Game of Love 15 November 2020 Starlife: Om says I will come to temple, how will rasam happen without me. A girl taunts Anika. Gauri’s mum says we should make Dilpreet do the rasam. Om lifts Gauri in arms. Some time before, Shivaye sees the photo and asks who is this. Gauri’s mum says this is Gauri, this photo was with her belongings when we adopted her, we named her Gauri, people used to call her Chutki in ashram. He asks and this other girl? Anika recalls childhood moment when Chutki was taken away. She wakes up and sees Gauri. Shivaye says this can be her elder sister, did you not adopt her. Gauri’s mum says I don’t know about her. Om calls him. He says I will go, don’t worry, we have come and we will take Dulhania.

Its morning, Om wakes up and sees Gauri watering the tulsi plant. Shivaye wakes up and sees them. Gauri goes. Shivaye says don’t stare so much that your bad sight catches her. Om says I was not staring, I was seeing how that puja happens. Shivaye says you have license to see your wife, when seen with love, bad sight doesn’t catch, what do you think, your decision to leave was right? Om says thanks you didn’t listen to me. Shivaye says promise you won’t lose. Om says no, this time Dilwale will take Dulhania even if I have to… Rudra says kill mosquitoes. Shivaye says he is talking in sleep, tell me what did you talk to Gauri. Om says I confessed love and apologized, she didn’t agree, she will agree, we are Oberois, we lose heart in love, not courage. Shivaye says I heard this line and smiles. Rudra says let me sleep, why are you drinking blood. Om says this donkey is talking to mosquitoes these days, tell me how did you get sleep here. Shivaye says life is ready to be given for brother, what’s mosquitoes.

Rudra falls down the cot and shouts. Om asks how can you fall from cot. Rudra jokes and says Om is correcting me when I fell down, call Pinky, I want to know my Kundli Bhagya, can anyone have such a bad fate. Shivaye says you are seeing your problems, see Om, understand, his wife is marrying someone else. Rudra says this almost happened with me, I mean everyone has problems in life, you both are married and can’t understand a bachelor’s problem. Om beats him with pillow. Rudra says you guys are elders, so I pay respect else…. Om asks what will you do. Rudra says I will tell Bhabhis. Shivaye and Om beat him. Rudra shouts for help. They have a pillow fight. Hum saath ek duje ke……plays……….. They laugh. They fall on the cot and hold hands.

Ajay’s mum says its sangeet in evening, we have a rasam, groom and bride to to temple to take Lord blessing, groom lifts bride and climbs stair, its a sign that husband will never leave support to wife and face all difficulties. Ajay says Gauri and I will also do rasam along with Mukesh and Richa. She says sure, you both are also getting married. Ajay smiles and goes. Om asks did you forget me, am I stranger that I can’t get prasad. She gives prasad. He asks her to go and get ready for rasam, they will meet in temple. She asks why will you come there. He asks how can rasam happen without me. She says this can’t happen. He says this will happen. They get caught in the lighting wires. She recalls a similar moment. Om smiles.

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She gets away and tries to get free on her own. He says its fate of our incomplete story to get complete, we still have to do love of our share. She says every story’s fate doesn’t have completion. He says its my promise this Dilwala will get his Dulhania. Saathiya….plays………

Anika gets ready. Shivaye comes and says you are still here. She says I m getting ready, can’t you see. He laughs. She says don’t say I look old even now. He says no, you are looking like a school going girl, cute, since when did you start doing makeup, old woman doesn’t need makeup. She asks can’t person live by own wish on getting old. He says I didn’t mean that. She asks him to leave. He goes.

Pandit says its second jodi turn now, mahurat is passing. Ajay’s mum says Ajay didn’t come. Gauri says we will leave this rasam. Pandit says you have to do rasam. Ajay’s mum asks how can this rasam happen without Ajay. Om says I will do this rasam if you have no problem. She asks are you mad, how can you do this rasam with Gauri. Gauri’s mum says its imp to do rasam, we can make Dilpreet do rasam. Ajay’s mum says don’t know where is Ajay. Gauri sees Om smiling.

Ajay checks the car and says it had to break down now, I had to reach temple. Rudra comes and asks is this car yours. He jokes. Ajay asks can you fix this. Rudra says its easy, I will do it. Ajay says fix this soon, I have to reach somewhere urgently. Rudra thinks I have come to damage your car. Anika sees Shivaye with a girl. Lady asks Anika did she get gas. Anika says no, don’t worry. Girl says my friend told me you are punjabi singer, I also sing. Anika coughs. Girl asks her to take medicines, old people just disturb. She flirts with Shivaye. Anika gets angry. Lady stops Anika. Anika says I m going temple to see rasam. Lady says we called palki, we will go in it. She says don’t worry. Ladies go. Anika sees Shivaye gone. She goes to see.

