Game of Love 21 November 2020 Starlife: Dadi cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Duniya ki ho ya dil ki….plays…. Dadi smiles seeing her surprise. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya make a retro song video clip. Some time before, Anika dances in her room. She falls back. Shivaye runs and backs her up. He holds her in arms. She says what a timing and style, how did you know I m going to fall. He says I will always hold you when you stumble, you also promise the same. She asks what happened. He says its all okay now, I couldn’t tell you what I wanted to. She asks what. He holds her close and says I love you. Ishq hai aansun….plays……….She says you are really good. He says not better than you. They hug.

Gauri tries to lift a big utensil. Om comes to help. She sees him. She says let it be, I will manage. He says we will manage, so tell me what do we have to do. She asks do you want to help me. He says not help, I want to support you. He holds her hand. Saathiya….plays….. He holds her close and asks her to say what they have to do. She says we have to work and gets away. He smiles.

Rudra sees Bhavya and recalls her words. She gets hurt. He asks servant to help her. Servant offers her help. She says I will manage. He says Sir will be annoyed if you manage. She asks who. Rudra hides. Servant says I mean everyone will get annoyed, give me. She looks on.


Dinky says they think everything got fine if Piya went, they don’t know its silence before a storm occurs, when the video plays in party, their wives’ pride and trust will break. She recalls swapping the pendrive. She says Piya doesn’t know I changed the pendrive, I have the proof of Oberoi’s black deed, the picture’s climax is still left.

Pinky asks Gauri about arrangements. Gauri says its all done. Jhanvi says mum has gone to spa, they took her saying its her pampering day. ShivOmRu get Dadi and sing happy birthday song. They all sing. Anika jokes that Dadi is just 21 year old. Dadi says I m just 16 year old. Rudra jokes. Dadi asks Billu to stop her, else she will beat Rudra. Anika says you learnt my language. Rudra says I was saying you are young, my brothers got old. Dadi cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Duniya ki ho ya dil ki….plays…. Dadi feeds them the cake. ShivOmRu asks Dadi to give a speech.

Dadi says thanks to all the guests for being part of our happiness, its an imp day for me, not because its my birthday, because my entire family is together, I got grandsons like gold, and bahus like diamond, I wish my husband was here, he would have seen the family taking his name high, everyone earns name and money, they earned respect and good deeds too. They all hugs Dadi. Anika says stop crying now, we have a surprise. Pinky stops Dinky and says where were you, cake cutting is over. Dinky says its fine, the real fun will start now. Anika asks the man to play the video when she signs. Dinky says this happiness is for some time now. She collides with Piya. She picks the pendrive. She asks Piya did you not leave. Piya says I was leaving but Shivaye stopped me, he asked me to leave after party, what are you hiding. Dinky asks who are you to ask me. She goes. Piya says don’t know what she is going to do, I gave pendrive to Shivaye already, did she change it….

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Guard asks Abhay who are you, what work do you have, this factory is shut since 25 years. Abhay says I know there was a branch of Kalyani mills here. Guard asks how do you know about it. Abhay says I want to know the supervisor’s connection with fire incident. Guard asks him to leave. Abhay says I want to find secret. Guard says there is no secret, leave. Abhay argues and kicks the gate. He gets in.

Dadi smiles seeing her surprise. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya make a retro song video clip. Everyone smiles. The girls ride a cycle and sing in the clip. They lose balance in the end. The video ends. Everyone claps. Dadi hugs them and says such a lovely surprise, I wish everyone gets lovely bahus like you. Gauri says none should get a Dadi like you, you are just ours. Anika says you are best Dadi. Gauri says we would have not got best husbands without you, they have your values. Piya says guys, there is a big problem. ShivOmRu ask what problem. Abhay beats the men. Guard catches him. A man attacks with knife. Shwetlana comes and shouts stop. She slaps the man. She points the gun and threatens. The men leave. Abhay asks you. She asks him to come. Gauri says its out of fashion to say Pati parmeshwar, everyone has Lord’s ansh, when right values are given, husband becomes Parmeshwar and wife becomes Devi, Om has your values. Dadi hugs the bahus. Rudra asks what, that pendrive doesn’t have video. Piya says not sure, I have a doubt, I think she will show video in party. Shivaye asks who. She says Dinky. They get shocked.

