Game of Love 12 November 2020 StarlifeShivaye asks Tej and others about Shukla and fire incident. Shivaye asks Shukla what do you know about Kalyani mills. Shakti says Shivaye will go to the depth of this secret. Shivaye asks Shukla to tell name of that person. Some time before, Anika wakes up and calls out Shivaye. He greets her and says I found the way, come. They leave. Rudra wakes up and looks for Bhavya. He worries that any wild animal took her. He sees her. He says I was finding you. She says there was much wind near the tent, I m making soup, forest officers came and gave all this, they went to arrange help. He thanks her.

He asks for spoon. She gives a leaf. He asks about soup. She says its of frog. He gets shocked. She says its of herbs and raw fruits, I m joking. He says its tasty, isn’t there pizza. Forest officer comes and asks them to come. He asks Rudra to sit back. Rudra gets the bad smell and asks what’s this foul smell. He gets in back seat. He sees the dung. They leave.

Tej says don’t know why Shivaye called us here. Pinky asks did he find out about that secret. Tej says I hope not. Shivaye comes. Tej asks why did you call us here. Pinky asks where were you at night, you didn’t come home. Shivaye says I went to Goa by same flight in which you guys were going to travel, its good you didn’t board the flight, that flight almost crashed, Anika, Rudra and I were there, we had a narrow escape. Tej says we didn’t know this. Shivaye says strange things are happening, you have to tell me now, its time, you all know what I mean to say, Shukla got attacked in our house, what were you all talking to him in room, Anika told me he has got scared and ran away, you made a plan to mislead me, I want to hear the truth of Kalyani mills, I want to know are you guys involved in the fire incident.

Tej asks are you asking this to us, you can give life for family, you are doubting on us. Shakti says you think so about us. Tej says someone is playing mind games with you, our enemy knows he can’t make us lose till we are united, so he is making you against us. Shakti says it was just an accident, don’t dig that wound. Shivaye leaves.

Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says I m feeling bad to doubt on them, someone is trying to break our family. Pinky says blackmailer told him something so he is talking to us like this. Tej says we know Shivaye, he is sensible, how can he think so. Jhanvi says he looked disturbed. Tej says that fire was an accident. Pinky says I didn’t ignite fire. They all say they didn’t ignite fire. Tej says we just have guilt. Anika says I think they are saying truth, someone is making you against family. Tej says because he knows Shivaye is foundation, if it moves, house will break. Shakti says Shivaye will not sit quiet, he will go to the depth of this secret, we should be ready to answer him. Tej says we will tell him everything. Shakti says but he shouldn’t know the secret linked to that fire. Tej says yes, we have to make him sure that we are not related, but he shouldn’t find out anything more. Shivaye says they are hiding something, I can feel it. Shukla calls him and asks him to meet at highway. Shivaye says it was Shukla’s call, he wants to tell about Kalyani mills secret.

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Anika and Shivaye wait for Shukla. She says he called us at strange place. Shukla comes. He says I went to meet you at your house, you were not there. Shivaye asks what do you know about Kalyani mills. Shukla says your family was not involved in the incident, I had the security tapes given by Tej, its proved they didn’t ignite fire, they were present there, some enemy would have planned this, your family is not involved, someone snatched a tape from me and can misuse it, before I could meet you, someone attacked me. Shivaye asks who was it. Shukla recalls Abhay and says sorry, I don’t know him. Shivaye says tell me his name. Shukla says sorry, I called you here and told truth. Shivaye thanks him. Anika hugs Shivaye. They smile. He says I m so relieved, thank God none from our family has any involvement in this incident. Anika says we have to see that guy who is making you against your family. Shivaye says I won’t leave him.

Abhay asks the man did the tape get repaired. The man says yes, I have sent it to Oberoi mansion. Abhay asks are you mad. The man says Oberois are our special customer. Abhay says call the guy and ask to get tapes back. The man says sorry, call is not connecting. Abhay thinks to reach Oberoi mansion fast. The guy delivers the tapes. Servant gives it to Dadi. She says who can send tape here, play it and show. She goes to talk to gardener. Tej and Shakti come. They ask servant to play news. Pinky asks servant to play cookery show. Servant says 2mins.

Abhay asks Tanya to make sure Oberois don’t get the tape. She asks what shall I do. He says just do it, I m coming. She says he will be angry if I don’t do this. She goes to them and sees the tape. She says I was finding you all, I came to see did you all go Goa again. Pinky laughs. Tanya throws a flower vase. She says sorry, this vase broke because of me. Servant goes to clean. Shakti asks Tanya to have breakfast. Abhay comes and says I m much hungry. He signs Tanya. She takes the tape and goes.

