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Game of Love 9 January 2021 Star life: Anika says I won’t spare him. Gauri stops her. Bhavya says many girls don’t report such incidents fearing they would get defamed, that’s why such disgusting men get encouraged, he has to get punished, then such men will learn a lesson.

Gauri says that cheap men is the brand ambassador of Shivaye’s mobile company, if he is defamed, it will be loss for Shivaye, Roshni is going to help Om, it will be loss for them. Anika says money is nothing in front of a girl’s respect. Bhavya asks how can you think of business in such a time. Gauri says I m thinking of my respect, I m a woman, everyone will blame me, not that man, I request you, suppress this matter here. Anika says I won’t. Gauri says just swear on me, don’t say anyone. They hug and cry.

Anika says fine, I will do this if you want. Om says just an art admirer can present the art of an artist before the world, I m really glad that Roshni liked my art, thanks. Abhimanyu looks on. Anika collides with Roshni. Roshni says so sorry. Anika says your husband has to say sorry for what he has done, be thankful that I m just telling this to you, what he has done with Gauri, if Shivaye knows this, he will destroy your husband, before I slap your husband, take him away. Shivaye finishes the call. Khanna asks Shivaye to approve the party footage that is to be sent to PR. Shivaye says show me the footage. Roshni asks what a joke, my husband is a superstar, may girls love him and want to have affair with him, when they fail, they accuse such cheap things, as far is your sister is concerned, she is also my husband’s fan. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu dragging Gauri forcibly. He asks Khanna to go. Khanna asks is everything fine.

Shivaye says just leave. Shivaye zooms in and checks. Roshni says I trust my husband, go and ask your sister, I m sure she tried to woo him, when she failed, she must have torn her clothes, she started acting like a helpless woman, you know typical despo fan tactics. She goes. Anika gets angry. Shivaye recalls Gauri’s words. He throws the tab and his wig. He sees Abhimanyu and goes to him angrily. Anika says Roshni is equally disgusting as her husband, these people are so shallow, why is Shivaye looking angry, did he learn about his misdeed. She stops Shivaye and takes him aside. She says listen to me once. He says I won’t leave that man, you don’t know what he has done. She says there will be a huge scene created here. He says I will kill that man. She says Gauri doesn’t want this to happen. He asks did you know, why didn’t you tell me. She says Gauri made me swear, she doesn’t want anything to happen with our family.

Shivaye, Dadi, Bhavya and Anika talk in a room. Anika says Gauri made us swear… Shivaye says we can’t even imagine the trauma Gauri is going through, when Om knows this… Anika says Om shouldn’t know this, Gauri doesn’t want this. He says a man tried to molest Gauri, I can’t let him go just because the outsiders don’t know about it, that’s not going to happen. She says I m also angry, I can’t disregard Gauri’s pain, we shouldn’t do anything that she doesn’t want, she will be in more pain. Rudra comes and asks what are you all doing here, is there any problem. Shivaye says be with Om, make sure he doesn’t come here, Bhavya you go to Gauri.

Rudra asks what happened. Shivaye says just listen to me. Om looks for Gauri and says she must be gossiping with Anika and Bhavya. Rudra asks Om to come with him. Bhavya says I will look for Gauri. Om says I will look for her. Rudra acts of having stomach ache. Om takes him. Abhimanyu says strange hosts, they invited us in the party and got missing. Roshni says better start praying that they are covering up your act, if they decide to expose you, then no one can save you, all the best. Anika says I told this to Roshni, she started blaming Gauri, she said Gauri must be wishing to have an affair with Abhimanyu, I wish to strangulate her.

Shivaye says that man should be exposed, he is famous, so he thinks he can have his way with women, I know Gauri doesn’t want this matter to come out, I m not gonna spare him. Dadi stops him. She says don’t do anything, whatever happened was bad, end this here, the more we try to scratch a wound, the more it hurts, Gauri’s fears are true, so is her decision…. people will talk all sorts of things, they will humiliate her and our family. Shivaye says you are saying this, you taught us to raise a voice against injustice, today you are asking me to be silent. She says I know wrong happened with Gauri, if you try to make this right, her character will be questioned. He says that’s the problem with our society and mindset, victim is blamed and punished, instead the culprit, just because victim is a woman, Gauri is crying there and culprit is enjoying the party, Dadi is asking me to keep quiet and let him go due to the fear of the society.

