Game of Love 10 December 2020 Star life: Anika and Shivaay are in kitchen. Shivaay makes her sit and asks her to eat puri. Before Anika notices a paper in it, Veer comes and says he would love to eat puris.

Anika gives him. Shivaay takes it back saying he won’t like that. It’s made in ghee. He throws it away and says he will make for him in olive oil. Veer gets a call and leaves. Shivaay says this plan also got flopped.

Later, Anika is going somewhere. She finds Shiv’s clothes spread on the floor in line. While she picks them up and reaches the cupboard, Shivaay pulls her inside. She asks what is this? She is already tensed and he’s playing pranks. She doesn’t want to talk to him, but he says he wants. He says someone is watching them non-stop and asks her to listen to him and do what he says. He has been trying to tell her since morning, but there are cameras all over. This is the only place where cameras can’t capture them. He tells her she is fine. He will find out who is doing all this. She won’t believe that she is mental and will agree to go to mental asylum. She hugs him and thanks him for saving her. She asks what’s next. He says first they have to find person behind this and this matter should only be between them, no one else should know about it, not even Veer. Anika says okay. Shivaay says, “in your language, we have to do that person’s tai-tai-fish”. They will show them what khidkitod pagalpan (madness) is.


Later, Anika tells Shivaay that he too believes she is sick. That’s what he said in kitchen. He says he didn’t mean that. She asks why he is lying. If she is sick, then she is sick. Veer gets happy seeing this. Anika asks Shivaay to send her to mental asylum. They continue their drama. Veer says now Shivaay himself will separate from Anika and his work will become easier. They romance going behind pillar while arguing. She picks up a knife and says she will kill him today. Veer says two lovers became enemies. That is what he wanted. He says he can’t miss this and goes to see them. Shivaay and Anika are romancing. On last minute, they realize Veer is coming there and resume their drama. Anika says she had so much confidence on Shivaay, but no. He is telling the whole world that she is mental. Veer asks Anika not to cry and tries to keep his hand on her shoulder. Shivaay stops him. He says he doesn’t need to feel sorry for her. It’s impossible for anyone to stay with her and he has decided to go Mumbai tomorrow. He leaves. He thinks in his mind that person behind this will think Shivaay has left and will play next move. That is when he will expose that person. Other side, Veer thinks he will play his next move tomorrow and then Anika will be his.

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Shivaay is packing. They continue their drama of fighting with each other. She says she didn’t expect him to do this. They took vows, but he is just leaving her without thinking what she will do alone in this city. Veer and Monali come and says Anika is not alone. They are there to look after her. He asks Shivaay whether he thinks it’s right to leave Anika like this? Shivaay thinks in his mind that he knows Veer wants to help them, but he can’t tell him the truth right now. He thanks Veer for his concern, but says he can’t see Anika in this condition. If she is alone, then maybe she will get normal. He leaves. Anika cries. Veer eyes on her and tries to touch her, but she asks him to leave her alone. Veer says she has become upset, he will have to do something.

Anika is still crying, cursing Shivaay. Shivaay says she’s doing so much over acting. He gets back to concentrating on his plan and secretly enters room where Anika is. Veer is watching Anika on camera, he sees something near bed. But same time, Komal comes there and he gets distracted. He tells her she has to scare Anika one last time. Komal leaves. Veer says Anika will be scared and he will save her like a hero and then Anika will get close to him.

Tej introduces Omkara to his business partners. He says this year will be theirs. His partners ask about Shivaay. Tej says he’s not with them anymore, so let’s not talk about him. He might be finding investors for his small start-up, who knows. Gauri thinks Omkara was right, there’s so much security that it’s impossible for a stranger to come in. Just then she sees someone and says, that’s same guy. How did he come inside? She tries to go to him, but bumps into a waiter and she loses the guy.

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Shivaay is sleeping under Anika’s bed. She asks him he is still awake? He asks how someone can sleep under the bed. He asks her to stop talking and pretend to be sleeping. She says she is scared. He tells her not to be, he is there with her. Anika gets emotional seeing what all Shivaay has to do for her. He says she has also done a lot for him. Komal comes there to scare Anika. Shivaay says he won’t spare that woman.

Komal comes to scare Anika. As she gets closer to the bed, Shivaay comes out. She runs seeing him. Veer gets angry seeing Shivaay. He says he lied to him and results won’t be good. He intends to show Shivaay what he is and take revenge. Shivaay is running behind Komal. Komal gets trapped in electrical wires that Shivaay had set up. Shivaay asks her why she is scaring Anika? Anika also comes there. Komal doesn’t say anything. Shivaay goes closer to her. She is shocked as Shivaay doesn’t get shock from the wires. Shivaay says wires were set up by him only. She should tell him the truth if she doesn’t want to suffer more.

Veer turns off the power. Komal tries to escape, but Shivaay grabs her. It’s dark. Anika is scared. Veer throws something at her and she screams. Shivaay loses Komal and she runs away. Veer uses something on Anika and makes her unconscious. Shivaay calls her out as he can’t hear her. Veer attacks on his head and leaves with Anika.

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He comes outside and puts Anika in car dikky. He asks Komal to take her to the old bridge. Komal says she can’t do this. She is his wife and she has supported him every time regardless right or wrong. She has supported him even knowing he likes Anika. He threatens her and she has no choice. Meanwhile, Shivaay gets up and come outside. Komal sits in car and drives away. Shivaay fails to stop her. Veer comes and asks what happened. Shivaay informs that Anika was right about that lady. He saw her himself. She took Anika with her. He must go and catch her. He asks Veer where that road goes. He say new bridge instead old bridge and gives him his car as well. On way, Shivaay asks few people, they also say new bridge.

Gauri sees the guy and again loses track of him. She hopes he doesn’t hurt Pinky or Shakti and goes to check them. She finds a drug packet. She recalls she had seen same packet with that guy. A servant brings Juice for Pinky. Gauri hopes the guy didn’t add drugs in it.

Anika wakes up and is shocked to find herself in car. She thinks Shivaay must be searching her and she must help him. She finds a paint bottle and drops paint out of the car.

Komal reaches old bridge and takes Anika out. She thinks Anika is problem for everything. If Anika is no more, then Veer will be hers again. Anika asks what she has done. Komal says she has destroyed her life and throws her in a grave and starts burying her. Veer watches and wonders what Komal is doing. Shivaay comes there and stops her.


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