Game of Love 19 December 2020 update: Shivaye checks the cupboard, files and drawers…He says this can’t happen, my account balance can’t become zero. He checks his account. He says zero…..He throws away the laptop. He says I asked one hour time, I have to arrange 25 lakhs, else Oberoi family name will get ruined. Anika says its time for aarti and calls him out. He hears her and thinks if she sees all this, she will sense something is wrong. He stops her at the door. She says its time for aarti. He says I will come. She asks is everything fine. He says of course. She says I don’t believe you, move aside. She enters the room and says everything is fine here. He says you didn’t believe me. She says I felt there is a problem. He says right, since you are not with me. He holds her close.

Rudra comes and turns saying Oh God. Shivaye says you know how to knock…. Rudra says I know, you are married, get a room. Shivaye says this is my soon. Rudra says puja is starting, I will go, come. He goes. Anika asks Shivaye what is he doing. She goes. Shivaye too leaves,

Tej says when my sons know Shivaye has no money, he will fall in their and his own eyes, he always says he will set everything fine, this time he won’t be able to do anything, in just one hour, an emperor is going to become a beggar…. He laughs. Veer says I will go and attend the puja, I want to see his destruction live, you know what to do next.

Veer comes there. Anika says you have come at the right time, we were going to start aarti. Veer says I was most excited to come in this aarti, sometimes it happens, someone prays and other’s prayers get fulfilled. She says we have kept the jewelry, we shall start aarti. Veer says its beautiful jewelry. Shivaye recalls Hasmukh’s words. Soumya asks who will do the aarti. Anika says those who always do it. Gauri says Obro. Shivaye walks ahead and forwards hands. Omru hold his hands and smile.

Tej says well done, I m sure Shivaye didn’t arrange the money, go and create a big drama that Shivaye’s respect gets ruined, and he is forced to return the shagun jewelry. Shivaye lights the diya and prays… no matter what happens, I won’t let my family reputation get ruined, you have to help me. ShivOmru do the aarti. Kids are locked inside. Soumya smiles. Tej gets the jeweller home. Kids get up. Anika asks where are those kids we called. Kids come there and attend aarti. Soumya worries. Shivaye prays show me some way, there must be some way. A coin falls in his hands. Shivaye opens his eyes and sees the coin. Gauri says its a good shagun, Laxmi Maa has come to you. Hasmukh comes with some men and calls out. Shivaye signs him to stop. They come out. Hasmukh taunts him. Shivaye holds his collar and says mind your tongue, else you will go on your goon’s shoulders, this coin’s worth is more than 25 lakhs, payment of 25 lakhs and remaining money, keep it as a tip. Hasmukh says I just want my money. Shivaye stops him and asks him to apologize for bad mouthing about his family. Hasmukh apologizes. Shivaye scolds him. Hasmukh and his men leave. Shivaye goes. Veer and Tej look on.

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Veer throws the drum and says Shivaye got saved again. Tej says not for long….. Anika picks her phone. She gets the laptop in broken state. She says its Shivaye’s laptop, it means he vented out anger on laptop instead phone, why did he get angry, it means something is worrying him, he won’t tell us, he can’t see us worried. He comes asking for phone. She asks did you break the phone like you broke this laptop, what happened. He says it fell down and broke. She says its state shows its broke by your anger, why did you get angry, tell me what’s bothering you. He thinks I can’t tell you, I can’t see you worried. He says nothing, trust me. Bhavya comes and says I need your help. Shivaye asks Anika to go. Anika says fine, but our talk didn’t get over. She goes. He throws the laptop.

He says what shall I say Anika, so many problems tumbled down on me, first the fire erupted at the construction site, funds disappeared from my account, the jeweller getting the goons, someone is doing this for revenge…….. who else could it be other than Shwetlana, Shwetlana hates me and my family. He calls inspector and asks is Shwetlana still in jail or escaped. Inspector says she is locked here, no one came to meet her, if you don’t believe, I will send her pic. He sends the pic. Shivaye says she is in jail, who else can it be. Inspector says I told Shivaye as you said, I have sent the pic too. Shwetlana says good, you will have profits, go and send my sisters. She pays him money. She removes the jail clothes and jail bars. Lights get on. Tia comes. Shwetlana asks where is our little sister. Tia says she is coming. Soumya comes and smiles.

Shwetlana says you tried hard to become Rudra’s wife, but Oberois removed you from his life. Tia says this time we are with you, we will not leave those Oberois. Shwetlana says we three and Veer, Tej, we are five, Shivaye doesn’t know his enemy is at his house, if he can’t identify his enemy, how will he defeat him. Shivaye says who can ruin me. He hears Anika talking to Bhavya and says fire….. Shwetlana says we Kapoor got burnt in the fire, Oberois got saved, but this time, Oberois will be ruined.

Shivaye says Kalyani mills fire, this happened because of that one secret, Shwetlana came back as Abhay’s wife, she blackmailed me by Tej’s video and got 50 % shares, I had to insult Omru and become bad in Tej and Jhanvi’s eyes, I had to leave my family and house, Kalyani mills fire is the reason for everything.