Anika says Dadi, I support your and Gauri’s decision, but I m also with Shivaye, I don’t understand why girls are asked to keep quiet always, why do people point fingers at a girl, we are taught to protect our respect, no one tells the boys to respect the girls, our character is judged by our clothes, living, and appearance, no one blames the boys, there is no problem if a boy doesn’t return home at night, but if a girl returns home late, many questions arise, is it solely the duty of a girl to keep her family’s honor. Dadi says you both are right, but our society is like this, just women suffer, Sita Maa had to give Agnipariksha, not Raavan.

Shivaye says not this time Dadi, if this is the mindset of the society, we need to change it, I will take this initiative, its okay if Gauri doesn’t want to take action, but I won’t spare that man, I promise both of you, Gauri’s name won’t come in between, but that man will get punished. Anika says I m with you. Dadi asks but how will this happen. Abhimanyu flirts with a girl, praising her beauty. He asks her to meet him at his bungalow, she can know her role and meet director too. She asks what if the director refuses to cast me. He says don’t worry about that, just have a drink and enjoy. Waiter stares at Anika and spills the drink. Abhimanyu asks what are you doing. He turns and sees Anika. He smiles. Anika comes wearing a short black dress.

She asks for red wine. Abhimanyu introduces himself. She refuses to know him. He asks what, I m a superstar, don’t you watch Bollywood movies. She says I m Monalisa from Paris, you are a Bollywood star, nice. He says beautiful. She says I m here to pursue acting, like you, Bollywood star, I m happy to meet you. He kisses her hand. She says nice party. Shivaye and Bhavya look on. He asks all set. She says I have done as you said. He says Anika will do the rest. Abhimanyu asks do you know Hindi. She says little bit, I m half French and half Indian. He says I can make you a superstar, trust me, its too loud here, we can talk in private, lets go. Shivaye signs Anika. She says I must say that its a very good idea. Abhimanyu and Anika leave. Anika positions the spy cam fixed in her neckband.

Jhanvi does Rudra and Bhavya’s aarti. Pinky asks Bhavya to topple the kalash and come in. Rudra says we should try something new. Om says Rudra is right, Bhavya kick Rudra and come in. Rudra says I didn’t mean that, just like in western countries, groom lifts bride and walks in. Pinky says if he married Soumya, we would have made him do this. Jhanvi asks Bhavya to come in. Bhavya hits kalash and comes in. Jhanvi asks her to leave her hand prints on the wall. Bhavya does it and smiles. Pinky says if Dadi was here, she would have been much glad. Rudra don’t get senti on auspicious occasions, if rituals are done, shall we go to room. Pinky says he is so impatient. Jhanvi says Bhavya’s mu dikhai has to happen. Rudra asks what’s the need, you all have seen her face. Jhanvi asks Anika and Gauri to take Bhavya in. Rudra asks what about me.

Shivaye says come with me. Rudra says after so much action, my wedding got done, but rituals aren’t ending. Om asks why are you so impatient. Rudra asks Shivaye to explain Om. Shivaye says you make him understand. Om asks what. Rudra says I won’t waste time in painting, I believe in action. They ask Rudra to shut up. Rudra says don’t say that, I got married. ShivOm say we will always say this. Rudra says I just realized we can grow old too, I don’t want to grow old. Om says shut up. They pull Rudra’s cheek. Roop looks on and thinks Shivaye you might have defeated my son, but this house will be ruined, neither this family nor your relation will survive. She gets a message and goes. Tej and everyone gift Bhavya on her mu dikhai. Khanna says I think Veer had run away, taking advantage of the commotion at the wedding. Shivaye sends him. Anika asks is the gift in the room, I will get it, its a special gift. Shivaye goes after her and hugs. She asks what happened.

He says Veer is not found. She says he might have run away. He says no, he isn’t someone to run away, he will try his best to take revenge, he must have lost his cool, we have to be careful, Anika promise me, you will never step out from this house alone, until Veer is caught up, you won’t go out. She says don’t worry, till you are with me, no one can harm me, come everyone is waiting. She goes. He thinks I have to find Veer before he makes his next attack. Veer gets angry and kicks the table. He says I told you we will kill all Oberois but you…. Roop says that won’t give me peace, I have suffered all my life, a simple death will not ease my pain, I want to see them dying slowly. He says I also want this, but its tough.

