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Game of Love 16 february 2021: Anika asks the person to send Priyanka’s outfit for trial today itself, there is no less, send it today. Priyanka gets Daksh’s jacket and says you wanted it for sherwani’s measurement. Anika says yes. She calls the man and says I got the jacket of the groom’s measurement, send someone to pick it from home, send the groom’s wedding clothes for trial, fine. She gets Daksh’s boarding pass inside the jaacket. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. She says this will have arrival date, I can prove that Daksh came to India a day before, there is no arrival date on this, what to do, I will call the airlines and know the arrival date, so that I can get the proof that he came to India a day before. She calls the airlines and enquires about arrival details of the flight, is that so, how long will it take, fine,
I will call you tomorrow. She says once I have the flight details, I will have solid proof against Daksh. Daksh hears her and says I swear, this girl is troubling me a lot, there is still time, I will have her thrown out of this house.
Rudra adds alcohol in the punch. Om asks is this master plan. Rudra says yes, its the best plan, when Shivaye drinks this, he will melt down, he will become Raj from Baldev. Om asks who are they. Rudra acts like Baldev and Raj by saying the filmi liners. He says Bollywood is in veins and acting too. Om says you have brains in your knees. Rudra says when Shivaye drinks this punch, he will express his feelings. Shivaye comes and asks what’s going on. Rudra says we were waiting for you, can we have this punch. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says we didn’t had it since long. Shivaye says we had it yesterday. Om says he meant to say we didn’t had Rudy special punch, have it if he is crying. Shivaye says I don’t want to, is he crying. Om pinches Rudra. Rudra cries and says please have some. Daksh comes and asks is there a party going on, sorry, did I ruin your Obro moment. Shivaye says no. Tia asks what’s happening.
Om says nothing special. Rudra made punch for Shivaye, but Shivaye refused for it. Shivaye says I don’t want to have it, make Tia, Priyanka and Daksh have it. Tia says no, I m on a diet. Daksh says I m not on a diet, I would love to have it. Rudra says but I won’t give this, I will make fresh punch for you, this is for Shivaye. Daksh asks did you add something in it. Rudra and Om laugh. Rudra says you are funny, would I make Shivaye have it if I had added something. Daksh says then I have no problem to have it, I shall see how’s Shivaye’s taste. He snatches the glass and drinks. He thinks you have added something, I will reap the fruits from your hardwork. He says nice. Rudra says thanks. Anika comes and says Priyanka you must try some dresses. Priyanka says thanks, I can’t try it right now, we have to go for dinner at family friend Mr. Khanna’s house. Rudra says we had forgotten about it. Om says we will come in 2mins.
Tia asks are you coming Shivaye. He says no, I have an urgent video conference, but I will join you guys. Daksh asks Priyanka to offer the punch to her wedding planner. Priyanka says sorry, I forgot. She asks Anika to have it. Anika says no, thanks. Daksh says I know you are upset with my behavior I m really sorry, if you drink this, I will think you have forgive me. Priyanka says please have it, he is saying the truth, he is much upset, forgive him. Shivaye signs Anika to take it. Anika drinks it. Daksh says thanks, shall we go. Tia says Shivaye, tell Omru that we are waiting outside, you also come soon. They leave. Shivaye gets on call. He goes for the video conference. He finishes the work. He asks did everyone leave. Servant says yes. He says I should leave too. He drinks some punch. Anika comes. He says you are still here. She says I forgot my phone. She gets her phone. She says I shall leave now. He says nice. She stops and looks at him. She asks what. He says I wasn’t telling you, I was saying that the punch is nice. She says its great. He asks would you like to have another glass. She says yes. He serves her. They drink. He says isn’t it nice, its Rudra’s speciality. She says I feel there’s something difference but… He says its different but I like the punch.
They lie on the bed. Shivaye gets up. Anika looks at him and gets up. She asks why can I see two of you. He asks two? She says you are actually two, you are Stone Singh Oberoi and Sweet Singh Oberoi. She laughs. He says you are also dual. She asks how, tell me. He says you keep falling, crying, and then you make 100 kgs of laddoo alone. They laugh.