Pinky asks are you hurt. Abhay says I was walking on road and had focus on phone, I have hit a pole. He dines with them. Dadi says Pinky, did you make the list to send Diwali gifts. Pinky says I forgot. Dadi asks Jhanvi did she give sweets order. Jhanvi says no. Dadi asks is there any problem. Shivaye says there was a problem, now its all fine. He says children have right to do mistake, I did a sin by doubting on you all, I wanted to know truth, my way was not right, I m really sorry.

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Dadi asks what happened. Shivaye says there was a misunderstanding. Anika says Shukla cleared it. Tej says thank God, we were thinking how to make you sure. Shivaye says I have realized, sorry. Tej says its okay, maybe we would also do this being in your place. Pinky says its all fine now. Tej says you can grow up, but you will always be little one for us. Rudra says group hug without me. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye asks where is your phone, you didn’t answer. Rudra says its good we came back. Dadi says Bhavya you were with him. Rudra says she was also going Goa by that flight. Shivaye asks did you land well. Rudra says it was fine, it was adventurous trip. Dadi says now it looks like a festival in home, I wish Om and Gauri were here. Rudra says I m also missing Om. Shivaye says me too. Dadi says call Om, ask him to come back.

Om recalls Gauri’s words. He says I thought to take Gauri from here, I think I did late, its not Gauri’s mistake, even if she hates me, its justified, maybe I lost her forever. He gets Shivaye’s call. He thinks if I can’t give them happiness, I won’t show them my sorrow. He smiles and answers the video call. Shivaye says we all miss you. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…. Rudra says I m missing Om much, I learnt shayari too. He jokes. Om asks did you all call me to talk to each other. Shivaye asks him to come back. Om says I m coming soon. Dadi says my family will be together. They all shout happy diwali.

They all hear the crackers. Shivaye asks Khanna to check fast. Rudra shouts and says its diwali. Tej says I thought you have got matured, I was wrong. Rudra says its just crackers sound, its shagun. Bhavya asks who plays prank on family. Rudra says who argues with boss, be quiet. Dadi says diwali is not just of crackers, its festive of happiness. Rudra says I was making memories by fun. Shivaye says I remember how we used to enjoy in childhood, those memories are still fresh. Anika goes and cries, thinking of the taunts.

Shivaye comes and asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks her to say. She asks do you tell me everything. He says yes, I don’t say things which trouble you. She says you don’t say things which can make me happy. You have to tell me everything if you want me to say. He says so this was all a build up, so you won’t say, I will find out, I m going. She asks him to go. He leaves.

Gauri lights diya and thinks of Om. She talks to Lord. She says you know I m doing this for Richa, I love Om, I freed him of this relation, I didn’t wish him to stay in an unwanted relation, none can take Om’s place, I wish to talk to him once, I can’t join relation with anyone else till he frees me from this relation, should I talk to him, tell me. Flower falls down the idol’s hand. Gauri says I got all my answers. Saathiya……plays……….

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Abhay plays the tape. He says I hope to get enough proof against Oberois. He sees the video. He says why is there no voice, what’s happening, dad is angry, who is that man who is crying so much, what’s his connection with Kalyani mills. Tanya comes and says happy diwali. He says wait a min. She says you promised, we have to go temple, I got your fav laddoos. He throws it and scolds her. She asks why are you so angry. He says why are you so foolish. She says we can celebrate diwali together. He asks her to go away. Om thinks I came to take you along, but maybe your happiness is with someone else, I wish to meet you as Om, you will be just hurt, I don’t want to hurt you. He leaves. Gauri doesn’t see him. She thinks I m coming to meet you, I can’t believe our relation was till here.

Tanya says you can’t get frustration on me. Abhay shouts leave me alone. She says you don’t see anything, you got lost in revenge, I did this for my true love, I realized true love seeing Shivaye and Anika, we couldn’t separate them, I m going. He says I need you, don’t go. She smiles and says this is the problem, you need me, you don’t love me. She goes.

Abhay stops Gauri and says you are Gauri right, you came to meet Om, but he is not at home, he left a letter for you, he told me to tell you. She goes to room and sees the letter. She reads…. I knew you will come back, anyone else would have died, you are shameless to come back, leave from here, my life has no place for a characterless girl like you….. She cries.

Rudra asks Bhavya did she do his work. She gives his phone and taunts on his kiddishness. He says some people get mature before time. She recalls what happened. He asks her to come, as she is his bodyguard. He plays crackers sound. She falls back. He holds her. Music plays….. He says sorry, I was saying, your husband would feel bad you are working on diwali day. She says duty is imp for me. He says there should be entertainment with duty. Gauri says I came to talk, but after reading this letter, I have no reason and courage to talk to you. Abhay looks on and says enough of this brothers…. I will fill poison in your life, you all can’t laugh and can’t cry, I have sworn, I will not celebrate diwali till I take revenge, your fate is good that the tape had no sound, I will find out the fourth person, why was he crying, I will come back with total preparation.


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