Game of Love 1 December 2020 Star life: Shivaye says kids are in some problem. The goons catch them. They get shocked. Some time before, Anika asks Shivaye the reason, the family has fallen apart by his decision, why is he helpless. He says I will tell you when I feel like, sleep now, its late. She says don’t become Stone Singh Oberoi. He asks her to sleep. Shweta says its court orders, Shivaye is granted full access of Kalyani mills video archive, he didn’t lose till now, he is trying to prove Tej innocent, how did I make such a big mistake, I thought our work will get easy if I throw her out, how could I forget, he will protect his family by staying away as well, we have to stop him, I will change the game.

Its morning, Shivaye and Anika get down at a dhaba. Kids play. A boy says sorry uncle, aunty. She asks him to grow more beard, he looks uncle and made her look aunty. He asks her to have food, maybe its school picnic. Kids take the chairs. A boy argues with Shivaye and runs with the chair. A boy says don’t mind uncle, many kids need chair, any way you can join us. Shivaye says its fine. Anika says your teacher is calling you. Shivaye asks do you know his name. She says I know a lot about him. She talks to the boy and jokes. The boy says you are very funny, and this uncle is very rude. Shivaye asks her to have some food. The boy says aunty, have food with us.

Anika asks Shivaye to come. He asks her to go. He sees a girl. She makes a smiley on a plate and shows him. He joins her and smiles. He asks what’s your name. She says Suhani, and yours. He says Shivaye. She says both S… He helps her. Anika smiles seeing the kids leaving. The kids and teachers board the bus. They wave bye. Shivaye asks Anika to have some food. They leave from the dhaba. She says its same bus, drive a bit faster, I have to bid them bye. He drives ahead. She says faster. She waves to the kids. She says they are not answering me. He says something is wrong. She says they were happy when we left from the dhaba. He says they look scared, but why. She says something is wrong. Suhani shows a sad smiley to him.

Mayor’s office gets a call. Mayor takes the call. He gets shocked and asks about the kids. He says call the school students’ parents here, right away. Shivaye says kids are in some problem, we have to do something, there are barricades ahead, we can catch up the bus. The bus stops. Shivaye stops the car and goes to the bus. A man stops him. Shivaye says I had to give chocolates to the kids. Anika says I have it. Shivaye says just 2 mins, I will give chocolates to the kids, madam please allow us, give them permission. The man says no, we have to leave soon, its nothing like that. Anika gets in the bus and sees scared faces of everyone. Shivaye gets in. He recalls and thinks he is not that driver, whom we have seen at the restaurant, that means they have hijacked this bus. He sees the driver tied up. The man points gun at him. Anika turns and sees the man pushing Shivaye. Anika shouts Shivaye. The man asks him to get down. Shivaye gets down the bus. Anika worries. The bus leaves. Shivaye runs after the bus. He runs to his car.

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Parents ask Mayor to save their kids. Mayor asks them not to worry. Shivaye follows the bus. The man asks the kids to shut up, else he will shoot. Anika scolds him. The man says I will throw you down the bus. She asks him to leave the boy. The boy says don’t do anything to aunty, we will do what you say. The man asks them to sit. Anika asks the kids not to worry, Shivaye will save them. She sees Shivaye following. He signs her. She asks the man to leave the boy. The boy says let me go to aunty. Anika asks the man to put the gun down. Anika turns and doesn’t see the car. She thinks where did Shivaye go.

Dadi says how did this diya blew off, this Akhand jyot was lit always, Lord protect my Billu. Shivaye stops his car in front of the bus. The goon says how did he come here. The bus driver presses horn and drives ahead. Shivaye walks towards the bus. Anika shouts Shivaye….. He signs the driver to drive ahead. Driver says move away, else I will hit you. Dadi lights the diya.

The man says hit him if he doesn’t move. Anika says let me go… She turns the steering. Shivaye stands still. Rudra sees Shivaye’s pic and cries hugging it. Gauri looks on. She asks him not to cry. He asks what shall I do, I can just cry. She says you know, what my mum taught me, person has two options in tough time, either to break down or get better, its on you now. She says if you cry like this, who will wipe Dadi’s tears, till Shivaye and Anika come back, you and Om have to manage this house and Dadi, Om is not here, so you are the elder son now, I m also upset, but we can’t get weak, you need to become a strong boy. He says no, as long as I m young, my brothers won’t leave me, you don’t know what Shivaye means to me, he is like my dad, I have been doing everything with him, when I used to get scared watching horror movies, he used to take care of me, if I have any goodness, its because of him, he is my strength, if he goes away, how can I be strong, my superhero has gone, I m so lonely. She hugs him and consoles.