She asks did you laugh, you laughed…. He says but don’t say anyone that I laughed. She says fine, but why. He says sorry, its about my image, I m Shivaye. She says wow, we will not tell anyone that you laughed. He asks promise. She says pinky promise. They make pinky promise.
She says why do you get so much angry. He asks what do you mean. She says so much angry. He says I get less angry. She says you get very angry, you break things, do you think, you broke my phone in anger, you hit me on my head too. He says I told sorry. She says you didn’t tell me sorry. He says didn’t I say, I had come to say sorry, but I couldn’t, fine I will say now. She says really, say. He says give me your hand, no its fine. He holds her face and says sorry Anika. He blows on her forehead and says I m sorry for everything, I broke your phone. He says forget all this. He says okay. She says I will tell something, promise you won’t tell anyone. He says I won’t. They drink some punch. She asks pinky promise. He promises. She says even I get very angry. He asks what, why can’t I see it then. She says because I don’t show anger, else I may lose the hair and…. He asks will your hair get spoilt. She says no, I will lose the shelter, so I drink my anger, I don’t vent it out. He asks what do you mean.
He spits out the punch and asks don’t you vent out anger. She says I vent out anger in a way that nobody knows. He asks how. She says when I get much angry, I make a video and vent it out, I got angry on my aunt, I made a video, look…. She shows the video where she scolds her aunt. He says oh…. you get so angry. She asks are you scared. He says obviously. She says when its about my family, I can do anything. He says you are really khidkitod, right word, this style is right. She says I have an idea, you should also try this, come on, it will be fun, do it, try it. He says okay and gets her phone to make a video. He says Hi… what should I call myself. She says Shivaye. He says Shivaye, I m going to capture my anger in this video, Khanna… She asks why Khanna. He says Khanna, you are an idiot, I m not mad at you because you are inefficient, I m used to it now, but you suddenly come between us, I wonder from where you come when I…. He sees Anika and says when I m looking at her.
She asks who are you talking about. He shows her face in the phone camera. She smiles and blushes. He says and next…. Mr and Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi, I mean Shakti Singh Oberoi. They laugh. He starts crying. She gets silent. He says my parents are no more, they passed away, even now, I have many complaints, I m very angry, Shakti cheated on my mom, he broke her heart and made fun of marriage, and my mom, Pinky was only concerned for her marriage, not about us, not at all, I want to ask you, what was Priyanka and my fault, why didn’t you think about us, that parents are imp for children, what will we do when you are no more, who will raise us, who will love us, who, why didn’t you think this, I have been lying to Priyanka, world and even myself about how you people died, because its a matter of family’s prestige, you didn’t remember, but I remember it always, I have lost faith in the institution of marriage. Anika cries and looks at him. She holds him.

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Shivaye says I hate the woman who came between my mom and dad, because of whom my family broke up, I hate everyone who breaks families just for money, they break marriages, I will kill that woman if she comes in front of me. Anika cries and says even my mum broke a home, her own family, just for money, she left my dad and went to another man, I didn’t just lose my mum, I even lost the respect, such relation is respected whose name is…. I vent out anger by recording videos, because I don’t want my aunt to tell anything to Gauri, Gauri doesn’t know that my mum is alive, I told her that our mum met with an accident and died, I try to prove that lie a truth, I conduct my mum’s Shraddh every year, my mum’s Shraddh, who is alive. He says don’t cry, when you cry, I don’t like it, I feel like
hugging and consoling you, I can’t do this, as I don’t know how to hug. She says its not needed, I m fine. He says you aren’t fine, even a strong person needs someone to wipe tears and give assurance that everything will get fine. She gets up to leave. He holds her and hugs. He says don’t tell anyone that I learnt to hug, you are really nice. She says thanks. He asks for the compliment. She says no, for listening to me, for talking with you and by telling the secret, I m feeling better.
