Game of Love 21 June 2020: On Game of Love Sunday 21st June 2020 Star life, Anika says I got it. Shivaye sees the vest ad and asks are you mad. She says this is solution of everyone’s problem,

I m not mad, we have come here for this. He asks did you come here for this, this is… She says for your brothers, for you, Tej and Shakti. He asks for Tej and Shakti? Some time before, Shivaye sees Anika eating candy floss and removes it from her nose. He says if picnic is over, shall we go, its less than 18 hours for board meeting and we did not get any clue. She says fine, hold this, I m feeling Michmichi by heat, what did you say about time for meeting. He says its less than 18 hours, my family would be in tension, we have to go fast.

He eats the floss and she smiles. Music plays…. She signs him. He says your candy floss.. and gives it back. She signs him about his nose. He says your nose is clean. She signs his nose. He removes the floss. She smiles. He asks what happened now. She says I should have not called you Pakau, you used to irritate me a lot before, but not now. He asks why. Music plays…. He asks whats the difference between that time and now. She says don’t know. He says ya, come. She says yes, I did not pay for candy floss. He says wait. She says I m giving, wait. He says whenever we go out, I pay. He pays and asks the man to keep the change. He goes. She says he did Bagad Billa’s thing.


The vendor asks Rudra for money. Om asks Rudra don’t you have money. Rudra asks whats the hurry for money. Om says Rudra are you okay, we came to find the girl, not buy this and get friendly with them. Rudra says what could I do, they are so friendly. Om says you all take the things back. The man says we won’t take back, he has eaten half of the things. Rudra says wait, see its my cheat day, I can eat anything, give one plate panipuri. Om asks the man not to give him. Rudra cancels it. Shivay and Anika look for poster. Rudra says I have an idea, this long hair creature will give you money. Om says wait, you know I don’t carry wallet.

Rudra says I forgot wallet at home. Om says duffer, you should have thought before buying all this. Rudra says idea, come, I arranged money. He tells the man that my brother is roaming around, I will take money from him and give him, till then keep this phone. Om says my phone, Rudra. Rudra says Om focus, we came to find girl, mobile phone will come and go. Om says you are mad, you are absolute crazy. Anika says don’t know on which wall will be that poster.

Rudra asks Om not to be angry and have this. Om asks him to shut up. They all try to find poster. Om says this is different area, give me phone. Rudra says I gave phone to vendor. Om says not mine, yours, where is it. Rudra says I think I forgot at home. Om asks what, how can you forget phone, you should have forget yourself also, I can’t bear you, where are Anika and Shivaye. Rudra says there is a problem. Om says you are big problem. Rudra says not me, problem in plan, Anika said that movie released last month, whats guarantee that poster will be fixed till now. Om says you have a point.

Anika says you don’t have a point, posters are fixed for many months, people come to paste posters, not remove it, they don’t remove old posters, they paste new ones on it. Shivaye asks how will we get that poster. She says I did not think that. He says this is your problem, you got us here to get poster and then we will get that girl, did anything right happen, no, I got stuck in this unhygienic place. She asks why are you fuming, my heart is saying we will get that poster. He says your heart says, that is your logic. Anika sees the poster and another Easy style vest ad is pasted over Fukat Raja poster.

She says I got it. He says listen, its not time to joke. She says but I m not joking, see. He sees vest ad and asks are you mad. She says I m not mad, this is solution of every problem, that’s why we have come here. He says you came here for this. She says for your brothers, for Tej and Shakti. He asks for Tej and Shakti. She says not just them, for Dadi, Priyanka, Jhanvi and Pinky. He says you have lost it. She says not lost it, I found it. He asks what. She says I know you don’t show it, but you have much pain, but all things will get fit, see this. He says crazy… what are you doing. She asks him to see Fukat Raja poster and removes vest ad poster. Shivaye asks whats that and reads the address, Jhankar Dance Class, that window, Fukat Raja…. Yes……

Rudra says enough Om I can’t see more posters, there are many walls and posters here, more than people, please take me home. He sits. Anika and Shivaye enter that house. They look around. She says door is open, I m sure that girl is inside. He says easy… be careful, wait, I will inform police. An old lady comes and asks who…. They turn and see the blind lady. She asks who is it. Anika says its us, I mean, Mata ji does any girl stay here. Shivaye says Shilpa Mehta. The lady says I m staying here alone since 10 years, I can’t see properly now, who are you.