Shivaye says Kalyani mills fire, this happened because of that one secret, Shwetlana came back as Abhay’s wife, she blackmailed me by Tej’s video and got 50 % shares, I had to insult Omru and become bad in Tej and Jhanvi’s eyes, I had to leave my family and house, Kalyani mills fire is the reason for everything. Shwetlana says we lost everything in that fire, our dad got burnt alive, our childhood, family, happiness got ruined, Oberois are the owners of Oberoi empire. She says like its said, what you sow is what you reap, the flames that they have lit 25 years ago, they will get burnt now, Shivaye can try his best, but he can’t save his family, we don’t know the secret completely, but we know Oberois have lit the fire, they have to get punished, along with them, Shivaye will have to bear the punishment as well, because the way to his family’s destruction goes via him. Shivaye says before Kalyani mills fire burn our future, I have to find this secret. Shwetlana says remember, we have to ruin Oberois at any cost, no matter what. The sisters take a vow. Tia thinks I know Oberois did wrong with my dad, but it was not Shivaye’s mistake, Shivaye and Anika have forgive my mistakes and helped me, I just hope they don’t know the secret of kalyani mills, else their relation will break.

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Anika goes to Shivaye, holding a screwdriver. Shivaye holds her hand and catches her. He asks what’s this. She asks can’t you see, its a screwdriver. He asks what are you doing with this. She says I thought to fix your laptop, I feel I should first fix you, you are killing me with your silence, I m your wife, I have complete right to know your life’s problems, you always promise me but don’t share anything, will that right time ever come or not, you haven’t told me why did we leave the house, I know even now there is something wrong, you are smiling but you are not happy, you are the great wall of SSO, if you can fight everything alone, if you don’t need me, I will go. He asks her to listen. She refuses. He pulls her back and asks her to listen.

Tia says Shwetlana wants to ruin Oberois, fair enough, but what’s Shivaye and Anika’s mistake, its good she doesn’t know Shivaye and Anika’s connection with it, but it won’t be hidden for long, its better that I warn Shivaye, because this truth can break their relation, it won’t suitable to say this on phone, I should meet him. Shivaye says you have seen many problems since childhood, I hide things so that you don’t get sad, I want to keep problems away from you, I don’t like hiding it. She says even then I m worried, are you going to tell me or not, you say this, sorrow gets half on sharing, please tell me the problem, I m here with you. Shivaye tells everything.

Anika says so it means if Shwetlana is in jail, who else can it be. He says we will find out, that person is attacking us, I m sure he is planning for his next move right now. Veer says insulting is good when its done in front of everyone, its Bhavya’s chunri rasam, media and guests will be there, everyone should know Shivaye is bankrupt, Soumya you will be present with them, make sure no one can save their respect, not even their Ram, Shivaye. Soumya says don’t worry, I m a modern bahu, I will ruin the respect of my would be Sasural and Shivaye.

Shivaye says its stupid plan, I won’t let you do this, its risky. She says I have no risk till you are with me, its a great plan, we will know who is your enemy, we will start our plan after Bhavya’s chunri rasam. He says okay. She thanks him. Its morning, Gauri sees arrangements. Om attends guests. Veer asks do you remember what to do. Soumya says yes, whatever will happen now, Oberois will remember. He says great, smile now. She goes smiling. Shivaye says we will forget this plan and do something else. Anika asks him not to get scared and focus on rasam.

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Soumya asks shall we start chunri rasam. Shivaye says yes. Rudra and Bhavya get seated. Rudra says I m missing Dadi. Shivaye says Dadi went Tirupati to pray for you. Om jokes. Gauri asks who will guide us about the ritual. Soumya says don’t worry, I called Dadi at night and asked everything. Rudra jokes. Anika asks Gauri to get shagun basket. Soumya says not now, first Shivaye and Anika will give shagun to Bhavya, the bigger the gift, the more the bahu receives love in Sasural. Veer asks what happened Shivaye. Soumya says give shagun, only then we can move ahead for rasam. Shivaye claps. Gold coins start falling down. Bhavya holds her dupatta. Everyone gets surprised. Veer thinks how did Shivaye get gold coins. Everyone smiles.

Shivaye says every bahu will get much love in this house. Veer asks how did you do this. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Veer says its beautiful, whose idea was it. Shivaye says Dadi always says, where there is a will, there is a way. He recalls meeting someone, and selling the chopper. He asks the man to make sure the payment is transferred to his account immediately. Anika asks Soumya can we start the rasam now. Soumya says yes. Anika makes Bhavya wear the chunri and hugs. Shivaye signs Rudra to go. Rudra holds Bhavya’s hand and dances. Mahi ve….plays…. They all dance.

Anika asks did you see any suspect. Shivaye says I don’t find out. Anika says its fine, we will know that man, all the best. She goes. Shivaye thanks everyone for coming. He says Bhavya is lucky for our family, its her chunri rasam and we got a multi million dollars Dubai project. Everyone claps. Veer and Soumya get shocked. Shivaye says it got possible because of Mr and Mrs. Khan, Mrs. Khan has come to Goa to bless Rudra and Bhavya, its an honor to welcome Begum Zubeida Khan. Anika comes, covering her face completely in a burqa veil. She winks to Shivaye. Reporter asks about the deal. Shivaye says I will give info after the deal gets signed tomorrow, I will be among the top five businessmen in Asia once this deal gets signed. They all clap. Veer asks Mrs. Khan what’s your company’s name, I frequently visit Dubai, that’s why I m asking. Rudra asks is she mute. Om says she is Shivaye’s business partners, have manners. Shivaye says we decided we won’t give info to anyone till deal is sealed. Rudra stares at Anika. Om says shameless, why are you staring at Mrs. Khan. Rudra says no, I feel I have seen her before. Bhavya asks really, you have seen through the veil. Rudra says I will tell you, come aside. Om asks him to be quiet. Anika thinks why are they coming to me, plan will flop if they identify me.



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