He says there is another secret, I have done something which I should have not done, I don’t know why I did it, I intentionally asked you to wear the ring, because I didn’t want you to wear Nikhil’s ring. She breaks the hug and looks at him. She asks what, but why. He says I don’t know, I wanted you to wear my ring. She laughs. He says its so funny, we kind of got engaged, first that roka and then engagement, we don’t know each other properly. He says there is something between us, strange, right. She says something strange. He says it shouldn’t happen that after roka and engagement, we get married. She says it may happen, what if we get married now. He says something else will happen now. He throws water over her face and drops the glass. She gets shocked. He says why do I feel like I have thrown water on you before. She goes. She comes and throws water on his face. He gets shocked. She says even I feel that I have thrown water on you before. They laugh.
They dance on Aaj rapat jaye to……. and smile. After some time, Shivaye and Anika are seen sleeping on the bed. He wakes up and checks the ringing phone. Gauri keeps calling. He sees Anika and gets shocked. He tries to move. Anika hugs him. Gauri says Anika isn’t answering, its late, what’s the matter. Om asks why are lights go. Rudra says maybe Shivaye slept. Om says he should have informed us that he isn’t coming for dinner. Rudra says he didn’t call us. They call out Shivaye. Shivaye asks Anika to wake up. He hears them. He sprinkles water on Anika’s face. She wakes up and gets shocked seeing him. She asks what are you doing here. He says this is my room. She asks then what am I doing here, my head is spinning. Rudra asks is everything fine, why is he not answering. Omru get in. They see Shivaye near his cupboard. Om says we are calling you since long, you could have answered, why didn’t you come for dinner. Shivaye says its fine, I was on video call, I was doing office work. Om says if you were awake, why didn’t you answer us. Anika is inside the cupboard. She coughs. Rudra says who coughed.
Shivaye says its me. Om says get water. Shivaye says I have got a heart disease, I can’t have water, I m not coughing anymore. Rudra says AC is on, why are you sweating. Shivaye says I coughed so much, so I m sweating, Om ask him to shut up, what if I have a heart attack now. Om says what are you saying, we are just worried about you. Shivaye says don’t worry, don’t try to become a doctor, you are a model, get lost. Rudra asks why. Shivaye says go to your room and sleep, I m feeling better. Omru ask him to take rest. They go. Shivaye says leave from here, before someone else comes in. Gauri comes and says maybe everyone slept, where is Anika, I have to give her bangle size to Nikhil’s mum, what type of wedding planner is she, she doesn’t think of her marriage. She asks servant and goes to see. Shivaye asks Anika to leave fast. She says my head is spinning. He says even my head is spinning, I know you are strong and can manage, if Omru come and see us, I can’t manage. She says how did we come here, what happened. He says I don’t remember, its not the time to think, go. Anika hears Gauri.
Gauri gets in Om’s room. She calls out Anika. She says I will look for her elsewhere. Om shouts from bathroom and asks for towel. She gives the towel. He asks for shirt. She passes it and says I will have to leave before… He says my pant… he knocks on the door. He holds her hand and asks how did your hand get so thin. He pulls her inside the washroom. She looks at him. He moves away his hair from his face. They have an eyelock. He leaves her hand. He asks who are you, what are you doing in my room. She says I came to look for my sister, you asked for clothes and I gave it. He says I was asking my brother Rudra for clothes, not you. Rudra says I m coming. Om hides her and goes out to stop Rudra. Rudra says I thought you are waiting for me to hand you the towel, so you got ready. Om says yes, you didn’t come so I took the clothes and got dressed. Rudra says you look nervous as if there is a girl here. Om says yes.
Rudra asks what, where is she. Om asks are you less than a girl. Rudra says don’t ruin my macho image by calling me a girl. Om says you are a supermodel, go and work out. Rudra says I m going, don’t act weird. Om asks him to go and sleep. Rudra goes. Gauri says your brother left, I shall go. Om says stop, who are you. She says I stay in the outhouse with my sister Anika. He says sorry, I didn’t know. She says its fine, small incidents happen in big houses. He ties his hair. She says listen, long hair suits you, let them loose, it looks better. She goes. Om smiles.

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