Everyone gets shocked seeing the video playing on screen. Shivaye says we admit we did mistake and broke your trust. Dinky says this is just trailer, I know what happened after this. Anika asks how do you know. Dinky says I got this done. They get shocked. Some time before, Anika says I got a house after marrying Shivaye, but you gave me a family, I have no quality of an ideal bahu, I don’t know cooking, sophisticated language, anyone will get irritated seeing a bahu like me. Dadi hugs her. Shivaye says it will be problem if our family sees that video, we have to stop Dinky doing anything. They see Dinky. Anika says Pinky and Jhanvi gave birth to Shivaye and Om, but you gave them values, they are so good because of you, one is Tadibaaz, one says strange shayari and one roams with dumbbell, but those three are pure gold at heart, they respect women, they understand the meaning of love and friendship, we can blindly trust them because of you. Dinky plays the video. ShivOmRu try to run and get shocked seeing the video playing up on the big scree. They all see ShivOmRu dancing with Piya and partying. Everyone gets shocked seeing the video playing on screen. Dinky smiles. Dadi cries and sadly makes a leave.

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Everyone looks at ShivOmRu. Pinky says if I didn’t see this myself, I would have never believed my Shivaye can do such a cheap thing, very bad. Jhanvi asks what respect do we have now. Shakti says we gave you freedom, we didn’t know you will take bad advantage of it. Tej says media will make a scandal of this news, Shivaye did you think how will this affect our business. Pinky asks him to tell his sons. Tej says Shivaye is eldest and responsible, I didn’t expect this from him. Jhanvi says I didn’t expect this from Om, Rudra is young, Om was not such. Pinky and Tej argue. Dadi cries. Pinky says Rudra might be behind this, shameless, Piya you are his friend right. Tej says stop it, Rudra is immature. Pinky says OmRu have your blood, they spoiled my son too. Dadi shouts stop it. Tej asks ShivOmRu to see what surprise they gave mum.

Shakti says I m ashamed of you all, you shattered our pride. Rudra says we didn’t shattered anyone’s pride, it was not true, truth it. ShivOm stop him. Shivaye says we admit we did mistake and broke your trust. Dadi says you broke everyone’s heart. Dinky says I told you not to trust men, see the result of blinding trusting husband, Anika and Gauri, do you agree that my experience was not wrong, are these their values to cheat wives. Anika and Gauri ask her to stop, as she has no right to insult their husbands. Dinky asks did you two get a shock, did you see video well.

Anika says we saw it well, this 2rs video can’t break our trust. Shivaye looks at her. Gauri says yes, I trust Om, he can’t do anything wrong. Om looks at her. Dinky asks do you think this video is fake. Anika says we don’t care, as we know our husbands are true. Gauri says Om promised me he will not break my trust. Dinky says your husbands are drunk and dancing with a girl, you still talk of trust. Anika says this is called trust. She goes to Shivaye and holds his hand. She says I know him better, I have seen his best and worst avatar, he has anger and attitude, but he is not characterless, I will not believe even if Lord says he broke my trust, because our relation’s foundation is trust, despite many difficulties, we are still together.

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Gauri goes to Om and holds his hand. She says the man who can’t see anything wrong happening, how can he do anything wrong, when I was preparing for the party, Om was trying to say this. Anika says when I was listening song, you were trying to say this right. Dinky says you don’t know your husbands are clever, this is just trailer, I know what happened after this. Anika asks how do you know. Dinky says I got this done. They get shocked. Pinky asks what. Tej says what do you mean, tell us clearly Dinky. Dinky says actually, I have sent Piya to them so that I can show Shivaye and Om’s true face to Anika and Gauri, they didn’t get sense even now. Anika says you planned this to prove your words. Dinky says yes, I felt you are doing a mistake like me, I didn’t wish you give freedom to them which they misuse, I didn’t wish you to bear the pain which I have gone through, when trust breaks, heart and person also breaks. She cries.

Anika signs Gauri. They console Dinky. Anika says we can understand your fear, anger and hatred, wrong happened with you, but all men are not same. Gauri says everyone’s fate is not same. Dinky says every man has broke my trust and heart, now I understand some men are like them, honest and trustworthy, please forgive me. Piya says if possible, forgive me, I spiked their drinks on Dinky’s saying, they are decent and didn’t do anything even in drunken state, you two are lucky to get such good loving husbands, I m really sorry. Dadi says its fine, everyone makes mistakes, go and rest, you also go Dinky. Piya and Dinky leave. Dadi says I m glad that my grandsons didn’t do anything wrong. She hugs them. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays………..

Dadi says I m more happy that my bahus didn’t leave support, even their trust moved, but my bahu’s trust didn’t shake, this is called true love, where there is much trust on partner. Om apologizes to Gauri. She says no need to say sorry. He says I can say thanks. They smile and hug. Shivaye says Anika, I…. Anika says please, you are my husband Shivaye, not any washing power to give Safai/explanation. He says no, I was saying something else. She says welcome, you were saying thanks. He says no, you are the best, its a good feeling to know that someone is made for you who will stand by you in every situation. Anika says trust should be there in marriage, our marriage vehicle’s tanky will be full of trust petrol. He says its tank. She says I will say tanky. He says tanky is good, I love tanky. They hug. Rudra and Bhavya see the two couples, and see each other. They turn away.


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