Anika says Billu ji, its same room and poster is seen by window, it means we came to right place. He says you see, I will handle. The lady asks why don’t you go. Anika says we will go, did any girl stay here, any PG. Shivaye says any relative, anyone. The lady says none stays here. She says I m getting dizzy. Anika holds her. A girl with face covered tries to leave. She collides with vase/something. Shivaye and Anika turn and see her. Shivaye asks who are you….. The old lady hits on his head with the stick and runs away with the girl. Anika asks are you fine Billu ji. He says go and follow that girl. She says no, I can’t go. He says just go. Anika says fine and runs after the girl. Rudra calls out Anika.

Anika runs after the girl. Rudra calls out Anika and shows Anika to Om. He says after whom is she running. The girl sits in auto. Anika catches her and girl pushes her on the ground. The girl runs. Om and Rudra come in her way and sign her to stop. The girl sees chillies and throws that in air. Om and Rudra get back and clean their eyes. Anika comes running and sees them. She asks are you fine. Rudra says I think I will get blind. Om says stop it, we lost the girl, you know how important she was for us. Shivaye comes and says she wasn’t, she is important.

They see police bringing the girl. Shivaye removes his shades and goes to them. The lady constable makes the girl’s scarf down. They all get shocked seeing the girl Shilpa. Inspector says thanks, you called me on time, you were right, that recording and the girl were fake. Shivaye asks Shilpa why did you take Tej and Shakti’s name in the video. She says Gayatri gave me money to make video and take Tej and Shakti’s names. Inspector says I m really sorry for the trouble, I will see her, don’t worry. Police arrests Shilpa and goes.

Rudra says that girl is caught because of agent Rudy. Om and Shivaye ask him to shut up. Om says she got caught because of us. Anika looks on. They hold hands and say one for all, all for one. Rudra asks Anika to come. He says this all has your share also, that girl would have not got caught if you were not here. Anika holds their hands. Shivaye says thank God for that Fukat Raja. They laugh.

Dadi says I can’t believe this problem is solved. Everyone is happy. Om says yes, the case base ended as the girl is found alive. Rudra says it happened because of Anika. Jhanvi says thanks Anika, you saved our family from big problem. Pinky says yes, you did great, did you slap that girl. Dadi asks Pinky not to make Anika a fighter like her. Soumya says I m proud of you Anika Di, a girl did the work which guys could not do.

Dadi asks Shivaye to say thank you to Anika. Everyone look at Shivaye. Shivaye says its proved that watching B grade movies also has benefits, but she caught clue well. Anika looks at him. Shivaye says like you got the girl, it could be better, by the way you gave the stick to old lady, she attacked me with that stick, I could not run behind that girl. Rudra says come on, Anika has run after that girl. Shivaye says yes, that would be not needed if you both caught her. Om asks how would we catch her, we did not know you got that girl. Rudra says yes, you should have called us.

Shivaye says yes Rudra, you gave Om’s phone to vendors. Rudra says you could have sent Reiki to me. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Dadi says don’t fight now, everything got fine. She thanks Anika and kisses her. Soumya says i think we should thank Sahil as well. Rudra says yes, Anika and Sahil are intelligent like me. Pinky asks will everyone thank each other, will anyone thank me, hello, tell them, who told them I have seen that girl, I said it, that’s why, I don’t see ghost every day, its clear the girl was alive, I m so intelligent to solve case and none knew it, thank you. They all laugh. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

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Tej says whatever you did for us, I want to personally thank you. Anika says no need to say thanks, I did my duty. Tej says seriously, that day when police came here, Shivaye told you are part of this family, after this incident, I completely agree with it, Anika you are part of this family. Some time before, Tej asks what, all charges are dropped, how did this happen. Shivaye says because of Anika, she does not look smart, but she is smart indeed. Anika looks on. Shivaye says she sorted everything by seeing a film poster, if she was not there, we would have not been able to do this. Tej says if Anika did this, I will personally thank her. Tej tells Shakti that case dismissed, all charges on us are dropped.

