Game of Love update Tuesday 26th January 2021 Star life

Game of Love update 26 January 2021: Anika says I have no problems with her, her miraculous kada has saved Shivaye’s life. Bhavya says she helped in ending distance between me and Bhabhis.

Rudra says I slept peacefully because of her. Shivaye says I don’t understand the purpose of her coming, she stayed here, lied and left with our family photo. Dadi says don’t know who she was and where did she go. Shivaye says I know where she has gone. He leaves. He drives thinking of Devyaani’s words. He comes to chinese stall and asks about her. He asks more people and comes to her house. He sees many family pics on the wall. He sees Oberoi family pic too. Devyaani comes home and sees him. She worries and says I m not a thief, I didn’t steal anything. He says I know you are not a thief, but all this… She says life didn’t turn my dreams true, so I borrow dreams from others by telling lies, I go to stay with strangers, I feel that I have dear ones, all these are pics of those dreams, I knew what a family and home is, but I learnt to live with a family by living at your house, after I saw you, I got to know how a son should be, you came running with a shawl seeing a stranger in trouble, if you can think and do so much for stranger, I can’t imagine how much you can do for loved ones, I heard people say that…. my heart is overwhelmed, when you made me wear that shawl, I realized what it means.

She says after my husband’s death, I worked hard and raised my children, educated them and got them married too, I fulfilled all duties of a mum, but my children forgot everything, when I grew old, I became a burden on them, one day, they took me to hospital to get me admitted, they left me there and ran away. He asks how can someone do this with mum. She says there are all kinds of children in the world, good and bad, its hard to find a son like you, if every house has a son like you, every mum will be Kaushalya, my son has never shown me such affection, Lord should always keep you happy. She cries. He says tell me more.

She says hospital staff has felt sorry for me and sent me to old age home, but one day the ashram got shut down because of lack of money, since that day, I keep wandering here and there, and sometimes, I come here for shelter.

Shivaye says whenever she feels lonely, she goes to someone’s house, she lies and lives there for a couple of days, then she takes their family pic and returns to her world, just because she misses her family. Anika says she had hidden much sorrow behind her sweet smile and miraculous remedies. Bhavya says people yearn for parents and those who have parents don’t value. Rudra says I can’t believe there are such children who make parents out of homes, such children should be taught a lesson. Shivaye says we have to make them remember, release this news in media, Oberois got their Dadi’s sister back, who was separated at the time of partition, release Devyaani’s pic too, when her children know this, they will come running.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get Devyaani. Shivaye says I had told you Nani, your children will contact us when this news comes on tv, they are coming to meet you, I want to meet them, I know mum’s heart is big to forgive children, promise me you will make them realize their mistake. Anika says we have invited media, so that your children have to answer us in front of the media, then others will learn a lesson and respect their parents, don’t worry, give us a signal when you are ready, we will call media in. Shivaye says don’t worry, we are with you. Khanna gets Devyaani’s children and their spouses in. They see the big house.

They hug Devyaani and cry. They say we missed you a lot, we realized your tears. Anika says they are shedding crocodile tears. Shivaye says why is Nani not telling them anything. The girl says you didn’t tell us you are related to Oberois. The guy says they are rich people. The girl says you are wearing good clothes and necklace, they would have given you a lot of money and jewelry right. Devyaani says I m glad you came to meet me, you should go now. Her son asks why, introduce us to our relatives first. Devyaani says its a lie, Shivaye did this drama to call you here, he wanted me to ask you why you did this to me, he called media too so that the world knows how you abandoned me, I can’t do this, a mum can tolerate pain but can’t see children in pain, just go away. Shivaye says wait a min. He wipes Devyaani’s tears.

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Shivaye says don’t say a word, you don’t deserve to speak, your mum saved you, else I was going to expose you, do you know who is she, a mum, a mum is the one who gives us birth, raises, nourishes, educates, cares and teaches us everything, what did you do, you left her alone in an old age, she still cares for you, I spit on you, you don’t deserve her, ask someone who doesn’t have a mum, be grateful that Lord gave you a mum, value her, the children who think mum is a burden, they forget that woman has carried them before giving them birth, she taught you how to walk, you left her, when you got to know your mum is related to Oberoi family, you have come, a mum can never curse children, as you sow, so shall you reap, whatever you have done with your mum today, your children will do the same with you tomorrow. Devyaani’s children leave.

