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Game of Love 5 January 2021 Star life: Reporter says we got to know about your illegitimate child, Rudra you didn’t accept Soumya as your wife, it means he is your first wife’s child, you are getting married to Bhavya, will you give your name to this child, the media wants to know, is he actually your illegitimate child. Shivaye thinks I can’t see Rudra breaking down this way. Rudra cries. Shivaye looks on. He sees Veer and Soumya smiling. He thinks now I get it, this child is a part of their plan, Soumya wants to defame Rudra and my family by naming this child as Rudra and her child, but I won’t let this happen. He turns and sees Anika. They both get tearful eyed.

He thinks sorry Anika, you will be much hurt by my step, but I don’t have any other option, don’t know how will I face you, will you forgive me or not, but I have to do this. Anika sees him crying and walks to him. He turns away. Media asks Rudra is this your illegitimate child. Shivaye sees Soumya coming ahead and shouts enough…..shoot your questions at me, because I have your answers. Om holds Rudra. Shivaye says you got a false news, the truth is this child doesn’t belong to Rudra, but to me. Anika and everyone get shocked. Soumya signs Veer. Shivaye says this is my child. Reporter asks who is his mum, does your wife Anika know about him. Reporters ask Anika did she know this, will she not forgive Shivaye, answer them, will she divorce Shivaye.

Anika sees Shivaye and cries. She says if my husband has said that this is his child, then this child is mine too, whatever is between me and my husband is ours, you don’t have to interfere between us. Reporter asks will you accept this illegitimate child. Anika asks are you not ashamed to call a little child illegitimate, parents can be illegitimate, but children can’t. She sees Shivaye and says my husband is mine, so everything that belongs to him, belongs to me, his past, his present and his mistakes too, so this child is mine. Veer and Soumya get shocked. Anika says you don’t need news, you want sensational news, you report anything you like, my family and I don’t care for this. She asks Khanna to leave guests outside. Khanna sends the media. Shivaye sees Anika….. She goes.

Veer thinks. Anika cries in her room. Shivaye comes to her. She says Shivaye…. He says I m sorry, don’t say anything. He kisses her hands. She asks why are you saying sorry. He says I have hurt you, I chose family when it was about my family and you, you stood by me, you didn’t let our relation break, at that moment, I had no other option. She says I know very well, your family comes first for you, this makes you Shivaye, I fell in love with you later, your quality which touched me was the fact that you can fight with the world for your family, I don’t have a family, shall I tell you something, I get jealous of you, I wasn’t as fortunate as you are, I didn’t get such a lovely family, that’s why, don’t say sorry for something that isn’t wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong. They hug. Roop says you are useless, foolish, not intelligent like me, you are a well built but feeble minded man. Veer says you insulted me today.

Roop says you both didn’t do anything worth praising. Soumya says whatever Shivaye did, why did fake Anika do that. Veer says I don’t know why she supported Shivaye. She says an insider cheated us. He says I didn’t tell her our plan. She says exactly, even then it failed, our master stroke failed, how will I marry Rudra and take revenge. She throws her bridal chunri. Veer says don’t worry, you will marry Rudra, I shall find out Rosie rani’s game plan. Anika says if I was in your place, I would have done the same.

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Shivaye thanks her. She says I m thinking about Aryan, he is with us since past two days, away from his parents, we don’t know about them. He says don’t worry, I will find them, I m sure its Veer and Soumya’s plan. She says Veer has driven me crazy. He says its imp to think how we are going to deal with him, the way you supported me in front of media. She says I have thought of it, how to fool him. He asks how. Omru come. Rudra says what you both did for me…. He touches Anika’s feet and says let me do this, I have realized why people say Bhabhi is like mum, I gave given dad’s place to Shivaye before, today I regard you as mum, he has always done a lot for me, what you did for me is a big thing, I thought if Bhabhi comes, brothers’ love will get less, I was so wrong, if Bhabhi is like you, brotherly love doesn’t get less, Bhabhi strengthens it, I m very lucky.