Anika walks to Shivaye and asks whats the meaning, that I don’t look smart, do I look foolish. He asks did you just hear this, what that I praised you. She says I heard, but why can’t you say this on my face, you know what tough thing I did, you were with that old lady, I have run after that girl, her speed was too fast, but I m not slow, I have run like a skating rabbit, just like that, she run here and I was behind. He looks at her, while she explains him the scene. She falls over him and they have an eyelock. O jaana…..plays……….She gets away and moment breaks. She says you can’t say thank you to me ever. He says excuse me, I said thank you to you. She says yes, when you were drunk. He recalls the moment and says we both decided we will not discuss about that part again, anyways I said thank you yesterday in car. She says yes, as it was going to be my last day. He says but, it did not become last day. She says you see you will walk to me and say thank you one day without anyone’s pressure and saying, I will always wait for that day. She leaves. He looks on.

Rudra goes to Om and says its big problem. Om asks what is it, why are you worried. Rudra says Rumi is not answering. Om asks are you serious, many problems happened, Gayatri came home, CD scandal, wrong blames on Tej and Shakti, Shivaye’s board meeting, it was today, did you get to know of it. Rudra signs no. Om says come, we will find out. Om, Rudra and Soumya go to Shivaye. Soumya says Shivaye is cooking food, he had board meeting. Rudra says I was afraid, he gets so much anger and his mind burnt, he forgot board meeting. Om asks how, marriage was almost happening because of this meeting.

Rudra says that old lady hit on his head with stick and maybe he lost his memory. Soumya says is it that meeting went wrong and he is cooking to control his anger and disappointment. Om says we will find out, come. He tells Shivaye not to worry if takeover did not happen, Tej and Shakti’s blames are proved wrong, we will do something. Shivaye asks them to be quiet, meeting is happening. Shivaye talks on phone and ends call. Om asks what. Shivaye asks them what will they have. Shivaye asks Om to get garlic bread from oven. Om asks what happened in meeting. Shivaye says nothing. Om asks what does nothing mean.

Shivaye says nothing, we got the company, takeover is done. Om and Rudra hug Shivaye. Om asks Soumya to come, its family hug, my sister can’t be there. Rudra jokes Soumya’s single hug looks family hug. Soumya says very funny. Om says great wall of Shivaye did again. Rudra says I trust Shivaye, he can do everything except his height. Shivaye says and about increasing your IQ. Om says but Shivaye, Anika did a lot. Rudra says Anika is champ, she solved case and made Lady baba leave. Shivaye says Anika did all this, I did not do anything, right, I did not crack any deal before, Anika did this. Rudra says I did not mean it. Shivaye laughs and hugs them.

Its morning, Dadi asks Pinky why did she call them here. Pinky says I need to show you something. She plays the video ad of Shilpa. Shilpa tells about fat burning and slimming churan. Pinky asks did you see. Rudra says yes, but we all are fit, whom are you taunting, Sumo… Pinky says stop it, Sumo is… I mean Soumya is not fat, she is healthy. Soumya smiles. Pinky asks did you not all see, its same girl, fake Cd girl. They all realize its Shilpa. Pinky says I have seen her in ad between Baba ji’s show, and thought to record ad and show you. Shivaye says wow, very smart mom. Pinky says my son is James Bond and I m James Bond’s mum.

Jhanvi comes talking on phone and tells everyone that Mrs. Chabbra was on call. She asks Shivaye does he know Chabbra family. Shivaye says the one who has software business in California, they are doing pretty well, successful. Jhanvi says they have come to Mumbai, they want to meet us and see Priyanka. Rudra asks is Priyanka Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow that they want to see her. Dadi says they are coming to see her for marriage. Shivaye and Om ask for proposal, she is still a kid. Rudra says my younger sister’s alliance.

Jhanvi says Priyanka is not a kid, we should think for her marriage, they are good people, whats harm to meet them. Rudra asks don’t we have any work at home except marriage, she is young, is it her age for marriage, how will she go, I won’t let her go. Dadi asks if you three react like this now, you have to do her Bidaai some day. Om says yes, but what’s the hurry. Jhanvi says they are just coming to see, you guys are reacting as if marriage is today. Dadi says yes. They see Priyanka.