She thanks Shivaye for respecting her words. Shivaye says we should thank you for giving us an opportunity to do something good, I have decided something, we will fund all old age homes that are in financial crisis, no elderly person will lose shelter, even if children forget their parents, the parents will not forget to live, the desire to live and support, it will be a place where elderly can live with respect and dignity. Dadi says you have done a really good thing. Devyaani says if every household has a son like you, none will need any old age home, I wish my son was like you. He says then consider me as your son, and this family as yours, there is just one rule, don’t spoil my hair. She says sorry. They all smile. Shivaye hugs Devyaani.


Shivaye is on the way. Anika calls him and asks him to come home soon, its a mess here. He asks is everyone fine. She says I can’t explain anything, just come home soon. He asks driver to take him home. Anika turns and sees a lots of people chanting and dancing. Tum hi bandhu….plays….Om asks is Shivaye coming. Anika says yes. Bhavya says what happened to Rudra, he wasn’t such. Om says I know Gauri’s devotion, but this is too much. Anika says I know Rudra is like a child and Gauri is naive, but what happened to Dadi. Om says don’t know. A lady sits on the red throne. Everyone takes her blessings. The man says Siddhi Maa will show her miracle for which you believe her. Dadi says Siddhi Maa will sit on her throne and it will raise on its own. Rudra asks what are you saying. Siddhi sits and signs to lift the throne up in the air. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye comes home and looks on. Rudra says she is like a superman. Gauri says superman is a guy, she is superwoman. Dadi says she is Siddhi Maai. They all say Jai Jai…. Shivaye asks what’s happening, Rudy what’s up. Rudra says Siddhi Maai is up, see how she is flying like superman. Shivaye asks Dadi who are these people. Dadi says she is Siddhi Maai, I visit her ashram, she has blessed our house with her presence. Siddhi gets throne down on ground. She says so he is Shivaye, I have heard a lot about him. She asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye walks ahead. She stops him.

Shivaye asks what happened. Gauri says I will say, enter here with right foot, Siddhi Maai says you should enter holy place with right food. Shivaye says this doesn’t matter to me. He goes to Siddhi. Dadi says you don’t believe in all this, but you obey elders, you could at least keep Siddhi’s word. Shivaye asks what happened. Dadi asks can you do this for someone’s happiness. Siddhi says he is immature, faith didn’t bloom in him yet. Rudra jokes. Siddhi says once he comes to me, he will gain knowledge, come son…. Shivaye says I m fine. She says you have much ego in you, your ego will change into spirituality, know the power of faith. He says I know about faith and blind faith. Dadi takes Shivaye to Siddhi. The man asks him to put right hand forth. Dadi says don’t refuse to her blessings. Siddhi blesses and puts some sugar in his hand. Anika and everyone get shocked. Gauri says Jai Siddhi Maai. Rudra says its so cool. Siddhi says you got my miraculous prasad in your hand, you aren’t ordinary human, you are very special.

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He says I don’t need to know this from a stranger, why have you come here. She says I had to come here to dispel the trouble, when Dadi came in my ashram, I understood she has much grief. He says nonsense, she has no sorrow, I know it. She says where there is happiness, there is sorrow too, Dadi got happiness and sorrow from family, elder son wants to dominate, Tej-Om don’t get along well, elders aren’t together, despite having such a big family. Dadi feels lonely, so I had to come here. Shivaye says its my house and my problems, I will solve it. Dadi asks him to think whom is he talking to. He says she has no right to interfere in our matters. Dadi says enough. Siddhi says let it be, he is naive, its time for me to leave. Dadi says no, please wait, I m sorry on his behalf. Rudra says we have to see your miracles. Gauri says you have come and made our house pure, if you stay here for longer, all problems will be away. Om says you all have gone mad, stop it. Gauri says if she goes in anger, we will get cursed. Dadi asks Shivaye can’t he do this for her. Rudra says stay back, its fun. Siddhi agrees.