Pandit says mahurat is passing off. Gauri’s mum says we will make Dilpreet do rasam, Gauri has to do puja in temple. Ajay’s mum says fine, as you all find right. Pandit asks Om to do rasam. Om lifts Gauri. Saathiya……plays……… She holds him. He smiles seeing her.

Bhavya drives car and dirt gets on Rudra. He scolds her. She says your fake moustache came off, if Ajay has seen you, he would have understood, you always find me wrong. Gauri says go from here, I have to do everything alone. Om looks on. Anika argues with Shivaye and goes crying. Some time before, Anika sees Shivaye with a girl. She asks girl to go, her mum is calling. She hugs girl and sends her. He says someone is jealous. She says no, I feel bad, what happened to youngsters. He says you are also young, don’t forget. She says I m same Anika, your Anika, not old. He says I understand. She says I m getting cheap thoughts, I m getting mad, I feel so, you are not fighting with me, fight with me. He says there should be reason to fight. She asks him to wait and goes.

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Gauri sees Om and recalls old moment. Saathiya…..plays…. He climbs the stairs. He says I told you I will do this rasam for you. She says you are not doing for me, but for your repentance. He says I accepted my mistakes, I apologized, I just want a chance. She says its too late. He says you are still my wife. She says I wanted to hear this from you before, when anyone is going to give me wife status, you came to show husband’s right.

Anika gets water and says throw this on me, make me believe we are same. Shivaye says you have gone mad. She says throw water, I didn’t go mad. He throws water on her face. She smiles. He starts laughing. He says you look so funny. She asks are you laughing on me. She cries and runs away. He looks on.

Om says I came to give rights and respect. Gauri asks if I did all that with you, if I doubted, insulted, pointed finger at your character, thrown you out of house, would you forgive me, I know you are not happy with my marriage, I m not suitable for you. He says its not like that. She says I always felt so, I didn’t see respect in your eyes, I just saw hatred and misunderstanding, I praise Shivaye and Anika, not because they are equal, they don’t show each other down, they become strength, we both couldn’t have such relation, you were always two steps ahead, so our distance never ended, we reached, put me down. He puts her down.

Ajay says hurry up, I m getting late. Rudra says just 2mins. He cuts wires. Ajay asks why did you cut wire. Rudra says to join it with other one, did you not hear song Taar se taar mila. His moustache falls off. Bhavya drives car and dirt gets on Rudra and Ajay. Ajay says my clothes got spoiled, I have to go home and change, I will see you later. Rudra goes to the car and sees Bhavya. She smiles.

Om says you don’t want to give another chance to our relation. Gauri asks did you wish to give another chance, you are doing this as I m becoming of someone else, go from here, I have to do everything alone. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She turns and looks at him. Rudra scolds Bhavya. She says just relax, I was helping you. He says you came to take revenge as your ego gets hurt to work under me. She says your fake moustache came off, if Ajay has seen you, he would have understood, you always find me wrong. She cries and says I didn’t do this to take revenge, I did this to save you. She goes. He says we three brothers are mad, we don’t understand, she came to help me, what did I tell her.

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Om removes the dupatta from watch. Gauri impatiently pulls it. Dupatta gets torn. Om looks at her. Anika comes to room and cries. Shivaye comes after her. He asks what did I do, why are you upset. She says just go, I m angry. He asks the reason, show me your face. She says so that you laugh and make fun of me. He says no, I was laughing on that visual. She says you laugh seeing me, you don’t get love. He says no, look at me. They argue. He says its not such a big thing, talk to me.

Gauri cries and gets away. Om looks on and cries. Saathiya….plays…. Om holds the piece of torn dupatta. Shivaye says you need to grow up. Anika says so that I get old soon, you can do cheap things with those girls, aunties told me right, when wife gets old, husband loses interest, he leaves wife and spends time with young girls, I just worn this old woman wig, you lost interest in me, I don’t know what will happen when I really get old, I m sure this will happen. She goes.

Ajay comes in Gauri’s way. She asks what’s this misbehavior. He says you did rasam with Dilpreet. She says your mum asked me to do it. He asks did you wish to do rasam with him. She asks why will I wish to. He says its your first and last mistake, I can break Mukesh and Richa’s marriage if I want, don’t forget our house respect shouldn’t spoil, else you know… He holds her arm angrily and goes.

Bhavya asks Shivaye did he see Anika. He says yes, she got annoyed and went. She asks why. He says don’t worry, I was teasing her on her getup, I didn’t know she will get hurt, she said when we get old, I will lose interest in her and run after young girls, how could she think that. She says we girls are such to imagine stories, we have own direction, we think a lot. A boy comes and says Rudra has given this for you. She says tell him I don’t want this. Boy goes. Shivaye asks what happened. She says it will be Rudra’s new prank. Rudra gives chocolates and asks what did she say. Boy says nothing, she didn’t see the card and returned it. Bhavya says go to Anika and tralk to her, tell her you understand her insecurity, Anika has no family, you are everything for her, I think she is scared of the thought to lose you, just you can make her insecurities away. He nods.



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