Pinky says we will ask Priyanka. Om asks Priyanka about meeting that guy and family. Priyanka says like mom feels right. Pinky says then its decided, I will do Priyanka’s makeup. Dadi asks is she going on Ram leela that you will do her makeup. Pinky asks do I do such bad makeup, I will do your makeup and then you will know. Shivaye gets a call and asks do you think it’s a joke, how did Gayatri get bail. Inspector says she applied for bail on medical ground, ACP Rathore approved it, he is senior, I can’t do anything. Shivaye says why is he doing this, what enmity does ACP Rathore have against us, I have to find out.

Rudra asks Om is it done. Om says yes and shows the painting. Soumya says wow, who is she. Om says Nandini. Rudra says Nandini, does Riddhima know about her, wait we will check her facebook profile. Om says duffer, not my Nandini, Chandra’s Nandini, Chandra Nandini, she is Chandragupt Maurya’s Nandini, their story was unique. Soumya asks how. He says love story is based on love, but this love story was based on hatred, she married Chandra to take revenge.

Rudra says what happened then. Om says that’s to be seen, if this story started by hatred turn to love or revenge story. Rudra says it means there will be twists and turns. Om says exactly, to know this, you have to watch Chandra Nandini on Star Plus from 10th October at 8.30pm. He gets a call and goes. Rudra says Sumo, did you notice, Om was saying their love story with passion, I m sure his love story will be intense. Soumya says ya, then he will get married and you will start crying, you tell me, why do you cry when anyone get married. Rudra says if anyone leaves parents and stays with someone else, this idea is sad, so I get tears. She looks at him. He says I mean I don’t understand marriage concept, how can a person spend entire life with anyone. She says you don’t marry then, why do you cry for other’s marriage. She asks are you fine, why are you not fighting with me. He says I hear love angel’s show, she said we should get over small things, now be it small things or fat things, its same thing, bye, take care. He goes. Soumya says when Rudra knows I m love angel, he will be much hurt.

Soumya gets Priyanka to Dadi. Dadi compliments Priyanka. Anika asks Priyanka to wear these earrings given by Jhanvi. Dadi asks Priyanka to meet guy, if she finds things equal, only then take talk ahead. Priyanka nods. Shivaye comes and compliments Priyanka. He asks her not to take any kind of pressure, we will do what is in your heart. She nods. Dadi says it would have been so good if Tej and Shakti were here. Tej and Shakti come. Tej says how did you think I won’t be here today. Dadi smiles seeing them.

Tej hugs Dadi and Priyanka. Shakti hugs Dadi. Dadi says Bidaai is not happening, just guy’s family is coming to see. Tej says even if Bidaai happens, daughter just goes from home, not heart. Dadi says Mata Rani made everything fine, the blames on my sons are proved wrong. Shakti says you said right Maa, that praying to Mata Rani in her Darbar, no court can prove us wrong. Pinky and Jhanvi come. Pinky says you are playing family without us. Tej sees Anika and goes to her. He says I got to know what you did for us, and for that I want to personally thank you. Everyone smile. Anika says no need to say thanks, I just did my duty. Tej says no seriously, that day when police came, Shivaye said you are a part of this family.

Shivaye and Anika recall it. Tej says after this incident, I complete agree with it, Anika you are part of this family. Anika gets tearful eyes and smiles. Shivaye looks at her. Music plays….. He gets call and goes.

He talks to Khanna. Khanna says I did not get any info about Gayatri, I will update you. Shivaye says do whatever it takes, I want to know where is Gayatri, this time we should not lose her. Tej comes and says Gahyatri. Shivaye says yes, no one could trace her. Tej says anyway Chabbras are coming, lets meet them first, we will see how to handle Gayatri later. Rudra comes and says Chabbras have come. Tej asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye says you guys go, I have a quick call to make, I will join you.