Shivaye says I feel I have come to some ashram. Bhavya says I feel I don’t know Rudra. Om says exactly, I can understand about Gauri and Dadi, but I didn’t expect this from Dadi. Anika gets black coffee for Shivaye. He says thanks, I needed it. Gauri and Rudra run to him and throw the coffee cup. Shivaye says it was my black coffee. Rudra says you can’t have it, its black. Shivaye asks so what. Gauri says Siddhi has said that today everything should be white here, white food, white clothes… Om asks why. Rudra says Siddhi has told this. Shivaye asks what’s logic in it. Gauri says devotion matters, not logic. They argue. Gauri and Rudra say Siddhi is miraculous, she can fly. Anika says she is miraculous or a con woman, time will show up, even a housefly flies, shall I worship it. Gauri says she knows everything about us. Om says we are Oberois, everyone knows about us. Shivaye says we are Oberois, its very simple to find that out. Gauri says she is miraculous, so Dadi trusts her so much. Rudra asks them to have white clothes. Gauri says there is Maha Aarti. Anika throws clothes. Gauri says we all have to wear white clothes. Rudra says you will get kheer in food. They go. Bhavya says I heard Siddhi Maai’s name before. Om says we have heard it since morning. Bhavya says I feel I read her name in any police records. Shivaye says I want her complete info. Anika says by the way, its matter of one day. Shivaye says she will go but we need to save Dadi, Gauri and Rudra from her trap, until Bhavya gets info about Siddhi, be with them, I don’t want that woman to take advantage of their innocence.

The man says Maai, Oberois have become your devotees since they have seen your miracle. Siddhi says its your miracle, not mine, we have been performing this miracle since years and fooling people, but none knows about it. The man says Shivaye is different, we have to be careful, else we can’t get saved. Shivaye comes and says this is my house, I don’t need anyone’s permission to move around in my house. He sends the man out. She says come devotee, I knew it, you will come. He says your misconception will end when I throw you out. She says I will do for what I have come here, puja, paath…. He says just cut the crap, don’t act in front of me because I know your reality, you are a fraud. She laughs and says yes, I am, so what, how will you prove it, how will you make them believe you, everyone believes me as I perform miracles, I end people’s fear and instill hopes. He says not hope, fake hope, you take advantage of people, I will bring your truth out. She says you can’t even make your family understand, you don’t know anything about me, you have no idea about my power, whoever clashes with me, gets smashed to pieces. He says okay just stay in your limits. Dadi comes and asks what are you doing here. Siddhi says his misconceptions got cleared. Dadi says I knew it, faith will awaken in his heart. He says I need to talk to you. Dadi says not now, its time for aarti. He goes with Siddhi.

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Everyone say Jai….. Siddhi says I m very pleased seeing your service, such service makes the hurdles of the path easy, did you get the chadava. Dadi says yes. Gauri gets chadava. Shivaye says hold on, how much did she ask for on the name of chadava/offertory, 10 or 50 lakhs. Dadi says its 11 rs, she has asked to offer just 11rs and sweets. Siddhi says chadava’s value isn’t seen, the intentions of offerer matters, its because of Dadi’s dedication and service that I forgive Shivaye always, I know many people do fraud on the name of devotion, don’t think everyone is same. She sits and says when I experience the supernatural powers today, I will make prasad. Shivaye breaks his phone angrily. Anika asks him what will happen if he vents out anger on phone.

He says what shall I do, that woman is a fraud, my family is getting trapped by her. She asks him to calm down. Om and Bhavya come and say there is a solution, we found out about Siddhi Maai, she is a fraud, there are many cases registered against her, her name is Babita Anand, she ran away from her house and now she tricks people, her miracles are fake, she tortures girls for dowry. Shivaye says I remember, I read about her. Anika says she has no shame, she has made a mess, people come in such fraud easily. Om says I heard of her special puja, she hypnotizes people and then steals their cash, jewelry and valuables. Shivaye says go in Maha aarti, I will come. Om asks why. Shivaye says for Dadi’s happiness. Anika asks what are you upto. He says just go, I will come. He asks Anika to send Khanna. She goes.

Siddhi dances with much energy. Everyone looks on surprised. Anika says look at Rudra and Gauri, which Sadhu/saint dances like this. Om says Shivaye should have been here, drama is good, I m sure he is planning something. Siddhi says I got a sign, I have to make the prasad, until then, you perform the puja. Gauri says I will help. Siddhi says no, I will make it myself. She asks the man to give something. She says we need to mix this in prasad, so that our work gets easy. She collides with Shivaye. The bottle falls down. He goes. She says foolish man, you have much ego, I will get it down. She adds the liquid in laddoo. She says its almost done. The man says prasad will be distributed among you all. Siddhi asks Dadi go to and rest, she can’t have anything till maha aarti. Dadi goes. Shivaye comes and asks how do we believe that you didn’t mix anything in it.

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