Game of Love update Thursday 7th January 2021 Star life

Game of Love 7 January 2021 Star life: Anika makes Bhavya wear the bridal ghunghat and hugs her. Bhavya bends to touch her feet and says you are my elder sister, not Bhabhi, so I want your blessings. Anika says I wish Rudra and your wedding takes place without any hurdle. Gauri says Shivaye has solved the problem, everything will happen well.

Anika says right, there can’t be any problem now. She recalls Rudra’s words. She takes the kajal and says Gauri, I can’t find Kajal here. Gauri says it was there. Bhavya says I don’t need it. Gauri says its imp, I will get it. Anika sees Shivaye outside and cries. She thinks I m sorry Bhavya, I have to do this to save Shivaye, don’t worry I will get you married to Rudra. She sees Veer outside. He signs her to swap. She opens the door. Veer comes in. Bhavya’s smile vanishes seeing him. She says you…… She sees Anika near the door and says Bhabhi…. Veer holds her and puts the chloroform napkin to faint her.

Bhavya struggles and holds Anika. Anika cries. Veer pulls Bhavya. Bhavya faints. He puts her down. Anika gets shocked. Veer says amazing, I really felt like its Anika standing here, before anyone comes, we have to move Bhavya from here. He throws the skates. Anika removes the anklet and recalls Bhavya’s words. Anika makes Bhavya wear the skates. Shivaye asks Gauri where are you going. Jhanvi asks Gauri to come with her. Gauri asks Shivaye to give the kajal to Anika, its for Bhavya. Shivaye goes. Veer gets Bhavya with him, sliding on the skates. Shivaye asks what are you doing here. Veer says I came to see if anyone needs my help, I heard one can earn good deed by helping people in a house where a marriage is happening. Shivaye says only a sinner needs to worry about his deeds, you are a doctor right, almost as good as Lord. Veer says that’s very sweet of you. Shivaye says you have done a lot, we will manage the rest, enjoy the wedding. Veer goes. Shivaye looks at him and goes. Veer comes back and takes Bhavya. He says Shivaye you think you are too smart, your smartness will be useless today, your brother will not marry Bhavya today, he will be marrying Soumya.


Shivaye comes to Bhavya’s room. Anika says you here…. He asks why are you so surprised seeing me. She says I felt there is much work. He says yes, Gauri has sent this kajal. She says sorry. He asks why. She says sorry because you had to come here to give this. He says that’s okay, is Bhavya ready. Soumya smiles. Jhanvi and Gauri come. Jhanvi says boys and girls can’t meet before marriage, you all have no patience. He says I came to give kajal, please change the rules now. Jhanvi says yes, rule is cancelled as we are going to venue, get Rudra, reach the venue with your brothers, Anika and Gauri will get Bhavya, let me see her. Anika says no, you will see your bahu after wedding now, you didn’t let us meet our husband, and now this is our rule. Shivaye says don’t involve me in this, sort it out, I will call Omru. He goes.

ShivOm get Rudra downstairs. Anika and Gauri get Soumya. Ankhiyaan milaake…..plays…. Jhanvi does their aarti. Tej says we shall leave now, else mahurat will past. Shakti says yes, we would get scolding by mum too. They leave.

Everyone showers flower on Rudra. They all dance on dhol. Veer looks on. Shivom, Tej and Shakti hold the cloth/veil and get the bride to the mandap. Anika looks on. Jhanvi and Pinky miss Dadi. Jhanvi says we have to manage everything, I hope everything goes well. Anika thinks I have to tell Shivaye that its Soumya behind the ghunghat, not Bhavya. Shwetlana holds Tia. Tia says you are really brave, you have come here. Shwetlana says you are foolish to support Oberois. Tia says its impossible to defeat Shivaye, it would be better that you leave, Rudra and Bhavya will get married and your plan will flop. Shwetlana says you feel so, Rudra is getting married to Soumya, not Bhavya. Tia asks what. Shwetlana says yes, Soumya is doing what you couldn’t, Shivaye doesn’t know this. Tia asks how is this possible. Shwetlana says its happening, go and see. Tia goes to see. Jhanvi asks bride to keep her foot in the water bowl before stepping in the mandap. Tia gets shocked seeing Soumya’s reflection. Soumya keeps her foot. Tia goes. Anika comes there. Rudra and Soumya exchange varmala. Anika thinks marriage rituals started, how to stop this marriage, if Rudra marries Soumya, I will never be able to forgive myself, and even Shivaye won’t forgive me for this. She cries.

She thinks I thought to make Bhavya sit in Soumya’s place, but I didn’t get a chance to do this, how will I face Shivaye, I have to do something, else Rudra and Bhavya’s lives will be ruined.

Anika thinks to do something else Rudra and Bhavya’s life will be ruined. Shivaye says poor Rudy… Om says he is getting ruined. Shivaye says like us. They laugh. Shivaye says marriage is a bad thing. Om says especially when wife is a cop. Veer says where are you going, when you supported Shivaye that day, I had a doubt on you, but today when you made Soumya sit in mandap instead Bhavya, I was convinced that you aren’t Anika, because she would have chosen death than doing this, but she could have done this for Shivaye’s life, anyways you have proved you are my partner Kumari Rosie Rani, I have repositioned the sniper, happy, now go and do Anika’s role, keep Shivaye busy, remember I m watching you. Anika nods.