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Mr. Chabbra greets Shivaye and forwards hand. Shivaye forwards hand and even Anika’s hand gets along. Chabbra holds their hand. Om and Rudra see each other. Mrs. Chabbra says congrats, we heard you were getting married. Pinky says yes. Mrs. Chabbra says such a sweet couple, made for each other, where are you going on honeymoon, I will give an advice, don’t hurry for babies, take your own time. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Some time before, Tej introduces Mr. Chabbra to Shakti. Shakti says I remember him. Pinky compliments Mrs. Chabbra and asks her to sit. Shivaye is on call and says Saraswati steels contract papers should be ready till tomorrow. Anika passes by and stumbles, as her bracelet gets stuck in Shivaye’s sleeve buttons. He asks what. He tells the man to keep it clean, I don’t want us to get in any problem. Anika tries to free the bracelet and tell Shivaye. Shivaye asks what is it. He tells person that he is not saying shoo to him. Shivaye goes and Anika goes with him.


Tej asks where are your sons. Mr. Chabbra says they are coming in other car. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to meet Mr. and Mrs. Chabbra. Shivaye forwards hand to shake, and Anika’s left hand too comes along. Mr. Chabbra smiles and holds their hands. Mrs. Chabbra says how sweet, congrats, we heard news that you were going to get married. Pinky says yes. Mrs. Chabbra says such a sweet couple, made for each other, where are you going on honeymoon. Shivaye says its not like you are thinking. She says I will give an advice, don’t hurry for babies, take your own time. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Om smiles. Pinky says no Mrs. Chabbra, Shivaye is alones, no couples, tell her Shivaye. Shivaye says its not like you are thinking, she is not my wife, she is my wedding organizer. Mrs. Chabbra apologizes. Dadi says Anika is part of this family. Shivaye says get Priyanka from her room. Anika says yes and goes. Shivaye sees Om and Rudra smiling, and signs them to be quiet.

Soumya asks Priyanka to relax, I know you are nervous, just remind yourself you are a confident and intelligent girl. Priyanka says its easy for you to say this, afterall you are love angel. Soumya says yes but.. Anika hears them and asks whats this, you are love angel Soumya, the radio one. Soumya says I told you not to tell this, Anika heard it. Priyanka says I say anything in tension. Anika says Soumya you are love angel, Sahil and I hear you show a lot. Soumya asks her not to say anyone. Anika says don’t worry, but I m like Sarson oil bottle, even if its shut well, it leaks anyhow. Priyanka asks them to encourage her.

Anika asks her not to think anything, come, everyone is calling you. Soumya asks Priyanka to take a deep breath and just come. They take Priyanka out. They see Chabbra’s sons walking in. Everyone smile. Anika notices Priyanka smiling. Mr. Chabbra says meet my handsome sons, Reyaan and Dev. Anika says Priyanka you were asking us to encourage you and now you are laughing. Priyanka says its not like that. Anika asks how is it then, the guy is cute right. Soumya says not cute, he is a creep. She goes angrily. Anika says what happened to her. Priyanka signs don’t know. Tej asks where is Priyanka. Jhanvi says Anika went to take her.

Anika asks Soumya what is the matter, tell me right away, as its about Priyanka’s life. Soumya says we were in a relationship, he disappeared from my life, he stopped taking my calls and replying my messages, he does not respect girls, he treats girls as a commodity, one he can use and throw, I got to know this when he dumped me, he is not a nice guy. Anika says it means he is that cheap kind of guy, we have to tell this to Billu ji, he will handle this problem.

Anika goes to Shivaye and everyone. She sees everyone talking. She tries to get Shivaye’s attention and calls him out in slow tone. She says Billu ji is not seeing this side, I will call Omkara. She calls out Om and even he does not listen. She says phone is there, I will message him. She messages that this guy cheats girls, don’t let Priyanka meet him Billu ji please. Shivaye sees the phone and does not check message. She says why he is he not checking phone, what to do now. Dadi asks Jhanvi where is Priyanka. Jhanvi says I will see. Anika goes to Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I was going to get Priyanka. Dadi asks Anika where is Priyanka. Anika says she will come in 2 mins.