She says Kalyani mills secret will make this easy. He asks what’s the secret. She says I think the time has come, I have to bring out the secret, then Shivaye and Anika will break, Oberois will fall apart. Shivaye thinks of Shwetlana’s words. He thinks why did Shwetlana say such, that Kalyani mills secret will put an end to Anika and my relation, what relation Anika has with Kalyani mills. He thinks who is that Oberoi helping Veer, why does he want to ruin us, I can’t rest in peace till I find these answers, its all related to Kalyani mills secret. Rudra says if mu dikhai rasam is done, I m feeling sleepy, can I go and sleep. Pinky says no. Rudra asks why not. Om says we will come to drop you. Rudra says I know the way, I m living in this house since childhood. Om asks him to come, lets play games all night. Rudra says no.

Jhanvi says everything got fine. Tej says yes, Shwetlana went to jail too. Pinky says don’t forget that Shwetlana mentioned about Kalyani mills secret before leaving, till Shivaye knows the secret, he won’t sit in peace. Tej asks her not to start the topic again. She says just pray that he doesn’t know this secret ever. Veer asks what’s Kalyani mills secret. Roop says I will tell you everything today. Rudra asks Om to leave you. They fall on the bed. Shivaye thinks I will find out the secret of Kalyani mills.

Anika hugs Shivaye and says I was waiting for this moment, just you and me, without any tension of Veer, I had to become Rosie Rani because of him, this house seems to be mine now. He says everything isn’t fine, Veer left from this house, not from our lives, he is planning something big. She throws his phone and says Veer has become my Sautan, see my fate, can we forget everything and spend some moments together. He says not few moments, but entire life. They hug.

Veer says tell me the secret, how do you know. She says your mum is also an Oberoi, I was present there when mills caught fire, I also know the person who torched the mills. He asks who did it. FB shows Roop pouring kerosene and igniting fire. Veer asks what, you had torched the mill, but everyone thinks Oberois did this. She says I m also an Oberoi, I wanted to teach a lesson to my brothers, I made one mistake, they forced me to leave my house and my city. He asks what mistake. She says the mistake of being in love, you were the result of it. FB shows Roop apologizing. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky scold Roop for having a child before marriage. Tej says our business and reputation will be ruined if people know about this illegitimate child. Shakti says thank God mum isn’t here, else she would have died seeing this. Tej says Roop has to leave this family and this city. Roop says don’t send me away, how will I live without you. Tej says I will arrange your stay in Dehradun and send you money every month. Servant says Mr. Kapoor has come. Tej and Shakti go to talk. Roop says talk to him, don’t punish me, I can’t stay without you all. Jhanvi says there is nothing in our hands, none can change Tej’s decision. Pinky says baby has high fever, I will take him to hospital. She takes the baby. Roop asks Jhanvi to explain Tej. FB ends. Roop says I didn’t wish to leave the family and you, I heard heated arguments between Mr. Kapoor and Tej. Veer asks you mean, Shwetlana, Tia and Soumya’s father, Mr. Kapoor.

She says yes, he came with a plan, he wanted to burn the mills so that they can start a new business with insurance money, Tej agreed but Shakti refused. FB shows Shakti asking is this a joke to burn the factory. Tej says we can start new business with insurance money, think. Shakti says if anyone knows this, we can go home. Mr. Kapoor says if we don’t take this risk, we will get bankrupt. Tej asks Shakti to think about their children. Mr. Kapoor says I have three daughters and have to secure their future, this can happen when we burn the factory. Roop looks on. FB ends. Roop says they didn’t decide anything, I have taken a decision, I went to the mills, Tej was there, he was scared to ignite fire, I had courage and burnt the mills, I had to take revenge from my brothers, I did it smartly, without getting caught in the cameras, I fell alone and had your responsibility, I needed my family but they left me, I burnt the family knowing Tej and Shakti will be suspected, I clicked their pics too, everything was going right, then that happened which I haven’t thought of. FB shows Mr. Kapoor asking Roop what’s happening here….. She gets shocked seeing him.


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