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Game of Love 11 March 2021 update: Shivaye in disguise, gets Ganpati home. Tej asks who are you. Shivaye asks don’t you know Ganpati ji. Tej says I m talking about you, how did you come in my house without permission.

Shivaye says I stand where there are big matters. He gets in front. He keeps the idol and says I m Majnu singh Awara. FB shows Shivaye saying I will be safe just in Oberoi mansion, I can’t go this way. He takes a disguised look. Tej says that’s a strange name. Shivaye says just a Laila makes a Majnu, I have become Majnu after a Laila. Tej asks and Awara? Shivaye says I m Kunwara and a bit Awara. Dadi asks where do you belong. Shivaye says I belong here now, bless me, I m born in Udaipur and brought up in Patiala. Jhanvi says your getup is strange. He says getup changes with time. Om says we don’t know you. Shivaye says swear on Lord, didn’t Shivaye tell you about me.

Anika asks did Shivaye send you, where is he, is he fine, please tell me. Shivaye says don’t worry, everything will get fine, I have come here, think Shivaye has come home. Tej and Anika ask where is Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t know, he called me and asked me to take Ganpati to Oberoi mansion so that Ganpati solves all your problems. Dadi says he is in pain and still he worries for us and family traditions. Tej says how shall we believe that Shivaye has sent you. Shivaye calls him Bade papa. Everyone stares.

He says Shivaye calls you Bade Papa and believes by heart too, Shivaye told me that he has two brothers, one Dilwala and one Dolewala. Dadi asks how do you know Shivaye. He says we are best friends, Shivaye had my dish and became my fan, I m special Shahi chef, I have magic in my hands, someone come from far to have my special dishes, I have come here from far for friendship, Shivaye asked me to take care of you all in his absence, till he comes back, think I m your Billu. Dadi blesses him and says I really felt that my Billu has come, he also used to get Ganpati home every year. Tej says Shivaye isn’t here, but controlling everything. Shivaye says he has sent this, he didn’t wish you all to forget celebrating happiness, being sad in his sorrow, you are here after many years, he wants Ganesh Chaturthi to be celebrated in grand way. Anika cries.

He says Shivaye has sent something for you. She asks what. He gives a tissue and says Shivaye didn’t wish Anika to cry, he wants you to welcome Ganesh ji with a smile. She says Shivaye….. He asks them to welcome Ganpati ji. Dadi asks Omru to place Ganpati ji. Om asks without Shivaye. Anika says we will do this for Shivaye and his happiness, Ganpati Bappa will end all his problems. Shivaye asks the people to play dhol. Omru get the idol. Deva shree ganesha….plays…. The idol bends back. Shivaye supports and holds the idol in time. Everyone looks at him. They together keep the idol. Everyone prays. Morya….plays…. Shivaye thanks Lord for making him meet his family. He prays to get courage to prove his innocence and find Nancy’s real murderer.

Shivaye sees Mohit and thinks where is he going. Om stops Mohit and asks where are you going. Mohit says far from this house, I can’t live in my wife’s murderer’s home, Shivaye killed my wife and my magic too, I m incomplete without my wife, I m not able to do a small trick. Shivaye comes to him. Mohit asks who are you. Omru say Shivaye has sent him to take care of us. Shivaye says I m Majnu Singh Awara, you can’t go anywhere, Shivaye has especially asked me to take care of you, Ganpati has come home, he will feel bad if you go, stay here, give me the bag, I will send this to your bag, tell me what do you want to have, I will cook anything you want. Mohit goes to his room. Rudra says I hope everything gets fine, at least Anika and Dadi start having food. Shivaye asks Rudra to keep bag in Mohit’s room. Rudra asks why. Shivaye says to know that these muscles are not just show piece, where is kitchen, I will cook food today. Shivaye prepares food.

Anika comes there. She asks did you make all this, you made it so quick. He says I thought I got late, you are doubting on my talent. She says you kept kitchen clean, now I m sure you are Shivaye’s friend, he also keeps kitchen clean when he cooks. He says he can’t cook like me, you have my food once, you will forget his food. She says I don’t agree, you maybe good cook, but no one can cook better than him. He says you believe him a lot. She says he is my belief, I can’t believe that he can kill anyone, I regret that he is innocent and even then he is bearing punishment, real murderer is on the loose. She cries. He goes to hold her face and stops. He says stop crying, Shivaye won’t like it, else I will…. He gets a flour bowl and puts his face in it. She looks at him and asks what did you do. He says I got a facepack. She laughs. She says you are funny. He says you are really good, keep smiling. He tells Punjabi saying and cleans his glasses. She laughs and goes.

Anika asks Mohit to show some magic. Shivaye says no, its okay. Mohit says sure, close your eyes first, now think of some flower. Anika says done. Mohit says now open your eyes. She sees a white rose in her hand. Everyone smiles. Anika asks how did this come. Mohit says by magic. She says I didn’t think of this color. Mohit says I know, just check your hair. She gets a red rose and says I have thought about this. Shivaye says well done, I also want to do this trick. Mohit says fine, think of some flower. Shivaye says fine. He gets a cactus plant in hand. They all smile. He says I didn’t say this, this is wrong. Mohit says but Anika thought of this. Anika says yes, I thought Shivaye will think of cactus as it suits him. They laugh. Shivaye says you would be sure now that he is Taj. Anika says yes. Shivaye asks can my friends take rest now. Anika says sure.