Soumya smiles. Tia thinks Soumya isn’t understanding, if she marries Rudra, she will suffer the most, I won’t let it happen, I must tell Shivaye that Soumya is there in bridal attire, not Bhavya. Shwetlana stops her and says enough of hide and seek, are you going to Shivaye, I agree you don’t care for us, but don’t you care for your husband and child. Tia says you are mistaken. Shwetlana says I m your sister and know you well, don’t act smart. Anika says Shivaye I need to talk to you, its very imp. Shivaye asks her to say. Veer asks what happened, is there any problem. She says there are many problems, my husband is looking so good that I m not able to focus on guests, its a problem. Shivaye asks is this your problem. Anika says yes, I have complimented you, now praise me. Shivaye thinks to pretend in front of Veer, so he has to be rude towards her. He says why do you keep asking the same question, you are the same, irritating. She thinks this was the chance to tell Shivaye that Rudra is marrying Soumya, but Veer is here, how shall I tell him. She sees her mehendi and says you never said I was beautiful, since the day I lost my mind, you find all flaws in me, just say good about my mehendi. He refuses. She asks him to see her mehendi once.


He says fine, I have seen it, is it done, thanks. He goes. Om asks her is everything all right. Anika says yes, but my husband is out of his mind. She goes. Pandit asks Rudra and Soumya to stand for pheras. Pinky asks Shivaye to give flowers for showering. Shivaye tells Om that more flowers are needed. He goes. Om asks Gauri to distribute flowers, he will go with Shivaye and get more flowers. Anika asks Shivaye to see her mehendi well. Shivaye says I have seen it, Rudra’s marriage is more imp than her mehendi, I have to get flowers, I will see mehendi later, I have seen you. Veer looks on. Shivaye goes. Anika cries and says I have to do something, if this marriage happens, Rudra and Bhavya’s lives will be ruined. Power goes. Pinky and Shakti ask what happened to lights, why did power fail. Veer goes to Soumya and says its me Veer, are you okay. She says yes, what happened. He says lights went, so I thought if Shivaye knew our plan, and if Bhavya came in mandap in your place. She says don’t worry, Oberois are not so smart. Lights come. He moves the sindoor from plate and sees her reflection. They smile. Shivaye asks what were you finding. Veer says something fell down. Shivaye says many times the thing i right in front of our eyes and we can’t see it. Veer says this time, the thing in front of our eyes is at right place, what does person has with him except his belief. Shivaye says nice, you are a doctor and a poet too, so we shall start the pheras now. Veer says sure, I can’t wait. Shivaye goes to give flowers.

Anika holds him. She sees Veer. She says I want to tell something imp. He says don’t ask me to see mehendi, I have seen it, take the flowers and focus on marriage. She sees the marriage rounds happening. She says I m trying to say you about marriage, not mehendi, this marriage shouldn’t happen, stop this. Shivaye says you want me to stop this, its about Rudra’s happiness, what happened to you. Everyone showers flowers. Shivaye says just be happy. She says I will stop this marriage. He says if we have to defeat Veer and Soumya, this is the only way, its imp that Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage happen, else his happiness will be ruined. She says I don’t want their lives to be ruined, I have switched the brides, Rudra and Soumya are getting married. He asks what….. Pandit says wedding is completed, you both are now husband and wife. They get shocked. Everyone claps and smiles.

Roop says they are married. Veer says congrats, Oberois will be devastated. He signs Shwetlana. Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi blesses the newly weds. Shwetlana walks in and claps. Everyone gets shocked seeing her. Jhanvi and Tej ask what are you doing here. Shivaye asks what is all this. Shwetlana says this is shagun, girl’s family gives shagun to boy’s family right. Shakti asks her to get lost. Shwetlana says the girl’s family has to fulfill their responsibility right, like you two take care of Rudra, I will also take care of my little brother in law. Tej asks what nonsense. Shwetlana says Shivaye you should congratulate me, finally my mission is complete, my dad will get peace, you Oberois will also burn in this mill fire now, our revenge got fulfilled, the work which Tia and I couldn’t do, my younger sister has done it. Pinky asks is Tia your sister. Shwetlana says yes, she is a worthless and emotional fool, thank God my younger sister is similar to me, she did what I couldn’t. Tej asks whom are you talking about. Shwetlana says the one who just got married to your son. Soumya lifts the ghunghat and smiles. They all get shocked. Jhanvi asks is Soumya your sister. Shwetlana says yes, now she is bahu of Oberoi family, we Nafratbaaz win and you Ishqbaaz lose. Om says its a lie, this can’t happen.

Shivaye says stop Om, this marriage is over, we can’t do anything. Tej says it happened by cheat, we won’t accept this. Shwetlana says I have sent the marriage recording to media, Soumya has become your bahu, it took time, we had to lose and bear insult, but finally I have won, Shivaye you lost, you couldn’t protect your family, Soumya will stay here, whenever you see her, you will see your failure. Anika says it happened because of me, Rudra’s life got ruined, this woman has won because of me. Pinky asks what are you saying. Shwetlana asks them to listen to her. She gets seated. She says I have already taken 50% shares of Oberoi empire, and other half of Rudra’s share will be of Soumya now. Soumya says I will make sure we get entire stake and these Oberois come on road. Shwetlana says I need to settle old scores, from where shall I start. She taunts Tej and says you have become my sister’s Sasur now, you are almost my uncle now, you wasted many years of my life, I won’t forgive you, I m not foolish like your wife who regards you like Lord. She acts and laughs on Gauri. She says you came here as servant Chulbul, I have kept you on job, get ready, your old days will be coming back.



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