye on you, I know you have some proof against Oberois, I will find out. She compliments his eyes.

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and asks Shivaye to answer. ShivOmRu wake up in a strange situation. They are handcuffed. Om asks what did you do Rudra. Rudra gets shocked seeing the handcuffs. He sees the lipstick marks on his arms. He asks who has my tshirt. He asks Shivaye to see his cheeks. He says Om your hair. Om says your cheeks have lipstick marks. Rudra says who did this with Shivaye, we got ruined, but what happened, does anyone remember. Shivaye asks whose call is it. Rudra says its your phone. Om says your wife Anika is calling. Rudra says you are gone. Anika says why is he not answering. Shivaye says she maybe worried, I didn’t call her. They pass the phone to Rudra. Rudra answers. He asks Shivaye to clean the kiss mark from cheek. Anika asks kiss mark? They get tensed.

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