Gauri says idea is good, but how will this happen. Priyanka says we have to do this, as Omru aren’t here, Shivaye and Anika have to spend time and their distance will end, we will create romantic ambience for them, they will fall in love. Gauri says love doesn’t happen this way. Priyanka asks her to check the ideas she found on net. Gauri says if you are saying true, this plan will work. Nancy asks Mohit to help her. He makes her wear the bracelet and compliments. She thanks him. He says lets dance. She asks without music. They dance. Shivaye and Anika come. Nancy says sorry guys. Mohit asks why, I m sure Shivaye and Anika will also understand the romance between newly weds. Shivaye says we got coffee. Mohit says thanks, but I drink tea.

Anika says good, I will make tea for you, how much sugar will you take. He says four spoons. Nancy says its much, right. Anika says no, I also take four spoons sugar in my tea. Nancy asks really, I don’t like tea, I like black coffee. Shivaye says even I like black coffee. She says no sugar. Anika says black and bitter, how do you drink it and why. Nancy says Taj says the same to me. Shivaye says how do you drink that tea, which is like sugar syrup. Mohit says Nancy says the same to me. Anika says it means we are similar. Nancy says and we are similar. Mohit says you decided so soon, we have to discover many things and know what we will get and what we won’t get. He kisses the lighter and ignites the green flame. Anika says its beautiful lighter.

Mohit says sorry, its my lucky lighter, I don’t give it to anyone. Shivaye asks what’s your plan today. Mohit says we have meeting with sponsors. Nancy says and dinner with them. Shivaye says I thought we four will have dinner together. Mohit says we can have dinner tomorrow. Shivaye says I will ask driver to drop you. Priyanka and Gauri look on. Priyanka says Mohit and Nancy are going out, we can execute our plan tonight. Gauri says everyone else is at home. Priyanka says I have thought of a plan to send them out. She asks Tej and Jhanvi didn’t they go in Ahuja’s party. Tej says I don’t want to see Ahuja, he is boring. Jhanvi says yes, his parties are boring. Priyanka insists them to go. Jhanvi says she is right, we should go for some time. Tej agrees. Jhanvi says I will get ready and come. Priyanka says you look so pretty, I thought you are ready for party. Jhanvi says why do I feel that you are making us leave soon. Priyanka says no, party will end. They leave. Priyanka asks Dadi to go in Jagrata. Dadi says I will go late. Gauri and Priyanka insist and send her. Gauri says I will handle Anika, you handle Shivaye.

Shivaye says no, I can’t come, I have an imp meeting, I will be late. Priyanka says you have to come, reach poolside before 8pm. Gauri asks Anika to wear the saree and not be late, reach poolside at 8pm. She says Priyanka and I have a movie plan, tell me about the surprise later.

Anika gets ready and comes. Shivaye comes and asks what’s the surprise. He sees Anika and says nice surprise. She says indeed, its a great surprise. He says Priyanka has… She says Gauri…He asks everyone else… She says there is no one at home, Tej and Jhanvi went in party, Dadi went in Jagrata, Gauri and Priyanka went for movie, it means we are alone. He steps back. She asks why are you going back. He says you are coming ahead, we are not alone, Khanna is here, I mean Khana, we have food, sit. He says I m feeling hungry. She says I can help you. He starts eating.

She smiles. He asks her to have it. She says I will have it. He holds her hand and says sorry, shall I say something, you look very beautiful, now you say something. She smiles and says it means you want to hear compliments. She serves food. He says Priyanka and Gauri made beautiful decorations. Anika says and there is no disturbance. Nancy comes and greets them. She says hope I didn’t disturb you. He says not at all, its good you have come, where is Mohit. She says he is with sponsors, I had headache and came back, so sorry, did I disturb your romantic dinner. Anika says no. He says join us, come. Nancy says no, I want some fresh air, I will sit at pool side, you guys carry on. She steps in the pool and falls. Anika says do something, she will sink. He asks her to give her hand. Nancy says I can’t sink. She pulls Shivaye inside the pool. Anika looks on.

Nancy faints. Shivaye lifts her in arms and gets her out of the pool. He makes Nancy rest on bed. He asks Anika to switch off AC and get a towel fast. Anika goes. He calls servant and asks him to get black coffee with no sugar for Nancy. Anika gets towel. Mohit comes and asks Nancy are you okay. Shivaye says she fell in pool and got a panic attack. Mohit asks are you fine. Nancy nods. She says thanks to Shivaye, he saved me. Mohit says thanks Shivaye, you didn’t just save Nancy, but me too. He hugs Shivaye. Mohit says take care Nancy, else I can’t live without you. Shivaye says we shall leave. Anika says they have much love in between them, Nancy is the real magician, her magic caught a magician like Taj too, Nancy is so lucky to get such a loving husband, right. Shivaye looks at her.

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