Shivaye talks to Rudra and cries. Om says you have snatched my brother. Tej says Shivaye has given our shares to Shwetlana. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika reach somewhere. He says this is our new house, it is not as big as Oberoi mansion. Anika says the place where I get you by my side can’t be small. They see the house. He says its dark, you will like it when you see it in morning. She says I find it beautiful even now. Watchman says tenants left, they said they will take their belongings later, electricity isn’t there. Shivaye asks him to get the luggage. Anika says there is someone, someone was looking out from the window. Watchman says there is no one there. Shivaye says you may be mistaken, shall we go. He stops Anika and says wait here, I will be back.

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He comes with a candle and says Dadi would have done your grahpravesh if she was here, but its just me here. He does her aarti. She says if you get more good, I will cry. He applies red ink of the pen and does tika to her. She cries. He wipes her tears. She asks what else. He keeps rice in a glass and asks her to make the glass fall by her right foot. He welcomes her in. He stops her. He puts powder on the floor and says this is for your beautiful footprints. She steps on it and walks ahead. She slips. He holds her in arms. Lights come. O jaana….plays…. she looks around and smiles. She says our house is so beautiful. He asks did you like it. She says I will decorate it well. He asks her not to break windows. She says I m GL, my work is to make a house. He asks what does GL mean. She says grah Laxmi, I will wake up early every morning.

She imagines…. She says I will clean the house so well, that people will say if she is a wife or a detergent, I will make tiffin for you every day. Shivaye says your thought is good, but you can’t do it, firstly, you can’t wake up early, you can’t make food, and cleaning… I have not seen you cleaning your cupboard. She says I agree I m big lazy, but I can change. He says I will laugh now. She says you are challenging me, you will see my new avatar tomorrow. He laughs. She asks are you making fun of me. He says no and goes. She says GL and smiles. Shivaye recalls Rudra. Anika comes and asks you didn’t have food? He says I m not hungry. She says you don’t will to have food. He says I m worried, Om and Tej will get more distant because of this. She says Om is very sensible, he will understand if you explain, Gauri will take care of him. He asks who will take care of Rudy, its quite late now, you go and sleep, I will come in some time. She goes.

Pinky asks for whom are you taking this. Servant says Jhanvi asked me to make soup for Tej. She gets angry. She asks him to water. She adds much salt in it and sends him. She says you have ruined my life by making my son and bahu out of this house, I will take revenge for this. Shivaye cries. Dadi and Rudra miss Shivaye. Dadi asks Rudra to call him and ask if they reached Goa well. Rudra calls him. Shivaye cries and says I can’t fall weak, no… He answers. They cry. Shivaye disconnects the call.

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Tej drinks the soup and scolds the servant for so much salt. Servant says I had put less salt, Pinky came to kitchen to have water. Tej shouts Pinky. Pinky says shout more, I will ruin your life. Its morning, Pinky asks Dadi why did you not have breakfast. Dadi says I don’t want to. Pinky taunts Tej and Jhanvi for celebrating after making Shivaye and Anika out. Tej asks her to stay in limits. Dadi asks them to be quiet. Rudra says Om…… They all see Om coming. Rudra hugs him. Om stops Jhanvi and goes to Tej. He says I felt you have changed, but I was wrong, you never cared for family. Tej asks what have I done. Om says you have snatched my breath, you have snatched my brother from me. Tej shouts Shivaye is not your brother. Shakti stops Pinky. Tej says Shivaye has transferred our shares to Shwetlana without asking us.

Om asks is that all, this property, status and Oberoi mansion maybe precious for us, you have made Shivaye leave, who was valuable to Rudra and me. Tej says I didn’t sent him to jail. Om says you are forgetting, you are saying about my brother. Tej says that brother who got you two on roads. Om says no, that brother who got himself on roads for Rudra and me, just read this, its written that Shivaye has transferred his shares to Rudra and me, not just shares, he has named everything to us, he has left from this house empty handed. Pinky asks what did Shivaye do. Om says this family means everything to him, he did this for this house and family, you made him leave.

Dadi cries and says I told this, my Billu can’t snatch my brothers’ rights. Tej says I m sure its Shivaye’s plan. Om asks him to stop it now. He says you have done all this, Shwetlana came back and blackmailed Shivaye, what did you do, nothing, you didn’t understand why Shivaye did this, you wanted us to get separated, we three got separated, congrats, are you happy now, I have seen outsiders burning houses, I have seen family member burning own house for the first time. Jhanvi says its nothing like that, Tej got a heart attack. Om says your reason is small than your mistake, you doubted on Shivaye, you have let him go, its your biggest mistake. Rudra says I m sorry Om, I couldn’t stop Shivaye. Om says you tried, he didn’t stop, you could have gone with him, you have let him go alone, you didn’t think of his situation, love, trust and happiness… Shivaye gave us everything, what did you all gave him, people get Lord him, but you have sent Ram outside, you gave him Vanvaas.



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