Priyanka says everyone would be waiting. Soumay says relax, Anika went to talk to Shivaye, he will make them leave. Anika tells Shivaye that there is a call for him. He asks what. She says just come, there is some work. Shivaye says I will just join back. Priyanka says he looked good. Soumya says even to me, but thank God I saw you, else your life would have got ruined. Priyanka says he looked tall, dark, handsome, I found him cute. Soumya asks why are you going on looks, tall, dark, handsome… about whom are you talking. Priyanka says mom showed me picture, maybe his name is Dev, about whom are you saying. Soumya says I was talking about that one who have worn shirt, Reyaan. Priyanka asks what do you mean. Soumya says oh God, it all got messed up, I was talking of Reyaan and you were talking about Dev, Reyaan is not a good guy, Dev us a good guy, its confusion, we have to stop Anika.

Shivaye and Anika go away. He asks what now. She says check your phone. He checks her message in his phone. Soumya and Priyanka see them. Shivaye asks who told you. Anika says Soumya, she said he did the same with her, see how worried Soumya looks. He sees Soumya. Dadi says I will go and see Priyanka. Shivaye says wait a min Dadi. Shivaye goes to everyone and says Dev, I want to talk to you, relation is not between two persons, its between two families, so things should be transparent since beginning so that no surprises come in future, you cracked software deals in California, I want to know about it. Dev says okay. Pinky says Shivaye, let him have tea. Shivaye says mom, tea and everything will come in room. He asks Dev to come. Anika signs Soumya and Priyanka and smiles. Dev goes with him.

Priyanka says Soumya, Shivaye will make Dev leave from house. Anika goes to them. Anika says no need to say thanks to me, I m smart, I m great, no need to say this, I don’t like to hear it, Priyanka your best friend saved your life. Soumya says but… Anika says what but, smile now, I managed everything. Soumya says no, things got worse. Anika asks what. Soumya tells everything. Anika says understood….Billu ji…..

Dev asks Shivaye is Oberoi industry going to venture out in software. Shivaye says no…. Dev says I thought you called me for this. Shivaye says okay Dev, I m going to be very honest, we three brothers have only sister, we are very protective about her, we did not hurt her and will not let anyone hurt her, if anyone hurts her then….. I will just kill that person, that’s why before relation talks starts, I want to know everything about you. Dev says I understand your concern, you can ask me anything. Shivaye says good.

Dadi asks Om and Rudra what is Shivaye doing, whats going on in his mind. Om says don’t know Dadi. Rudra says I know, relation is not between two persons, its between two families, there should be transparency since beginning so that no surprises come in future, so he went to talk to Dev. Om makes a face and asks Rudra to shut up. Rudra asks him to say something else. Om says shut your mouth. Rudra says even this means the same. Om pats on his head and asks are you mad. Rudra says guests are sitting, behave….

Shivaye says its tough to know someone in first meet, I want to give it a try, I will ask you some questions, and I hope you will give honest and straight forward answers, are you ready. Dev coughs. Shivaye gives him water. He says I want to know about your past, you are young, good looking, you would be in relationships. Dev says yes but… Shivaye asks but did you stay honest in relationships, did you cheat ever, or did you get involved with more than one girl at once. Dev smiles and asks is everyone so straight forward in your family. Shivaye asks him to answer straight. Dev says no, I did not cheat anyone and I won’t cheat. Shivaye says but I heard… Dev asks can I use your washroom. Shivaye says sure, that way… Anika comes to Shivaye and says Billu ji….

Soumya says don’t know where did Anika go. She sees Reyaan and steps back. Priyanka looks on. Soumya cries and goes. Priyanka asks what happened. Soumya says I don’t want to face him, as I don’t want to feel all that again, its easy for boys to come out after breakups, but not for girls, as girls are emotional fools, they rewind relationships in mind and think they have done some mistake, else how does anyone break relation so easily, I came out of this phase by difficulty, I don’t want to go through that phase again. Shivaye asks Anika what are you doing here. She asks where is Dev. He says how does it matter.

Dev comes from washroom. Shivaye asks Anika to go from here, I will talk to you later. He goes to Dev. Anika says he is not a guy. Dev asks am I not a guy. Shivaye says no, she means to say….Anika says I mean he is not that guy. Shivaye asks that? Anika signs him to stop. Dev says you wanted to ask something. Shivaye says you go out, actually everyone is waiting, I will join you. Dev says okay and leaves. Shivaye looks at Anika.