Om says I m also very lucky. She says I m more lucky, because I have such nice Devar. Om says this reminds me of one thing, we are more of your brothers than Devars, ask how…. we performed Anika’s kanyadaan. Rudra says he is right. Shivaye says so what, you both have changed side and left me alone. Gauri and Bhavya come and say we are on your side. He asks Bhavya are you fine. She says yes, I was very scared and actually thought Aryan is Rudra and Soumya’s son, but when I saw you and Anika handling the situation so well, you protected each other without having a discussion, I learnt a lot, thanks. Om says no problem is big if there is trust on each other, your proved this today. Rudra says exactly, Bhavya and I decided to follow your footsteps. Gauri says then you both have to fight daily. They laugh.

Shivaye says lets get serious, Veer won’t tolerate his defeat, he will make a big plan, we will need to be prepared, what is Soumya’s motives, to marry Rudra, it means they will try to put an hindrance in marriage, we have to prepone the wedding, it will take place tomorrow.

Shivaye says marriage will happen tomorrow. Rudra says but Dadi won’t be able to come from US. Shivaye says I will talk to her, her doctor said she will need more time for her knee treatment, this is urgent, marriage will happen tomorrow. Veer says I have to know fake Anika’s plan. Anika comes. Veer says I need to talk to know. She says talk slowly, they all are inside, you don’t know their planning, come. He says you spoiled my plan, I got Aryan here to prove he is Rudra and Soumya’s child, but don’t know how you got real Anika’s soul in you. She says I didn’t know you got Aryan, Shivaye gave me this script to tell media, I was helpless, read it. He says it means Shivaye learnt the entire game plan, but who told him. She asks why are you staring at me, I didn’t know anything about your plan, I can tell you something useful, Shivaye has advanced the wedding date, Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage is happening tomorrow.

Veer asks what. Anika recalls Shivaye telling her to say this to Veer and he will surely panic and make some mistake, they will take advantage of his mistake. Veer says if Shivaye did this, he will think I will panic and make some mistake, but no, this time I will play my biggest move. Anika recalls Shivaye telling it will be his biggest move, you have to find it out. Anika asks what’s the plan, tell me, you will need my help. He asks will you help. She says yes partner, so tell me. Shivaye says once Veer tells his plan to Anika, we will reply him and end his and Soumya’s game. Anika says okay then, don’t tell me if you don’t want to, then don’t say your plan failed because of me. He says don’t worry, I will tell you the plan, you may go now.

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She asks what, fine I will go. He calls out Anika. She asks what. He says you are Anika. She asks are you crazy, I m Kumari Rosie Rani from Kanpur. He asks why did you answer then. She says everyone calls me Anika and I get confused about my identity, why are you staring at me, are you thinking I m real Anika. He says no, you can’t be Anika, because I saw Anika in the coffin myself. She says well then, rest, shall I go. He asks why, don’t you want to know the plan. She says I don’t want to know the plan, I was just saying I will help you, its your call. He says fine, listen to the plan. He tells her.

Pinky asks marriage, tomorrow, you did the same at the time of your marriage, everyone had to rush and work, at least let this marriage happen peacefully. Jhanvi asks how will we manage arrangements. Tej says media will get a new scandal if we prepone the marriage. Shakti says I don’t think Maa will come. Shivaye says I spoke to Dadi, she is okay with it, we will see arrangements, none will sleep today, all functions will happen today, Om inform all the guests that marriage is happening tomorrow, Khanna give me arrangements status details, I want this marriage to be the best in the history of Oberoi family.Gauri asks will mehendi function happen at night, I will see arrangements. Tej and Shakti also go to see arrangements. Anika comes. Pinky says Shivaye thinks we are young to run around, you and Gauri have to prepare Rudra’s sehra, this needs to be done by sister, but Priyanka isn’t here, you have to get Kalgi also. She asks Jhanvi and Bhavya to come and decide jewelry. Shivaye says we have to decide menu, prepare the mandap…. Anika says listen to me, Veer told me his plan. Rudra asks really…