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Mr. Chabbra says we are going to LA day after tomorrow, shall we keep Roka before leaving. Tej asks Priyanka. He says if Priyanka is happy with it, we don’t have any objection. Shivaye gets Gayatri’s call. She says you did not forget me, its time to settle scores. He asks how dare you call me. She says you did not see my courage, I got to know you are finding me madly, so thought to call you and ask your welfare. He says your courage will be proved costly Gayatri, I will find you from wherever you are hiding.

Some time before, Shivaye asks Anika what was she thinking, you don’t even think, I got embarrassed. She says Soumya told and I felt. He says I should have not listened to you, what would be Dev thinking. Anika says I know, but I was not wrong, it was half true. He asks her to stop it. She asks him why is he worried, he did not spoil anything. He says but there could have been some problem, don’t talk from now on. He goes. She says he always blasts, Jwala mukhi Oberoi.


Priyanka tells Soumya that you are thinking like Soumya. Soumya asks what, how will I think then. Priyanka says think like a love angel, go and talk to him, I will go and see Anika. Soumya sees Reyaan and leaves. She bumps into Rudra. Rudra says I was finding you and smiles. She hides behind Rudra. He gets puzzled and asks what are you doing, Sumo, come out, what happened, listen to me, what are you seeing there. Soumya sees Reyaan gone and goes ahead. Rudra holds her hand and music plays….. She looks at him. He asks what happened, anyways, I need to talk imp to you, listen…. Sumo…. She says yes…

Dev says its big house….. where to go… Priyanka comes in the way and they smile seeing each other. Dev says I m sorry, I think I forgot the way. She says hall way, go straight and take a right. He says thanks, I m Dev. They shake hands. Priyanka says her name and gets shy. Rudra says I decided I will listen to love angel, we will not fight and our friendship starts, but there is a condition, you won’t clean my room, you won’t call me cry baby, but now we are friends and there should be no secrets, I know you know something about Rumi, tell me come on. She says actually Rumi…. Reyaan comes to them and says Soumya….. She gets tensed. Reyaan asks what are you doing here. Rudra asks you know each other. Reyaan says yes. Soumya says we were dating each other six months before, he is my ex BF. Rudra gets shocked.

Tej asks Shivaye where is Dev. Dev says I m here and walks downstairs along with Priyanka. Everyone smile seeing them. Tej says you met Priyanka, now I understand this was Shivaye’s plan to make you both meet away from family. Anika asks Shivaye why is he afraid that things spoiled, they are praising you. He asks her to keep quiet. Mr. Chabbra asks Dev what to do next when you met Priyanka. Dev says I want to meet her again, I want that we know each other well. Anika asks Shivaye to see…. Shivaye looks at her. He gets a call and goes.

Gayatri says Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says Gayatri… She says so you did not forget, I have to settle scores, its time. He asks how dare you call me. She says you did not see my courage, I got to know you are finding me madly, so thought to call you and ask your welfare. He says this courage will be proved costly for you, I will find you wherever you are hiding. He ends call and goes back. Tej asks Shivaye all well. Shivaye says ya. Jhanvi says children liked each other, but I feel we should give them more time.

Mr. Chabbra says we are going back to LA day after tomorrow, if you all don’t have objection, shall we keep Roka before leaving. Tej asks Priyanka. She smiles. Tej says if Priyanka is happy, we don’t have any objection, we will talk on phone. Mr. Chabbra says we will leave. Mrs. Chabbra asks for Reyaan. Reyaan comes. She asks where were you. He says I had to make a call and sees Soumya. Dev says see you late Shivaye and forwards hand. Shivaye is lost. Om says Shivaye… Shivaye says you are leaving, and shakes hands. Chabbras leave. Anika says Billu ji I told you…. Shivaye walks off. Anika looks on. Om asks Anika what happened to Shivaye. She says there should be lights like traffic lights to know Shivaye’s mood, alteast we can know his mood. Om says I can see his mood is off, whats the problem, he looks worried since that phone call came.