Anika and Shivomru see Soumya. Soumya says finally I will become bride and sit in mandap instead Bhavya, then it will happen what I thought. Anika says this is their plan to make Soumya sit in Bhavya’s place, so that Rudra marries Soumya. Rudra says I can’t believe she can do this, she is my best friend. Om says she was never your best friend, forget about it. Shivaye says I won’t let her plan succeed. Veer says I have to make sure Soumya doesn’t make any mistake. Soumya says bridal dress is done, I have to decide bridal jewelry. She tries some necklaces. Veer calls her. She takes her phone. Shivaye comes in. She gets shocked and says you…. He asks why did you get surprised seeing me. She says nothing like that. He says your phone is ringing, Veer’s call, why is he calling you. She says I was having headache and called him for medicines, so maybe he is calling back, I will talk later. She disconnects. Veer says why did Soumya disconnect my call.

Soumya asks do you need anything. Shivaye says no, I just came here for a talk, is this a bridal lahenga, its beautiful, it looks like its crafted for some bride. Soumya says its my best friend’s marriage, I thought to have something special, tailor overdid it. He asks is Rudra your best friend, does anyone do this with best friend, how can anyone cheat a best friend. She asks about whom are you talking. He says you, you have not just cheated Rudra, but all of us, we loved you, gave you respect, you cheated us Soumya, why did you do this. She says Bhaiya… He says don’t call me Bhaiya, if you considered me a brother, you would have not done this. Rudra says if you were my best friend, you would have not cheated me, that care, that concern was fake, that pandit, mantras and marriage were fake, calling someone your brother was also fake, thanks, now I will think a thousand times before making someone my friend.

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Om comes and says had I not seen it by myself, I would have never believed that my Soumya can do this, you tied me a Rakhi and cheated your brother, you made fun of a pure relation between a brother and a sister. Soumya looks at them. Veer says its impossible that Soumya doesn’t answer my call, is she in any problem. He calls again. Shivaye takes her phone and says Veer…. Oh, so Veer and you are together in this plan, you both got Aryan here to prove he is your and Rudra’s child, so that you can force Rudra for marriage, evil can never win over good, lies can’t win over truth, your game is over now. He throws her phone. Veer says she is in some problem, I have to go. Soumya smiles…..She asks are you all done, these emotional talks, crying, taunting, what do you want to prove that I m a bad person, yes I m, so what, you guys aren’t good either, what Oberois started, we Kapoors will end it. Shivaye says you mean Shwetlana, Tia and you.

She says yes, Kapoor sisters, who came into your lives one by one, but you guys are so foolish, you didn’t know we are sisters, Shwetlana came in Tej’s life, Tia came in your life and I got in Rudra’s life, it was our plan, but Shwetlana couldn’t marry Tej or Om, Tia turned out so weak that she backed out, I thought to trap this duffer and marry, but don’t know how Bhavya came in between, its good you got to know my truth, no more sweet innocent acting, that was just too much for me. Shivaye taunts her. She says everything will be face to face now, there was a fear to get caught now, there is no fear now, Oberois are destined to get ruined by Kapoor sisters, bring it on. Rudra says I will show you. Om stops him. She asks do you get anger, I thought you just know crying and running to your brothers, were you going to hit me, come on, you can’t do it right, your values won’t allow you right. Shivaye says right, Oberoi men don’t raise hand on women, but perhaps you didn’t heard about Oberoi family women, the three of them are bit different.

She says oh really, let me see then. Bhavya comes and says I will tell you the difference, if someone cheats me, I can forgive 100 times, if anyone cheats Rudra, hurts him or tries to snatch him, I can’t tolerate that. Soumya asks what will you do. Bhavya asks don’t you know what indian cops do in such case. Soumya asks what. Bhavya says this…. and kicks on her face. Soumya falls down and faints. Om says she fell unconscious. Rudra feels proud of Bhavya and smiles. Shivaye says that too in one kick, thanks Bhavya, we will take care of the rest, you go. Bhavya goes. Shivaye says guys hurry up, Veer would be coming. They drag Soumya. Veer comes that way.


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