Shivaye talks to police and says you gave bail to Gayatri and now she called me and threatened me indirectly, don’t trap me in technicalities, I have to do something. He calls Khanna and asks him to trace calls that came in last one hour and track my phone. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks Shivaye is everything okay. Shivaye says ya I m fine. Om says please don’t lie, there is something, you took Dev inside room and then when he was leaving, your focus was somewhere else. Rudra says Priyanka and everyone like the guy, even then you are worried.

Om says Shivaye you are not alone, you have both of us, you don’t need to face everything alone, one faces things alone when he has no brothers. Shivaye says you know younger brothers bear burden when they don’t have elder brother, but you both have me, there is nothing I can’t handle, so relax. Om asks sure. Shivaye says yes, how to say now, anyways I also liked the guy.

Anika says I also liked Dev, see how Priyanka is smiling. She jokes on Dev and Priyanka. Jhanvi calls Priyanka and she goes. Anika says Soumya, Priyanka is so happy. Soumya says yes, I m glad that Dev is not like his brother. Anika asks did you ask Reyaan why he did this. Soumya says no, I lost much in life, and it does not matter why I lost it, he dumped me and matter ended there. Anika asks her to see in her eyes, new story does not end till first one ends, you have to kick him out and move on. Soumya says I will try, Aai taught me not to touch wound, it hurts more, we should focus on Priyanka’s future, not my past.

Tej says family and guy is good, they want to do Roka before they go, tell me Priyanka, we will do what you say, shall we say yes for Roka. Priyanka nods and hugs him. Shakti says I think Pinky reached Siddhivinayak, we went there to pray that Priyanka says yes for this alliance.

Dadi says thank God, that such good proposal came home. Shakti says Pinky asked you to get Dev’s kundli before doing anything. Dadi says yes, we will get it. Shakti says its strange, last year we did not know Mrs. Chabbra has a son named Dev, and now he is becoming our son in law. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Shakti reminds Pinky went LA last year and met Mrs. Chabbra in jagrata, then she had just Reyaan with her, and she did not say anything about Dev, infact Pinky felt Mrs. Chabbra had just one son Reyaan. Jhanvi says maybe she mentioned, we all know Pinky’s memory, she would have forgot.

Rudra says it means Roka is tomorrow. Om says you are here, talk is happening infront of you. Rudra says its big problem. Shivaye asks what problem. Rudra says I have to eat sweets tomorrow, and to compensate that, I have to do diet today, Bhaiya make Tofu. Shivaye agrees. Dev and Priyanka talk over phone and he asks her can we go out for dinner. She says yes. He says I can talk to your mum if you say. She says no, I will talk to mom and ends call. She goes to Shivaye. Rudra sings Meri Pyari beheniya… Om says I m surprised you remember old song lyrics. Rudra says I prepared it for Shivaye’s marriage.

Om asks Rudra did he prepare this sister son for brother’s marriage. Rudra says leave it, focus, Priyanka is so brave, she told Papa that she likes Dev, its surprise and another thing, Reyaan is Sumo’s ex BF. Om says that’s okay, whats there to be surprised. Rudra says I did not like him, I felt he did not treat her well. Om asks why did you get worried, he was Soumya’s ex BF, not yours, what do you have to do with this, you don’t like Soumya. Rudra says you don’t know, Soumya and I have become friends. Om says that’s great, but there is personal space even in friendship, she would have told you if she wants, why are you doing guess work.

Shivaye says some people’s speciality is to do guess work and taunts Anika. Anika says why are you still saying about it, there were two guys, mistake happened, Soumya told about Reyaan, I felt she is saying about Dev, things spoiled, but I made it right. Rudra says it was not your mistake, it was Soumya’s mistake. Shivaye recalls Gayatri’s mistake. Rudra says Soumya would have said tall or short, they both did not look brothers. Shivaye recalls Shakti’s words. Rudra tells Priyanka about Dev becoming joru Ka ghulam and then he would be called Devdas. Anika smiles and sees Shivaye worried. She says your china paneer is made Billu ji… He says yes…. She asks is everything fine. He says ya and leaves. Anika worries.


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